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Shirtless Zac Efron Covers People Magazine!

Shirtless Zac Efron Covers People Magazine!

Zac Efron shows off his amazing beach bod on the cover of People magazine’s newest issue, featuring the 50 best bodies in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actor shared, “My fail-safe is to go to the gym for an hour”. Zac, who’s in Hawaii for the Maui Film Festival, was photographed shirtless earlier this week while spending time on the beach with his little bro, Dylan.

Zac will accept the Maui Film Fest’s Shining Star Award TONIGHT in Maui – look out for pics as soon as they arrive!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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zac efron people magazine cover

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  • Tiptoes

    MONA … way to go…ha..ha… the interviews coming out today did explain that these pics were indeed taken without Zac’s prior involvement and approval. Its a good photo and hot too!

    I also see that the admin here have placed — (negative points) in some of the posters’ comments here. Good job JJ/JJJ !

    And @ Hello, you may change your user name but we know who you are.

    I am getting my People copy today…Happy Friday!

  • hello


    I’m glad that someone logical has come aboard. Here is how I feel about this matter.

    I became defensive because fans started name calling and exhibiting erratic behavior. Anytime I make a simple comment and I get daggers thrown at me from the entire thread, then yes I did call the fans fanatical because of that. I didn’t mean to come across as assuming or factual. I thought that my comment from #8 was a simple observation. Also, if you read it correctly, I never stated that he new the photographers were there. That came up later. I guess people wanted to assume the worse when I made the comment, “He’s practically posing in many of his pics.” I think the word “practically” justifies that I was simply stating that it was a question of whether he was really doing so or not? Why would that statement rise of such animosity and furry? Again, I never said the he new the photogs were there. Furthermore, no one is angry at Zac. That is so ludicrous sounding. I’m a grown ass woman. I don’t spend my days frowning at Zac’s successes. As I stated before, this entire debate is worthless to him because he’s going to continue to live his life and be okay. But for the sake of trying to set the record straight to those who are intelligent enough to try to see things from my perspective, I will try to explain myself again. In essence, please re-read the #8 comment again. I was far from furious when making that comment.

    As for the thread on Amanda, yes I did make some comments about Zac and his co-stars. I stated that I like Zac BUT I didn’t like his behaviors while promoting movies. I felt he was flirty with some of his co-stars which left a bad taste in my mouth. Then if you read further, I stated that I noticed he changed and will give him the benefit. I think he has grown and matured over the years. Time will tell. Now I noticed that you only speak of the negative to try to make your case which is false about me disliking Zac. There are things I like about him, and things I don’t like about him. I guess this puts me in the category of a fan who is not obsessed with him. Also, I don’t see him through rose colored glasses. Therefore, he is a human being who is also susceptible to mistakes just like the next person. Now shoot me if you will but this is how I feel about him. You can continue with this meaningless debate if you want because as I stated before, Its going no where fast.

  • kami


    mona, so true what you said. everything. this person who makes bad comments about zac all the time. lots of ppl know who she really is even when she uses different names. she always sound the same and defensive if other ppl try to use reason. kinda sad some one could hate zac that much.

  • Hello


    If you are referring to me, I have been only making comments on Just Jared and Just Jared Jr. for the past 2 days under the name “Hello” under 2 separate threads. If you want to know, I used “peace” only one other time. I have nothing to hide. Furthermore, If I was such a hater, then why have I not been infesting all of his threads every time they come up? I only post when I have something to say. People, please try to make sense. Its evident that different opinions are not respected or warranted here whether they are good or bad. Now I see why I don’t like to come here.

  • bettybaby

    @go sox:


    Let’s just say I’d be a lot happier if he got critical acclaim for his movies, instead of for his body. Yeah, it’s nice, but it’s not what he should want at this point; to continue to be a tween idol worshipped for his body. I also don’t like the way Steers has gratuitously promoted his Efron movies with shirtless scenes. I really would like him to be known for more. No, he is not a “great” actor. He has a ways to go before we can put him in that category. He still seems very rehearsed to me. Do I think he has good poetential? Absolutely. But none of our “great” actors needed to be selected the “most amazing beach body”. That has nothing to do with his acting talent.

    I guess we know now why those beach pics looked so posed. He knew about this, and People surely sent a photographer to that beach. Without a doubt. Those pics were taken EARLY morning, when no paps or others were at that beach, except the People photographer. Also, he gave a quote to the magazine, which is included in the issue. There is no way that “photoshoot” was not planned.

