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Megan Fox: My Engagement is Old News!

Megan Fox: My Engagement is Old News!

Megan Fox says her newly announced engagement to Brian Austin Green is nothing new!

“We’ve been engaged for four years, so I don’t know why the story is breaking now like it’s new,” Megan told E! News. “But I’m happy to still be engaged and still be with him.”

As for the story of her ring being lost in the sand in Hawaii after Brian proposed, Megan says it’s not true! “I don’t know where it came from, but someone made a lot of money for lying about a lot of things,” she shared.

News of Megan and Brian‘s engagement broke Wednesday.

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  • hello

    so in fact megan admitts her breakup from the engagement was a media ploy to advertise transformers 2, in the same way she was supposedly hooking up with shia labeouf, and he even talked about her in interviews and after the movie premiere was over they declared they were only friends, but there was much media attention on them before, and now shia is in a fake relationship with his costar in another movie, carey mulligan, all for the media attention

  • az

    what isn’t fake about this chick, her hair, t!ts, her face…… and people rag on Hendi Montage, the only difference is Hendi is honest while the rest of these fake Hollywood ‘ beauties” are not.

  • AnnaKen

    Remember when movie stars were so alluring and mysterious?

  • notafan


  • Dawn

    Oh please Megan. It was brought to light again by your team since it is predicated that Jonah Hex is going to be a huge bomb. Deadline is already reporting that it has flopped big time.

    “By contrast, Warner Bros’ Jonah Hex is such a flop that it’s not even meeting the studio’s lowered expectation of $10M from 2,825 venues. It wasn’t tracking, and today my sources say it’ll get to just $8.5M for its opening weekend. The studio is so embarrassed that it’s taking great pains to points out that the pic was greenlighted before Diane Nelson took over as president of DC Entertainment. About the cowboy with the disfigured face and legend that he can’t be killed, a minor character in the DC Comics galaxy of stars, Jonah Hex was attempted on the cheap: supposedly for a $35M budget until reshoots of some scenes 6 months ago pushed that figure higher. Execs admit to me now that the pic “overdoes” everything: handsome Josh Brolin is “too horrific looking” and the character was “never that popular” and shouldn’t have a pic. So, one insider tells me, “the studio looked at the movie a long time ago and wrote it off”. Another June Gloom victim.”

  • koree

    I love you Megan!!

  • CanadaGirl

    I’ll see “Jonah Hex.” Megan, Josh, and John in one movie? Count me in. I thought “Jennifer’s Body” was great even though everyone said it sucked.

  • me

    What happened to her face?

  • click on her name

    @me: She got more surgery. Check out the last Megan Fox post :(

  • Ms Anonymous

    Shia and Carey are in a REAL relationship, just saying.

  • luxegirl

    She seems quite normal here
    and it’s the NY Times no less

  • LangleyHeigh

    I think y’all should watch the movie for the talent in it..and im def not talking about her.

  • http://j ivanka

    she wants publicity for her new movie which is a fail

  • Dreads

    Yeah, I think she’s the brunette version of Heidi Montag. Well, at least Heidi is indeed very honest with her work done. Megan is fake and not frank. Her face is almost unrecognizable. She did look much prettier before. Now she looks like she got cheek implants which is not a good thing. As for Shia and Carey dating, I believe it’s a true relationship. However, BAG and Fox…. I don’t think they’ll make it more than 2 or let’s say 3 years?

