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Alexander Skarsgard: Battleship Brothers with Taylor Kitsch!

Alexander Skarsgard: Battleship Brothers with Taylor Kitsch!

True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard has signed on to star as Taylor Kitsch‘s brother in the action-adventure Battleship, Universal’s adaptation of the Hasbro board game.

THR reports Alex will play a straight and narrow naval officer while Taylor will be the wildly spirited naval officer who idolizes his brother.

Peter Berg (Hancock) is directing the movie, which will have an “alien invasion” element. Alex and Taylor begin shooting Battleship on Aug. 30 in Hawaii.


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  • Mary

    Alex and Taylor in the same project?! I don’t care what the plot is, I will definitely see this movie in the theater. (I’ll probably see it multiple times).

    They’re both such funny and good guys in real life too…the environment on that film set is going to be FUN!

  • Rachel

    I love them both, I’m excited for this film!

  • evathediva

    Finally , Alex, a noteworthy projecy, hopefully. Wow, Taylor is waaay cute too!!! I hope Alex buffs up like he did gor GK.

  • Weird

    Will see this movie!! Taylor is hot and Alex is hot when he is not hanging out with Kate Boney Bosworth!!

  • athena

    Wow, this sounds interesting. Good combo. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …Cool news. But yo, you have a massive Hard-On for Skarsgard!

  • Lais

    Oh, I see, it’s a battle to see who’s hotter! *.*

  • S

    So cool for him but damn, a naval officer, he will have to cut his hair again hehe and I wanted it to grow long (and blond again) for Eric season 4 of True Blood! ;-)

  • alan

    Battleship sounds corny and lame….Alex can do better.Is this another supporting role for Alex..or will they bth be lead characters?

  • L

    The two of them in a film by Peter Berg? I’m game!

  • Deedz

    At one point, this casting would’ve been a godsend. Now…not so much. Eh.

  • commonsense

    OMG! My two faves, if ever I were to have a threesome they would be it!

  • Mayara

    Taylor Kitsch is gonna be HUGE!

    Mark my words!

    Can’t wait for this movie!!!!!
    And U guys should post more Taylor Kitsch news :P

  • from IMDB:

    “based on the Hasbro board game” really Alex?
    Now I lost interest in this guy.

  • Lovely

    I will definitely watch this movie!

  • yup

    Doesn’t sound too promising. Movies based on games are hardly ever good….a board game? Sounds even worse than a videogame tie-in.

  • burnt bacon

    LOL, Battleship? Seriously? No, seriously? Were the scripts for “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” and “Connect Four” not completed on time or something?
    That said, I’d watch Taylor Kitsch read the d@mn phone book, so I’ll probably go see this.

  • Lauren

    Sounds like an Oscar contender for sure. *snort*

  • Jam

    Hello Im a hater, and Im not judgemental, I got a crystal ball up my bum…

    Anyways, Alex going to have a busy schedule this year…

  • Molly

    Remember when he said that LA’s film industry it’s such a *creative environment*? well, he’s playing the supportive hunk in a cable vampire show (original… not!) and now he’s gonna be in a movie called “Battleship” based in a board game and alien invasions.
    But… my little brother will love this.

  • You Sank My Battle Ship!

    Oh yeah, this movie sounds promising. Not only is it Battleship (“F4!”), but its Battleship with aliens. You know what would be a better, more epic board game adaptation? Risk, a movie about Risk would be good. A movie about Battleship and aliens, not so much

  • Molly

    ^ based on

  • Anne

    Based on a board game? I really question the projects he picks. I mean there is Straw Dogs, which sounds stupid and now this.

  • peanut

    Sounds like a clunker. Probably make good money but he’s definitely better than this.

  • twitters

    Seems lame.
    At least we’ll get to see ASkars in a uniform.

  • Ginger

    I was fearing he’d end up in some romantic comedy so I’m OK with this. Plus Askars will be in Uniform- yum.
    All actors want to star in a summer blockbuster (which I’m sure everyone involved with this film hope it will be.) Could be a sequel out of this deal, if it’s a success. Plus that kind of fame would give him the Opportunity to do projects he really wants to do. I also think Askars has a thing for military roles. He still goes on about how much he loved his role in GK.

  • Melissa

    This looks hot

  • Annie

    Sounds like a straight to the DVD bargain bin job. ASkars needs to grow some discernment both in his choice of roles and his choice of women.

  • status quo

    @burnt bacon:

    LMAO! Oh…my..goodness dude you made me laugh so hard. That was the best thing I heard all day, I thank you for that.

  • Mary

    Taylor Kitsch I love. Alexander Skarsgard, I don’t even like.

  • Aylin

    The plot doesn’t seem that great but I’ll watch it as long as Taylor Kitsch is in it.

  • Justin Sane

    Lets hope that this movie doesn’t come out as a dud like Strawdogs…….poor Alex has no luck with the BIG screen.

