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Kate Gosselin Dating Show In The Works

Kate Gosselin Dating Show In The Works

Kate Gosselin is working on nabbing herself a new husband — and it might all be filmed on camera!

Kate‘s working on a deal to do a new reality dating series on ABC,” an insider reveals to Life & Style. “Kate would love to have someone in her life. She really misses the companionship. She wishes she had a man around to help her out.”

Kate will possibly be matched up with single dads — or she could even wind up as the next Bachelorette!


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  • miss infamous

    This chick really loves the media attention! She needs to be focusing on her 8 kids right now. I dont think a dating show needs to be a priority in her life right now! DOesnt she already have a show with TLC?!

  • Kelly


  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …She’s so fcuking pathetic. The biish has zero self respect. ZERO!

  • Mickey

    What man would sign up for this?

  • denise

    She has a man around to help out, her husband and father of her children, and she ran him away.

  • Sophie

    I’m British so we don’t hear about this whole ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8′ thing but what I can say is that, from what i’ve seen and read about this woman, she needs to start acting like a mother to her kids and actually spend some quality time raising them instead of ditching them constantly and running off to try and desperately grasp ‘fame’. Deplorable parent behaviour.

  • boo

    Why would somebody that will let her ex husband have only every other weekend with his children do a dating show?? Not to mention what a b*tch she is.

  • fia

    Give the Women a break! I love her and what she is doing. She is taking care of her 8 children and providing for their future. And whats wrong with her wanting to date, and make some money for her family at the same time? Lord knows how many other women can go through the same thing and still come out strong and focused for her children and herself. I’m just saying everyone has an option which is fine, but giving all your energy to hate someone you don’t know is not right and makes you all look pathetic!! Women stop hating on one another and get over it! Katie keep doing what you are doing and I hope everything working out :0)

  • F***TheCelebsAndThereFreebies

    She is completely all about herself. It has never been about the kids. It is about her bid for fame & money. If TLC told her that they needed only her, not the kids, that they would fund her millions if she would arrange it so that Jon would have full custody so she could work at their pacing, she would hand over those kids heartbeat second.
    She is foul, disgusting and how anyone can watch this trashy excuse for a mother is beyond me. She may not be publically trashy but her intentions are.
    Why is the world would she opt to do a dating show after her kids have suffered enough through a very public breakup between her and her ex husband. They need the attention of their mother but unfortunately Kate is constantly running @ any given opportunity to be in the limelight. Pull the plug on this B**** I’m so over it

  • Claudy

    Ratings Gold? That’s a reason for me to NOT watch it…and anyway what guy would take a woman and 8 children? Especially with that mother. All those guys only go on that show because they wanna become famous….horrible…sad how low humanity is sinking.

  • well

    If kooky ABC wants the realist reality dating show, they should include women because the cat is out of the closet about Kate. It has been for some time. The Gosselin children have been working almost non-stop for mommy since school has been out. I bet they would enjoy swimming, T-Ball, just being kids without waiting for the cameras to get set up, riding around the everglades for the perfect shot for hours, having mommy make fun of daddy constantly, etc. Kate’s been posing lately for the paps and TLC crew, eager to show off her “girls”.

    PS..Meredith Vieria….YOU get a life. Zero respect for this so called journalist now.

  • lisali

    Um.. sickness with a topping of vomit….


    Good for you, Kate! I know what it’s like to raise children and have their father running around with twenty-year old brain-dead twits and being the ONLY responsible parent to your children. It’s hard doing it by yourself and having no other adult partner to love and give you emotional support makes it all the more difficult. Don’t let these haters judge you for wanting to make money to take care of your kids(Their father is too busy pretending to be in college again to provide for his responsibility.)
    Kate too deserves to find real love and the kids need to see her happy also. I got married to my wonderful husband who loves my kids and they love him. I’m rooting for Kate’s happiness because I know from experience her kids want the same for her too!

  • dawne

    OMG, it’s good to see most people see this phoney, manipulating fame ho for what she is, but the few who don’t just how gullible are you?

    If she wanted a ‘man’ she would have the father of her eight kids with a teeny shred of respect rather than dump him with the kids while she ran off to do talk shows, book tours and other varied and sundry self promotion. The emphasis on ‘self’…….

    Michelle Duggar is a mother of a large family……….Khate G is a ‘wannabe’ star in hot pursuit of $$$$$ and magazine covers. Her kids are her ‘talent’ so to speak……….she’s not famous, she is rapidly becoming ‘infamous’……….she’s just too greedy and whiny and controlling to see the path she is heading down. And shame on TLC, the all time biggest enablers in their hot pursuit of the big bucks.

    Quite a team.

  • Jan

    Ratings gold but I do NOT believe Kate will do it. Kate has GREAT ratings on her Kate Plus 8 and Twist of Kate will do well too.Her reputation is MOTHER first and the dating show would not fit in. Kate even dressed modest on Dancing with the Stars.