    And I totally agree it’s much more difficult for women to develop a big fan base to open a movie. It will always be easier for a “pin up” boy or sex symbol than for a woman, no matter how hot she is.
    ~end quote

    whoa……you seem to be making a great many assumptions.

    first off, the pics of zac and dylan surfing on the first day….there are several where its evident that zac has spotted the paps and the smiles suddenly vanished. there are i think 3 shots where zac looks annoyed, with one where he is shielding his eyes and pointing. seems evident he’s noticed the paps, the few shots after that he is no longer smiling….

    then there is the creeper shot of them in the pool… c’mon.

    and as for the pics published in the magazine…how do you know there isn’t anyone else on the beach? Can’t you consider that there are some people, but they simply aren’t in the frame? he said in one of his interviews during the festival that they are hitting the beach at 7 or 8 am. most people on vacation DON’T get up that early and flock to the beach. did you never consider that they purposely got up at that time to try and take advantage of that? other considerations…i’ve stayed in Ritz Carlton’s all over the world, and trust me when i say that most people sit at the pool rather than go to the beach. doesn’t matter that they are vacationing at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, most people seem to prefer the pool. crazy if you ask me, but everyone is different.

    also, when zac and V vacationed in T&C a great number of the pics don’t show anyone else, making the beach appear deserted. was it? who knows? but if i were to follow your logic, any pic that shows no other people in it, must mean there are no other people, which in turn means its a photo op.

    as for paps being there the next day and capturing these shots…why wouldn’t they come and stalk given the fact that they now know where he is staying?

    and lastly, if you followed zac more you would know that those are recycled quotes….everyone of them. do you not see that it says “Zac told People back in 2008,” part of that sentence???? and the quote about emulating Vs workouts for SP….its old, he said that a long time, its not new info. none of it is.

    as i said previously, more times than not, these celebs don’t seek out this stuff. very few are set up as shoots done expressly for the issue.

    i would be willing to bet that every one of the profiles in the mag have been done without the celeb’s knowledge and are done using previously published pics, and recycled quotes.

  • hello


    I want to make a correction to my last post. I did say that he and Vanessa new photographers would be all over the place. But it wasn’t said in the sense that it was staged for People’s magazine. It was said in the sense that it was just another beach where there would more than likely be photogs there wanting to take some photos of them as a couple or as individuals. Later I was informed that it was a private beach but individuals became more than angry with me because I stated that they could have still been staged. Anyway, I hope I explained myself clearly. I’m not trying to ruin or destroy Zac’s career, although I know I don’t have the power to do that. It seems that some of you think that I do. Of course, the venom will keep coming. Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there.

  • Karen


    I had covered many of the things you did in your comment already but what I got back was how I must know Zac and when I saw him like today to tell her hello—you know a demeaning type reply. However, these same people attacked me saying I called THEM names (?) and they also went into great details about these pictures to start off with as IF they knew something about them—sweeping judgments as I saw them—but yet it was me who had the problem. Then when more information kept coming out some of the same people tried to make it seem like what they had said was of no affect and claim to be hurt and how they never said they didn’t like Zac or wished him ill…you know the old “sugar coating” deal. Anyway it goes on and on but we who defended him are the ones with the problems and should step away from the computer.

    Frankly, I feel that when their jab at Zac was seen for what it was truly meant to be from the beginning they had to try to back track somehow and turn the tables on those who defended him–and that was like what a spin doctor would do.But nevertheless it was to take the heat off them. And that’s how I see it or what some would say, MY OPINION.

  • Mona

    As a fan I support Zac (and Vanessa too) and wish them both every success in their chosen careers, and in their personal life. Their real-life relationship is very heartening to see in a town like Hollywood. They each have their fans, but also their detractors. Of course neither of them, just like every one of us, is perfect. However, as a fan, I prefer to focus on the positives.

    With respect to Zac (since this is about Zac), I have only seen good things about this young man. He is down-to-earth, humble and tries to challenge himself with each new film. Yes of course he is blessed with good looks and a certain charisma, in my opinion, but without those gifts, as well as his acting, singing and dancing, he might never have made it in the movies as he did. He does still have a long way to go, and to a lot of people he still has a lot to prove, but I’m convinced that he will go a long way, and being presented with the Shining Star Award and other accolades means his fans are not the only ones who think he has talent and a successful career ahead of him.

    A handful of people come on Zac’s threads and blatantly insult him. You don’t do that. What I think you do is to question his integrity, his professionalism and his character by your comments. This is the reason why your so-called harmless comment has triggered an emotional response in this particular thread.

