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Miley Cyrus Sports Ear Tattoo, Partners with Paranormal Activity Producers

Miley Cyrus Sports Ear Tattoo, Partners with Paranormal Activity Producers

Miley Cyrus walks through LAX airport with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth sporting a new tattoo on Wednesday (June 16) in Los Angeles.

The 17-year-old “Can’t Be Tamed” singer’s new tattoo is of the word “LOVE” on the inner part of her right ear. Miley is currently in NYC getting ready for her performance on GMA this Friday (June 18).

According to THR, Miley is eying the starring role in a new film by the producers of Paranormal Activity called Wake!

Based on a book of the same name, the thriller is about a 17-year-old girl who has the ability to become sucked into people’s dreams. Sounds interesting!

FYI: Miley is wearing an “Angela” racer back tank in white from Market!

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  • mailey

    i dont see the BFD with that movie. I just saw it last night and it was ridiculously boring. I was literally dozing off.

  • dundies

    i hope she gets all the roles that she can swallow. i just want to see her fail HA

  • Kate

    That tattoo’s pretty old- she’s had it for a couple of months.

  • Shannon

    She’s going to be in an a horror movie using that twangy annoying voice she has?? Count me out.

    I wish she would go away. She’s such annoying little chipmunk face.

  • KellStar

    Ear tattoos look like they are straight out of prison.

  • Emma

    @Kate: are you sure? she has the “just breathe” or whatever under her boob, she’s had for a few months, i think this one is quite new

    dunno, why you’d want on tattoo on your ear though?!?

  • CK

    NOOOOOOO, not her!! I love the “Wake” book and the 2d one “Fade”, and i just bought the 3d one. Miley can’t act, she won’t handle such a good part, WTF?! I don’t mean to be mean but Miley should not act or if she soo wants to then get some good acting coach or smth for Godssake!…i also wish Hollywood doesn’t screw up another good book…personally i see Dakota Fanning or Elisabeth Harnois as the main character Janie.

  • Nora

    UGLY !

  • Dreads

    Erm, I’m a sucker for tatoos. I love, love and adore tattoos. BUT I think the inner part of one’s ear is the stupidest place to get one. It doesn’t look good. And I wonder if that has a special meaning for her? Or she just did it to have a new tat. My best friend got tatoos without any true meaning for her and I think it’s bad. I love tatoos with significance to the person who got ‘em. Ugh, anyway, I don’t like Miley either. Her voice is so big and manly and ugly.

  • sasha

    It’s probably just pen.. looks like it’s already rubbing off…

  • Dreads

    This is the stupidest place to get a tattoo!!!!! I’m a sucker for tats at every damn place on one’s body except that.

  • Tori

    Wow!!! a tattoo that says “love”how orginal ..maybe i should get a tatto on my arm saying “faith”i bet noooo one has that.

    looks cheap to me

  • smashley

    TRASH… money can’t buy class. ignorant slam pig!

  • CanadaGirl

    That’ll look really classy when she’s 40. Good job on the tat’, Mylie.
    Celebs are leading the way in getting stupid tattoos in stupid places. Now we’ll see a bunch of drones getting ear tattoos because this adolescent idiot did.

  • CanadaGirl

    @dundies: Judging by the way she dresses, a role where she swallows isn’t to far down the road.

  • AutumnM

    It looks stupid. It’s not even a nice tattoo and what a stupid place to get it. Ridiculous.

  • CanadaGirl

    JJ… being cautious post PH scandal? :)

  • oh

    People who get tats have too much time on their hands. Donate the money instead! You’ll feel better and you will not look like you’re trying too hard! ;0) Your body will thank you too in the long run when everything starts to go south…

    And from a distance, she just looks like she has dirt in her ear or a bug is crawling in it. Yikes!

  • Shewhoshallnotbenamed

    So that’s why she’s always with her hair tied now….

  • justLikeapill

    FUG talentless annoying bitch. I hate how she is using all the money she made from Disney to force her crapness down everyones throats


  • http://j ivanka

    ugh piercing and tats, just out of prison

  • casey


  • ME

    Does anyone else think her BF is SO ugly I don’t get why people say he’s “hot” he has creepy little bright blue eyes like her and a smashed nose.. But she is kinda ugly so what should I expect.

  • jane


  • Lewis Bennett

    really admire her for throwing herself in the deep-end regarding her acting career. can’t wait to see what she comes up with. i support any of her work :)



  • Kate


    Yep, she’s had it for a while- at least May- and been seen in loads of candids with it. I’m not sure why people are just starting to write about it now.

  • Sami

    WOW! these peoples are sooo quick to judge a little girl…
    shes UNIQUE in her own little way….
    all you jerks are is haters….
    come on now shes almost 18yrs old trying to come up in life
    and all you peoeple can do is ragg on a little girl…
    grow up!