  • dani


    You don’t find true love on a reality show. Men (and women) who have ethics, principles, and decency to who$re themselves out for the world to see them date. Do you honestly think a relationship and true love can develop from a reality show about Kate and her 8.

    If she saved some of the tons of money she has been raking in and scaled back her living style from Hollywood to middle class comfortable, she probably wouldn’t have to ever work again and she could be the mom to her kids she is always stating that she wants to be.

    But oh, if she is middle class America, the cameras, the lights, the action etc stop rolling in.

  • Angie

    Well it is very obvious that she has been having an affair with Steve, her so called bodyguard. She’s not fooling anyone but herself. Any man that would even think about being with her, needs mental help.

  • Dawn

    This rumor popped up several months ago and turned out not to be true. I am sure it isn’t true this time around considering it is Life & Style which begs the question. Why is JJ posting all these stories from stupid tabloids?

  • nadya

    Ratings gold but I do NOT believe Kate will do it. Kate has GREAT ratings on her Kate Plus 8 and Twist of Kate will do well too.Her reputation is MOTHER first and the dating show would not fit in. Kate even dressed modest on Dancing with the Stars.


    Apparently you did not watch the rest of DWTS! Kate was dressed in some real skimpy outfits toward the end of the competion. In one instance Tony ripped off her skirt. Not to mention all of the cleavage shots on her new show! And if her number one priorty is Mom first, then why is she never home?? She is getting 21k a month in child support from Jon. Thats enough for most people to live comfortably. But not Kate..she loves her fame and $$$

  • Frida

    WTH?! When will she go away already?

  • Angeline28

    Of course Kate would do the dating show if given the opportunity. She would love the attention of all those men. It would stroke her huge ego. It also would give her another reason to be a famewh0rewhile collecting another fat check. All for the kids of course, along with her $7000 weave, tan, plastic surgery, spa, expensive eating, etc while her kids are with nannies.

  • sandy

    I thought Kate wasn’t ready to date?? She has said this in at least 3 interviews! More of her lies. And Of course she would do this show for her kids ..ayy!

  • Steve Neild

    After this show, she will come back home to me..her REAL man! I can carry her purse like no other man could. BRING IT

  • lisali

    lol @ the Steve Neild comment…

  • K8&8fan

    wow if all you lot hate her so much stop posting ! you’re still reading or searching for her right?

    so just because she want’s to date she’s not ‘being a mother to her kids’ ?? her kids are her buisness …

  • gracie

    I BEG OF ABC….NO, NO, NO!!!
    Ehat man in his right mind would want to hitch up with this woman? Just watch any of the DWTS clips of Kate with Tony. The man was a saint to put up with her attitude and mouth. She is one royal b#*@& and seems to have no problem letting the world know. The way she treats/speaks to her kids is horrible. Speaking as a kindergarten teacher who deals with 20 kids by myself for 6.5 hours five days a week, I find the way she deals with her kids in most situations just pathetic. She no way seems to enjoy or even like her kids and is constantly using a bossy, harsh tone with them. It really bothers me as I would never think to talk with such disrespect to the kids I teach. She needs to take some parenting classes and get herself into therapy to deal with her anger issues. her kids are going to be very messed up adults for sure.

  • Dawn

    It’s not true. ABC has confirmed that this isn’t true.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    All you crazy Kate lovers out there – did you ever actually watch Jon and Kate from the beginning? Did you see how Jon did the bulk of the work and took orders from this mentally ill woman? Did you listen to her whine and complain and take no joy in her beautiful children? Do you realize she told Jon the marriage was over BEFORE he began his idiotic acting out?
    This isn’t about putting food on the table. It’s about this narcissistic nut indulging herself at the expense of her children. There is nothing about this woman that is real. And that’s not counting the fake hair, fake boobs, fake tummy-tucked stomach, fake nails, botoxed face.
    It astounds me that people buy into her good mommy crap and it astounds me she has television shows. Most people watch her now because they enjoy a good train wreck.

  • Maggie

    KATE LOOKS GREAT IN RED!!! I ‘ll watch. Hope she finds a nice classy good guy. Like Tony Dovalini. Jon was a real super-dud!

  • ROC

    GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!! At least she’s supporting the eight [children] she bore. Not like others who are at the local public asssitance office using tax payers $$$$ as their job & teching their bastards thats their livelyhood. GO KATE!!!!!!

  • Missy

    ABC thinks she’s rating gold because so many people wanted to see her fall on her ass! What a loser you would have to be a Kate Gosselin fan, you hit bottom people.

  • Jokergurl

    NARCISSIST. PERIOD. I still feel sorry for all those kids though.


