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Alexander Skarsgard Talks Marines & Male Models

Alexander Skarsgard Talks Marines & Male Models

Alexander Skarsgard sits down with TV Guide magazine to chat about True Blood and more in this new video!

Here’s what the 33-year-old actor had to share:

On his 15-month stint in the Swedish Marines: “It was kind of in the Marines [when] I decided to try acting again. It was mentally and physically very, very tough. I hated it.”

On what he does in his spare time: “I’m a huge fan of football, or soccer, as you guys call it. Hammarby’s the name of the team – they’re from the Dirty South of Stockholm!”

Be sure to watch as Alexander reveals his bit part in Zoolander!

Alexander Skarsgard for TV Guide Magazine
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  • JM

    Guess Alex must be keeping a low profile this week JJ since his PR team had you post an obvious old interview. This would have been great, LAST year.

  • well

    The guy looks washed-out.

  • Weird

    This is old. He is just a complete idiot! After the Bosworth crap all I can think when I seem him is Idiot Doucebag!!

  • st

    he becomes less sexy

  • hiwav

    I really don’t like to watch war movies or television shows, but this looks much less “glorious” than most and with Alexander shirtless, it might be worth suffering through the harsh stuff. I adore this man. Thank you for bringing your high quality, insightful blog to my other obsession. You ladies ROCK!

  • amanda

    LOOOOOOOOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well, he is a good actor but what is this rumour about his next film- some kind of allien movie – like battlestar gallactica.
    I mean this is ridiculous kind of choice. Come on Alex, you can do better. Please make some movie that has some point.
    Looking at his choices like in the past- Thor , Straw dogs and now this movie, I don’t think he is my kind of actor.
    In Sweden he actually made better movies than in USa. Why is that?

  • Carla Nelson

    I’m sorry I don’t know why he keeps cutting his hair. It takes from his looks. He looks better with a rugged look rather than a clean cut.

  • Carla Nelson

    I agree with you #4 in my book he never was. He is just stright up and down, nothing but height and legs. The close up scene they did in his face looks terrible even with the make up on. What happen to him. He has fell along way from season one. I thought Eric was handsome in the books.

  • blair

    i don’t like him, so much perfect


    He used to be so hot! He’s lost weight and looks older from this interview done in the fall. Alex’s choices are suspect. I’m glad he didn’t get that cheesy sounding Thor movie. Battleship is based on a old board game and doesn’t sound much better. This guy has the acting chops to do so much better. Seems like he’s been derailed. It’s good that he’s lying low and not famewh*ring. Perhaps he can get back on track and not let others drag him down.The company you keep says a lot about who you are.

  • Lauren

    He’s not going to be the next Sean Penn or Daniel Day Lewis, people. Considering he wanted to be in Thor, and now this Battleship nonsense, it seems like he’s going for a more big-budget-popcorn flick type of career and not something like what Gary Oldman has.

  • JM

    Just read the articles saying he’s signed on to play a naval officer in “Battleship” based on the old Hasbro boardgame. What?! Is this the best Hollywood writers can come up with now? They recylce old films, old tv shows and now, old board games. I’ll hope it’s decent, for what’s left of his career’s sake, but we’ll have to see. Mabey it will be a surprise, like Clue was. That movie was hysterical! But how can you go wrong with a cast that included Tim Curry, Madeline Khan, Marin Mull, Eileen Brennan, Michale McKean and Christopher Lloyd. I won’t hold my breath though.

    Back to this archived interview. It really is sad to see how much Alex has aged in less than a year. He really needs to reevaluate his life and the company he’s keeping. ALEX! SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!

  • Rachel

    He’s gorgeous and sweet (I’ve met him) and I will see him in any project he makes. I’m proud to be a fan of his! I think he’s a wonderful man and a talented actor.

  • CuteChef

    Thanks OVER-AND-OUT…I was just about to repost that link with KB. The one that is practically a confirmation that she’s a coke head. That girl looks so f**ked up in those pictures it is unreal. Found it a few weeks ago in a simple Google search of
    Kate Bosworth Drugs Coke.” And surprise!!! Look what popped up, and on JJ no less.

