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Shirtless Zac Efron Covers People Magazine!

Shirtless Zac Efron Covers People Magazine!

Zac Efron shows off his amazing beach bod on the cover of People magazine’s newest issue, featuring the 50 best bodies in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actor shared, “My fail-safe is to go to the gym for an hour”. Zac, who’s in Hawaii for the Maui Film Festival, was photographed shirtless earlier this week while spending time on the beach with his little bro, Dylan.

Zac will accept the Maui Film Fest’s Shining Star Award TONIGHT in Maui – look out for pics as soon as they arrive!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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144 Responses to “Shirtless Zac Efron Covers People Magazine!”

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  1. 51
    kami Says:

    @go sox:

    do you have a brain? i don’t think you are a zac fan. you one of those people who lives through his personal life with vanessa. not good. how old are you? you sound very young and angry. for what?

  2. 52
    go sox Says:

    Whoa, there. NO one is saying ANYTHING about Vanessa here. NOR does this have ANY bearing on their relationship. Why do people try to read things that aren’t there? All I was saying is, that those particular pictures, were taken EARLY morning, with NO ONE on the beach. I highly doubt paps sit out on the beach at that hour and wait. He is also quoted in the article already in print. Why would you think he didn’t know about this? And honestly, what difference does it make if it was staged?????? Really, let’s not be silly. This is NOT a maturity issue, as you think, it’s MY observation. Does it matter? NOT a BIT. And this was NOT a criticism of Zac. I just PERSONALLY believe he knew the photographers (paps OR People) were there, since it was VERY early in the morning with no one on the beach. ANd who cares if he knew? Seriously. Let’s not be senseless or immature.

    As far as Zac doing things the way we want, and if not, then criticizing? That’s just REALLY unfair. Zac had no control over a silly article on “amazing bodies”. He didn’t choose this accolade for himself.

  3. 53
    go sox Says:

    @kami: Why does my opinion that he knew about the photographers make me young or angry? Can you please use YOUR brain? Seriously. And I am FAR more mature than to live my life through ANYONE. I have THREE adult children and do NOT obsess over Zac Efron OR Vanessa. I admire them each and individually for their work ethic and the way they live their lives. That’s it.

  4. 54
    kami Says:

    @go sox:

    you care or you wouldn’t have made such an issue out of it. stop backtracking. you need to grow up.

  5. 55
    go sox Says:

    And I don’t think I’m ‘immature, angry, young” etc, for suggesting I’d rather he be seen as something more than an amazing body. I think I have far more respect for his talent than all this silliness. So shoot me. Oh, wait, you have already. You make it sound like I think he planned this cover or “honor”, and that I’m criticizing him for it. Geez. Tough crowd.

  6. 56
    peggy Says:

    Kami, Karen and Malia:

    When you explain to God that you only worship Zac Efron what exactly are you going to say and you are a minister’s wife Karen.

    Zac is a man but while you are name calling all you show is that he’s not a man to you but a perfect diety. You’re the immature ones. That’s pretty sick.

    He’s an actor and a pretty nice guy I’m told why not let him be that and stop trying to fill your lives with Zac worship

  7. 57
    Karen Says:

    Once again, the statement that is in the magazine is no proof of anything since they could have contacted him some time back as it would be a given that he wold be included in such a magazine feature. OR it is very likely as I said before they used one of his quotes from some other time or place as this is something very similar than what has been said by him previously. He’s often said his time is like his “zen” time.

    And as was mentioned when Zac had his picture taken with Vanessa when they were in Hawaii many people swore that was staged also and those two could never have been more shocked or dismayed about what happened. And Zac has said, they never once noticed their pictures were being taken like that. AGAIN, when they were in Turks and Caios(sp) many thought they had to know some of those pictures were being snapped and both Zac and Vanessa were shocked about that too. Zac even said to E!News how “No, you really don’t see these people”. And yet some would say how could they not? The beach looks pretty vacant of places where paps could hide but I certainly believe what has happened to them in the past that it must be true that there are places for these people to hide.

  8. 58
    Karen Says:


    You never fail to say something horrible to people when you go after them when they don’t agree with you. You always bring their mothers or other loved ones into the picture as being the reason someone has said something that offends you. Don’t go there with me. In no way have I ever “worshiped” Zac Efron or Vanessa for that matter—and I do plenty of defending of her too, probably more than Zac. But THAT is what I am doing. I have never ONCE gone on how “hot” Zac is or how he(like so many do with Vanessa too) say “he/she is my idol” or “he is like a god” and you will never find anywhere that I did. SO, you better go back and READ some of your comment to MOST people and see how you may fair with God when you meet him. You are absolutely nothing but ugly and crude to people when you want to make them look like they are not as smart as you. But all you are is a smart alack. I was commenting on facts. To me, you only don’t like me BECAUSE of who I am and what I am. So be it.

    And I grow weary that you are yet another moniker of one who has had a few so as to say what you want to people without them knowing what and who you actually are.

  9. 59
    gracemarie Says:

    Why does it matter if it was stages or not. Why does an observation turn into a name calling fest.

    This guy is an actor – actors do all sorts of things but it is not important. I am however getting a bit concerned over these Zac Efron fans who seem to think that if a person doesn’t agree with them something is wrong with that person.

    Go Sox made an observation – she is entitled to do that. If you want to disagree that’s fine but to attack her character says more about your character and grasp of reality than maybe you want us to know

  10. 60
    go sox Says:

    I didn’t EVER believe earlier pics of them in Hawaii or T&C were staged in any way. They were on private vacations. I just disagree that he didn’t know about this cover or the photographers. That doesn’t make me think any less of him. He is there for a personal vacay with his brother, but is there on business too.