    Jeezuzchrise… Pick ME !……….Pick Me!!!!!…….Master Kate

  • well

    grandiose and exhibitionistic, when they are very resistant to taking the blame for their own misbehavior, when they understand what the rules are (e.g., that lying, cheating, and stealing are prohibited) but are still trying to wriggle out of accepting those rules for themselves.

    Yep, Kate is an emotionally stunted (with the behavior described above) six year raising 6 year old sextuplets and twin 10 years old. Imagine what life is like for these poor children, Jon or the friends and family that tried to help her and was caste away.

  • dd

    men will apply for the show either for money or fame —so so sad

  • Anita

    She’s a mom … so is Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett … can’t think of reality stars but the point is people in show business have kids. And if Jon was my husband, I’d probably bitch at him too, maybe there was something going on that we don’t know, he’s clearly proven to be a douchebag and sooo lazy! She bugged me alot on DWTS so if she could tone down the bitchy I think this would be a watchable show. She is clearly high strung and stressed out. I would be too if I had 8 kids, even if I had help. Chill out Kate, it’ll be fine. Have fun for once and don’t think of everything as a competition between you and Jon!

  • jaye

    IF this is true, it would be a mistake to subject her kids to it. Making a living for them is one thing, but to tart yourself out for a ‘reality dating show’ is something else. People aren’t going to watch just to see her hold hands with someone. I hope there is such a thing as enough with this woman and she draws the line at reality show dating. There is nothing wrong with her wanting to have a man in her life, but a ‘reality show’ doesn’t seem to indicate her wanting a ‘real’ relationship, just more money.

  • Bob

    I’d love ot see all the quys quit if she were to walk out as the bachelorette.

  • Gary

    My wife says I can date Kate! LOL

  • Melissa Foster

    Wow, I don’t know who appears more desperate here – Kate or
    ABC. What will Kate tell her kids that she does for a living – pimp herself and her kids out to make money? Those poor kids have been through so much and now possibly a revolving door of men taking their Mother out who most likely only want fame. Kate should just wait a few years when her and the kids will probably be on Dr. Phil with the kids blaming her for the way they turned out!! I for one, will not watch the Bachelorette if she is on it!! I think Kate has had more then her 15 minutes of fame. I am so over her!!!

  • Scotlad

    What a total waste of a human being. A shame the kids cannot go to a foster home. They sure don’t have one with this self absorbed excuse for a woman.

  • bigd

    I have and idea!!!!!!!!!! Don’t watch it.

  • Boo2

    Boo, You apparently are not aware that the judges in the divorce court set the times men see their children. Every other weekend is standard. You really should know the facts about things before running off at the mouth, it makes you look like a fool.

    There is nothing wrong with her dating on the weekend the kids are with Jon.

  • tricia

    Everybody shut up and get a life. Kate is doing what everyone in life tries to do and that is make a living for herself and her family to secure their future. Because it is in the entertainment industry you act like she is a whore or something. What about the fact that her stupid husband left and cheated on her repeatedly, She has not done that and actually opens up about wanting him to spend time with the kids because he is their father regardless of their situation. Give her some credit, do you judge other women so harshly (i.e. Sandra Bullock) that are in the same industry and in the same situation. No I don’t think so.
    Kate is doing the best she can for her kids. Leave her alone.

  • bon

    It is all about the fame for Kate. She has no talent. So she uses her kids. Shame on her. I have stopped watching TLC since she is back on the air. SHAME ON YOU TLC.

  • Sooo True

    Her kids sure are her business. Just like little sweatshop workers, those adorable children. Are she gonna start dumping them like her husband if they don’t continue to march to her tune as they get older and start to make their own decisions?

  • bob cobb

    what happened to the security guard she was banging?

    also, when did she get the fake mams?

    i’m ashamed to admit that I would hit it.

  • elsbeth

    I find all of these comments about her to be quite harsh.

    She’s not perfect but she does have to think about the future of 8 children and how she is going to support them and put them through college and give them a strong financial future.

    I feel she is trying to do a pretty intense juggling act of securing the financial future and present of her and her children, as she can’t depend upon her ex-husband, as well as parent the children. She has quite a full plate and one has to give her credit for juggling all that she is doing. Anyone who has parented even one child knows how difficult it is and how complex…just as anyone who has been married, nows how difficult it is. There are all many sides to the story and to pillory Kate and throw all this blame on her when her ex-husband was not strong and mature enough to work out his marriage and keep it intact, is not right. Her ex-husband is not a strong man and she has been left holding up the ship. As is so often the case for women. So give her support, people – this isn’t easy and she’s trying very hard to keep this all together in a tough world.

  • Melissa

    Everything about this woman is fake, fake, fake. No man in his right mind would want to be with her. All the men on God’s green earth have seen how bad she treated Jon and abused him. If it wasn’t for the eight children, we wouldn’t even be hearing about Kate.

  • Beth

    she really is a money fiend. She gets all the camera work and jon can’t do anything on his own.