  • amanda

    Oh my god people.. You really like to see the negative thing in this person? (well probably in everyone..)
    He is from Sweden, a really small country where being famous is nothing like being famous in America, people are not easily impressed in Sweden. And now suddenly everyone wants a piece of him. Or yeah we’re proud of him here and we knew he a┬┤gas become really known, but when he was acting in sweden no one really cared about him, only that we knew he was talented and good looking.
    I can agree that he should do better kind of films than battlefield (??) but at the same time he’s got a role in Lars Von Trier’s next film with actors like Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Rampling and Charlotte Gainsbourg… Isn’t that something? And he just made the film Metropia with Juliette Lewis and Vincent Gallo, so yeah I think the guy is smarter than you think. And he definetely got talent for it. Maybe he’s just trying around a little bit? Like Jake Gyllenhaal who did a shity films like Prince of Persia.. Nothing to say about that?

    We’re talking about movies people! Don’t take it so f*cking seriously please!

  • Anne

    He has a hole in his shirt.

  • Jason

    He’s not all that

  • Jonte

    ugly tbh

  • British Latin American

    I love Alex, but I hate the American accent he’s picked up; so uneducated sounding. He didn’t have a better english instructor?

  • Reasonable Doubt

    @ 16>>>Look,
    I’m getting really tired of the view point that actors and actresses don’t have any responsibility to their fans.

    Today’s actors are very lucky,but act like spoiled children compared to Hollywood stars from the 1940′s.

    Back then, the studios kept their stars under close scrutiny,and ruled over their every move, thus preserving the fantasy of the perfect Hollywood idol.

    The public never was allowed to become disenchanted and it was a win-win situation for everybody.

    The career choice of being an actor in modern times is now very, very different.

    The difference being that the actor is now independently and solely responsible for how he or she is perceived by the public.

    The reality of it is, the only way you excel (salary increase, job security etc.) at this career is from a dedicated interest of something called a


    And a lot of Alex’s fan base has most definitely become disenchanted!
    Personally ,I’m tired of Alex’s “IMAGE GAME”

  • L

    lol, you guys are ridiculous. How quickly you turn on someone you used to like. So fickle.

  • evathediva

    @Carla Nelson: @Reasonable Doubt: @Reasonable Doubt: I agree with the both of you. Alex looks so much different and he has changed since hanging with BOB!!!(bagofbones).HE really is not that appealing any more. Since he signed with the new PR Firm, I hope he tries to get a complete overhaul and better image. We’ll see.

  • evathediva

    @L: Its our right, however, I said that at the beginning, that alot of people would turn on him, when they found out his true colors. Welcome to America bub!! Americans are VERY fairweather, and will forget you quickly. So shut up Hans.

  • L

    @Reasonable Doubt: His SANE fan base is still interested in him. Don’t flatter yourself by thinking your ridiculous opinions affect his career.

  • L

    @evathediva: What the hell are you talking about? I’m American.

  • Jam

    I hear he kills babies on the weekends, sucks em dry…

  • well

    Is his sane fan base is his PR people writing under different names how much he is so handsome and talented?

    Sorry but the guy doesn’t look the same, he was healthy before and even at the scream award last year…

  • PumpkinSeed

    I hate his voice. What kind of accent is THAT? he sounds like a Midwestern surfer. I don’t believe anybody is ho they say they are. Hollywood land of illusions!

  • @overandout

    Are you insane? That post was so many years ago right after her breakup with OB when she lost weight. She was at an event. Lindsay was there too. They happened to leave together. They were probably staying at the same hotel since Hilfiger put them up somewhere – wherever his company has a corporate discount. Obviously, she doesn’t now nor ever did hang out with Lindsay. Have you seen any other pictures of them together? You take one random night when she was at an event and make it some big fictitious story! If she had the problems some of you like to hang on her, we’d see all kinds of tabloid stories and pics. But guess what, THERE’S NOTHING! That’s because it’s all bull$hit. Get over it you morons! Also, stop bashing Alex, too. Some of you people, and I realize it’s just a few who post under all kinds of pseudonyms, are unbelievably miserable and stupid!