    THis is REALLY a stupid argument, I did NOT make it an issue. Plenty of people had the same opinion if you read the first few pages. So what? Whether he knew about the pics or not, it’s a nice cover.

    Peace out.

  11. 61
    go sox Says:

    @gracemarie: Thank you. That’s all I was trying to say…..I could not figure out why he would have been on the beach that early in the morning, before any other people were there. To me, now the pics made sense because of this cover. Yeah, it could have happened as a “fluke”, but it also could have been planned. It’s not a crime. Nor is that a slam on Zac’s character.

  12. 62
    kami Says:

    omg, here are some pics of vanessa. a planned photoshoot. if they end up in people mag, that means people sent a photog out. lol

  13. 63
    Karen Says:


    One last thing. How is it that when I defend Vanessa you have no problem with that and you don’t come out accusing me of “worshiping” her or making her out to be a perfect deity? And also why is it when you go after people for saying bad things about her and defending her is it not considered “worshiping” her?

  14. 64
    Karen Says:

    Maybe some should read pop86′s #46 comment on JJJ.

  15. 65
    Trina Says:

    Zac shouldn’t have smiled and had fun with his bro. He shouldn’t have been on the beach. He shouldn’t have surfed. Or maybe he should have put a paper bag over his head while he was surfing. Problem solved. Never mind, he would have been dissed for that too. Poor guy can’t win.

  16. 66
    go sox Says:

    @kami: Your sarcasm is very immature. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that he is on a beach with just his bro, early morning, with photographers there and no one else, and that, SURPRISE, he is on a cover two days later. I believe People would have to get his permission as well to use his picture. And I repeat? What difference does it make? He’s done countless photoshoots…’s part of the business for him. Why are you making this such a big deal??

  17. 67
    hello Says:

    Just chill people. Zac is a very smart man whose been in the business for years. I’m sure he knows the hot spots for Photographers. This is why He and Vanessa are such pros at vacationing and no one finding out. But if you want to continue being delusional and pretend that Zac is this naive and innocent soul, then be my guest. It does kind of make some of you look like your seeing him through rose colored glasses and refuse to believe that your Zacy would actually go along with taking photos on the beach for extra publicity for his movie. Get over it people and smell the coffee. He’s going to do what he has to do. It’s not the first nor the last time that a planned photoshoot will be done by an actor.

  18. 68
    go sox Says:


    Can we just LET IT GO????????? We will never prove anything, so we will all have opinions. It does NOT mean we think Zac is imperfect, or that ‘he can’t win” or “do anything right”. My Lord……no one said anything of the sort.

  19. 69
    Trina Says:

    That quote People used about Zac going to the gym was from 2008. They didn’t just get it from him yesterday. And do all you Zac haters think People took all these pictures on this page? Yep, I think Zac called People and had them follow him all over the place. All these years. He probably has an on-staff photographer at People. Bwahaha.

  20. 70
    Karen Says:

    Did People magazine or any other magazine for that matter get PERMISSION to print pictures on their covers of Zac and Vanessa on vacation in the Caribbean or Hawaii? Apparently anyone at anytime can get pictures of them without their permission. How do we get so many on JJ? Or is it just magazines that have to have permission because we see tons of pics of celebrities in these magazines that I’m sure they didn’t give permission for the mag to use. Plus, if you remember the pics from when they were in the Caribbean we didn’t see other people in many of those pictures either. We don’t know if there were other people around and I don’t think that matters anyway since it wasn’t other people these photogs wanted in their pictures.

  21. 71
    kami Says:

    @go sox:

    go back and read all your comments. you already dug a hole for yourself. keep digging. it’s getting deeper.

  22. 72
    Karen Says:

    One last thing for the night:

    There was information about this being a private beach when these pictures first hit the net and was posted on one of the fansites.

    Also, now giving it some thought I would sort of thing if People had a photographer there to take these pictures specifically for this issue of People that NOBODY else would have gotten to see them like on the web BEFORE people released them in their magazine. It seems to me given so many sites were publishing this photo BEFORE it hit the front page of People that it definitely IS a pap photo and Zac was unaware of it… Nobody got credited with the photo from People, after all.

  23. 73
    pop86 Says:

    Those were old quotes from when he was on the View. I do believe People Magazine (like most magazines) buy photos from freelance agencies. Also, a staff member at hotel contacted the paps. Zac and his brother are on private beach which mean only guests and hotel staff would have access to. If a celebrity is beach resort and wants to go to the beach, it is suggested by the manager or concierge that they use the beach early in the morning, because even though it is a private beach it is still open to other guests. I know this for I have a friend who works at luxury hotel in NYC and before that he worked a beach resort in the carribean. Going to the beach early morning would allow the celebrity some privacy. Anyone who been to Paradise Island, T&C, Jamaica or even Mexico, can tell you find celebrity at beach during the early morning hours. The only way the pap got those picture is because the pap paid someone at the hotel for early morning access.

  24. 74
    hello Says:


    Could it be possible that more than one photog was called to the private beach to take pictures of him only? I’m just throwing it out there for the record. In essence, all we can do is speculate. We really don’t know if the pics were staged or not. So lets just move on. Unless some of you know Zac personally, please stop acting like you were there with him. We’re all entitled to our opinions as long as we don’t insult or call names. Its okay to have mature debates.

  25. 75
    Malia Says:


    Good to have a logical, unemotional, mature person come on here and make a comment. Everything you said makes perfect sense.

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