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Christina Aguilera: Lakers Game After-Party!

Christina Aguilera: Lakers Game After-Party!

Christina Aguilera and her husband, producer Jordan Bratman, walk arm-in-arm after partying together at the Soho House on Thursday (June 17) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the evening, Christina performed the National Anthem for the second time in a row at the Lakers Game held at the Staples Center. She’s definitely a good luck charm because the Lakers won both games she sang at!

15+ pictures inside of Christina Aguilera at a Lakers Game after-party…

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christina aguilera soho house 01
christina aguilera soho house 02
christina aguilera soho house 03
christina aguilera soho house 04
christina aguilera soho house 05
christina aguilera soho house 06
christina aguilera soho house 07
christina aguilera soho house 08
christina aguilera soho house 09
christina aguilera soho house 10
christina aguilera soho house 11
christina aguilera soho house 12
christina aguilera soho house 13
christina aguilera soho house 14
christina aguilera soho house 15
christina aguilera soho house 16

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  • Debbie

    This woman just killed a career million could only dream to have..3 major label CDs in 11 years is just sad..She has disappointed her fan base that she wanted to grow up with.Well we grew up but you were not on the charts.What good is a great voice if your not using it??Sad thing is she has a Great Cd out now but lost her fan base..And Kids that are 15 now were 10 when BTB came out and were 5 when Genie in a Bottle came out..They have no clue who she is.They know her as the girl that copied Gaga.

  • http://Hotmail Antom

    Will even if bionic sold1 or 2 copies ??? I have 1 and I love it! One of her best, to all the 10 and 15 teens year old xtina has sold more then 45.000.000albums . Plus 3 sold out world tous 45.000.000)(115.000.000)(102.000.000)plus another coming in 2011 plus a movie , xtina is one of the riches stars under 30 , 5 gramys her fortune is over $100.000.000 in fortune. So xtina is the best !!!
    And at 29 is way more susscefull than caca . Man caca needs 1000.000.0000 miles away to tuch xtina level.

  • Beam

    I don’t agree with Debbie. This woman knows that there’s not JUST the career that mattters in life, there’s also… well, life. Between each record, she takes a break to just live simply with the ones she loves. As simple as that. And she DIDN’T lose her fan base. I love Christina, I love her for her Grand talent and her creativity. I like her for what she represents. I like her for what she brings us. For what she fights for or against. She sure has her way to do it, but she does it. She’s a great woman, she knows what she wants and she is respectable. Like it or not, it’s ok. There’s no special way to lead a career.

  • hi

    She’s definitely their good luck charm. Lol expect happy girl (Julie), Victoria to say something because they’re obsessed with Christina. Ignore the haters coz they’re annoying as shit.

  • Simone

    Christina will be O.K, it’s not how you fall, but how you pick yourself back up, all she needs to do is stay true to herself and she will be fine. Xtina

  • http://Hotmail Antom

    Please don’t even comparing xtina whit man caca ,xtina45.000.000albums sold!!man caca??xtina3sold out world tours 45.000.000)(115.000.000)(102.000.000) man caca ???xtina one of riches younger star under 30 . By forbes over $100.000.000 in fortune, she is same level that Madonna at 29. So caca don’t eevent tuch xtina star power , fuc$&k you litle mosters.

  • http://Hotmail Antom

    I don’t geve a fuc@&k about man caca he is a disgutingn transgender !!! He wish be hater and beutiful like miss xtina is!!

  • Rosario

    She’s happy with her life, she’s established her own legacy, and she has a great life with her family! So happy for her.

    And she’s the Lakers lucky charm, epic!!

  • http://Hotmail Antom

    Please welcom 5 time gramy award winner pop superstar Christina aguilera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Lori

    Um Debbie,

    You truly are ignorant! Who are you anyway? Christina did not kill her career, Her album came in @ #3 in the US and #1 in the UK. NMT came in at #1 on the dance charts. She certainly has a huge fan base, I grew up with her and I still Love her and all she represents.

    And like it or not she is here to stay! All the little monsters keep trying to put her down to make caca look good, it’s not going to happen. Caca is nothing without her freak “look at me” costumes. I would like to see caca belt out the National Anthem. Nobody does it as good as Christina!! So suck it!

  • MRCZ

    WOW Killer pipes last night! AMAZING!

  • Donovan

    One not so great selling album does not mean her career is over! That’s just being overly dramatic! As soon as she gets back to reminding people why she is who she is, she’ll be fine.

