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Adam Lambert: Half Shaved Head!

Adam Lambert: Half Shaved Head!

Adam Lambert debuts a new ‘do on Wednesday (June 16) for his Glam Nation Tour during his tour stop in Indiana.

The 28-year-old entertainer, who’s known for his edgy-glam rock look, posted the pic of himself on his Twitter with the right side of his head shaved off — and caused quite a frenzy among his fans.

Adam later clarified, “Calm down… Just shaved one side… :)”.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Adam’s new ‘do – YAY or NAY?

Adam is currently performing in his Glam Nation headlining tour with Orianthi and Allison Iraheta.

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  • So Sorry

    I don’t think there is 1 Heterosexual Hormone or Bone left in his Body!

  • Moonlitatdawn

    And next week, he’ll be donning Captain Sparrow’s dreads! Hehehe. It’s just hair. It’ll grow out in a few weeks. He’s been cutting it and flipping it every which way since Idol ended. I still think he looks hot no matter what.

  • anon

    I agree with Lainey, it’s not really new…it’s BOY GEORGE. So the ladies rip off Madonna and now the guys are also running out of ideas and creativity. But reinvent the wheel right? Recycle other’s ideas and front them as your own…self help authors and gurus do it all the time!

  • Pandora

    I like him better w/ hair, but since he has such beautiful facial features the half shaved head seems to draw attention to those.

  • Michelle

    @So Sorry:

    Well seeing as he’s gay I don’t know where you came up with that brilliant deduction! Dumb comment.

  • http://mmmm mmmm

    YAY! I love Adam new haircut.. i love that Adam is chameleon!!!

  • KellStar

    I don’t like the half-shaved head trend but it’s his hair and life is too short to give a crap about what other people think of you. Have fun Adam and enjoy your success! Experimentation is what makes life interesting.

  • Amanda

    I love it!!!!

  • Mark

    I like it. You be you Adam!

  • Angel

    IDC what his hair looks like, he is GORGEOUS!

  • Ash

    look amazing!!!!!!!!

  • Mel

    It is seriously hott in real life. Check out a pic from his concert:

  • Mimi

    Keep on being you Adam! Looking gorgeous as always!

  • So Sorry

    I Know he is Gay People!

    Just Relax.

  • So Sorry

    I Know he is Gay People!

    Just Relax.

  • Leila

    He’s gorgeous and so talented.

  • Jase

    @So Sorry: Left? Left from what, exactly? You realise you don’t choose the orientation you’re born with, don’t you? What an offensive and ignorant comment.

  • Thenetbabe

    Adam can wear HIS hair anyway he wants to and still look super cool and hot! I agree with Angel….just a gorgeous person and a super freaking talented artist! Love how he always keeps us on the edge of our seats wondering what he’s gonna do, say, wear, perform!!! Rock on Glam Rock Star Genius! <3

  • Londoner

    Lol, he’s lucky he’s beautiful. l I would look horrid if I shaved my head.

  • Jonte

    This bish is so fierce. I want him to be my bestie, we’d go raving together.

  • Jermaine

    awesome. he has b*alls

  • EvaDarling
  • Amelle

    There’s something about him that makes him get away with looks and stuff a lot of people can’t. Confidence or something? Idk but he looks hot.

  • Matt

    his concert was fkn EPIC! venue SUCKED but him and his band n dancers are KILLER.his voice is out of this world man. he has charisma, he’s not dry in personality do u know what I mean

  • __smitten

    He’s so cute :)

  • bjorkson

    He is a vocal-visual chameleon.

  • Kanye

    @EvaDarling: I love your photos. Glad the tophat is back

  • wtv

    He’s beautiful…

  • Ava

    @Mel: You’re right Mel. I don’t like the picture Jared posted, but the one from the concert is smokin’.


    he didn’t shave the top off, just the one SIDE

  • ParisLover

    He sings country as well

  • .

    @ParisLover: Huh

  • childish

    @Ava and @Mel are the same person, they’re a Krisbert troll.

  • gagalupe

    @anon: Who said it’s new? All Adam did was shave a little part of his head and everyone freaks out lol. Nah. Can’t see him running out of creativity anytime soon since he doesn’t force himself to be ‘creative’ like some artists do. He just dresses in wtv he wants cos he enjoys it, not for anyone else

  • oz

    Oh, look! BOY GEORGE is back from the 80s!!!

  • Tyrone

    it looks good imo

  • freemase

    I love that he shaved his hair to make room for more rhinestones LOL!!!

  • JB

    HOTTTT! LOVE it!!

  • googoo

    Adam is the lovechild of Cyndi Lauper and Boy George. He inherited their penchant for ridiculous getups, their ugg faces & bods, but unfortunately missed out on the one good thing he could have gotten from them: a singing voice! No one knows where Adam inherited his migraine inducing screech from…

  • sukymurder

    I Agree witbsome comment o here…(the good ones) He have such a beautiful face specially his eyes..and hes hot no matter what.

    his voice is incredible..cmon..only is hair.. i preffer his emo or elvis hair but its ok… Adam!! :)

    i love him!!! :D

  • elle


  • 5 range Tenor
  • longchamp

    Boy George rehash, but looks decent on him.

    @so sorry: what exactly is a ‘heterosexual hormone’? Hormones are gender-specific, not indicators of se.xual preference… being a bigot is bad enough, spouting off stupid that shows you’re bigoted AND ignorant is much worse

  • 5rangetenor
  • cry moar

    @googoo: you krisberts are really living up to your name lol. bashing kris’s mate is not going to revive kris allen’s career sweetie, keep showing your boy up

  • Classified X

    Adam’s fans are just a bunch of ignorant lonely freaking ugly women who in 10 years time they’ll look back to their coments and regret what an ass they were,making a fool of themselves. Also, they need to respect other people’s comments. Everybody is entitled to an opinion. I feel sorry for Adam, who to get success and progress in his career has to put up with these freaks, following him everywhere, as he said in an interview with an English newspaper about all these women harrassing him: women and blind, not what I’m looking for…..

  • new wave/punk rerun

    all been done before ..over and over and over


    @anon: Calm down on the coke, you’re spilling B.S. Since when did BGeorge who is a huge fan and friend of Lambo’s invent shaved hair and tophats? This guy ain’t claiming anything, he’s just dressin in what he likes the look of. Good thing Madge is a fan too. It ain’t that deep.

  • Lucas

    @Classified X: I’m not a chick last time I checked lmfao. Hope you’re trollin because your incoherent comment reeked of hypocrisy

  • zzz

    Looks like Adam’s going to burst into Karma Chameleon any second.