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Nicole Kidman Trespasses with Nicolas Cage

Nicole Kidman Trespasses with Nicolas Cage

Nicole Kidman is all smiles as she takes her daughter, Sunday, to visit her grandparents on Wednesday (June 6) in Greenwich, New South Wales, Australia.

The 42-year-old actress has a new project lined up for the end of the summer!

Nic will star opposite Nicolas Cage in Trespass, an action-adventure film directed by Joel Schumacher.

Trespass tells the story of “a husband and wife taken hostage by four brutal perpetrators seeking easy cash,” Variety explains. “Complications ensue amid the unexpected discovery of betrayal and deception.” Production is set to begin in August!

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  • Elle

    Cuties :D

  • trish

    Sunday is too cute!!!!!

  • chanel

    Ah, what a cutie. I love her hair and her blue eyes.

  • sasha

    OH MY GOD! This baby is so beautiful!

  • Iffy Miffy

    The little one is such a cutie pie! And on a funny note, I have shoes like her, those are Palladium boots – the kid has style already!

  • vivian


  • Donovan

    I know I don’t know Nicole or her family but it bugs me that I see her with this little one all the time but never with her two older adopted children. I wonder if they even still consider her their mother?



  • danny

    Changes the film, #7 Donovan, this story again!


    Kidman always dresses her children AS children and for the occasion and weather.

    I came across thisKidman with children video online.

    It’s too cute for words. Obviously made by a young person, but it’s so sweet. I’ve never before seen most of the photos.

    I do so admire the way that Kidman honors her older children by hiding them from the paparazzi.

  • sofia

    Sunday is so supercute.

  • ursula

    so sweet!

  • rea

    Sunday is so adorable

  • Randi

    Sunday is adorable. It would be nice to see her with her siblings.

  • rea

    she is so big! beautiful.

  • Barbara

    She looks like her daddy.

  • jane

    Sunday has grown a lot. CUTE!

  • brenda

    She is wonderful!

  • Donovan

    @danny: Maybe if someone(Anyone) saw her with them once in a while, there would be no story.

  • dani

    Thanks for more pictures of her today Jared! Lovely as always.

  • melissa

    Sunday is just precious!

  • Karon

    Cute, Cute, Cute!! Just love Nicole and Keith too, they seem like GREAT parents!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Her other kids are too busy kissing Tom & Katie’s butt to go see their mother!!! I’m sure she doesnt’ want ANY of her kids photographed and stalked by the paps!
    Why would she do a movie with Nic Cage?? Ugh!! Not a good career move!!

  • juniper

    Sunday is cute and is beginning to look like her mom after looking so much like Keith in the beginning.

  • dani

    This child is cute now, but looking at her bone structure, complexion etc., she is going to be absolutely gorgeous when she grows up. Glad that Nicole is letting her be a child now and dressing her in childrens clothes etc.

  • hopeso

    Isn’t she precious. she is so cute love them.

  • Babs

    Beautiful child…I think Nicole and Keith are great people and parents.

  • Miranda


    I’ve seen Bella at the mall in Green Hills, TN several times since I bought a house there in 06. If I’ve seen her 3xs, she must be there quite often. I only knew it was her because Kidman droppedher off or was seen leaving the stripall nail salon with her same day. But, after nails, Bella hangs with girls her own age, Kidman made the requisite drive home alone.

    Teens are like that!

  • maggie

    Sunday looks like her daddy. Cute child. Love her little outfit. Funny how she’s giving the pap the same look her daddy gives them Too cute.

  • boston61

    All kids are cute. Nicole looks like an old idiot in that outfit.

  • World Cup Fever

    If she hides her older kids from the paps and doesn’t want them photographed, then why doesn’t she do the same for this one?

  • World Cup Fever

    If she hides her older kids because she doesn’t want them photographed, then why doesn’t she do the same for this one?

  • really

    too too too too tweet! she is so super adorable and looks intelligent:

    brains and blonde!!!!! YES!

  • Katherine in NASHVILLE

    @World Cup Fever:

    Kidman does hide Sunday Rose.

    Her photo wasn’t released for months and only a tiny sliver on Oprah.

    The only time you see Sunday Rose is public Airports (passengers call the media before landing), Grandparents in Sydney ( they live on the main road, same house since It was a child), and in foreign countries as they are chased from airport to hotel.

    In Nashville, it’s impossible to find a photo unless a tourist snaps it at the park and sells it to the Paparazzi agencies.

    Kidman hides all her children very successfully. Sunday Rose goes to swim, music and playgroup, there are no photos.

    I’ve seen them in Target a few ties, but in Nashville, WE Don’t take photos of people without permission, it’s RUDE.

  • MIke

    @World Cup Fever:

    I doubt after 45 years, Dr. Kidman is going to move to accomadate your wishes. All of Sydney knows where Kidman lives and they always have.

    If they are caught at the airport, they can’t escape the press at Gramps’ house. Shame isn’ it?

  • MIke

    Kudos to Tim Gunn.

    Stellar video.

    Cruise should be ashamed of himself.

  • Belle

    Cute little girl! Looks like her daddy :)

  • tash


    Sure there’s Keith in her, but come on, those eyes? They’re Nicole all over.

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    Sunday was a bit ugly when she was a little baby,but now she is beginning to look like like Nicole(like little Nicole).And yeah,she is cute and a bit beautiful.I mean her blue eyes are so beautiful,adult,sweet and bright,and her hair is beautiful.Her eyes and her hair makes Sunday a little angel!!!!!Sun Day.She is like full of sun!I just wanna call her Sunny!!!!!!!!She is very cute!!!!!!!Nicole became gorgeous and beautiful and if Sunny looks like her,I guess she’s gonna be such beautiful as Nic is.

  • mailey

    she looks like nicole. the eye color is just like hers. not a very cute kid right now tho.

  • Pac Man

    She doesn’t have to hide them, #10. The paparazzi simply don’t care.

  • troi

    @pac man

    The paps DO care. They care about anything Cruise and Kidman still. Your disdain for Kidman comes through loud and clear Mr. Xenu.

  • Land

    @TIM GUNN: “I do so admire the way that Kidman honors her older children by hiding them from the paparazzi.”
    This is a total oxymoron statement. She honors her older children by hiding them, but not her youngest? So let us pretend that Isabella and Connor are there, why would she hide them from the paps and not Sunday Rose? By the way, Isabella and Connor think it is cool to be photographed by the paps. Nicole has said so herself in a live TV interview.

  • sicksicksick

    Teens don’t often times walk around in public with their parents. That’s normal.
    NK haters will continue hating because it feeds something in you—some sick need that stems from your inadequacies. It’s okay—it doesn’t phase the gorgeous, happy couple one little bit. They are blissfully oblivious to the pathetic hate. An why shouldn’t they be? Why should they care at ALL about some evil nobodies?

  • Georgia

    Sunday Rose is so hip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love her fashion style!!!! She rocks.

  • Land

    @sicksicksick: “Teens don’t often times walk around in public with their parents.”
    You obviously don’t have kids of your own because this statement is totally incorrect! If this is the case with Nicole and her older children, it would be crystal clear that they have a horrible relationship.

  • Alison

    Eh, plain Jane. Not good, not bad. Just average.