  • Maria

    He is hot



    Just once? I don’t think so. Those two had and probably still have the “Columbian sniffles” together on many occasions. Funny that she was so “crushed” and “heart broken” over the break up of her 4 year relationship with Orlando that she…got a new man right away. What great depth and show of character.She was with James for quite some time when those pictures were taken. It’s all here on JJ .KB always seems to need a man. It’s sad that she just can’t stand her own company. But most of us understand why. Got to hand it to her, she always back in the saddle again. BTW, why are you so upset? Is her check late?

  • Bunnyk

    Have you seen any other pictures of them together? @@overandout:

  • Carla Nelson

    I agree with you #21 back in those days actors and directors cared about who you was seen with. It had devistating effects on a movie and how many people would turn out to see it. They came out and told you it is your career or the person your dating whats it’s going to be. In some cases studios black balled you meaning that other big movie producers didn’t touch you. You had not better be seen with women that was considered loose or had bad conduct. KB wouldn’t stood a chance and he wouldn’t either especially if you wasn’t married. Thie children were watching you. Do you really think that kinda behavior they wanted their childrens exposed to. You wasn’t allowed to say the word pregnant back. People would protest that your movie be banned from the theater.

  • evathediva

    @L: SO whats your point? I responded with a general comment, because some people are from other countries that post. I stated that we AMERICANS are fairweather On that note, we are the also most forgiving . I still like Alex, but just not too pleased with his arrogance at the moment. Never liked BOB as an actress, could really care about her one way or another.

    You are American ,Hans? Really?

  • evathediva

    @L: oh and yes our ridiculous opinions will affect him at the box office. Just ask Tom about that after the couch jumping and other infamous douche moments. Apparently you are not American, Hans!!!

  • Ashley

    Damn, he’s looking old!

  • Tired as hell

    Everything he says in this video I’ve heard/read a thousand times already. It’s like he gives the same story about his childhood fame in sweden and about his short time in the swedish marines for every single interview he does.

  • Hotter as Eric

    Is it me or is his voice so much hotter when he plays Eric Northam on True Blood?! Maybe he deepens his voice when he’s playing Eric, because it doesn’t sound sexy at all in this interview.

  • Hello Labrador, Labrador???

    At the very beginning of the video he speaks into the mike and says in heavy Swedish accent, “Hello Labrador, Labrador”. What the hell is that about????? I don’t get it.

  • Kaia

    I notice that he pronounces his surname in it’s “American” pronounciation. He is saying it as it is spelt…not as it sounds in it’s proper Swedish form. Bit strange….

  • whenwillitend

    dang , I guess it is true, the masses have turned against him, only
    40 +posts and its has been a whole day. Just wow!!

  • Jenny in Brooklyn

    @Kaia: In Swedish his last name is pronounced SKASHGAHD. In English/American it’s pronounced just how you spell it.

  • Tina

    In Swedish it’s more like SKASHGARHD. They do pronounce the “R” but just a little bit. He’s looking kinda old and a bit tired in this video.

  • Markita

    @LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN: I don’t think in Sweden hsi movies were that good. They were dark and gloomy, especially his childhood movies.

  • Susanna White rocks!

    I think “Generation Kill” directed by the very talented Susanna White was the best project he’s ever done.

  • Why so much rape?!

    What kinda bothers me about Askars is that 1)he played an insecure control freak with mommy issues soccer/futbol player who RAPES his new bride in the swedish movie “Om Sara”. 2)And now in “Straw Dogs” he also RAPES his ex-girlfriend played by Kate Bosworth. 3)He’s also said that he loved the french movie “The Pianist” which starred actress Isabell Huppert who is one of his fave actresses. If any of you have seen that movie it’s extremely gross and creepy. And Isabell’s character gets raped and beaten by her younger lover. So I wonder if Askars has some weird issues???

  • Akward

    @Why so much rape?!: Oh Shizzz. That’s creepy :(

  • Towards end of video

    Towards the end of the video from1:47-1:50 he looks just like his daddy, actor Stellan Skarsgard. And I don’t mean that in a good way cuz his daddy kinda looks like a german nazi with that very mean european looking face. Sometimes when Alex laughs he looks just like Stellan, like towards the end of the video. But throughout the rest of the video I think he looks cute and charming!


    Omfg Bonesworth looks like such an anorexic cokehead Hollywood wannabe in this JJ link. And in the pics where she’s next to designer Tommy Hilfiger she totally looks like she’s brown nosing and kissing up to him. How pathetic: