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Matthew McConaughey: Viva La Vida!

Matthew McConaughey: Viva La Vida!

Matthew McConaughey and his entire family keep close as they leave their hotel together in New York City on Wednesday (June 16).

The 40-year-old actor held hands with son Levi while mama Camila Alves held on tight to her adorable 5-month-old daughter, Vida!

On Tuesday, Matthew and Levi visited a firehouse while wearing matching Brazil jerseys!

15+ pictures inside of Matthew McConaughey and family leaving their hotel…

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69 Responses to “Matthew McConaughey: Viva La Vida!”

  1. 1
    Tamyn South Africa Says:

    Awww she is tooo cute!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Tamyn South Africa Says:

    The baby I mean lol

  3. 3
    Ava Says:

    OMG that baby is sooo adorable!!!! Looks just like her mom!

  4. 4
    krista Says:

    Wow, she is gorgeous.

  5. 5
    bo-bo Says:

    WOw what a doll!!!!

  6. 6
    Nikki Says:

    She’s a very beautiful little girl…..awwwww. They both look like Camila.

  7. 7
    happy girl Says:

    WOW! The baby does not even look real, she is so BEAUTIFUL. Wow. Ok, didn’t think teh older brother was a good mix of his parents but this little girl is STUNNING. She is like a little figurine. A living doll.

  8. 8
    omg Says:

    Definitely the most beautiful celeb little girl! Look at those eyes, too adorable.

  9. 9
    kitt Says:

    beautiful family. camilla is stupid if she doesnt marry him.

  10. 10
    Brightside Says:

    What a cute baby…couldn’t you just kiss that little button nose…such a little sweetie.

  11. 11
    Kirsten Says:

    She is so beautiful. I love her eyes.

  12. 12
    lita Says:


    I’m not sure about that. If you look at the pics, they don’t seem too happy together. I don’t see a real connection. She’s got the kids so she has it made now! If anything, he’s stupid if HE doesn’t marry her. I have a feeling that he doesn’t want to give up his image. They have lovely family.

  13. 13
    lita Says:


    I’m not sure about that. If you look at the pics, they don’t seem too happy together. I don’t see a real connection. She’s got the kids so she has it made now! If anything, he’s stupid if HE doesn’t marry her. I have a feeling that he doesn’t want to give up his image. They have lovely family.

  14. 14
    jh Says:

    u can tell that they have black in them

  15. 15
    So Cute Says:

    So cute BOTH of their kids r cute!!!!!!!!!!!You can already tell that the little boy is going to be just like his dad and break hearts lol! But I did not know he is 40 he looks young to me idk but they look like a cute little happy family!

  16. 16
    well duh Says:

    Cute little girl! But camilla girl, GET UR DAMN RING, she popped out two kids out of respect he should marry her!

  17. 17
    really Says:

    what a pretty pretty pretty baby! wow.

  18. 18
    ++Logan++ Says:

    I agree, she looks like a doll. beautiful round face. Adorable. Levi is such a cutie too. I hope they are all happy together, and he puts a ring on her finger. It is not easy being a mother, or giving birth, so i hope matthew appreciates it.

  19. 19
    Dreads Says:

    Aww as everybody said, this little girl is such a doll. SO gorgeous. I love her lips! And those eyes! BEAUTIFUL. I already thought Levi was the cutest babyboy, now his little sis is

  20. 20
    Dreads Says:

    Aww as everybody said, this little girl is such a doll. SO gorgeous. I love her lips! And those eyes! BEAUTIFUL. I already thought Levi was the cutest babyboy, now his little sis is serious competition! She is EXQUISITE

  21. 21
    annab Says:

    Have to admit that the baby is the most beautiful in the family.

  22. 22
    jb Says:

    EXQUISITE? *rolls* Lets not got overboard.

  23. 23
    jb Says:

    *go overboard.

  24. 24
    lola_uk Says:

    i thought the baby’s name was Vita, not Vida?
    guess i was mistaken.

  25. 25
    Sou eu Says:

    Que linda é a Vida. Só não gosto das roupas do Levi. Muda o visu do menino, Camila.

  26. 26
    Sou eu Says:

    You don’t need to hve a RING to be married!!!!!!!!

  27. 27
    Sou eu Says:

    You don’t need to have a RING to be married!!!!!!!

  28. 28
    fresh Says:

    I thought Matt was Brad Pitt.

