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Gerard Butler: Errands Running Rugged

Gerard Butler: Errands Running Rugged

Gerard Butler hooks up his headset and makes a quick phone call as he runs errands on Tuesday (June 15) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 40-year-old Scottish actor dropped by a few medical buildings throughout the afternoon while photographers followed him around town.

Over the weekend, Gerry was spotted heading to a private party in Hollywood! Actress Lindsay Lohan dropped by the celebration shortly afterward.

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gerard butler white shirt errands 01
gerard butler white shirt errands 02
gerard butler white shirt errands 03
gerard butler white shirt errands 04
gerard butler white shirt errands 05
gerard butler white shirt errands 06
gerard butler white shirt errands 07
gerard butler white shirt errands 08

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  • lol

    Celebs are always going to medical buildings, lol!
    He looks nice and not sloppy for once.

  • Katie

    Still hit it but he’s getting really old looking.

  • jillyro

    Don’t get the attraction or appeal for this guy. Ew, always looks like he’s in desperate need of a shower and would smell. Sloppy.

  • Nuts

    Pre-MGP check-ups/insurance physicals???

    *fingers crossed*

  • Stinkylouise

    I called this,LOL! His post -European s*x tour capped off by touching Lohan.He’s going to have to be irradiated.

  • redOctober


    *fingers crossed*

    Ditto! ; D

  • Frieda

    Could someone please tell me who the girl/woman/whatever was that GB hooked up with in Russia? Thx.



    hahahA–I didn’t even think of that. :o)

  • Frieda

    He hooked up with Lohan AGAIN? Yuck.

  • honestly…

    For a split second i thought he was wearing a huge gold chain necklace! LOL! I think it’s actually just a string of mala beads or a rosary.

  • long time lurker

    Crikey! A new thread and no women in any of the photos. Wonders will never cease!

  • brea

    Someone in my circle of friends saw Butler at a club in WeHo a few days ago desperately trying to chat up Lauren Conrad from The Hills. She didn’t seem interested and walked away from him after a while.

  • busted

    He looks good.. BUT I don’t like his hair that way..

  • probably

    Botox tune-up – it’s about time.

  • Mrs Me

    Dropped by a few medical buildings, huh? Probably doing a check up on that h//erpes infection and getting some new V//altrex. It’s a hard ho’ life ;)

  • Nuts

    Lauren Conrad. She’s only 24…and she’s blonde or at least has light brown hair…and she’s just 5’6″… He’s adding a little something new to his M.O. ???

    Good for her for walking away…he needs that to happen more often to knock some sense into him.

  • cubedweller

    ****Good Morning JJrs!****
    Since we have a new thread, I’ll just repeat something from yesterday. JJ is trying to fix the problems with this site, but they need our help. If you encounter a virus or trojan, please get the name (from your alert or report) and email the name to our friend, Chris needs the virus names in order to find the source and eradicate them. Thanks, peeps!
    @giggles – appreciate the gift of man in uniform on the last thread – he is eye candy, isn’t he?
    Oh, and Butler – love the hair – you look very nice today. Keep up the good work, buddy.
    Have a great day, JJrs!

  • Pat

    He probably has to let his hair grow for MGP and it’s “slicked” back for that role??? This Childers guy was a druggie and biker in his early years….maybe Gerry will have a ponytail for this role?.

  • redOctober

    …nice and manly hair do , long and slicked back…to look like Sam Childers?

  • How do I put this?…
  • Well…

    Lauren is a cutie but isn’t she too feminine looking for Gerry? He usually seems to like the manish looking ones.

  • uh

    Interesting story indeed.
    An old news plus a no-news. Regarding a nobody with no talent and less appeal.
    Well done JJ. Keep on with your hard working.

  • Belle

    I hate his new style. The rest of you may like it, I don’t. It makes him look like a punk. He should go back to his previous hair style.

  • Tina H

    Ugly necklace alert!

  • sidmon

    His hair style and color looks very nice.

  • gossiphound

    @busted: The hair is for his next film role so actors have to do what they have to do. Beats losing or gaining 60 pounds.

  • CJ

    I’ve said it before and I will say it who wear jewelry…its a turn off..necklaces…ugh…

  • gossiphound

    No point complaining about the hair when it is for a role – hey even Natalie Portman went totally bald and good on her. That’s commitment.

    I guess I am in the minority but I have never understood the appeal of shows like The Hills. It would be good I suppose for insomniacs because the few moments I have tried to watch it, it’s like watching paint dry.
    Heck I’d rather watch the Bounty Hunter. At least Jersey Shore, what little bits I have seen of it, is amusing because they are a bunch of trainwrecks, LOL.