  • Passingby

    Not really diggin a movie based on a game, Prince of Persia bombed at the Box Office, total dissapointment…But, has anyone noticed in the first episode on this season TB in the opening credits that Alex was still named almost last?….Deborah Ann Wool’s name appeared before his name and she joined the cast in the end of seson two. What happened to all the rumblings from people that stated that Alex was going to be one of the leads in this season in TB?

  • Mikayla

    Can’t wait to see this! Alex and Taylor = pure hotness

  • BooHiss!

    @Passingby: Woll was listed after Alex in the opening credits. S comes before W.

  • evathediva

    @burnt bacon: your post is funny , LOL..Hungry Hippo….

  • evathediva

    Oh this is the surprise that the Askars news gal had!!! Not the engagement to BOB. Sigh!!!

  • Just Joanie

    Taylor and Alex in a movie together is hot! I just hope Alex leaves his baggage at home while they’re filming. Don’t want it stinking up Riggs too. *wink*

  • Joan

    What a great opportunity for Taylor and Alex….Taylor – the brooding college drop-out from Friday Night Lights has a heart of gold really (and is still hot). Alexander – has proven to us that he can play a military guy (and still be hot) ,,,,this should be a great action movie. I loved Hancock…..well made and with a touch of humor.

  • sven

    @burnt bacon- that was freakin funny.

    alas I think that skars picked this movie cause he’ll be in Hawaii with a bunch of dudes.

  • burnt bacon

    Thanks, guys. :) To be honest, I’m holding out for “Tetris: The Movie” with with Gabourey Sidibe as the L-shaped piece.
    Seriously, I think Hollywood is just f—ing with us now.

  • Passingby

    @Boo Hiss
    Oops, my bet,….Alex is one head of Debora Ann Wool….but he is still listed in the credits near the end….do you know your ABC’S lol….because I just watched to opening cred’s again and Sam Trimmal was listed in the begining…..from my knowledge T comes after S right, obviously TB credits are not going by alfabetical order??? My point was that everyone was stating tat S3 was Alex’s year on Trueblood I expected him to be listed in third after Anna and Steven….All I remember though was that he was near the end!!! Thank god I was wrong he was one ahead of Deborah Ann Wool near the end…that would have sucked for AS, but they need to move him up since he is the Eric character, so if they are not going alfabetically why did even Kristin BVS, Pam come before him…..

  • whenwillitend

    SAme thing regarding this post

    dang , I guess it is true, the masses have turned against him, only
    40 +posts and its has been a whole day. Just wow!!

    Alex maybe you need to put your new PR firm to work, I hope they can do the damage control thing, hopefully it is not too late.@Passingby: I thought honestly that they were going in alpabetical order also. I think the top billers are lsited towards the end though. I thought I heard that somewhere. I might be wrong, but…if thats not true, then I guess Alex will be making cameos next season eh? LMAO

  • Passingby


    Wouldn’t Anna P be the top biller, she is listed as first, without Sookie there is no TB, plus Oscar winner and hits with X-men. I just thought he would be right after Anna and Steven esp all the hype that he would be soo busy with his role on TB…..also Eric from the books starts to become a main character in book 3 ……Kristin Van Straten Pam is even listen before him, so is Sam T and I doubt they pay AS more than Anna P. Just …..Weird with the way they list their cast lol…….also does anyone know if the cast only has a 4 year contract or 7…….someone mentioned that from that they were only sighned for 4…I just hope their aren’t any problems with the cast holding out for more money don’t care as long as Trueblood S4 goes on as planned with no delays loved book 4 with amnesiac Eric……..

  • Kate

    I also noted that Alex was still listed in the opening credits near the end, I was like WOAH……this is the Eric character and there are definately not going alfabetically Sam T is also before Nelson Ellis ….I agree with you that they are NOT paying him more than Anna… way…..can’t figure out how they list the creds..mystery lol I think they only have a contract up to the 4th season…I also could be wrong…

  • Kate

    @Kate & Passingby

    At the rate AS is going why even bother listing him in opening creds, they should have placed him in the CLOSING creds lol as Quest Star like Evan RW…..oh…wait he is not a star enough and believe me not payed more than the other cast members either, I agree there was so much talk that this season was AS time to take over as a main character instead of or with Steven……I rather see him more than that Tara or Sam character that’s for sure!!!!

  • ally

    ^Whoops was supposed to put @ Kate under name.

  • Malanna

    Seems to me that Alex is once again got a supporting part…Wasn’t Taylor in Wolverine glad he is able to step up in a lead role…I quess Alex is going to have to play second fiddle again….
    BTW do people remember the actress that played Dawn on Trueblood, she was also in Wolverine …glad to see other actors using a TB as a platform for success…..what is wrong with Alex and his choice of movies…..

  • Malanna


    The directors and casting don’t want him …it’s out of his hands and the ones that do only want him as a supporting role lol
    Yeah, I watched Wolverine this past week on HBO and Taylor and that Dawn actress were in it.. I was like what she got to work with Hugh Jackman as his love interest ,soo lucky.

  • Malanna

    ^What the hey came out twice………