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Shirtless Zac Efron Covers People Magazine!

Shirtless Zac Efron Covers People Magazine!

Zac Efron shows off his amazing beach bod on the cover of People magazine’s newest issue, featuring the 50 best bodies in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actor shared, “My fail-safe is to go to the gym for an hour”. Zac, who’s in Hawaii for the Maui Film Festival, was photographed shirtless earlier this week while spending time on the beach with his little bro, Dylan.

Zac will accept the Maui Film Fest’s Shining Star Award TONIGHT in Maui – look out for pics as soon as they arrive!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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144 Responses to “Shirtless Zac Efron Covers People Magazine!”

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  1. 76
    hello Says:


    Please cool it a little. You seem to be the one whose frustrated and emotional because everyone doesn’t see things your way. I hope people will get to a point and say its okay to disagree. Its not a slight or insult to Zac, at least I’m not trying to. I’m just throwing out there all the possibilities and what it looked like. Of course I could be wrong and you could be right. This is what makes for good discussion when people don’t get mad and throw the venom out there by using names like immature. Stop acting like the world is going to end because a selected few see things differently. I do see the majority agreeing with you. So chill a little. Don’t be an obsessed fan that takes things too far. Let’s not fall in the category of either being too uptight or a hater. Then we need to step away from the computer for awhile and get back to reality.

  2. 77
    Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Says:

    It’s a bit creepy that people go on a blog of someone they pretend to support and speculate about that person with no facts at all to back it up. It’s called lying. Who does it hurt? The person you are speculating about. Because there are people who will take what you’re saying as truth. And repeat it. No actor wants fans who make up lies about them no matter how innocent those lies might be.

  3. 78
    PEACE Says:

    @Dr. T.J. Eckleburg:

    We’re all speculating here. I think its a bit creepy if people take what I say as truth. I thought this blog was all about discussions and opinions the last time I checked. No offense.

  4. 79
    duuumm Says:

    @hello: goodbye

  5. 80
    Karen Says:


    Thank you.

  6. 81
    Karen Says:


    I posted this some time back but it didn’t show up, but thank you.

  7. 82
    Hannah Says:


  8. 83
    Amanda Says:

    Who are all these people, well three people, that don’t like Zac? Then they try to justify/deny what they said. And of all things they finally say let’s agree to disagree. Riiiight!!!

  9. 84
    Tiptoes Says:

    there are pics at Maui festival ,,, he looks good! Congrats Zac!

  10. 85
    yuckfox Says:

    Man, you people need to get away from the computer and calm down. By the way, who really cares. It’s Hollywood, everything is smoke and mirrors.

  11. 86
    Tiptoes Says:

    I find it amusing to read the comments of the so-called “Zac fans”.
    Let us face it – some of you (and we know who you are) are jealous that he gets the cover of a very well known mag, and that his movie is coming out in a few weeks. He is creating buzz… in the beach or elsewhere.

    I have seen the scans of the mag….and the interview quotes are not recent. So its safe to assume that he was never meant to be on the cover in the first place. After seeing the beach candids, People thought he would make a better cover. I agree with them…ha..ha..

  12. 87
    hello Says:


    First of all, you all take things too seriously. I gave an opinion and was shot down. What in the world? Anyway, I do like Zac. He seems like a good boyfriend to Vanessa and is growing in his career. Just because I say something contrary to everyone else, I seem to be a hater. Some of you need to chillax. I come on these websites for light reads. I should be able to make a comment and be done with it. Instead I find myself defending my beliefs like this is a court of law. Also, if you don’t know me, stop assuming the worst about me. You don’t know if I am a true fan or not. Stop throwing stones at people who don’t fit the mold of obsessive fan. Move on and take a chill pill. Then you will realize that what I’ve said all along is one little statement that is probably not true. I was simply contributing to the conversation with another point of view. As I stated before, its not the end of the world.

  13. 88
    Karen Says:


    With what you are saying in comment #87 then maybe you take things way too seriously and that you should take a chill pill also. You say you come here for light reading and want to make a comment and move on but it doesn’t look like that is the case You say you felt like you had to defend yourself… Well, that is no different than many of us who you claim to be over the top in some many words.