  • CJ

    He just femed his whole look up by putting on the necklace..wonder what he was thinking as he slipped it over his head…this looks good?…without it the clothes look great for a change..although I would have picked a colored tee and not a to accent his eyes…maybe I can apply to be Butlers, Butler..get to dress him everyday..mmmmmmmmmm…sounds like a nice job…♥

  • gossiphound

    Hmmm CJ esp since he prefers commando don’t he? Lindsay’s looking for yet another assistant.

  • CJ

    I’m with you Gossip…watched the Hills one day because of 57 channels and nothing on and I have to say it was the most boring, stupid show I have ever watched…no one could act in it, although it was suppose to be real life and if that was their real life I for one am so glad I’m not a part of theirs..

  • 60ies chick


    He’s just copying a very popular masculine style of the 60ies.

    Macho guys would wear large gold chain and it didn’t take anything away from their masculinity.

  • Fritz the Lion

    Gerry has a healthy head of hair for sure. I like these shots.
    Completely OT…but has anybody else noticed how fantastic Valerie Bentinelli is looking these days? Had to point that out…seeing as how she’s this thread’s skin right now. LOL! Always loved her.
    *waves to CJ and GH*

  • ohbrother

    @Well…: Gerard’s preference to dark brunettes are manish? And only blond and perky are beautiful? Are you in with the K**? There are all types of beauty. I’m sure you look like the blond supermodel, Heidi Klum. No wait, she married Seal! So you can’t be.

  • gossiphound

    Isn’t Valerie engaged – since she lost weight, Eddie first and then on Jenny Craig she’s one happy camper and she has a new show apparently. Having a baby face when you are young has its advantages.

  • Anycomments

    Just something festering. I am just waiting for Manny to post on this thread. She always has a comment but often knocks down opinions different from her unless it comes from her regulars. Does anyone else see this pattern? Most of the other regulars are not so on the offense. I feel sorry for her.

  • gossiphound

    @Anycomments: You seem to be the one festering, just saying. Have a good day.

  • Anycomments

    @gossiphound: Ok. . . two regulars on the offense. Nice to know you have her back though. Thanks for the response. Anyone else?

  • honestly…

    @Anycomments: I haven’t been round here for long, but I don’t have any recollections of Manny being rude to other posers. Your post, however, was a blatant attack on someone’s character. Thanks, now I know who to avoid in the future.

  • Old Mia

    I like the hair. To me, it looks like he just got out of the shower, slicked it back and left it that way! LOL. Yeah, he messed up the outfit by adding the beads. But, that’s our boy.

    It may be he had his checkup for MGP insurance, but then he usually has Alan with a briefcase full of paperwork when he’s doing anything work related.

  • CJ

    Gossip…I could never work for Lindsay..way too much drama in her life..I would have to mom up and lock her in her room…♥

  • honestly…

    @CJ: “I’ve said it before and I will say it who wear jewelry…its a turn off..necklaces…ugh…”
    I agree, however this one looks like it could have some spiritual/religious significance. Maybe G is doing a little soul searching when he’s not busy clubbing? ;)
    I think the slicked-back hair is cute…but only because it reminds me of my little nephew’s after a bath!
    Lauren is very pretty and seems sweet, but dull as a doorknob IMO. Nice change of pace, hitting on a petite blonde instead of the usual brun-amazon, but LC is WAY too young for him! Creepy.

  • CJ

    60ies chick..I was around in the 60′s and didn’t like it then♥

  • Nuts


    It’s the MGP look.

  • N.

    I agree with Nuts, the medical buildings were probably work-related. You have to have shots for going to certain countries (not sure about SA), but also the insurance for movies is a weird thing. I think Gerry’s looking pretty good here, except I think he has “hat hair.” Good-looking men always rock it in a white t-shirt. :-)

  • Old Mia

    @CJ: I think the 70s were even worse. Guys in loud, polyester shirts with gold chains. Gack! Leisure suits were horrible as well.

  • CJ

    Oh yes Mia…I so agree..the 70′s clothing should be burned at the stake..and the hairdo’s..oh…music was good though…♥

  • CJ

    I sometimes forget that G is European….a lot of the people in the U.K. still like the 60′s and 70′s look..maybe its ingrained on his brain to dress like he does..although G in a suit is eye candy..well the truth be told, most men in a suit are eye candy even though jeans and t’s are hot too..♥

  • CJ

    I am making a note to myself to email Chris at JJ about the troll problem..there must be a hole in the floor board somewhere and they keep getting in…♥

  • Old Mia

    @CJ: Your are right. When I was in Germany last fall I was surprised that the fashions were all so retro. And it’s all age groups – both men and women. It was fun people watching at the mall.