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Shirtless Zac Efron Covers People Magazine!

Shirtless Zac Efron Covers People Magazine!

Zac Efron shows off his amazing beach bod on the cover of People magazine’s newest issue, featuring the 50 best bodies in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actor shared, “My fail-safe is to go to the gym for an hour”. Zac, who’s in Hawaii for the Maui Film Festival, was photographed shirtless earlier this week while spending time on the beach with his little bro, Dylan.

Zac will accept the Maui Film Fest’s Shining Star Award TONIGHT in Maui – look out for pics as soon as they arrive!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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144 Responses to “Shirtless Zac Efron Covers People Magazine!”

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  1. 26
    hello Says:


    I stand corrected. lol.

  2. 27
    athena Says:

    YES, YES, YES!!! I like what I see….Zac’s got a B O D Y!!! Hot no doubt.

  3. 28
    dung Says:

    peggy, peggy, peggy. It’s you again, isn’t it. The self-proclaimed
    “fan of Zac” who spends nearly every minute of her waking hour trying to find some fault in Zac. Give it up, girl. And for your information, I didn’t say one bad thing about Vanessa, so maybe you took it the wrong way. I just said, compared to Zac, she’s not AS successful. I haven’t seen any of her works, but isn’t using “one of the BIGGEST directors in Hollywood” a bit too EXTREME? I’m not sure which director you’re talking about, Zack Snyder or the one from Beastly.
    I’m sorry if I don’t worship her like you do, and sorry if you read my comment with such a negative connotation, ’cause I wasn’t even talking to you.
    How come every time someone has a remotely negative thing to say about Vanessa, fans of her’s always come to the conclusion that we’re jealous of her. I guess they have no better argument. Peggy, you never were a part of Speech&Debate in High School were you? ‘Cause in a debate, you NEVER EVER call your opponent names.

  4. 29
    Malia Says:

    Wow, that got in the magazine fast. Wasn’t the cover picture taken on the 13th, and the one inside the magazine taken on the 14th?,,20391967_20394347,00.html

  5. 30
    tenamoore Says:

    Zac is a great actor how also happends to be a beauiyful mas aswell and peole seem to ony see that and i honestlt think that is why most of the haters dislike him.

  6. 31
    gaeljet Says:

    no real mass, but pretty “esthetic” torso though

  7. 32
    BARBARA Says:

    @ Katie why are you here you don’t make any sense at all, Zac doesn’t live in Oregan, he lives in L.A. you are trying to start rumors, aren’t you, you are one sick little girl, proably 12 years old. you can’t even spell his name wright. you need to go out and play.

  8. 33
    peggy Says:


    You must have me mixed up with someone else. I like Zac but unlike some others I don’t think he is god walking the earth. And I was talking about Vanessa in my response to you maybe you should learn to read.

    I also stated earlier he wants to be known as an actor not a body and that’s true.

  9. 34
    yuckfox Says:

    @dung: Hey Dung, you’re the one that can’t take any Zac criticism. I mean, nobody said anything bad about him, they just said they couldn’t worship him, just like you can’t worship Vanessa. There’s people that make comments once in a while that comment and don’t obsess over these people, understand that.

  10. 35
    birdie Says:

    First Zac is an actor, who works very hard (an hour a day or more) to keep fit,along with keeping his teeth,hair,skin etc looking good. He just happens to be very handsome so add that together he’s a perfect
    cover. He’s on vacation so he didn’t pose or ask for this. As far as his
    career I’m inclined to agree with some of you that certain directors have used his shirtless scenes gratutiously, but it does get the women to notice but in the end Zac has the acting chops to hold his own. As far as comparisons to any woman there is none, since in
    Hollywood it is a man’s world and woman cannot be as successful
    in films. There are only a handful of actresses that can carry a movie
    and they will be the first to admit that they won’t make as big a paycheck as the men. So even though I love Vanessa can you even compare her success to Zac? No, because she doesn’t have the women swooning over her and men just think women are hot but
    they don’t pay for a movie just because they have a crush on a actress
    where women will go see a movie to see their current heartthrob.

  11. 36
    gracemarie Says:


    You should check your own posts because it was you who called another poster jealous. So you were never part of a debate team either I’m afraid.