    People came stating as if fact that it was obvious Zac had these pictures done deliberately. They gave certain reasons that to others were flimsy reasons. It also did make Zac look bad. They made their “case”. SOOO, there were others who also made their “case” as to why this didn’t stand up in this “court” of public opinion. Maybe those people had a better “case” or there were more people with that opinion but we are the ones who need to take a chill pill. We defended our opinions just he same. Now all you guys are making it like it’s “ha, ha, no harm done, it doesn’t matter either way”, etc. Well, to some it DOES matter since when all of you started out being so SURE that Zac or his people set this up. WE fanatic fans—as you would probably like to think of us—were merely pointing out some of the fallacies of your beliefs. The things you and a few others were saying were far more hurtful IF not true than what us crazed fan were saying in rebuttal. It’s that simple but because we were doing that then we are out of touch with reality and need to step away from the computer. Well, so should others who come on here and make such sweeping conclusions without proof that this is a setup. You are allowed to have your opinions but we don’t seem to be allowed to have ours.

  14. 89
    Daniel Tang Says:

    You 3 or 4 ppl who came out with the big machine guns shooting blank bullets (assumptions with no facts) look pretty bad now. You have already thrown up the white flag of “I didn’t mean this or that” and can’t we all sit around the campfire and hold hands and other lame comments. And even though you all were stopped with real bullets (FACTS) you are still crawling across the battlefield with your last thread of life, still shooting blank bullets into thin air.

    You FEW started a war without any real ammunition, and even though you lost both the battle and the war, you are still plunging along, still trying to prove that your lack of facts doesn’t mean this or that.

    No matter how many more defensive, comments you make, you’re still shooting blank bullets into thin air. Not only that, you are digging yourselves deeper into the hole of stupidity. What next? Stomping your feet and throwing a temper tantrum?

  15. 90
    Beth Says:

    What a lucky guy

  16. 91
    hello Says:


    When people start calling names (immature, crazy, ect.) then they are taking things to seriously. I gave an OPINION. I’m not responsible for those who choose to take what I say as the truth or a fact. This is where I can take a step back and draw the line between delusion and reality. Now when I try to make peace or truce, some obsessed fans choose to still hold a grudge or be angry because a selected few sees things differently. I’m also not responsible for that behavior. I stated my case, tried to agree to disagree, and then you want to continue with the drama. Well if it makes you feel better to ramble about foolishness then be my guest. You know have the floor. There is going to be no prize in the end so why waist my energy trying to convince irrationalities that life is filled with differences and contraries. If we all thought alike, then we would literally be like robots. Anyway, I know how to back off when I see a debate going nowhere fast. Good luck with your self professed beliefs and misplaced truths about Zac. When you go see him tomorrow, tell him I said hi since you seem to know him so well both personally and professionally. LOLOLOL.

  17. 92
    Karen Says:


    It seems that you think you know Zac so well to have said what you did. But once again, that is OK. You can make fun of me all you want but lately you have been on several threads in which you have had your little “digs” at Zac so to me that says a whole lot about you and your intentions. And your comment about “continuing the drama” sounds grossly familiar and says from whence you come as I am sure you have had that line drilled into you over and over again.

  18. 93
    hello Says:


    Where in my comment did I say I know Zac? Please quote me saying that. I thought I said “I could be wrong” on one occasion. Then I said things like “it seems like” or “maybe” all of which are terms used when giving an opinion.

    Sorry Karen but I only responded on two separate threads. This one and the one about Amanda. I’m not on some vendetta seeking to destroy Zac. lol.
    You know what, I ‘m done here. Your reading too deeply into everything that I say. I don’t mean him any harm but if you can’t see that then this discussion is pointless.

  19. 94
    go sox Says:

    @Daniel Tang: THere was no reason for a war, and your comments are truly silly. I never said anything “bad” about Zac, nor meant to insinuate that. My observation was, days ago when I saw the beach pics with him alone, at a very early hour, with no one around, that it was a bit strange. To ME, once the cover of People came out, it made mores sense to me. They probably were featuring Zac in the issue already, but liked the new picture whoever it was taken by, and made him the cover. He may have known the photographers were there and that he was being featured, or he may not have.
    Really, why do you think this even needs to be termed a “war”? Are you saying by “shooting blanks” that our opinions have no value? Others have just as much right to post their views, without all the angry, immature,”oh grow up”, “suppposed Zac fan” comments that are being thrown at us. It’s pathetic, really.

    Frankly, I think this is the silliest “argument” I have ever seen here. I could see if someone was strongly suggesting that Zac was gay, fooling around, stoned, a loser, or whatever. But merely suggesting he may have known the photographers were there and may have been planned to some degree, is not a character flaw or derogatory in any way. C’mon, there are far more important things to argue about than this. This is a NON-issue.

