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Alexander Skarsgard: Battleship Brothers with Taylor Kitsch!

Alexander Skarsgard: Battleship Brothers with Taylor Kitsch!

True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard has signed on to star as Taylor Kitsch‘s brother in the action-adventure Battleship, Universal’s adaptation of the Hasbro board game.

THR reports Alex will play a straight and narrow naval officer while Taylor will be the wildly spirited naval officer who idolizes his brother.

Peter Berg (Hancock) is directing the movie, which will have an “alien invasion” element. Alex and Taylor begin shooting Battleship on Aug. 30 in Hawaii.


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  • At least he is trying…

    Squeezing in two movies between his break at TB is better than nothing. Look at KB, when is she going to Japan or working on that Moonlight movie??? Seems to me all she does is go to parties and pretend to eat lunch.

    SO I’m giving props to Alex for actually working!!! Plus Taylor is hot…I’m watching X-Men: Wolverine now…I love him!!!

  • GreenCAT

    Alexander and Taylor?…OMG!!! <3

  • BooHiss!

    @Passingby: Yes, I know my ABCs. There are five main lead characters – Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammel, Ryan Kwanten and Rutina Wesley. They are not listed in alphabetical order. Anna is listed first because she is the star. Stephen Moyer is listed second because he is also one of the stars. Why Ryan Kwanten is after Sam Trammel I don’t understand. It sounds like contract negotions that I don’t have enough information to comment on. Then there is the regular cast that is in alphabetical order. I am surprised Alex and also Nelson Ellis weren’t moved up to lead characters but perhaps again that is something that gets worked out after their contracts are up for renewal. At the time that Alex and NE signed on they were supporting characters.

    They certainly treat Alex like a lead character – at least to get publicity for the show. They have him with the two stars of the show on the cover of EW. His one of the three covers of Details magazines. Again, I don’t think the credits will change until their contract negotions come up again. I don’t claim to be an expert though so who knows.

  • heidi

    #53, you are right. Cast billing is part of their contracts and changes are done slowly. Jennifer Morrison is still billed as a lead character on House, though she has been a small supporting actor for two years and last year was written out. The new lead cast members will not get opening credit billing until next year, despite having much bigger parts than Morrison for two years. It’s all nailed down in contracts. The credits don’t necessarily match what the show presents.

    Alex is doing great on True Blood, both in terms of screen time and criticially. Who knows if or when the billing will change, for Alex and for Deborah and Nelson. In the meantime, USA Today’s critic just said wrote that Alex deserves a best supporting emmy nomination, so I don’t think we have to worry about him being reduced to cameos. (-:

  • kaila


  • Passingby

    Thanks for try to solve the mystery of how TB decides in what order they list their cast in the opening credits….so…I quess they do only have a 4 year contract not 7 year like someone previously commented from a previous post, I was like that doesn’t make sense….hopefully in the S4 AS’s name will be in the begining with Anna and Steven…..he does have the part of Eric who is an integral character!!!

  • http://Justjared Slig

    Im totally like this boy omg look alike me wow im here in pic

  • Trouble

    I hope one of them has to say “you sunk my battleship!” lol!

  • Carla Nelson

    I’m glad to see TB taking on a new tiwist and letting Sookie and Eric get together. Frankly I was getting bored with the I hate you and you hate me attitude with each other. They need to let these two get together ASAP thats what the audience is waiting for. I know Sookie and Bill are dating in real life but in the the series you can get tired of that Bill and her stuck like glue to one another in the show. The show only comes on once a year and thats along time to wait for a wrench to be thrown in. If nothing exciting happens you can loose interest. When these two get together that going to be the highlight of TB this is what people been waiting to see all alone.

  • Carla Nelson

    I do have to say that AS look better in this photo shoot than he does in TB.

  • Carla Nelson

    AS may have been sexy at once upon a time. You know sexy is when your sexy and your not trying to be seen as sexy. You don’t have to take off your shirt and show your abs. You can have charisma and sex appeal without showing your body. If a man just be hiself and not stay in the public eye so much people will wonder what you are about. But when you are over exposed and talked about twenty four seven you are just another body in HW. Then it won’t be to long for someone else is coming to take your place with nice abs and tan skin. I’ve seen
    the man whi is going to play Alcide believe me even with clothes on he has it going on. So I know when they shoot a nude seen you will see that the clothes didn’t lie about the body. AS clothes seem to be to short for his height.

  • Carla Nelson

    If they TB only has a four year contract remember why would they wait to season three for Eric and Sookie to get together. That means when things are beginning to happen the show will be off before the highligt of the series is starting to get down to business. If there are 10 books how can you cram all what has happen into four season? If her and Eric don’t get together it will be a let down for all the fans. If you want to know the truth there was some scenes they could have left out each season to get to the most demanding parts of seeing Eric ans Sookie finally has a couple.

  • facetedjewel

    Hmmm. . . I wouldn’t count the success of this movie out too soon, although I think the director may be the weakest link in the team. The storyline for ‘Battleship’ reminds me of ‘Ender’s Game’, one of the most loved and read scifi books since it was published. And my favorite games as a kid were Battleship and Mastermind, exercises in deductive logic. (You can read what happened to ‘Ender’s Game’ becoming a movie on Card’s website or do a general search). No movie gets a ‘greenlight’ nowdays without the marketing dept. approval. There is a huge multi-generational fanbase for both the book, and the game. Marketed right, and this may either be an outright ‘hit’, or possibly a sleeper, succeeding by word of mouth.

    As for Bosworthy. . .I’ve been a little freaked since I read these two became smitten on ‘Straw Dogs’. Did the remake include the gangbang scene? If yes, then in the history of movies, have two actors (playing rapist and victim) ever walked away after filming such a scene as a real life couple? I’m just sayin’. . .eewwwww.

    Personally, the wallflower in me, keeps hoping Her Worthiness will take a misstep in her platform heels and smack her itty-bitty noggin on something that will do some permanent damage. But I actually care about Alex, as an actor and as a person. . . life on this planet without someone to love you is hard. Relationshipwise, Alex went through a long dry spell. There is something about this woman (beyond looks) that appeals to him. . . support him.

  • Marina

    For the opportunity to see Ale Skarsgard in naval uniform, I will (*gulp*) tolerate Rhiana’s acting. Because that man is HOT!

  • Marina

    For the opportunity to see Alex Skarsgard in naval uniform, I will (*gulp*) tolerate Rhiana’s acting. Because that man is HOT!