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Miley Cyrus: Leopard Print Bra!

Miley Cyrus: Leopard Print Bra!

Miley Cyrus shows off a bit of her leopard print bra as she walks to a hair salon on Wednesday (June 16) in New York City.

The 17-year-old singer, who took pictures with fans when they approached her, carried a new iPad and a cold drink from Starbucks with her.

On the way to the salon, Miley was asked about Perez Hilton‘s alleged posting of child pornography, but Miles stayed mum on the subject.

FYI: Miley is wearing an Angela racer back tank in white from Market!

Miley Cyrus Asked About Perez Hilton Posting Child Pornography

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miley cyrus leopard print bra ipad nyc 01
miley cyrus leopard print bra ipad nyc 02
miley cyrus leopard print bra ipad nyc 03
miley cyrus leopard print bra ipad nyc 04
miley cyrus leopard print bra ipad nyc 05
miley cyrus leopard print bra ipad nyc 06
miley cyrus leopard print bra ipad nyc 07

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  • Lily

    I can’t stand her.

  • BRooke

    Jared, please dont give her the attention she wants.

  • zaraaaa

    @BRooke: ^ totally agree it will soon die out…give it a couple of years

  • Cam

    If she really doesn’t want people to think she dresses/acts “inappropriately,” she should think twice about what she wears before she leaves the house. Obviously with a loose sheer white tank top on, her white-laced leopard bra is going to show. If she doesn’t want anyone to see what she’s wearing underneath, she should’ve worn an additional cami/tank top underneath and/or a white/skin-colored bra.

  • Alaia

    What a brat. “Oh look at me with my iPad.”

  • Nic

    @Cam: i agree. she says she’s not trying to be slutty, but she still won’t cover up and stop dressing like one.

  • Nic


  • miley fan17

    @Lily: she didnt do any thing to you why are u looking up new on her

  • Oh

    Oh, such a dignifed lady. How times have changed…LOL

  • Oh

    You make your parents so proud Miley. I bet your Mamma and Pappa give you the high five for such a classy outfit as soon as you walk in the door and they in turn want to copy it. Redneck sophistication at its best.

  • LB

    You guys are all so sick. Bashing on a 17 year old. Got nothing better to do? She will never turn out like you all want her to. She’ll get a great carree and have the time of her life.

  • Donovan

    I’m proud of Miley for avoiding talking about that 200 pounds of roting meat stuffed inside of a 100 pound bag(Perez). These haters on here are out of control! Calling her a slut because of what she chooses to wear!?

  • Krist

    She may be dressing a little bit provocatively, but she is 17 years old. She is getting to be really pretty though. But she has to watch out not to become Lindsey Lohan and spiral down. She needs to be more grounded.

  • Ellie

    What do you call a 17-year-old who shows off her bra in public if not a s.l.u.t-in-the-making?

  • LB

    @Ellie: She’s not a slut in the making -_-’ You just hope she will become one so you can say ‘I told you so!’. Well Miley has a family who supports her and that’s the most important base a girl her age can have. A family who defends her for the media is the most important. Not a dad like Lindsay who calls his daughter a … and everything over whole twitter.

  • Ankka


  • KellStar

    Miley, enjoy this time that you are protected as a child while you can. I promise as soon as you turn 18 you are going to see a firestorm like never before. Growing up is not so much fun.

  • Ellie

    Sweetie, the most important thing a family can do is not just defend her or support her when she is harshly judged but stop her before she going out looking like that. Where was her family when she decided to display her bra in public? Where was her mom to advise her that this is not the image an underage girl should have? A NORMAL family would not have allowed her to go out looking like that.

    We’re crucifying Perez for posting her pictures but what about crucifying her for allowing to be photographed like that?

  • Lily

    @miley fan17:
    I’m just voicing my opinion.
    Miley is trashy. Deal with it !

  • Sasha

    Lindsay’s dad is an a$$hole but Miley’s dad is doing something very wrong too.Yeah,he’s supporting her…so is he supporting her going around dressed like that?This is not the first picture where I’ve seen her bra….and it’s not just this he’s wrong about supporting.

  • Randi

    Watch out Lindsay Lohan! Someone is in line to take your place!

  • casey

    The people on this site are just pathetic. Go ahead and give me negative points. At the end of the day, you guys hating on her are the real losers.

  • http://j ivanka

    jared, she called perez an I.DIOT , it’s on billboard website.. but i think she is the idiot for acting like that when she is underage

  • Dina

    FOLLOW @antimiley on twitter if you HATE miley cyrus!


    White Trash personified

  • lar

    Dorky you will never be sexy .

  • Anon

    Will definitely be pregnant next year or the year after tops

  • Yes


    You don’t get it. Noone is bashing a 17-year-old. SHE is bashing herself. She doesn’t need any further help.

  • Anna

    She shows of her bra all the time.Every outfit she wears she shows it off on purpose.Does she thinks it looks sexy,it looks cheap and immature.She thinks it makes her seem older to show off her bra but in fact it makes her look like a silly little girl trying to act older.

  • Toni

    I don’t see anything wrong with her today. Yes she’s showing her bra, but I know worse seventeen year olds. At least she wore a bra and not just walk around with a sheer top and no bra which I feel she might do in the future. As for Perez, yes he should be charged and he should get in trouble, but that’s what Miley gets. You try to act “grown” dress “grown” and do “grown” up acts you get treated as you’re “grown”.