  20. 95
    zachary Says:

    i think he is just the most presumido guy that i’ve ever see

  21. 96
    Daniel Tang Says:

    You people who started all the stupid assumptions in the first place are now upset that people with some logic can factually dispute what you said. Now you assert that what you originally said was not of any importance and we should all forget about it. Now that is what logical people call faulty reasoning. You sound like a bunch of high school mean girls who operate on emotions and anger. Denial and trying to justify your rashness does not take away what you said. It is still there for everyone to read. And the more you attempt to explain what you said or why you said it, the weaker and more pathetic your argument becomes.

  22. 97
    Daniel Tang Says:

    @go sox:

    I see you don’t understand what an analogy is. But keep posting your rambling, inane comments because they reveal a great deal about who you are.

  23. 98
    hello Says:

    @Daniel Tang:

    You sound like a stereotypical crazed fanatic who refuses to make peace when someone tries to speak logically and intelligently about the matter. If it makes you feel better to continue to spew venom like a snake, then continue on. It only makes you look ignorant. People like you will never get it.

  24. 99
    Mona Says:

    Whoa! The heat here is intense, and it’s only partly coming from Zac’s photo!

    I posted earlier on JJJ that MAYBE Zac or his manager might have been approached by People for a beach photo shoot, and when they saw the results they decided to put him on the cover. But as some have pointed out, if the pics were taken on behalf of People, they would not have appeared all over the net DAYS before the mag came out. Very good point. I’ve also just seen short interviews (on E!) from some of the other celebs featured in the issue (eg Jennifer Love Hewitt) which clearly showed that their involvement was pre-arranged, but no interview with Zac. So I’m now convinced that the early morning beach photos of Zac were taken by paps without his permission, then sold to People who decided to put him on the cover. Lets face it, someone got very rich taking photos of Zac and Vanessa last time; this time they knew he was coming to Maui for the award. Maybe why Vanessa didn’t come, Zac took his bro’ instead. He probably thought that even if someone took photos, it would be with his brother lol. Except he didn’t figure on how hot the photos would be and that it would land him on the cover of People!!!

    The problem I had with some of the posters here who questioned whether these were really candid shots was that they pretty much assumed that Zac was in the know, and proceeded to criticize him for it. And when others pointed out the contrary opinion, they became defensive, implying that we Zac fans saw him only thru’ rose coloured glasses, he can do no wrong in our eyes but he’s not as naive as we think he is, etc. A very telling comment comes from the person who calls herself (himself?) ‘hello’ on post # 91 and I quote: “Good luck with your self professed beliefs and MISPLACED TRUTHS about Zac.” It’s obvious that ‘hello’ thinks our beliefs about Zac’s innocence in this affair is “misplaced”, ie, she/he knows the truth and we are wrong! Yet she/he pretends that it’s only an opinion!

    @ hello: I’ve seen your post on the thread re Amanda Crew, where you attacked her for making a comment that she felt nervous the first couple of times she had to kiss Zac. Then further down you started to attack Zac himself for always paying compliments to his costars, therefore (in your eyes!) disrespecting Vanessa, and also accused him of flirting shamelessly with each of his costars other than Vanessa. Just looking back to your first comment on this thread (#8) it’s very clear (to anyone who can read between the lines) that you are p*ssed off with Zac for whatever reason and take every opportunity to attack him, sometimes subtly, other times not so subtly. I doubt if you’re a fan, as you state. I’ve read enough of your posts to see the consistency of your dislike for Zac, which you try to cover up.

    @ go sox: You keep stressing the point that Zac and his brother went surfing very EARLY in the morning, with no one else around, so Zac must have known the paps were there or it was staged. Zac grew up in a small Californian beach town. A lot of kids in such places often go surfing BEFORE school and AFTER school. Zac is an avid surfer. He would have jumped at the opportunity to surf before the beach got crowded. Just because you (or I, for that matter) would probably never go on the beach that early, doesn’t mean that Zac normally wouldn’t either, therefore he must have had ulterior motives for doing so. This is such crazy logic, and even when presented with an alternative explanation you insist on thinking the worst of Zac (he was in cahoots with People!). Fan indeed!

  25. 100
    hello Says:

    Now this argument makes no sense. The last few posters who continue to speak nonsense about my harmless comments are absolutely ridiculous and forgot to take your medication. I just laugh at the thought of how angry you’ve become over a little comment that will neither make or break Zac Efron’s career or well being. He’s living his life as a happy man while you guys are defending his honor for no apparent reason. But since your so upset and are absolutely appalled, then apparently there’s nothing that I can say to appease your insecurities. I will stop trying to explain myself because as a few of you stated, its just not registering upstairs. I hope you all will sit down and take a breather. Its evident that someone missed the train to the first Efron Rehabilitation Center. You all need some serious withdrawal at the rate your going.

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