  • kikarika

    i used to be her greatest fan,bu now can’t believe what is happening with her…so sad but maybe debbie is right…

  • ali25

    this poor woman cannot sing, she screams

  • Kudos

    Christina and the Lakers did their thing last night. Her voice is to be recognized, no matter what she can sing.

    Just got Bionic, that album is the $#!t.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …Still no love for the Lakers. Hahahahahaaa.. What’s Christina’s first week numbers?!? LOL

  • http://Hotmail Xtina the queen bit$&ches

    @ali25: Poor xtina????? Please bitc$&h poor you! Xtina is one of the rich$ females in music industry!!!! Over 100.000.000 money earns,!close you’re mouth Lolita ‘

  • http://Hotmail Xtina the queen bit$&ches

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…: @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…: @ali25: Poor xtina????? Please bitc$&h poor you! Xtina is one of the rich$ females in music industry!!!! Over 100.000.000 money earns,!close you’re mouth Lolita ‘will here are the xtinas numbes! More than 45.000.000albums sold!! 3 sold out world tours (45.000.000.)(115.000.000)(102.000.000) plus another world tour in 2011!! What’s man cacas number????? Suc@&ked jealos bit$&ch!! Loser. Fuc$& k you. Lolita

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …Please tell me the numbers I heard are correct. PLeaseeee! LMAO.. I hope she didn’t REALLY sell only 110,000 copies in its first week! Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and even… Drake sold that in their First Day. Hahahahahahahahahahaaaa…. That’s what you call an ATOMIC BOMB, of EPIC proportions. Seriously, that’s bad. I even predicted she’s sell more (20 thousand more) than that. She’s been around way too long for that. She should be able to sell 200,000 off her name alone. Sad.. LOL

  • Surly

    Lakers RULE!

  • xxxxxxx

    She performed very well in both games and she is looking good.

  • Josue

    I love Christina, she is the real queen. She owns the throne!!
    I don’t see them asking Gaga to sing the national anthem.

    I think that if gaga didn’t dress the way she does she would be a nobody.
    What people like her for is pretty much her fashion.

    People like Christina for her talent.

    She’s just amazing

  • Lister

    Hey,Lady GaGarbage fans, stop postin’ comments about your idol on here,we are discussing the victory of our Xtina and we don’t want to hear anything about L.GaGa for now. This article is about CHRISTINA AGUILERA and Lada GAGArbage wasn’t even mentioned,so please leave alone and let us enjoy Xtinas victory….

  • Frank David

    Bionic sold 200.000 thousand copies in preorder sales they don’t count towards her first week sales witch is to dam bad or else Bionic would have debuted at number one Xtina is doing fine and by the way I’m loving Bionic her best album to date.

  • Tan

    I feel sorry for her cutie teddybear bodyguard husband. He seems like such a laidback guy…and she….does not!

  • Floponic

    Poor Bionic needed a Colonic before it was released because most of the songs are crap.

  • Xadax

    The ACCENTS! The ACCENTS! its still there. LOVES It….. um commentator #1; Debbie girl, you are not a Christina fan, you are shrouded by some bushy trash of Lady GaGa. Please get yourself together coz Xtina is for one time & one time only & we fans — we real fans appreciate what we get coz we understand the concept w/o even reading stupid AMERICAN review, huh like they know European (classy) electronic music.

  • Xadax

    & that’s why BIONIC is #1 in the UK; They’re not stupid enough to put some TV show & some idiotic fangs & furs on the top spot.

  • Shitney and Caca

    Sh__tney + Caca are not in the level of XTINA – MADAM X….. they will never touch to her… SHE IS AMAZINGLY TALENTED

  • Authentication

    JUST LOVE THIS WOMAN… I have faith in her. She never flops. SH—ITNEY is a FLOP ..

  • UGLY Akon

    i just want to be talent like her.. SHE IS A GREAT WOMAN. Shi—tney is FLOP . CACA is a MAN so don’t bring him on the table of the POP females .. it’s no worth

  • glee

    Sh—–tney and Caca ARE CRAP … XTINA IS GOLD. Remember that

  • Serenity Ontario

    thanks for this comment I also have Bionic I love it I have no idea what all the hype was about it being so bad or a copy of gag me I love how she can reinvent herself on every album and this just my opinion but to me the best songs are “Bionic”,”Not Myself Tonight”,”Desnudate”,”Prima Donna”,”Lift Me Up”,”I Am”,”You Lost Me”,”I Hate Boys”,”My Girls”,”Vanity” and “Stronger Than Ever”.