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Kristen Stewart: Versace Dream Queen

Kristen Stewart: Versace Dream Queen

Kristen Stewart looks like a dream in Versace during The Twilight Saga: Eclipse photocall at the Hotel Regant on Friday (June 18) in Berlin, Germany.

The 20-year-old actress recently told MTV that she’d want to do an action flick someday.

“Yes, definitely – as long as it was good,” Kristen shared. “Wanted was a great movie. James McAvoy makes that movie different from most other action movies because he’s a real guy – you’re so with him… I feel like most action movies don’t have that. So if it had that, definitely. But I wouldn’t just want to be in a mindless blow-up movie. I’m not into it.”

FYI: Kristen wore Camilla Skovgaard open-toe button booties.

15+ pictures inside of Kristen with co-star Taylor Lautner

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kristen stewart versace 01
kristen stewart versace 02
kristen stewart versace 03
kristen stewart versace 04
kristen stewart versace 05
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kristen stewart versace 09
kristen stewart versace 10
kristen stewart versace 11
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Photos: WENN
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  • oh

    She never looks comfortable in her own skin. I feel bad for her having to do all these media jaunts and looking like a fish out of water but then again with all the $$$ she makes, I don’t really feel that bad for her.

  • aphrodite

    she looks like a boy in these. D:

  • fresh

    Wanted was a great action flick.

  • Whodunit?

    I loved Wanted. Love action flicks.

  • Sophie M.

    It’s cute that she thinks she’ll have a career after Twilight …

  • Hmmm

    Looks like she’s trying to put her name in the hat for WANTED 2.

  • damn

    she is so fug, poor thing

  • haylee

    LOL….to all you haters. Kristen is the only one that had a career before Twilight and she will definitely have one after Twilight. She looks gorgeous in these photos and her name was mentioned for Wanted 2 MONTHS ago. She isn’t throwing her name out there….the people from Wanted want Kristen in their movie.

  • VV

    Oh a post for ugly, talent-less people

  • lol

    no shes putting it out there to make sure the public gets into the idea of her being in wanted 2 because when it was announced there wasnt a great response from young men wanted’s core market which is not where her fans are at

  • eh

    She always looks so uncomfortable thus I look uncomfortable looking at her

  • serena

    she is beautiful
    the shoes are killer

    and plz pathetic hater if you don’t like her don’t comment nobody is forcing you to watch her
    and for these who are saying she won’t have a career
    she’s already having alot of movies to shoot and to come out beside twilight

  • lee

    Please don’t let Kristen be in “Wanted 2″! I really want to see that film, but not if she’s in it. I already feel like I’m the only person on the planet who will be glad when the final Twilight movie is in theatres because then Kristen Stewart will be back to appearing in movies the media has no interest promoting. And maybe she looked better in person than she did in these photos – not a flattering perspective of her. Oh well, she’s rich, has a great boyfriend and is obviously having the time of her life. I just wish she’d start living it in a cave! I’m really tired of having a front row seat.


    She has that unfortunate Rumer Willis chin

  • LOL
  • buz

    Kristen Stewart looks like a dream!!!!!! Stupid comments!!!

  • wtv

    Not a fan but I can understand why men find her really hot, because she’s not intimindating and shows a lot of leg

  • evathediva

    Having talent has nothing to do with her fashion sense , the outfits she wears are cute, but she does look a tad bit uncomfortable. Some people, (and btw she is human, twihards), just don’t like to dress up. She seems to be more at ease in her own skin and more laid back, However, remember she is still young, so give her a break!!!

  • buz

    @buz: I love her!!!

  • zara


  • !


  • Kris

    Wow so much hate and childishness this morning I see. Well let me tell you all this Kristen Stewart will have a long career she has talent beyond her years and has received praise from some heavy Hollywood hitters. Guess what just b/c she isn’t a “poser” doesn’t give you the right to belittle her she has more class and dignity than you all that are bashing and in the end SHE will have the last laugh.

  • Love

    Kristen can pull anything off she looks great as always.

  • yeah

    I like the dress and the shoes. Her hair looks so unkempt and I don’t like how she looks without make-up, she looks too lifeless. Those pics of her in the black dress were beautiful.

