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Gerard Butler: Strolling with Lolita!

Gerard Butler: Strolling with Lolita!

Gerard Butler bends over to put a leash on his pug, Lolita, as they go for a walk together in Griffith Park on Wednesday (June 16) in Los Angeles.

Looks like the 40-year-old Scottish hunk wears tighty-whities!!

Yesterday, Gerry ran errands around Los Angeles and visited a few medical buildings throughout the afternoon.

Gerard is up for a Teen Choice Award this year for Choice Movie Actor: Romantic Comedy! He’ll go up against Josh Duhamel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ashton Kutcher and Ryan Reynolds.

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gerard butler walking lolita dog 01
gerard butler walking lolita dog 02
gerard butler walking lolita dog 03
gerard butler walking lolita dog 04
gerard butler walking lolita dog 05

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  • junebug

    Good boy, Gerry. You remembered to put her a a leash! Glad the bed head is back.

  • CJ

    Two sightings in a day…I’m sure Lolita is glad to finally spend some time with her human…♥

  • Mirable

    I love Pug, so cool that Gerard have a pug !!

  • Aase

    Is it creepy that he names his dog Lolita?

  • Fancy

    I wonder if she gets to sleep in his bed? Lucky little b#@@@.

  • Fancy

    @Aase: No, it’s cute.

  • gotta be kidding

    yay, lolita! G looks really annoyed

  • http://justjared lolita

    woof,woof,woof,woof (translation) I love my big daddy!!

  • Slide

    What a hot mess. I don’t know what it is, but I cannot get enough of this man…

  • CJ

    Someone email Chris..A programming error keeps coming up…Lolita is probably named after the character in the book and movie “Lolita”…In POTO interviews G said he always liked to explore the idea of a older man and younger woman…he never refers to Lolita as his child as most people with dogs do..which is very telling…and in these photos he looks pis*ed…I suppose I cannot blame him..being snapped again with the love of your life must be a bit*h…

  • lutty

    The dog is so ugly but funny! Every dog has its charm

  • CJ

    Aase..A lot of things G does is creepy..take you pick…♥

  • carlino

    That’s the dog of MIB!

  • LauraS

    @CJ: 2 threads in one day! GB’s been out and about!

  • reading

    mmm his team reading JJ? Haven’t there been several posts requesting pics of his bitch?

  • Trying to figure it out

    He must have read the comments on this thread the last time he walked Lolita off-leash.

    The man’s learning!

    Gotta run to the dentist.

  • N.

    From the look on his face, I think you all can stop accusing him of trying to get PR by walking his freakin’ dog. lol

  • dine

    Didn’t he dye his hair last 3 weeks ago? I can’t believe how fast the grey grew out..

  • victoria

    mmm love him! and I think it’s a cute name for a dog! :P

  • redOctober

    Wow…Chris promised new photos and we get two new threads in one day!

    ; )

  • Merlin

    I was thinking the same thing… Maybe JJ staff got bored by our emails???? Following Gerard around because of us?? ;-)
    He seems very annoyed in those pics, but I like him more than in the previous thread ones…. I like his I-just-got-out-of-bed look, he’s so cute…
    *poor old Merlin fainting in front of such gorgeousness*

  • Belle

    @lutty: I think Lolita is cute. He needs to have her on a leash though.

  • LauraS

    so who’s willing to bet the next pictures will be outside a Starbucks? come on….Nuts has been asking for days now :)

  • LauraS

    @Merlin: Hello Merlin! “handing salts
    “poof back

  • fashionboy

    Not briefs but trunks…you can see the line futher down the back of his thighs….

    Trust me i’m a pro at spotting this….; )

  • redOctober

    @Merlin: *poor old Merlin fainting in front of such gorgeousness*

    …don’t faint my Lord Merlin…cast a spell on him and make him fall for you…hehe…

  • Funny!

    From these photos, he looks like he is struggling. Maybe its with walking his dog, maybe its with being a normal person who walks a dog. Not unique enough for you Gerry?

  • The name

    Gerry told some fans at a fan convention in 2006 that the reason he named his pug Lolita wasthat he was an “older” man with a younger “girl” (Lolita). Kind of cute if you ask me.
    BTW, it looks like Lolita is getting a bit fat.

  • Why?

    Why is he going to medical buildings? Cosmetic procedures or STD check-up?

  • truth

    The story of Lolita is a tale of pedo.philia.
    It is creepy that he named his dog after that character.

  • Ginger

    Probably both. I wonder how many STD’s he’s had (has!). Scary thought! *shudder*
    Probably every single STD known to man.

  • LidaConnie

    @dine: post #18

    Guess Grecian formula isn’t all it’s marketed to be…

  • Ginger

    @truth: Well, didn’t GB and Bianca Christians get Lolita together when they were a couple? She probably had something to say about choosing that name too.
    But yes, it is a bit creepy but Gerry is a creepy guy when it comes to hitting on women (girls) much younger than him so I guess that in a way it makes total sense. It’s a bit unfortunate for him though considering the rumors about him.