  • Megan

    Omg!!! I love the wake book series. I can not wait to read the 3rd one. I hope the movie is as great as the book. But i so dont think miley would be right for this movie.

  • http://gmail Cori

    you people should stop being mean bout her ur just JEALOUS!So leave her alone the only reason why people don’t like her is cuz the publicity people make crap up about her so leave her alone shes almost 18 she can do whatever she wants!!!! shes not gonna get messed up like Brittney Spears she has a strong family and she believes in God! and if you believe in him focus on the postive you’ll be fine shes gonna go to Heaven and so will I and I’ll see her there please comment back =)

  • Jokergurl

    You’d think she’d have the tattoo somewhere like on her arm or something, anyway, I know she’s trying to get away from the Hannah Montana image but if you’re going to get a tattoo and you’re still a teenager get one that’s not in your inner ear, (think of the risk of infection for one) that just drops your IQ by 20 points right there. I guess shock or surprise is a way to dump that Hannah Montana image but I don’t think she’s not going about it quite right. She might be a good actress I haven’t seen any of her movies. She needs to stop acting like she’s 30, and act her age which is just a 17-year-old kid, immature kid at that.

  • J

    I agree, this is a weird place to put a tattoo, and it doesn’t look like a work of art….but I started to think, they say that the size of our ear is the size we were when we were fully developed in the womb…so if you could imagine the lobule (where the traditional earpiercings go) is our head, the pinna (upper part of ear) is our feet, and so forth, where Miley chose her tattoo to go would be the heart area…. so it does make sense to put the word “LOVE” there.

  • Antonia

    exactly i yelled when i heard this its one of my fav series! for christ sakes she doesnt even look like her!

  • Jess

    Is she really going to ruin another potentially good movie with her horrendous acting? The fact that she gets cast just because of who she is and not her ability to act just automatically brings down the movies quality.

  • Mayra

    an ear tattoo? whatta heck! she’s disguisting.. she only 17 and already an F mess.. it wont take her long to get pregnant soon.

  • Annie

    It just looks like dirt in her ear. What a lame place for a tattoo.

  • oh yes

    Mean spirited adults! Lots of teenagers and adults have tattoos – really is a big deal! Miley is talented! At least she is doing what Jolie did at her age! Wow have the media and press forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://@erikkaJay Erikka(:

    it’s all smudged… it’s not real. lol.

  • http://@erikkaJay Erikka(:

    it’s all smudged… it’s not real.
    plus, do you know how painful that would be all you’re ear nerves are right there.
    She said in an interview that she’s not well at taking pain.

  • Melissa

    What a good role model

  • jenna

    god why won’t she go away! or atleast act her own age! it’s okay 2 have a tattoo at 17! but whatever miley does, she makes it seem slutty! she thinks she’s grown up and thinks that she will get more attention for being mature and wants 2 be taken seriously! honey, even if you ever do a horror movie, it should be a pretty scary and horrifying experiance! for those people in the cinema having to look at youre face for like 2 hours!

  • Becca

    My opinion i think she has a right to do what she pleases, she is almost 18 and she isn’t exactly going to be in the Disney lime light all her life, look at Lady gaga, she has very young fans too and look at her music videos. I don’t understand why people won’t leave these stars alone. I think Miley Cyrus is a lot better than some stars, and she has a great voice, don’t say your not jealous because the ones who say there not, are. Just grow up and stop bickering.

  • samantha

    psst! this isn’t a new role! it’s just going 2 be as scary as the other stuff she’s done lately! hannah montanna was scary enough!

  • Lindsay

    @sasha: mte

  • lina

    Wow.. i seriously cant believe Miley Cyrus destroyed her career like this…

  • manx


    She has her hair tied back because ‘Liam likes it” that way. Don’t believe me? She says it in a video interview find it on oceanup

  • Ilikemiley

    Gosh Why on earth would somebody want to have a tattoo on their ears. Hmm you gotta give her some credit though she could have tattooed her bf name yikes that wouldn’t been worst.

  • kelly


    dat oortattoo’s stom zijn of dat het lijkt dat je net uit de gevangenis komt is echt complete onzin als je er niet van houd zeg dat dan gewoon. ikzelf heb een klein salamandertje op mijn oorschelp en ben er blij mee! je doet toch ook oorbellen in? nou dat hoef ik niet.

    miley is een hele goede zangeres en vind het een goede actrice ik heb al haar films gezien en ik heb al haar cd’s (behalve hannah montana haha) maar goed over dit soort meiden word altijd zo gesproken. jaloezie noemt men dit.
    ze kennen d’r niet en oordelen haar op uiterlijk.
    logish dat je haar extensions daar ziet ze heeft haar haar omhoog

  • sankar

    good & lovely tattoo how the feel i am sankar