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Jake Gyllenhaal Catches Eyeful (and Booty Full) at NBA Finals

Jake Gyllenhaal Catches Eyeful (and Booty Full) at NBA Finals

Jake Gyllenhaal cheers on the Lakers at Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Thursday (June 17) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

During the game, the 29-year-old actor let his eyes wander, catching the backside of a pretty girl walking up the stairs in his aisle. Caught ya, Jakey!

The Lakers beat the Celtics 83-79 in the final game of the series but before the game, Jake sat down for dinner with Adam Levine at Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood, Calif.

15+ pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal at the NBA Finals…

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jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 01
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 02
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 03
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 04
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 05
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 06
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 07
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 08
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 09
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 10
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 11
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 12
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 13
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 14
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 15
jake gyllenhaal wandering eyes at game 16

Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: Getty, AKM Images
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …That’s one FLAT asss. LMAO

  • Jermaine


  • squeal


  • Surly


  • xax

    Wasn’t he gay?

  • Nic

    Hahah love it, she looks hot!

  • gay as a goose

    Jake is checking out the audience.

  • Donovan

    Why was he breaking his neck to look at that flat ass? Her butt looks like a CD case!

  • Sophie M.

    I love how glancing at something, anything, is suddenly insinuated by gossip sites to be these poor guys getting an eyeful of the nearest woman.

  • Paulie

    Jake’s thinking “Damn girl, move your ass! I got my eye on a hot guy and you’re blocking my view.”

  • ugh


  • Amelle

    @Paulie: LOL

  • gay as a goose

    Jake chatting with Dustin Hoffman:

  • Dreads

    HA!!!! Now, that’s funny! The girl does have a flat ass though…..I think he’s rather looking at her, her hair r whatever but not the flat ass! XD

  • ck_always

    It doesn’t even look like he’s staring down the girl. People are crazy with some of the sh#t they make up in their minds, lol. Even if he was, there’s nothing wrong with this. Men and women do it all over the place, pots meet kettle.

  • http://j ivanka

    that ass is flat.. he probably was looking someone else or the audience

  • YAWN

    what a nonstory

  • Butter_Fly

    Haha! That is kinda funny. I wish people would stop with the gay rumors…it’s like you want him to be gay for some reason…so what if he is or isn’t…which I doubt he is!

  • CiCi

    I bet when he sees this picture he probably doesn’t even notice there is a girl in the shot

  • lalala

    That girl is meee!!… LOL JK i wish.

  • fakers

    @Butter_Fly: Jake is gay, I didn’t forget his boring showmance with Reese Witherspoon.

  • CanadaGirl

    He looks great in these photos . Thanks for posting!

  • Dancer

    Oh Jakey was checking out two different women. Jake seems to have photographer stalker.

  • jess

    Oh PULEEZE. Stop trying to make this average looking underwhelming actor into the next big thing. Jake Gyllenhaal is the David Schwimmer (Ross Gellar) of the 21st century. He’s no Leonardo.

  • Tara

    lucky girl!

  • Deedz

    That girl was all back. What ass?

  • Pete

    The finer things that will eventually cause Jake to lose his eyesight. Let’s hope there will plenty of tissues when he made it home later that night…

  • Jumper

    It doesn’t take a scientist to see this is a PR work. So tacky and desperate . I really don’t believe in this “gay rumor” until I see clear evidence. Many other actors check women’s bums all the time, yet they don’t have every gossip website drag and put tons of picture about it.

  • Star

    Ummm…Jake wasn’t cheering on the Lakers. He’s a Celtics fan. Not every celeb who was at the finals game was cheering for the Lakers.

  • sg

    How did they get dinner before the game if it was dark out when they left the restaurant?

  • jessica

    Kind of stalkerish Jared… Did we need to know that he was checking a girl out?

  • Sophie

    I can tell you from his past girlfriends (Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon, Jenny Lewis), brunettes aren’t really his type and he was probably looking at the audience.

  • Allyoop

    Little dweeby wanna be.

  • sam

    Jake´s life is being much more funny without Reese.
    And definitivy he´s looking at the girl exactly like Obama did. LOL

  • andie

    Clearly he was checking the girl out. Second pic, Jake s following the girl walking.

  • sal

    Oh he’s just wondering if they make those jeans in his size.

  • Obvious

    It is very obvious that he is gay now as this non story was pushed by his publicist because the truth he is trying to hide is out.
    No straight man would look at that flat and uninteresting of an ass. Sorry. Nice try, but you should just be your true self, celebrities.

  • Far

    Why’s he sitting so far back? I wonder if he’s dating that gray beard guy?

  • bigbuffbob

    I have heard from numerous inside sources that Jake ended up at that girls house and spent the whole night tearin dat @ss up.


    @ bigbuffbob. I heard that Jake is a f@ggott.

  • pathetic

    PR is desperate to make Jake look like a straight man.

  • anny

    Hahahahah)))) Jake loves interesting landscape))

  • M

    HAHAHA this is AWESOME! Jack is hott, I wish I were the girl

  • Bruno

    LOL it was clearly STAGED. How come people can’t see that?

  • Clearly

    “Clearly he was checking the girl out. ”
    she is out of his sight, Jake is looking at the audience.

  • slow

    LOL at Jake’s fangirls thumbing down the wasn’t he gay comment yet thumbing up the sarcastic zomg hes straight111 comment.

  • anon

    I still think he’s gay but I give his people ‘A’ for effor to script a straight moment for him…and he played it really well.

  • anon

    A gay man playing a straight man…well that never happens in Hollywood does it??

  • carly

    Jake is hot! This girl was lucky woman!

  • se

    His fans must spend money to buy new clothes for him. Poor men!