  • Sonia

    GOSH , I’m not a fan of her at all …I even don’t like her but people are always trying to make her look like a slut… some things that she does are not even that bad ! GEZZ … I guess that has already happen to a lot of women and girls in the world… it’s normal that sometimes our bra “shows off” and we don’t even know that ! I think that in the United States people, media and paparazzy really like to criticize others… A LOT

  • miss america

    She should get over her complexes and accept herself as who she is. That’s the only way to grow up but I think she doesnt have the intelligence to accept herself so she’ll stay as a immature slu.t till the end of time.

  • Sonia

    I’m not trying to be mean … I just guess that in those kind of things, americans have a different way of view :S
    But each country is different from another…. so that’s normal

  • lolo

    this is actually a not so bad outfit, she has worn worst.

    I blame the adults around her and the industry that makes young woman look like that and be thin, beautiful and sexy to sell, everything is sexual nowdays

  • Anne-Laure bernard

    Taylor Swift isn’t like Miley because she has some self-respect

  • Jasmine

    Perez Hilton is a revolting piece of shit that needs to be caged and frequently beaten. He crosses the line every damn day so it’s not only limited to this girl. However, although she’s a victim here, she’s not exactly innocent. Here she is walking around with her bra hanging out. She wears risque stuff on stage and I haven’t seen the pictures Perez posted, nor do I want to, but apparently it’s an up-skirt photo and her crap can be seen? Well, next time girl, wear underwear!

  • so dumb….

    OMG…you can see a tiny bit of her bra…oh no the world is going to end…..what a lot of carry on about nothing……Miley should live in Europe or Australia where people are not so puritannical and uptight like Americans!!!

    Calling her a sl*t because she wears fashionable clothes is ridiculous, old fashioned and just plain ignorant.

  • faith

    WHAT is fashionable about having your bra hang out? that is tasteless. i have NO remorse for this girl. she has been playing the lolita card for a looong time. she knows what shes doing. tell me, do people know miley cyrus because she makes great music? yes, some are catchy. but its no hallelujah chorus or something unforgettable. the only thing people associate with miley cyrus is SCANDAL. vanity fair, her personal photos, the ages of her boyfriends, etc. she’s notorious for scandal. she revels in it, because that’s how she gets press. If she wanted anonymity…. look at sandra bullock, who adopted a baby for weeks and noone had one single photograph. look at vanessa hudgens. she’s had a naked photo scandal but when she goes out she covers her face, because she wants to keep her private life private. miley’s parents have been letting her do whatever she wants for a long time. she’s the one with the authority in the family, because she makes the cash.

  • dawn

    some interviewer ought to grill her about her christian morals now and her purity ring pledge. or was that all for show when she was with a 20 year old at 15?? i guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. her mom dresses like she’s 20, and she was a rock star groupie with 2 kids before she met billy ray. i guess she’s not that close to her dad anymore. probably because he doesn’t approve of her new image lately. before she was all about how strong her relationship with her dad is,blablabla. growing up means taking on more responsibility for yourself! this is just the tip of the iceberg it seems, when she turns 18 there’s going to be far more scandal. trust.

  • http://@LuiseNajib lu

    IF the title of this article weren’t “Miley Cyrus: Leopard Print Bra!”. Would you guys even notice that she’s wearing a leopard print bra and trying to show us all what’s underneath her top? No, I don’t think so. The title is a little provocative, even though I think Jared is right. I just compared this to the non provocative title that Jared made for the kids on JustJaredJr. Non of the comments bashes her or even talks about that bra. You can check it out yourself.

    And in my opinion, Miley Cyrus IS giving bad example to young girls, even though I know there are SO MANY worse 17-year-old girls in America. But, She needs to consider that she is definitely a role model to so many young fans, that’s why she needs to dress properly before she reaches legal age. That’s all. That seems so simple. But girls her age with that kinda family surrounding her (very liberal) and she is now at a labile age, it’s SO NOT easy to act the way PEOPLE want her to act. So I guess now she thinks only about herself, how to make herself happy and comfortable. Seems to me like a NORMAL teenager. The consideration is just because she is an actress.

    Peace and love.

  • Loreen

    wow, the girl with Miley is so pretty.. is that her cousin?? or friend?

  • oldman

    OMG Miley Cyrus is so hot. I would leave my wife of 32 years to be with her.

  • oldman

    OMG Miley is so hot. I would leave my wife of 32 years to be with her.

  • The Ewings-Dallas,TX


    ita agreed

  • mailey

    omgoodness she’s lost weight, what is she doing? she looks so skinny. her body was great before…


    I must say Miley Cyrus is very beautiful young lady.

  • Barb

    Lay off of Miley. I have a feeling even if she dressed “appropriately”, you’d still talk crap about her. She’s just 17 and feeling the pressure of being in the spotlight constantly. She’s not wearing anything different than a normal teenager would wear, here. So just leave her alone. What is the difference between this and wearing a tank with your bra strap showing? There is none. He who is able to cast the first stone…If you don’t know what that means, look it up.

  • Kate

    oh my god,of course she’s a holliwood star,i understand,but how they all can stand this paparazzi?!!poor miley!

  • holly

    So what if you can see her bra! At least she has a top over her bra, not mentioning any names *cough* Lady Gaga *cough*. She’s had that cardigan for 2 years. Just an observation.

  • skorstensstillads

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