  29. 29
    Manuca Says:

    Baby Vida very cuuuuuuute!

  30. 30
    Amazed Says:

    Vida is definately a cutie!
    Never thought Levi was cute.
    He is cute because he is a baby but he is not a good looking toddler
    he has too grow into his looks.
    But Vida is adorable.

  31. 31
    wifebeater Says:

    OMG that kid is too cute. My wife makes ugly babies.

  32. 32
    bucky Says:

    #31- are u for real?

    It takes 2 to create a baby you idiot!

    I bet the babies look like you!

    what an ass@hole comment

  33. 33
    Butter_Fly Says:

    Cute!! I love her shoes!

  34. 34
    Rao Says:

    Viva La vida its spanish… in portuguese it would be “Viva a Vida”. But anyway, cute family. The baby is gorgeous.

  35. 35
    Molly Says:

    She is not beautiful she looks really mixed race and they speak Portuguese in Brazil you idiots!

  36. 36
    Bobbie Says:

    She looks nothing like Matthew. She is barely cute with a big nose and big lips. She looks like her mixed Brazilian mother.

  37. 37
    ADAM Says:

    Matthew destroyed his European gene pool by mixing it with this jungle darkie from Brazil. Brazilians are slaves and that kid does not look like the child of a blond, blue-eyed European. That ugly kid does not look white and she doesn’t have European features. She looks like a light-skinned little mon key.

  38. 38
    ADAM Says:

    Matthew will never marry that hairy ugly darkie. He is too good for her. She is ugly and so is her mongrel daughter. Neither of them are white I don’t see any prove of white at all in that ugly thick nosed, thick lipped baby. No Matthew there!

  39. 39
    danny Says:

    The parents are ugly. Levi looks like the mother, unfortunately, but the daughter is cute. my only problem is that they dress Levi horribly! and i think they are doing it on purpose. what is with these short pants or long shorts and huge t-shirts and big boots and crazy hats. like elmer fud! they need to be more reasonable with him!

  40. 40
    Tory Says:

    She looks like a cute, little colored baby like Harlow, but she is not extraordinarily cute to me. maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think so. I think both children favor their mother a lot, she has much stronger genes, especially where Vida is concerned.

  41. 41
    Mickey Says:

    Matthew never looks happy.

  42. 42
    Karla Says:

    To the morons making comments about the baby’s features and color STFU! The baby looks mixed race because she is mixed race she is not supposed to be a white skinned, blue-eyed, blond baby. There is nothing wrong with that.

  43. 43
    ivanka Says:

    i love the title lol

  44. 44
    Kim Says:


    She is blessed to have african features. She has those big lips that white women pay big bucks for so STFU!!! She is absolutely beautiful just like her mother.

  45. 45
    kira Says:

    wow she is beautiful! she looks like a little doll. so cute!

  46. 46
    Maria Says:

    Awwww Vida is adorablely cute!

    I dont know why they’re trying so hard to make Levi look cool, like Gwen Stefani’s son and the Jolie-Pitt Kids. he still looks like an Oompa Loom Pa. So sad.

  47. 47
    CanadaGirl Says:

    The kids are cute, but little Levi is still so small. I wonder if there’s a problem there?

  48. 48
    riri Says:

    The kids look nothing like Matt.
    The girl is not even pretty.
    From all the Brazillian gold diggers that try to land an American star, he picked an ugly one.

  49. 49
    Laura Says:

    This is a very beautiful little girl. I don’t know why people say they don not look white, sure they look. They do not look northern european, but they could be from any southern european country. White does not mean only nordic types. In spain , Portugal ,Greece, Southern Italy, you can find individuals with Dark hair, olive skin , aquiline features.Camilla does look very typical Brazilian , she is definitely a mixture of races.Which makes her face very interesting, an exquisite type of beauty.

  50. 50
    Paula Says:

    Camilia does not look European nor does her daughter, just click on the smaller pictures and see for yourself. Nicole Kidman has aquiline features, not Camilia and certainly not her daughter. There is no typical Brazilian look! There are white Brazilians like Gisele and Alesandra Ambrosio and there are black Brazilians like Pele. Camilia is neither exotic or beautiful and her complexion isn’t olive either it is medium brown and sometimes she looks browner.