    Oh and in Hollywood success is variable. Both Zac and Vanessa are quite successful and who is more I guess is up to who you are talking to and how they judge success.

    They are both doing fine.

    But this I will share success in this town is changeable and fickle – it’s based on longevity and proof of staying power. That has yet to be proven with either of them. We can only hope.

  12. 37
    BARBARA Says:

    @ Peggy, you are so right i like Zac and Vanessa, i support the both of them. They both support eacn other in very thing they do, and love each oher very deeply, .E asked Zac at the NYLON mag party how is it to have someone support you in the same buisness, he said it’s great, absolutely great! He has said Vanessa is very talent as her on zac, he is very talent. She said at the MTV awards she is going to see CSC, that is the movie she is going to see this summer. They really support each other, and Zac has said he wants to be known as a good actor, I do beleive that Zac took Dylan for his graduation, but i also know Zac is very protective of Vanessa, and knows that it would be afree for all if Vanessa was there, the paps would not leave them alone, plus Vanessa had other commitments to be at.

  13. 38
    kathy Says:

    I hope the little boy that is missing, shown on the magazine, is found alive and reunited with his parents. My heart is aching for them. All my prayers are with them as well as little Kyron.

  14. 39
    youyou Says:

    he is the men great actor great body hot girlfriend this boy is going to be the king of hollywood

  15. 40
    Marieme Says:

    Fugs Maniston must be throwing a fit that her crisis mgmt. team failed to get her this cover. Damn them! For what other reason does she exist in this business if not to flaunt her silicone melons at every opportunity? Heads will roll.

  16. 41
    Ssssssk Says:

    Why don’t we just all hold hands by the campfire guys. Honestly some of you guys are so sick. @hello why the hell would you bring up vanessa? This is Zac’s post, why are people always bringing up Vanessa? It makes me sick.
    On the happier note, I am SO buying this.

  17. 42
    ellen Says:

    looking mighty fine

  18. 43
    Tiptoes Says:

    Of course, I am buying this mag. Great to see him on the cover.

    I realize that some of you have not seen MAOW yet hence the sentiment that he has yet to prove his craft as an actor who got more than the looks and the body.

    With CSC opening on a wider release, more people (specifically adults) will have a chance to see him in a dramatic role. And its PG13 rating… based on the review of others who have seen the pre-screening of CSC.

  19. 44
    Karen Says:

    What you say is so true. Guys will think some woman is hot if they see her on the cover of some men’s magazine or if she gets a role in some guy flick. BUT they will not go buy a ticket to see a movie with that same actress in it if is is considered a “chick flick” even if they do have a crush on her or think she is hot.

    By the same token a woman who has a crush on some actor and likes what they see will buy a ticket to a chick flick or a guy flick just to see that actor if he is popular enough. They will also go buy a magazine or whatever else. That is just the way a woman is. SO, things may be different at times in Hollywood but it still seems as in every other field, a guy gets a bigger paycheck and is the one who opens a movie. BUT the suits in Hollywood are not dumb enough not to want some hot actress beside that guy who is bringing in that big paycheck and the women to the theaters.

    Yes, it is definitely true both Zac and Vanessa are yet to prove they have the ability to have staying power over the long haul. They are both just now getting noticed for the fact they are young adults and not Disney kids—which they never really were in the first place. They were no different than Johnny Depp doing his Pirates movies for Disney. But they are yet a bit of a novelty to some.

    There is a little boy missing. katie was not making fun of Zac, she wasn’t even referring to him at all but the little boy who is missing in Oregon.

  20. 45
    Karen Says:

    These photos are not staged. It is a fluke this happened. As someone said, Jennifer Love-Hewett was suppose to be on this cover but obviously when a pap got this picture the people at People magazine was like many of us and said “WHOA! We can USE this on a cover”. It being a candid shot made it all the better. So as sometimes happens. Zac’s beach bod one upped the person who was going to be on the cover.

    And although this is not a Vanessa thread may I just ask, how many times have people remarked on her candid shots and just how much better some of them are then actual studio shots for magazines? These two are extremely photogenic. The camera LOVES them and just the simplest shot can cause a stir. Some people just don’t like it and think it is unfair so they have to take pot shots.