    Basically what you’re trying to imply is that Zac will do almost anything to further his career (#8 & #46 & #67) including using his looks/sex appeal/body to promote his movies, and if that means having a beach photo shoot, so be it. It’s such a crime! You say he’s “smart”, not “this naive and innocent soul” (#67), which implies that everything he does is calculated, and could never be the result of fortunate circumstance or luck.

    You say that he’s a flirt, that he flirts with all his female co-stars outrageously while promoting movies. Let’s see – that’s Vanessa, Nikki Blonsky, Claire Danes and Leslie Mann. You hate that he compliments them for their performances, as if it’s an insult to Vanessa. But if he didn’t compliment them, my guess is you would criticize him for being arrogant and thinking it was all about him.

    Sorry hello, but you’re not a fan. I quote from #22: “I don’t care if he makes it or not frankly.” No self respecting person who calls herself/himself a fan could possibly say that.

    Perhaps you should take your own advice that you freely gave out to those who questioned your motives. From #87 I quote: “Also, if you don’t know me, STOP assuming the WORST about me.”

    You don’t know Zac. Stop assuming the worst about him.

  • Karen

    Daniel Tang, Mona, Tiptoes:

    Believe me, all of you do not know just how right you are on so many points and I kiss your feet. You have put a smile on my face.

    It would be nice if those who think they are so much smarter than everyone else could “get it” that it doesn’t matter how many different names they use, that there are some of us who know immediately and are later able to find out our impressions were justified. These people tell many things about themselves when they are quick to judge and it never helps when they try to laugh it off or cover it up later.

  • Tiptoes

    Mona, BRAVA!

    Karen, hope your day is getting better.

    And I got my own copy today…aw “long-term girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens” ….



    Okay, fair enough. I see how you can come to that conclusion But for the record, I believe you misread some of my postings. I never said that he would do almost Anything to further his career but I was implying that with the pressures of Hollywood, I believe there are a lot of young stars who could possibly succumb to the pressures and use sexuality (revealing clothes, magazine shoots etc.) to play along with trying to stay relevant with so much competition. With that being said, In my opinion, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to believe he may have known that there would be photographers present. I’m sure there are some in hollywood, along with some studios, who plans such situations just to give their stars more publicity. Now I can’t say for sure if they really were or not but I was merely placing that value on Zac. I did not mean to offend his fans. I guess some of my comments were a bit out there but that is just how I tend to be sometimes. Since I noticed that some individuals were getting offended, I tried to tone it down.

    Now I never said he flirts with his co-stars outrageously. At least, that’s not how I would put it. I stated that he or his co-stars has flirted on several occasions. I was specifically speaking of Nicky Blonsky, Leslie Mann, and Michelle Tranchtenberg. I don’t remember saying it was all of his co-stars and I was simply referring to certain comments that they each made at one point or another. Now many people claimed it was either done all in fun or jest, but I felt differently. I thought the comments were disrespectful to Vanessa but as I stated before, I saw a change in him within the past year. Now I do think that he has grown into a mature and professional young man. I don’t like to talk about what happened with Nicky and how the kiss was totally inappropriate. Or how he complimented on the kiss with Leslie Mann and how Michelle stated that he had a nice body. I can see how these comments and actions were harmless to some. But in my opinion, I thought they were a bit much. So this is where I’m drawing my evidence from. As I stated before, I hope there won’t be this kind of display with Amanda but so far, I’ve seen here speak of kissing him in a couple of interviews. I guess it wasn’t her fault since she was asked, but I can see this being a continuing theme throughout their press and it will no doubt make some fans uncomfortable. Now I’m just speaking from a realistic point of view.

    Now when I stated that it doesn’t matter if he makes it or not, that comment was said because people made it seem like I was jealous of his success and came on this thread to attack him because of that. I wanted to make it clear that I don’t live my life through celebrities. That is not something I would waste my time doing.

    In essence, I like him but there are some things about him I always found questionable. Should I like everything about a celebrity to be a fan? Will my dislikes keep me from seeing his movies? There are many celebrities who are imperfect, but I still support their movies. It doesn’t make me any less of a fan. I just don’t know the guy personally and therefore, I know that anything is possible when it comes to people in general. Sorry that my skepticism comes across as being a hater. I really don’t hate the guy and will be careful about posting my true views on threads with die hard fans. Evidently, my point of views are too strong and are being misread.

  • Hello


    I wanted to let you know that I also use the name “peace”.

