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Prince Harry Visits Orphans in Lesotho with Prince William

Prince Harry Visits Orphans in Lesotho with Prince William

Prince Harry holds a young boy while visiting a children’s education center on Wednesday (June 16) in Semonkong, Lesotho.

Harry and Prince William are on a joint trip to Africa which takes in Botswana, Lesotho and finally South Africa. During that time, they will visit a number of projects supported by their respective charities Sentebale (Harry) and Tusk Trust (William).

The trip will culminate with the brothers watching the England vs Algeria World Cup match in Cape Town.

Also pictured: The princes dancing with Prince Seeiso as they visit the Mamahato Network Club for children affected by HIV.

30+ pictures inside of Prince Harry and Prince William visiting Lesotho…

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Credit: Chris Jackson; Photos: Getty
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  • oh

    100% handsome bloke. :)

  • http://j ivanka

    i love harry!

  • http://j ivanka

    i love harry

  • http://j ivanka

    whoops sorry for the double post

  • KellStar

    I’m glad the baby is not mugging it up for the cameras. It makes him even more adorable IMO!

  • KellStar

    The baby looks so disinterested. Aw he’s so cute!

  • riri

    Using orphans for photo ops. How lovely.
    Why don’t these idiots get a real job and stop living off tax-payers’ money?

  • Happy

    Love Me some Harry *-)

  • Norwegian Girl

    I wonder if William or Harry (or both) will attend crown princess Victoria of Sweden’s wedding on Saturday…

  • British

    He is a national figure. Good to see he is doing nice charitable work.

  • troi


    Prince Harry has been involved in Lesotho about ten years. He has a very deep commitment to his trust and to the people there. He raises money and awareness by visiting. He is also deeply committed to the orphanage. He also personally sponsors a young Lesotho girl who was ra-ped at 3/months of age by an ignorant idiot thinking having sex with a virgin would keep him free of AIDS. He has followed her progress, donated his own money etc.
    To denigrate his efforts because you don’t like the Royal family is ignorant.
    Furthermore Harry does have a “real” job. He is in the British military and is also training to fly the Apache helicopters which is extremely rigorous. He gets paid for this. As a Royal he is fulfilling his charitable obligations and duties.
    Would you rather he just be a play boy prince?
    Furthermore Diana, Princess of Wales, left both boys over 25 million pounds or dollars (forget which one) when she died. Some of it was from her personal fortune and the other from her divorce.
    Again, should he jsut be a play boy prince?
    He certainly has a lot more going for him than Paris Hilton, Stavros whats-his-name, Lohan and the other celebutards who do drugs, drink to excess, earn obscene amounts of money and never give anything back to any cause…unless of course that cause will promote them.
    Do some research before you spout your ignorance.

  • Pandora

    To denigrate the Royal Family is ignorant? They are notorious racists (just check the facts), ergo, they, too, are ignorant. Worshipping these dolts is not a religion, you realise?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …He’s still a stupid little ginger nazi.

  • John Smith (Have it!)


  • John Smith (Have it!)


  • Ms Anonymous


    You’re not reading what troi posted, Harry has done a lot of good.

  • Ms Anonymous

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…:

    You’ve made mistakes in your life too idiot, own up to it and stop trolling.

  • troi


    If you read my post–I said to denigrate his efforts because he was of the Royal family was just ignorant. I didn’t support the royals nor did I excuse anything they’ve done. I just said that Prince Harry is doing good in Lesotho and to denigrate those efforts because he is of the Royal Family is stupid. Diana seemed to be pretty color-blind and I think she raised her kids the same way. So why tar and feather Harry because he is Royal is silly.

  • dani

    Ilike Prince Harry
    Thank you Jared for :) new thread
    Harry and Chelsy…. gorgeous couple

  • Jenna

    More like “Prince William Visits Orphans in Lesotho with Prince Harry”, since William is older, and 2nd in line to the throne! Another Caption would be “Princes William and Harry Visit Orphans in Lesotho.”

  • dd

    I can’t stand this boring bigot, especially after insulting a guy from Pakistan because of his skin color, it was filmed, and then the nazi costume he wears had confirmed my thoughts.

  • Whatevfer

    Harry would make a better king then William,don’t get me wrong I like William but he is too much like his Dad too soft…..

  • hypocrite

    @British “He is a national figure”

    Well you should be ashamed and embrassed to have such a disrespectful racist looser.

  • sally

    Yike so unattractive add to that a racist piece of crap.

  • AnonymousDiva

    The ignorance and hypocrisy expressed by “sally”, “dd” and “hypocrite” [you sure named yourself well, honey!] would be laughable if it weren’t such an embarrassment to those of us more emotionally mature than you.

