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Angelina Jolie: Ecuador Revisited

Angelina Jolie: Ecuador Revisited

Angelina Jolie visits a daycare center run by the Women’s Federation of Sucumbíos, a province in northern Ecuador, on Thursday (June 17).

“It’s been eight years since I was last here and UNHCR’s presence has grown considerably,” the 35-year-old UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador shared. “They are going into the thickest parts of the jungle to reach the refugees, who are living in very remote locations and in desperate conditions.”

“I wanted to come back and meet with vulnerable people and focus on violence against women and unaccompanied minors,” Angie added. “I am so happy to be able to reconnect with some familiar faces, refugees I had met with during my 2002 trip.”

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Photos: J.Björgvinsson/UNHCR
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  • troi

    You go girl! Love your commitment and passion to your cause! Keep it going.

  • carmela

    She looks beautiful!! The kid looks so happy to be with her!! Angie is fun

  • carmela

    Angie looks so beautiful!! The kid is so happy to be with her. Angie’s fun

  • neer

    Truly, Angelina is very consistent in her desire to help especially the refugees.
    She gives me more reason to admire this woman everyday, every time.
    Her “heart” is in the right place.
    This is important to her, that’s why her UNHCR work really gives her the proper perspective in like. Hence, trivial things is no place in her life.

  • Sophie M.

    I’m really trying to think more about the good she is doing (which she is) but I can’t help but be distracted by how shockingly thin she looks. She looks ill. Sorry Angelina.

  • phool

    Thank you JJ for this Angie a loveley person inside and out at least she is showing peoples attention towards causes that people for get my heart goes out to thses people living in these poor conditions god bless them and god bless the Angelina & family

  • lurker

    A great lady.

  • phool

    i agree with neer , carmela and tori you go girl angi beautiful inside & out

  • She is amazing

    She really does bring attention to these troubled areas and uses her fame for good cause. She is not superficial, not shallow. She’s real and has natural beauty ~ inside and out. She’s grown into a beautiful woman. I admire her. She inspires.

  • place

    Medicated, drama queen, picture perfect, numb belligerence
    Narcissistic, drama queen, craving fame and all its decadence

  • place

    Help me understand why
    You’ve given in to all these
    Reckless dark desires

  • Gaby

    What an inspiration!!!
    She has been doing this dilligently since 2001

    BRAVO, Ms. Jolie..BRAVO

    thank you for bringing your tireless awereness to the needy.

    I am proud to be a fan!!!!

  • Gaby


    oh please..go get a life & get off your butt!

    You are a cruel uneducated person when it comes to Ms. Jolie.

  • phool


  • Fresh

    Cool. Refugee day is coming up on the 20th.

    Love that smile on the little boy. So cute.

  • Mike

    She is an amazing woman & to think she could just enjoy her wealth & not give a hoot.

    Proud of you, Angeline. So proud.

  • Passing Through

    Glad to see Angie doing the things she loves to do…instead of wasting her life trolling blog threads on people she claims she doesn’t like. Not that the trolls will understand what I mean by that…

  • place

    Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time

  • Passing Through

    # 259 Lara CROFT TR @ 06/17/2010 at 9:09 pm
    PT & Diana – You are both at jjb right? How long does it take to be accepted so you can actually post? Been waiting days…
    Good luck with that. I had to practically sell the mod a kidney to get approval and even then I had to get Guli to vouch for me. She thought I was Cliniqua trying to backdoor my way onto the M4A thread again.

  • anustin

    trollz in pain!huge!

    hiya all JPs on board!!!


    FACE LIKE AN ANGEL, HEART LIKE GOLD AND SOUL DEVINE, THAT IS ANGELINA JOLIE!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I just gotta write it down with big words because ANGELINA JOLIE is bigger that anyone you know. She’s a wonderful person, this is her way of giving back to the world for being blessed with an amazing family of her own. What more can you ask for, AJ you are truly a humanitarian. We should voted you the Most Magnificent Person in the Whole Wide World!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • QQQQ

    So proud of you Angie!

  • anustin

    wow! 2002.this is the tym wer maniston smillin lyk a dandelion.hehehehe.

  • phool

    message to TROLL PLACE go and get another place to moan you troll why are you on this site if you dont like angie you moron……..we LOVE LOVE LOVE ANGELINA

  • Agatha

    Angie is so beatiful person!

  • Catsup

    Angie is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the many rufugeees all over the world she has taken in the palm of her hand
    as she leads the way….. for them….. to a better place….Someday
    God Bless this women with heart so huge….

  • Trace

    Very generous woman.

  • neer

    To trolls/paid posters/ haters…
    You do criticize AJ because she’s KIND or you criticize her because you’re NOT kind yourselves? Hence, you hate her so much that every time you see her in her good deeds or see her kindness in action, it reflects how opposite AJ is of you. Subconsciously, deep-down inside, you hate your own selves because you wanted to be kind but it bothered you so much that simply you are NOT KIND. Admit it, you are just diverting your feeling of hatred to AJ coz you are coward enough to face your own demons.Just a thought……

  • luvangie4ever

    Much love, Angie, you’re an incredible woman! Wish there were more pictures.