  • Tami

    I applaud all of you logical fans: Tiptoes, Karen, Mona, Daniel Tang, betty baby and some others for seeing behind this person who is notorious for her ridicule of Zac on this site and many others. She is the one who melts down when Zac stands beside any female other than Vanessa on the red carpet or when he poses with a female fan. Or when he has to promote his movie with a female coster. She can comment under different names but everyone knows what she’s about.

  • Mona

    @hello or peace:
    Sigh! The last thing I want to do is make personal comments about certain posters, but hello/peace/any other name you call yourself – you’ve forced my hand. You just don’t get it. There’s something missing and I’m not quite sure what. I or many others could write 100 pages and you still wouldn’t get it, or would refuse to.

    You might be playing some kind of sick game, and you’re actually getting off on all this. No wonder some regular posters (eg Karen and Tiptoes) become frustrated with your illogical ramblings.

    If you’re genuine, then I do feel sorry for you, but you need to stop heaping your insecurities about Zac and Vanessa’s relationship onto Zac. He’s not the bad guy. You have a very strange, narrow expectation of what a boyfriend should be. Perhaps you have personal experience of this and it has affected your thinking. Seek counselling.

    If you’re playing a game, you need psychiatric help – pronto!

    Sorry, but you made me do it!

    @Tiptoes, @kami, @Karen, @Tami: Thank you all for your supportive comments.

  • Malia

    Just bought the Zac issue of People. Believe me, the pictures on the cover and in the magazine look WAY better than any scan you’ll ever see of them. And it appears that they already had the a cover with Jennifer Love Hewitt ready to go and at the last minute used the incredibly awesome picture of surfer Zac instead. Just inside, they have the “cover” with JLH on it.

    I don’t know if someone already commented on this, but People credits the cover pictures to Dave/Splash News. Wonder how much money Dave got for those two pictures (cover and the Best Chest one inside)?

  • hello


    Yes, I do feel that Zac flirts sometimes in his interviews and no, that’s not a reason to get counseling. But of course this seems to be the irrational thinking of the majority of fans on this board. Nothing is off with my thinking, I can assure you of that. For your information, the only thing that may be off is that I’m probably much older than many of you, and I should have ignored the ignorant comments a long time ago. There’s no winner here.

  • Tiptoes

    Malia, I got my issue too and you can see that Jennifer’s interview is very recent and she had more pages/pics than the other celebs featured. So it actually looked like she was supposed to be on the cover mag. Come to think of it, this was not supposed to be part of the CSC promo proper as Zac’s quotes inside the mag are not recent.

    The Maui interviews of Zac are the CSC planned promotions -

    @hello or peace or whatever is your username – you sound MORE jealous and possessive than Vanessa herself towards Zac. It DOESN’T bother her, so why would his promo activities or being charming bother you?

    I take it you are Van’s fan but so are we – we love them both individually and as a couple. We wish them both success and though, they are not perfect, we have great faith that both of them will succeed both professionally and in their private life.

    And lastly for someone who says you don’t care about celebrities and what they, you have posted a lot of comments in this thread. And for your info, we are mature fans too.

  • kami


    don’t care how old you are. your comments show you are obsessed with zac and vanessa’s relationship. you are. obsessed. obsessed. you must of had some dude cheat on you. big time. or someone close to you had someone cheat on her. you don’t trust men.

  • hello


    As I stated earlier, I didn’t mean to offend anyone and I understood how you all could feel like I was slighting Zac. I think I said that several times but it was overlooked since certain individuals were so determined to make me look like I didn’t understand. As for my many post, I was simply trying to explain my point of view which is my first and last time doing this on these boards. I mean really, now I’m obsessed with their relationship, need counseling, was cheated on, and have jealousy issues? Please, some of the comments here are so far fetched. This is not about Zac anymore. As I stated earlier, there are no winners here.

  • Tami

    The REAL Zac fans are the winners here. You are the BIG loser. And none of those comments about you are anymore far fetched than the ones you always make about Zac. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.



    Okay, than you win. Its obvious that this is more about winning an argument than having a discussion about Zac Efron.

  • Daniel Tang

    Zac Efron would proud of all the mature, logical fans he has on this blog. And we fans are proud of Zac too.

  • Mona

    Look, you’re right. This isn’t about Zac Efron anymore. You appear to have some kind of psychological transference issues…. some kind of identification with Vanessa, or Zac, or I don’t know. Please seek help.

  • Daniel Tang


    I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  • EMMA

    so i see you guys have digressed A LOT. lets get back on topic and fawn over how zac’s the coverboy. I CAN’T WAIT TO GET THIS MAGAZINE!

  • LuckyL

    Lol, he looks good. Good for him.

