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Megan Fox Engaged Again to Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox Engaged Again to Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox is engaged again to Brian Austin Green, her rep confirms to

Brian, 36, proposed to Megan, 24, along the beach at the Four Seasons Hualalai Hotel in Hawaii on June 1.

But during the proposal, somehow they lost the ring! “I saw her jumping up and down,” a witness tells Us Weekly of the 2-carat sparkler. “Later, I saw a half dozen staff sifting through the sand. Security and maintenance staff spent a couple of hours looking for it. No one found it.”

Megan and Brian have been dating off-and-on since 2004 but called off their previous two-year engagement in February 2009.

Congrats to the happy couple!!!

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Credit: Nikki Nelson; Photos: WENN
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  • Mickey

    Anything for publicity I guess.

  • Dawn

    Of course she is. Jonah Hex is not tracking well. So she had to do something really big to drum up publicity.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …LOL. Someone found it, they just didn’t give it back. Hahaha.. Some maintenance guy shoved that shiit in his pocket.
    …And good for her. At least she hasn’t dated and fcuked a 1000 dudes like say… a kate hudson (and many more) have.

  • rockstar

    I think he’s insane. Only someone with no brain would marry her.

  • Randi

    I’m sue it’ll work out this time. You live and learn. Plus nobody else wants to marry either of them.

  • Butter_Fly

    Haha! Some people would consider that a jinx.

  • Lauren

    Jonah Hex looks like a bomb, and she was dumped from Transformers. Guess she needs the press. How pathetic, lol. I hope she never gets another job.

  • ace11

    6 months tops..if they even get married

  • JJ

    Definitely not the publicity you want if you’re trying to get guys to see your new movie. They like the idea of her being available–now she’ll definitely have trouble getting guys in the seats.

  • 24yrold

    He’s too old for her with an age gap of 12 years. Brian will give middle aged men across America hope that a 24 year old hottie will look their way. It aint gonna happen for the majority of them. Most 24 yr olds think 36 is OLD as in really OLD!!

  • superman

    most couples like this don’t get married and if they do its just cause they are afraid to move on and dump said person.

  • Dawn


    She was the one who probably leaked the rumor about her joining the cast of POTC4 which was shot down by Disney.

  • http://j ivanka

    lmao on the ring story

  • Melissa

    do you think he used the same ring as the first engagement? I would hope so!
    I would what you would ever do with the first ring!

  • jdub

    do you really think Megan tells her rep to tell everyone she just got engaged?? she’s said that she doesnt mind sharing with the world that she’s going to marry someone she loves, but i really dont think she’d go out of her way to make that statement. her publicist, Dom, was definitely allll over this.

  • bereal

    not sure about the engagement story, she was seen wearing a ring in May around her B-day, not sure on the usweekly take

  • yuckfox

    Here we go again, “I’m so domestic and maternal and I’m not pretty at all” now that everyone thinks she’s a dumb, arrogant bimbo. Doesn’t she seem to always play this yo-yo game with the media. I give it about 8 months and then the engagement is off again, then she says she’s not the marrying type AGAIN, and then they are back together AGAIN. Plus, that losing the ring is such a bad omen or it was a fake and another thing to add to the story.

  • xxx

    So while Angie is taking care of her family, doing charity and getting ready for Salt… this waste of oxygen is doing what????

  • xxx


    Yep……. anything for publicity from Megan!!

  • jdub

    @xxx what does Angelina Jolie have to do with Megan getting engaged??? absolutely NOTHING. they are related in no way and have never even met. so why are you bringing Angie up like she has something to do with this situation?

  • jdub

    @xxx what does Angeline Jolie have to do with Megan getting engaged?? Absolutely NOTHING! they aren’t related in any way and have never even met. so what is the point in bringing up Angie when she has nothing to do with this situation??

  • guest

    When your career is going downhill, you will be desperate for anyone that wants you. In this situation, BAG. Any publicity is good publicity. Next stop, Playboy!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    xxx, I can tell you what that “waste of oxygen” isn’t doing – She isn’t talking about Jolie. So why the fcuk are you?!? ROTFLMFBAO.. Who you trying to impress? …She’s living her life while you’re dcikriding left & right! Hahahahahahahahaaa..