  • Passing Through

    # 5 Sophie M. @ 06/18/2010 at 11:18 am
    You know, I really tried to read your comment, but…I couldn’t help being distracted by how stupid you are. Angie can always gain weight IF SHE WANTS TO…but you, alas, are gonna be a fvcking moron forever. Sucks to be you.

  • releka

    MY GIRL!!!!!!

  • Passing Through

    # 18 place @ 06/18/2010 at 11:39 am
    STFU and go away – one bullet at a time. Nah…alright fans…anybody got an Uzi?

  • Observer2

    Angelina continues to inspire and continues to be a woman that I admire.

  • gg

    She remind us how many things we take for granted and remind us to support those who doesn’t even have basic need like food and shelter. She looks great.

  • dd

    Amazing woman.

  • Lara CROFT TR

    Oh that is awesome for her. It’s amazing that it was 8 years ago. Her efforts to make a difference is just incredible. And if the reports I read are correct, Angie spends a lot of her tv time watching CNN. You know these people are on her mind quite a bit.

    I need to add – I love her with bangs. Looks wonderful on her.

  • TOM


  • Gracie

    Jenretards, don’t you freaks get it? There are more important things in life than looks. Angie doesn’t give a ratsass what you lots think. She is out there doing good and we love her for it. You should all go admire the fake vain idol you all worship, she’s got the fake hair, contact lenses and fake tan you all like so much. Leave Angie alone. She is not vain like your idol and she knows what is more important in life.

  • Lara CROFT TR

    I can’t believe how much her life is has changed, and so far she has come since her last visit.


    If you haven’t already, read her book “Notes From My Travels”. It’s a an emotional but fantastic read.

  • Mrs. Chancellor

    Wonderful work Angelina.

  • slave loons

    Lol those loons are incredible this chick goes there to take her PR PHOTOP that it what does she give them??? and you see them she is god blabla yike shadow loons people like this without personality are pitful…

  • anon

    software translation.

    President Rafael Correa met with Angelina Jolie

    Shushufindi (Sucumbios) .- The President Rafael Correa will receive this Friday June 18 at the American actress Angelina Jolie, referring to the “World Refugee Day, which commemorates the 20 June. The meeting is scheduled to be conducted in the Amazon Lodge in Shushufindi, Sucumbios province of 13:00 to 13:25.

    Angelina Jolie is the Goodwill Ambassador to UNHCR, has traveled throughout the world to help refugees since early 2001, doing work with field staff and met with refugees in over 15 countries.

    Yesterday (Thursday) reached Lago Agrio to visit UNHCR’s programs in the community of Red Canyon, located along the San Miguel River on the border with Colombia. In this area live 34 families, most of them as refugees. In June 2002, last visited Ecuador on a tour of Imbabura and Sucumbios, home to Colombian refugees.

    Her career in the film world is broad and prominent. She has won the Oscar, the Golden Globe and Academy Awards. Jolie has proven to be one of the most talented actresses of Hollywood movies starring as “Tomb Raider” and a film portraying the life of a humanitarian worker in the United Nations, “Beyond Borders”, ” 60 seconds “between otras. / Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration

  • dawne

    I think Angie should be nominated as a CNN hero! If you ‘listed’ all her humanitarian endeavors of the last ten years it would be jaw dropping.

    Love how her beautiful face lights up around children. As for the trolls, hell, she could be in a plastic surgeons office getting ready for a daily papz strut or some such other meaningful activity … much like the types you obviously emulate and admire. Ever occur to you you are on the wrong side of the ‘what’s important in this world, fence?

  • shoddy

    *the most talented actresses of Hollywood movies starring as “Tomb Raider” okay Lmao i think no need to comment that…

  • lurkersville

    Great. Angelina has been a really great UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.
    She’s been doing it for so long that she’s now goin back to places she went to previously to check up on their status!

  • Manipulative Fake Media Ho

    That MAN jaw wow, those horse teeth, so pale is she ill or something?

  • gem15

    News release: “angelina jolie meets with Ecuadorean president and colombian refugees”. News release: “Jennifer Aniston gets a facial, (maybe she’ll meet Brad Pitt in the waiting rooms since he went to the same place once a long time ago)”. That’s the difference, one has substance, one is superficial. One has a family, one has a multi-million dollar publicist. One can act, can choose the best projects, dictate who’ll write, direct etc, the other makes 4 movies a yr and they’re all the same, (so don’t bother after the first one, why waste money in this terrible economy). Can see why Pitt left, just wonder what took him so long.

  • Okay?

    Angie fans should be proud of Angelina. She’s inspiring. No one can be negative toward her UN work. It’s been stellar.

  • dianad1968



    Jen is that you? You need to stop talking about guns and ammunition in regards to Angie. THe authorities may soon be knocking at your door.

  • found this

    She is a liar