  51. 51
    Luiza Says:

    Skin color is important? I do not understand why people comment on the fact that Gisele is Brazilian and is white, or the fact that Camilla is almost black or almost white, Indian Brazilian, or red, green, blue … When you’re in Brazil you can find all kinds of people: whites that seem to Europeans, Black Africans,Lebanese, Indians, Arabs, redheads, fat, thin, beautiful and ugly too … Brazil is a big salad! Did you know that the second largest colony of Japanese is Brazil? Has a neighborhood in Sao Paulo, called Freedom, there is only Japanese … and children and grandchildren of Japanese immigrants, who often do not speak Japanese, not have any direct connection with the country of origin. My name is Luiza Maria (Maria is very Latin!) Oliveira (Jewish) Haefliger (Swiss)
    The color of my skin is the skin color of Beyonce … That says a lot?
    Sorry if it has any error of English … I do not speak English. Sorry: /
    You did not hear what people have in your heart is what matters?

  52. 52
    longchamp Says:

    that baby’s cute. that said, you can really see in pic 12 just how “happy” matt & camilla are… she reproachful, he over it.

  53. 53
    Abby Says:

    @Molly: WTF is wrong with you. Did you ever thing that she looks mixed because she IS you @ss. Besides what the hell is wrong with being mixed? Those are almost always the most stunning people.

  54. 54
    Laura Says:

    I did not say that CAMILLA look European, I said the kids could be from southern Europe. Nicole Kidman has northern European features , an aquiline nose is more like the typical italian nose.

  55. 55
    Rios Says:

    The kids do not look southern European at all. Southern Europeans do not have a mixture of African, Indian and European genes. Her children look like mixed raced Brazilians which is what their mom is. An Aquiline nose and thinner lips are most prevalent in Nordic groups. Not with Italians and Jewish people.

  56. 56
    favela Says:

    Maria is German, English, Serbian, Polish. It was the ancient Romans who Latinized the name. Big deal. The majority of the people in Brazil are not European.

  57. 57
    Paty Says:

    I´ve always known happiness is the best revenge against envious /vicious people and that´s so true!!!!!!!!! Look what their happiness has done to you ‘Adam’!!OMG you must be sooooooooooo fat, ugly and lonely….I almost feel sorry for your nasty and unhappy self….They´re beautiful, THIN (i bet unlike you), together and have two healthy, cute little kids. JUST DEAL WITH IT BABY. SWALLOW AND CHOKE ON YOUR OWN POISON BECAUSE THEY, AS YOU CAN SEE, JUST DON´T GIVE A RAT´S ASS ABOUT YOUR OPINION

  58. 58
    Paty Says:


    And you AMERICAN, WHITE, YADAYADA AND ALL, in the end, PICKED NOTHING…… Is that why you´re soooooo jealous, white fella?

  59. 59
    Paty Says:


  60. 60
    Laura Says:

    Aquiline nose is also called Roman Nose(Rome used to be in Italy, if I am not wrong)is a human nose with a prominent bridge, curved.
    The word aquiline comes from the latin aquilinus(eagle-like), reference to the curved beak of an eagle.
    Southern Europeans do have mixture with arabs , which dominate part of Spain, Portugal and Sicily.
    Some mixed race people do look white, they might not be , but they look like whites or arabs.

  61. 61
    denise Says:

    That is such a pretty baby. Camila must have glued that barrette to her head…LOL

  62. 62
    Laura Says:

    …..That being said, it does not mean that they are less or more beautiful because they look white. Mixed raced people are very attractive and the reason is that they pick the best of all races.

  63. 63
    Luiza Says:

    The majority of the people in Brazil are European!!!

    Italian, portuguese, spanish…

    In my class room 90% os the people are italians…

  64. 64
    Luiza Says:


  65. 65
    jewforlife Says:

    @ paty. You sound like a very emotionally unstable person. Have you ever thought about getting help before you hurt someone or yourself.

  66. 66
    Agnes Says:

    No the great majority of Brazilians are mixed raced people, that’s why they are so beautiful. Adriana Lima is the best example, Raica Oliveira is another one , there are many beauties…famous or anonymous.

  67. 67
    Paty Says:

    @jewforlife: Fat looser!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. 68
    Paty Says:

    @jewforlife: Fat Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU should get help and lose some weight, because you Americans are usually just fat people eating while blogging……..LAME!!! STOP ENVY!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!

  69. 69
    stiger Says:

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