  21. 46
    hello Says:

    He had to have known the paps were going to be there. I’m glad he was still able to enjoy his trip but at the same time, I’m sure he prepared for this trip by spending some extra time in the gym. Think about it! I’m sure he wouldn’t want a gut printed all over the net and magazines. This is why I brought up Vanessa. I think that she didn’t go because they both new it would be paps heaven. They like their privacy and probably didn’t want their intimate moments posted all over the place. So maybe the pictures weren’t staged. But I will say that he more than likely new they would be there and prepared himself for it. A little flick of the hair here, and a little smile there wouldn’t hurt anything. Why shouldn’t he be prepared for a good shot. I just speaking realistically of the world of Hollywood right now.

  22. 47
    go sox Says:

    Let’s just say I’d be a lot happier if he got critical acclaim for his movies, instead of for his body. Yeah, it’s nice, but it’s not what he should want at this point; to continue to be a tween idol worshipped for his body. I also don’t like the way Steers has gratuitously promoted his Efron movies with shirtless scenes. I really would like him to be known for more. No, he is not a “great” actor. He has a ways to go before we can put him in that category. He still seems very rehearsed to me. Do I think he has good poetential? Absolutely. But none of our “great” actors needed to be selected the “most amazing beach body”. That has nothing to do with his acting talent.

    I guess we know now why those beach pics looked so posed. He knew about this, and People surely sent a photographer to that beach. Without a doubt. Those pics were taken EARLY morning, when no paps or others were at that beach, except the People photographer. Also, he gave a quote to the magazine, which is included in the issue. There is no way that “photoshoot” was not planned.

    And I totally agree it’s much more difficult for women to develop a big fan base to open a movie. It will always be easier for a “pin up” boy or sex symbol than for a woman, no matter how hot she is.

  23. 48
    omgiluvhim Says:

    pleaseeee post moreee of sexyyyy hottttt zac efron omgggg this is sooo freaking amazinggg his body ohhh my goooddddd yum zacccc <3333

  24. 49
    Karen Says:

    I don’t think it is obvious that this was “staged” and it is unfair to make it sound like that. Jennifer Love-Hewett was suppose to have this cover. She was bumped once these pics came out. People obviously was planning to feature the best bodies in Hollywood and no doubt Zac Efron would have been part of that list. He could have given that little statement at any time any place. He has said similar things in the past about his gym time. But once this pic hit, this was the thing People wanted to use. AND when they do a cover it isn’t done just a couple days BEFORE the cover hits the magazine and I believe most people know that is the fact.

    Young actors starting out have all used their looks and bodies to gain notice and even many actors who are in their 30′s and 40 still do. And yet Zac gets slammed for it. It is no different for young actresses and those older actresses who have made a name for themselves in Hollywood do the very same thing if their bodies have stood the test of time. Look at Jennifer Aniston just about a year ago posing in a necktie? And many people down Zac and have never seen the movie MAOW… He will NEVER do just what some people think he should, that is clear. But it still isn’t justified.

  25. 50
    Malia Says:


    I agree. Face it, Zac is photogenic. And people who are assuming this was a planned photo shoot are being delusional, immature AND, from their comments, angry because Vanessa is not with Zac on this trip.

    Do you realize how many people said the first pictures of Zac and Vanessa in Maui back in the summer of 2007 were a planned photo shoot? People who had never heard of them? He was 19 and she was 18, and they had no idea anyone, let alone the paps, would even know who they were. Or as Zac said, he had no idea anyone would care who they were. AND the one pap who DID recognize them and took those pictures left a note with a CD of the pictures at the hotel where Zac and Vanessa were staying. The note said, “Thanks for the Range Rover.” And Zac said they were so not ready for themselves to be thrown out there like that.

    I’m sure they can’t help but be aware they are going to get photographed wherever they go. That’s a given, but it doesn’t mean they are “posing” for the pictures or hired someone to take them.

    And you people who pretend you are fans of Zac when he’s doing things the way you want, and who criticize him when he isn’t, need to wise up. People sent a photographer? Really? Look at the credits of who took the pictures. I have yet to see any pictures credited to “People.” I have seen ones credited to SplashNewsOnline. . People bought the pictures they used. Use your brains instead of reacting emotionally to everything Zac does and thinking it has a negative effect on his and Vanessa’s relationship.

    If they were as immature and senseless as some of you so-called fans, they would not have stayed together this long.

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