  • go sox

    I guess I will apologize to anyone who I angered. I never meant to imply anything derogatory about Zac. It was my first impression when I saw the pictures, that it could have been planned as most covers for People are. I also don’t get the low down on Zac Efron every minute of the day, so I also apologize on not being up to date on the information that has come out. I stand corrected. ( I was away for a few days.) It’s obvious now, with more information, that he was not aware. I guess I was the only who would probably never get up at the crack of dawn on a beach vacation and go swimming.

    But I truly did not feel that my observations would anger so many, so my apologies. Whether planned or not, the photos were really good. But I do stand by my hope that this is not the way they promote CSC, and that I truly hope for more for him than a pin-up idol. I think he has far higher aspirations than that, and wants to be known as far more. You could not say that about a lot of actors his age. You can about Zac.

  • SteveDenver

    A little more nose, less hair… he’s starting to look like a male. Let that body hair grow naturally so he won’t look “16 forever.”

  • SteveDenver

    @lauren: When does this actor come out?

  • Trina

    Looks like someone has created yet another identity. One more addition to her many multiple personalities for hating on Zac. Kind of sad.

  • Daniel Tang

    Some people never give up the ship even when it’s sinking.

  • http://YOUTUBE.COM/IKARLIE100 alexandra

    i need to buy that magazine so i can hang up that picture of him on my wall hes so hott

  • Tiptoes

    @go sox:

    If you watched the interviews he did during the MAUI festival when he got his awards, he said meaningful things about the movie like living in the moment, living life to the fullest, etc. He really hope that with this movie, more people will appreciate a drama, supernatural, romance and adventure kind of movie. This is actual CSC promo, not the beach promo which was accidentally snapped by the paps. If you have cared to hold your initial reaction when the beach pics came out, and look at what really transpired, then this silly discussion would not have happened. As fans of Zac, we certainly think he has a lot of talent, and though he may have a long way to go, we are very supportive of his projects.

    And I do have own copy… yippee!

  • go sox

    @Tiptoes: Sorry, I did not see the videos at all, as I was away. I saw a few of the earlier ones, but not that one. What I mean by my comment is that I hope that the shirtless method (meaning the pics) is not the way they promote CSC. (Like they seem to do with Taylor Lautner.) Talking about his upcoming movie is GREAT! I know there’s no avoiding his being seen as a very nice physical specimen, cause he certainly is, but it’d be better for him in the long run, for some focus to be on the project and his talent. I’m glad to hear he talked at length about CSC.

    Again, I don’t profess to know what happens with him every blessed day, but some of you know I’ve been around for many years supporting him. I’m not a “newbie” here, calling people names. I tend to be more logical and realistic, and I guess that doesn’t put me in the category of a “fanatic” who sees no wrong. Frankly, people like that scare me, because it puts these threads in danger of them becoming like J-P threads. And those are frightening.

    And I agree, this was very silly. Maybe we should save this kind of venom for important issues… attacks on character, spreading false rumors, etc. We all just speculate on how things happen. I did, and I was wrong. But you know, it could have happened the way I thought as well. And it would NOT have made me think any less of Zac Efron. He does photoshoots ALL the time; to me, it just would have been another, and probably the best one I’ve ever seen. So , whatever…….

  • Neo

    Yeah, but when Miley Cyrus shows some natural curves, she’s a slut/tramp.

    If ppl didn’t like Zac would he be called a man-whore, gigalo, airhead I wonder.

  • Macario

    LMFAO, all you little perverts, zac always looked good

    I am a guy and no i’m not gay lmfao I just search the web

  • Soni Hannigan

    I would like to know when Zac will be in California. I know that this is strictly a Zacpost, but I would like to see some of Zac and Vanessa together.

  • Karen

    Soni Hannigan:

    He has been back since last Saturday night (June 19). There were twitter reports that Zac and Vanessa were at Best Buy and a phone store on Sunday together.

  • John

    Have to say-While Zac is a goodlooking guy this seems like a major blunder on Peple’s photo retouching. Check out the pictures on the inside of the magazine where Zak’s hand is not so strategically placed. Looks like his secret might not be an hur at the gym but,
    a visit to the plastic surgeon for some smart lipo. Check out the major bruises on his stomach and sides above his bathing suit.
    Sort of sad to see someone so young falling vicitm to the plastic
    surgery obsession. Tell the real story People and Zak!

  • ar


    who’s talking about miley cyrus? this isn’t about her so why bring it up?

  • tagstillads

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  • Jeremy

    Hot!! Hot!! Hot as hell!!

  • maryam

    i hate venessa hudgens what does she want with my future husband