  • Intervention


    LOL, are you addicted to her?

  • Leila

    I find her to be weirdly gorgeous…

  • beth

    Improving in her choices of wardrobe but she needs to drop her signature pose with the one arm behind her back. It makes her look like an arm amputee and accentuates her upper arm in an unflattering way. It’s just not a natural way to stand and only makes her look even more uncomfortable.

  • tom

    Oh these are not good. She looks like she’s about to kick some ass, this is legitimately the first time I’ve been intimidated by a 100 pound girl in a dress.

  • Guest

    “wtf is she doing
    Lletting out a fart? I didn’t know…who gives a sh..???!!
    If these are supposed to be the great future actors I’ll never watch a movie again!

  • Guest

    “wtf is she doing
    Letting out a fart? I didn’t know…who gives a sh..???!!
    If these are supposed to be the great future actors I’ll never watch a movie again!

  • nora

    OK, I get it; she’s the current “it” girl, but come on, that dress was bad on her, didn’t fit her well!! But those are some seriously killer shoes!!

  • sharylmj

    I think that she has a really great stylist.. she looks really pretty in most of these shots.. She’s getting better at these public appearances but still has a long way to go.. if she would stand up straight, that would help. She’s a beautiful girl… OK actress, she will have a career after Twilight, they all will for awhile..

  • disappointed

    Kristen, you’re a selfish little child and you deserve to be treated like one. Go back to the hole that you crawled out of and put your emo angst crap somewhere where no one else has to listen to. Or care about.
    Yeah, Im a hater, but a month ago I use to be on here supporting her, until she made the comment about the paps hounding her and comparing it to rape.
    Stupid girl. Stupid comment. How dare she. Shes never had to deal with that fear or pain of someone phyically attacking you and breaking you. Shame on your Kristen.

  • rendell

    she looks like a lesbian

  • Belen


  • Alice

    So gorgeous!!

  • >.

    Ok seriously? Someone please enlighten me how this girl is even considered beautiful? I cant see it in an obvious way (not all beauty has to), I dont see it in a shy or cute way, I dont see it in her dead tone personality or her angsty, cold and rude behaviour either. Wow, she played Bella, a character that was intriguring to me in the books, but ruined by her in the movies.
    Really wish she just dropped down a ditch and was never found.

  • kitt

    oh God! most western people don’t know how to pluck eyebrows. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • booo


  • Jenn

    I want that dress!
    She is beautiful!

  • Sophie

    I love that dress.
    All the dresses you are using are great.
    I love your look. PS: I hate twilight.

  • Hey robsessed

    Repeat after me: Robert Pattinson and I will never have sexual intercourse. I am ugly and fat!!

  • lila

    Wow didnt think this was VERSACE,
    she shoes, the dress…all sooo edgy
    and luv that she has natural makeup on
    best Look

  • lila

    Wow didnt think this was VERSACE,
    she shoes, the dress…all sooo edgy
    and luv that she has natural makeup on
    BEST Kristen Look again

  • love this

    i love this dress on her!! she looks so much better in geometric, sculpted, modern dresses.

    i don’t really care to see Wanted become a franchise/sequel. but would definitely like to see her being directed by David Fincher in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  • lila

    Can I say, are all the people who comment on kristen Stewart
    12 year old girls or jealous gay guys?
    seriously a world with so much jealousy…who needs enemies

  • Fer

    A Kristen é linda com qualquer roupa pois a matéria prima já é um arraso! …

  • French Girl

    She is ridiculous and ugly, any dress seems to fit with her. I do not know why but she always reminds me a truck driver.

  • hate


    Nope, they are Rob fans….They are small group of older women (menopausal) who have no life and devote themselves to hate Kristen….They are the scum personified….. They are adult women, and some even have children the age of Kristen….. They disgust…..

  • jackbradleyjennings

    as a man, i realize all you women commenting on here must simply be jealous. i can understand though, as most of you are probably ugly and fat. she is f*ucking stunning and insanely sexy. my dream girl. her kick ass attitude only makes her hotter. most of my guy friends have a thing for her too.