  • riri

    I didn’t criticize him because he was from the “Royal” family. Who cares?
    This is 2010.
    We are talking about a guy who lives off the tax money of many hard working people, instead of actually having his own job.
    He is an idiot, dressed like a Nazi for “fun”, and is doing some PR work for himself while holding orphans.
    I never met a military-man who could take off to other countries and party and have time for these photo ops and so much spare time.
    This money, that he is spending belongs to the public.
    Lohan, Hilton and the rest of them can do whatever they want with THEIR money.
    They are idiots too, is that something to proud of?
    That what you claim to be a “public figure” can only look “reasonable” when compared to world class trashy fools and idiots such as Lohan and Hilton?
    Diana gave them money? and where did that money came from? Her successful career as what?
    It’s all public funds that should have served the public.

  • CanadaGirl

    Ginger = hot

  • dani

    Prince Harry will play polo in New York on June 27

    :)Lucky New Yorker’s.
    Prince Harry is to make a three-day visit to New York

  • elle

    harry is hot! lol he should be the king!!

  • Jokergurl

    Whenever I see Harry or especially William because he looks so much like his late mother, I think of that tragic day when Princess Diana died, and their long processional walk with Prince Charles. They showed maturity beyond their years even when they were young. They have a lot of their mom’s compassion and personality. I always wish the best to Prince Harry and Prince William.

  • Raichill

    Their mother would be so proud.

  • Sarah


    THANK YOU!!! Harry is always in touch with the little girl he personally sponsors. It’s a very private thing for Harry and he doesn’t like it out in the press as he doesn’t want the stigma of what happened to this baby — now a young girl — in the English press all the time, as the English press is just bloody awful.

    Diana would be so, NO, SHE IS very proud of her ‘boys’.

  • oh yes

    His mother would be so proud! Continue to do good Harry!

  • troi


    It is probably pointless to answer you as anti-royal family etc. vs. those who support the monarchy view points are like Republican vs. Democrat arguments…

    But a study done several years ago showed one of the main reasons so many tourists from all over the world come to the UK is because of the attractions supported by the monarchy and the monarchy (pomp/events etc).

    The Monarchy costs each citizen about 62p a year. I don’t know what the ratio is between tourism and expenditures.

    However, to say the Royals don’t work is ridiculous. Diana before her death often did upwards of 500 events a year. These included patronage visits to her causes, opening hospitals etc., representing the monarchy at play openings etc. Their presence brings in money often, adds credibility, and more.

    Diana was pretty rich in her own right before she married Charles. Her family’s money was old money. Too bit#ch at her because of her ancestors is ridiculous.

    Harry has supported his Lesotho trust for ten years. Visting, meetings on how to make life better etc. This is hardly a passing whim.

    No I did not agree with his antics in a Nazi suit. And other things he has done. But if everyone of us was held accountable for a life time for the stupid, silly things we did as a teenager–then we all deserve scorn, derision, hel-l and more I guess–right? Maybe most of us never put on a Nazi uniform, but I bet the majority of us have over imbibed at least once or twice. I bet most of us have done something really stupid in life–while not criminal, is something we don’t care to remember.

    I prefer as do others to give the young Harry the benefit of the doubt for the moment as he seems to have matured greatly since those days. Yes he is still a hellraiser, but he seems to have developed into a much more mature individual. Having volunteered myself in Africa, I can only admire his dedication to his trust and the people who’s trust he holds in Lesotho.

    You said that money he is spending belongs to the public. If you take the Royal Family out of the equation by dissolving the monarchy–well, taxpayer money is still going to support the castles and other Royal landmarks for tourists. Studies have also shown that tourism will fall off at least in the short run (ten -twenty years) if the monarchy is dissolved. So I really don’t think Britain will save all that much by dissolving the monarchy. Yes, I would suggest stopping payments and support to a lot of the non-immediate family royals. But, to say the Queen, Charles, Harry and William not to mention Ann don’t work is ridiculous. They all do tons of appearance per year for organizations that desperately want them.

    You have your opinion obviously and it is a fairly unforgiving one. But again, I think Harry has matured and hopefully will continue to do so. Living your life in a fish bowl is far different than making your mistakes in private within a close group of friends. In a fish bowl you make your mistakes on film for the world to see over and over to criticize–bet when Harry is 50 and if he has led a distinguished life–you and others will still be harking back to his youthful mistakes. The guy is unable to win no matter what he does, right?

  • rullestilladser

    This was a genuinely terrific post. In theory I’d like to write like this also – getting time and true work for making a good content… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never appear to obtain some thing accomplished.