  • Maggie B

    You people need to get a life and stop hating on everyone!
    She’s far from perfect and so what? she’s human! And guess what we all are! You’re all acting like you never said dumb things and then regret. We all have the right to make mistakes!
    Congrats to them if that’s what make them happy

  • finn


  • noa

    i like megan fox…yeah, shes not the brightest but she is okay to me. its that weird fiancé of hers im having problems with. i dont know why tho…maybe cause he looks like a pervert or something!

  • superman

    can i just say this whole megan fox and whatever his name is a joke now. This is superfical as superfical gets

  • Ella

    Congratulations !!!!
    Agree with #3, at least she doesn’t sleep around like some actress

  • Helen

    She is not a very smart girl, true, but he is a lot older than her and has a son, so if she is playing a good mama at home and they are in love then good for them, right?

  • losers

    wow all these people saying she is not a smart girl, lol, like you know her at all, get a life, its easy to judge sitting behind a monitor

  • Andie

    Aff, why is that a publicity stunt?

    She’s kinda engaged since may, before the T3 bomb was released.

    Leave her alone.

    And congrats to both of them. They make a beautiful couple.

  • Oh

    Typical signs for media attention from an actress

    bikini jaunt…check
    engaged to an old man +12 years…check
    lost ring….check
    Falling for this bs…priceless…

  • K_Minogue

    dang can they make up their minds , they need to stay together and work things out..i say congrats but like the rest of the celebrities, like i give them 1-2 yrs, the nmegan fox will break up with him

  • kitt

    someone’s jealous

  • kitt


  • superman

    Jelous of the guy who gets this skanky girl. lol never

  • LOL

    Publicity stunt.

  • Jokergurl

    Congrats, maybe this time they will get married, he seems pretty normal and can relate to being young and in Hollywood don’t forget he started on Beverly HIlls 90210 at just 18. Maybe since she’s not working on Transformers again this will give her more time to focus on her personal life.

  • I know

    Megan is pretty and they seem to be a nice couple. What I dont like is that when she haves a movie coming she always talks about her relationship. Either she broke up or is engaged.

  • Elle

    A few things here: 1. She can’t act to save her life 2. David Silver is the BOMB!!! 3. Derek Reese is the BOMB!!! 4. They’ve broken up, got engaged, and got back together like a revolving door more times than I can count. 5. It won’t last 6. At least he isn’t marrying a Playboy model like half of Hollywood 7. It could be worse …

    People maybe split on her, but at least she doesn’t play by Hollywood’s game most of the time that is. Now back to 90210, the 90s version that is.

  • Theresa Jolie Pitt

    Wow good job on lossing the ring. Lets see how long this one will last.

    Oh and stop comparing her to Angie. She’ll never be half as good as Angelina

  • Thamla

    she´s the dumbest bitch i´ve seen in years! and i still don´t know why everyone seems to think she´s gorgeous! seriously? looks like this boring girl next door, nothing too spectacular. she´s just that usual-looking “actress” who´ll look kinda beautiful in magazines because of tons of make-up and photoshop. give me a break.

  • Times a tickin

    I’d be interested to see what sort of ring he could afford as he hasn’t done much if anything since 90210

  • Jasmine

    If you think no one would line up to marry this woman, you’re all delusional. She’s hot and smart, get over it! She’s had some bad PR, but compared to sh-t other celebrities pull, this girl is TAME. Get the f-ck over it. And they’ve been together for a while now, and I’m happy they’re doing well. Congrats to the happy couple!

  • Birdie

    I think they’re perfect for each other, both great looking and they seem
    so happy together. Plus they are a family .

  • kassius

    Haha publicity? no way! she already famous, not to mention she will do fathom, Pirates of the carribean 4, or maybe red sonja and many more. Megan Fox engaged because of her love with him. They’ve got back together since April 2009. So, now they officially a fiancee! Haters do something loser, like jogging or anything :D
    Loves Megan fox sfdm <33 Haha

  • s

    Z-list couple. who care

  • Lennie

    I don’t get the hate. Megan might be not very smart. But she is in love. And congrats to both of them. At least Megan is not swinging her every co-stars like Chinnifer Maniston does. Being outspoken and free minded about s e x u a l i t y doesn’t mean that you are a w*****. F*** your co stars to get to the spotlight means that you are.

  • mailey

    that is a great pic of her. but i think she’d look even better if she lightened her hair back to her natural color a bit. like an actual brown.

  • kitt

    why are you jealous? you already have a gf.