  • LidaConnie

    How can they be certain he’s got tighty-whitey’s on? I see a band around his thigh and his pockets are loaded with a lot of *stuff*. They look like chew balls for Lolita…such a nice human!

  • Lisa

    He looks great, but I really wish the paps would leave him alone.

  • sophia
    He’s starting to look really old!! He looks older than my dad who’s in his mid 50′s in that pic :(

  • gossiphound


    Clearly using the temporary or semi permanent colour, wanted it brown I guess for whatever commericial he was supposedly doing in Paris shortly after he went brown, but need it to be back to natural shortly thereafter.

  • Nuts

    *holds sides from laughing so hard*


    Walking with his phone…now walking Lolita on a leash (good for him!) all in less than two days. It’s like Alan and Joy having him do penance via the paparazzi.

    Day I: Show up at various places talking on your cell
    Day 2: Walk Lolita in a public park ON A LEASH

    *team consults list compiled from JJ posts*

    Okay, on Day 3 ya gotta go to Starbucks with that @#%&*@ c*ck hat.

  • Nuts

    I wonder if Lolita is trying to figure out who he is…

    “Do I know this guy?”
    “He smells familiar but the face…I can’t place that face…”

    I hope she gave him a proper cold shoulder when he cam sauntering in after 2 months.

  • redOctober

    @Nuts: *team consults list compiled from JJ posts*


  • lolita hunter

    I had tickets to the premiere of The Bounty Hunter. I invited my friend Jessica who is one of my favorite superstar friends. I did not want to see this movie at all but I was excited about trying to crash the after party. However, when I got to the theater I realized I didn’t bring the tickets that you apparently need to get in.

    International superstars don’t need tickets. It’s called being on the list!

    So when they turned us away at the door we worked out a game plan to crash the after party. Jessica was nervous since this was her first time crashing anything so I tried to calm her down by very confidently stating:

    “Not only will we get in…. but I bet Gerard Butler hits on one of us!”

    Jessica let out a big sigh and rolled her eyes.

    “He already has.”


    “He came into the restaurant the other day, it was gross. Anyway.”

    She flicked her hand in the air as though she were dismissing Gerard right in front of us.
    “Did you know he did the same thing to my cousin and her friend?! At the Savannah Film Festival last year.”

    I have to say, I am impressed with how much ground Gerry has covered with the ladies in his relatively short career as a Hollywood movie star. My close friend and my cousin and her friend have had the opportunity to become one with Mr. Sparta. He is clearly on a mission to repopulate the world with his warrior sperm.

    The after party was at Tao in Midtown. It wasn’t hard to get in because according to this completely real and not at all fake badge, me and Jessica work at Sony.

    The party was ok. It’s never a complete bust when there is free food and booze but the music was lame and Gerard wasn’t talking to me! He kept having security block me from sitting at his table. I thought that was really weird. It was dark in there so I guess he couldn’t see it was me. Yeah, that must have been it.

    But then when we went to the (WARNING: double word action ahead) after after party at the Boom Boom Room in the meatpacking district, he didn’t talk to me there either. I thought I would talk to Jennifer to find out what’s up but she’s a unicorn and her existence is questionable. I believe she’s real. I do.
    So anyway, I don’t have a photo to share with you. But I do have a photo of my cousin with Gerard Butler and I think that’s good enough for today.

  • gossiphound

    Someone mentioned Gerry and his jewellery last thread

  • Manny

    So is that what a Scottish pimp looks like? hahaha
    *hugs gossip*

  • CJ

    Ahhhhhhhh Gossip..nothing like the look of a po*n star to make your heart go pitter pat…lol..♥

  • gossiphound

    @Manny: He should have had a cameo in that movie he financed for Robert Cavanagh, Billy Boyd and friends called The Pimp. I need to download that BTW.

    *bearhug to Manny*

    He need a better p*rn name though just adding an extra T to his last name might do, Seymore Butts is taken already, ha ha.

    *courtjesterlyhug to CJ*

  • How do I put this?…

    $20 says he greeted her with wide open arms and she swished over to him, taking her own sweet @ss time, p!ssed on his leg, then left a little threat, I mean surprise gift in his shoes that night…message: loud ‘n’ clear.

    @ Anyone:
    Didn’t he say that he named her that because she basically “seduced” him with her big (then) puppy dog eyes when he spotted her?

    How much is that doggy in the window?…

  • Manny

    shoshy101: just saw gerard butler on my hike…my life is complete.
    via Twitter 4 minutes ago
    Apparently Gerry is hooked on hiking before dusk. :)

  • Nuts


    Which park…


  • Manny

    Tweet didn’t say. I love hunting… *mwah*

  • Nuts

    Some previous tweets on her page mention Runyon. Perhaps this is a regular haunt for him???