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LeAnn Rimes: 'Swingin'' Video Debut!

LeAnn Rimes: 'Swingin'' Video Debut!

Check out the latest from LeAnn Rimes – it’s her music video for “Swingin’”!

The cover of the John Anderson song is the first single off Lady and Gentleman, LeAnn‘s new record.

“[The video is] super fun and campy,” LeAnn told fans who asked questions at her CMT “Posted” page. “I love it!”

“I am headed out on tour next month through November,” LeAnn added. “Come see me!!!”

LeAnn Rimes: Swingin’
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  • w11

    Hmmmm…wonder if Eddie will go on tour with her. Heaven knows he can’t be left alone…or be trusted.


    STOP posting about this selfish sk@nk

  • nat

    Not liking the song, very obnoxious.

  • Swing&aMiss

    Sucks! My feeling is just like the seated women at near the end of video, shaking my head exhausted and glad it’s over! Even spanx can’t make that gal even look trim! Her dancing is labored and awkward & she worked hard to get to that level? When they showed a closeup side profile of LeAnn’s face I knew the video was a dog!

  • Winnie

    It grows on you but I never cared for that era. It’s receiving favorable reviews. Time will tell.

  • Jen Z

    A Le Ann fan who wants to hear all the tunes on the cd before deciding. Meh so far.

  • me

    in light of the turn her personal life has taken and the tense publicity that followed – i’m surprised her managers went with the sweaty/sultry/carefree vibe that comes across here – doesn’t do anything to tone down potentially unflattering impressions of unrestrained boundary crossing. . . i wish her well but that vibe kind of rubs in negative impressions i’ve had . . .

  • popcorn talk

    great voice, ick selection

  • Old Music

    She should sell her old music on street corners. She’s always dressed for it. The crowd at the CMT awards didn’t like her performance and now I know why. She should stick to singing in bars and hustling other women’s husbands, that’s what she’s good at.


    There won’t be an award but its fun and energizing listening .

    Give us some new songs, puleez.

  • Country Disco

    This new-old song of hers is just so much noise. The way her PR people hyped it I thought it would be as good as her old stuff. She’s just too phoney and too much of a homewrecker for my taste.

  • Janis

    I’m a die-hard, biased fan. I’ll buy it in Oct.!

  • Nana

    Don’t like the pace of the song. Her dancing was mediocre. An unneeded remake of a good original.

  • Jason

    I hope everyone who supports LeAnn and Eddie will download one of her songs. It might just be that “we”, the collective people in this country are what some refer to as “Karma”. “We”, get more of what “we” support and less of what “we” don’t support. If “we” support Republicans or Democrats, “we” get more of them. If “we” support the church and its teachings, “we” get more of them. If “we” buy adult videos, we get more of them. Yes, I think perhaps the great cosmic force in life gives us the choice…”WE ARE KARMA”. If “we” wish for our spouses and children what LeAnn and Eddie have brought to their families, then “we” should support them. For those of you who say “live and let live” and wish to hear Swingin’ another 30-40 times, then I suggest you download it. I for one choose to send the money that I won’t spend on LeAnn’s music to a fund setup by one of Brandi’s friends to support Brandi and her children. Foolish you may say, but if such a fund is established and confirmed by Brandi on her twitter page, then that is where I will assist Eddie in supporting his family since he is now unemployed.

  • Barbara

    LOVE IT…!

  • no


  • Ms Anonymous

    Leann always sounds good, and haters can suck on that fact. Go Leann!

  • hahahahahah

    @Jason: You are so stupid!

  • LeAnn Is Listening

    LeAnn’s pulled her dogs off this thread. Curb Records and LeAnn want honest feedback without the provocative propaganda her PR pastes. LeAnn’s fall back position has always been her voice. When “Family” failed to win a single significant award she betrayed her husband, country music, and her fans believing that if she failed as an actress, her voice would bring her back to the limelight. It’s surprising that as long as you have been in the business that you don’t understand that singing is only part of celebrity. Most of celebrity is the person. That is why you make videos, hold meet and greets, and post these endless photo-ops. However, for the past 18 months you have shown us the person you are and 90% of us do not care for her. LeAnn, are you so out of touch that you believe people will buy a song when they can’t stand the singer? You sold out everyone and everything you had to invest in “Eddie-I can’t keep it in my pants-Cibrian”. Good luck with the return on that investment, smirk-girl.

  • oompahpah

    Original would be better but this ain’t bad. I buy one to support her.

  • cacey

    She should stick to singung about CHEATING wives……….

  • Zoe

    I like it and downloaded it from Itunes. She has a awesome voice! It’s a fun song.

  • Zoe

    @LeAnn Is Listening: Sheesh! Bitter much? To sit down and write that much hate. Get a life!

  • Karla

    It’s cute but so what? Once was enough for me.

  • anonymous


    That’s Jason you’re addressing. He changes names a bunch, and works for Brandi or is related. Got to be related with so much hatred.

  • Sunshine

    Eddie and his children are obviously way down on the list of LeAnn’s priorities since at this stage of the relationship she is going on tour for the next 5 months. Since Eddie will have “nothin’ better to do” except look for a job, she’ll no doubt make him carry her bags. The kids will just have to make do until the “love birds” find time for them.

  • female vocalist

    Good Job Leann … not my fave but love your voice and it is catchy

  • Hello?


    U shuld be called “CHRONIC GLOOM”


  • Kathy

    I’ve been looking so forward to the release of this song. My friends and fellow supporters of Le’s have been such a Godsend to me in my suffering with deep depression. I listen to Blue and Crazy from Le’s Greatest Hits album all day but the depression seems to get worse and worse. Now that I’ve listened to Swingin’, I think I’ll just end it all.


    Big Miss.

    The video had promise right up to the point where Rimes entered stage right.

    Her dress, hair, and maquillage a horribly unflattering. They also do nothing to evoke the swing era. One can only assume she wanted it her way, as the extras all look authentic.

    What kills the video is her mannerisms and dancing. They are visually unappealing, not at all sexy, and somewhat disturbing. No rhythm is discernible at all.

    Tat leaves her love. As a appreciative fan of her “Can’t fight the Moonlight”, I must admit, that voice is unrecognized here.

    Her singing is awful and she ruins what WAS a country classic.

    Further, Rimes also ruins what could have been an enjoyable video.


    Additionally, it’s jolting that as the announcement roars, “Ladies and Gentlemen”… a tramp arrives to caress the microphone and lick herself while shimmying.

    Vulgar, not sexy.


  • ALERT!!! Jason steals Kathy’s


    Jason has stolen Kathy’s name and is making fun of a woman who suffers depression.

    Jason/natan/Scoot12345/PoO/TIM GUNN and the other names he hides behind IS EVIL TO THE CORE!!!!!!!!!!


    Dear delusional, NO ONE “steals” my name, as no one on this Site has been a smidgen of a chance in imitation or impersonating my syntax.


    @ALERT!!! Jason steals Kathy’s: @ALERT!!! Jason steals Kathy’s:

    Dear Delusional “Alert”,

    NO ONE “steals” my name, as no one on this Site has even a remote smidgen of a chance in imitation or impersonating my intelligence, unique syntax, or vocabulary.

    Case in point: you. Your Ebonic grammatical disaster, “names he hides behind “ARE”, not “IS”.

    One must conjugate verbs when attempting to speak English.
    No one of your ilk, pro or con on these boards has the remotest chance in Hades of successfully posing as Me.

    Sorry, child, my reviews of Rimes is devoid of coercion regarding her recent unpleasant behavior.

    Rimes’ cover of the classic single is sub-par at best.

  • Karen

    I was very surprised at the difference between the live performance and the recording. I didn’t realize her record company had to use so much studio enhancement to salvage the voice. She is definitely not what she was just five years ago.

  • ALERT!!! Jason steals Kathy’s

    name!!! WRONG EVIL JASON!!!!

    It is ONE person only . YOU!!! And it goes like this dummy…..Jason is evil to the core. You see, all those names represent only ONE. You are WRONG AGAIN!!!!


    Dear Rimes, fan and foe.

    I personally believe there are only one of each of you. Why? because you each have the exact syntax of one person and the same sentence structures, etc.

    I have a dinner party and a fundraiser, so you enjoy making the thread, conjuring hundreds of fake screen names attacking and defending a person you will never meet.

    Goodnight Children

  • Erin Renee

    I thought that the LeAnn’s video was so cute!! I love it. As for the comment about her record company having to “salvage” her voice…..I would like to note that a recording is a perfect version of a song. It cannot be compared to a live performance, it’s apples and oranges.

  • @Erin Renee

    Wrong! For great vocalists like Carrie, Celine, Christina and what used to be Whitney, the performance brings to life the recording. LeAnn used to be good but anymore she’s just electronic enhancement.

  • ALERT!!! Jason steals Kathy’s


    Jason’s on his way to a corn dog eating contest he calls a dinner party/fundraiser , sniff sniff.


  • betty

    Poor Leann if she has to push her video on a JJ thread for people to watch shows desperation. What other artist has done this..

  • Bucky

    what’s wrong with corn dogs? i like corn dogs. corn dogs is good for you.

  • Fiona

    @ 7:56pm

    Take your head out of the cabbage patch and notice that Jared puts up many new releases everyday. Pathetic!!! Can you get any more pathetic!

  • Becky

    So this album is just a re-make of old country songs? I thought she left country music. Musical renditions seldom sell although Trish did a great job with How Do I Live and Reba with Fancy but a girl singing country favorites made famous by legendary men is quite a risk, especially when the artist doesn’t respect the original version.

  • crazylove

    It’s a great dance tune that’s got my kiddies twirling. So cute.

  • Wendy

    I realize the feud that goes on and on, on this thread but I fail to understand why Rimes’ supporters are so negative on Jason’s comment. It appears to say exactly what most people are thinking. Would anyone buy a song they didn’t like to support an artists? For most people, music matters and they identify with the lyrics as well as the singer. If Jason was the greatest virtuoso in the world, I doubt LeAnn’s supporters would buy his records and yet they seem to want Jason to be silent unless he joins their support. The fans of country music will make up their own minds regardless of the hype or derision.

  • Katherine in NASHVILLE


  • Eddie

    I want to slap this smug ho in the face.

  • Shelly

    With shoulder’s like hers, she must do a lot of swinging, I mean swimming.

  • Joey F.

    Great job, doll !! I’m so proud of you!! !