  • Megan Faux

    Even her smile is now f*cked up. She is losing it permanently.
    I bet that’s why Bay chosed the more natural VS model out there, the one who could care less to have a nosejob and who has probably been suggested over and over again to fix it since her teen years as a model. What does it say about that girl when she doesn’t cave in ? strenght AND self esteem TO BOOT !!!.
    Just to show those Hollywood starlets like Megan Fox, that part of your charm is your confidence and your ability to feel super comfortable in your own skin even when you are dissected and analyzed to the core as a model. An ability to have enough self esteem to accept your physical flaws.
    i have seen clips of that Rosie and she doesn’t take herself seriously and happens to be mischievious, teasing collegues, making them laugh with a great sense of humour. Probably the reason why men, mature ones included love her. Cause she is a real woman with no fears, comfortable in her skin, accepting her flaws and genuine to boot.
    Megan, one year older seems like a vulnerable immature little girl with self esteem issues BY COMPARISON, never happy about her physique who was beautiful and with a compulsive need to fix something EVERYTIME…Looking for perfection in an unperfect world…so delusional

  • niwatori

    wtf has she done to herself? she looks like she’s made of plastic.

  • Geneffer

    @Megan Faux: Nah. that VS model just isnt famous. Nobody cares about her,

  • Kane

    @Megan Faux: LOL Michael Bay is that you? Quit boasting that new chick. All she does is pose next to nudee.

  • @Dreads: Heidi has no self-respect or dignity. She’s a shameless and pathetic human being and there’s not even a way to hide it. She was on effing reality TV for goodness sake! Suddenly it’s so popular to rag on Megan so you all get your kick out of it. Have a bad day? Why not crap all over someone you’ve never even met! No matter what she does to her face, she’s gorgeous. From her interviews she appears insightful and witty and smarter than any of you give her credit for. Why hate on all of that? Because she’s doing more with her life than you are with yours?

  • Jasmine

    @Megan Faux: You’re either a man or a very very lucky girl if you can’t understand why a woman would feel so self-conscious.

  • Megan Faux

    You are stupid. If I was Michael Bay i would have been even more virulent.
    I would have say something like : I told you so. He made her and unmade her in a a two years span…and she help him in her downfall. She is the most brainless starlet for the last decade.
    She called him Hitler and look how ugly she has become less than a year later with no Transformer role to boost.
    She is the loser there not Michael Bay. He can boasts on his successes. He will surely keep on being successful, his new model will keep on being successful in VS and Megan…will keep on destroying herself faster than light and see her movie bomb….
    Wait for next year…Amanda Laporre in the making.
    Now who is the loser? Not Michael Bay who iw probably laughing seeing those pictures. Not that Roise chick who has NOTHING to lose and will still be a successfl model BUT Megan who is losing it faster than Lindsay Lohan these days and may very well end up in p*rn before she turns 30.

  • brb

    Not a very flattering picture…..

  • Megan Faux

    Jasmine @ 06/18/2010 at 11:21 pm +1

    @Megan Faux: You’re either a man or a very very lucky girl if you can’t understand why a woman would feel so self-conscious.

    I am a woman and not lucky. Just that i have a brains and self esteem like many others. And being mixed raced, having to endure racsim in a western society, didn’t make me cave in to certain physical criteria, not even when i was modelling and under pressure of erasing any features too african.
    We all understand, we all have pressure, the 3 billions females have all physical pressures. But only a few cave in and fewer go overboard while certain people like yourself applaud this behaviour and accept it.
    Megan Fox doesn’t need plastic surgeries, she needs therapy to stop this cumpuslive destructive habit. And people like yourself make her insane and unhealthy behaviour totally acceptable.
    That is not correcting a flaw it’s constant self mutilation in the name of ‘she has issues’ so be understanding…BS !!!
    Also Notice of all this understanding feelings are drawn to Megan fox ONLY, not heid Montag, not the cat lady, not everyone else with the same compusive habit. All the while women with physical flaws who are good in their skin are crirticized left and right for being strong and happy with their flaws and are not as understood….

  • dp

    Oh yeah she doesn’t know where all the crap comes from. She says she’s single during the marketing of TF2, then isn’t, then she’s a lesbian, then she isn’t, a cutter, oh no not true either, an intellegent person, then she calls drugs propaganda and it should be legalized, oh she was MISQUOTED, she flat out thinks that kids dont read magazines and is shown in interview blaming the flop of Jennifers body on everybody else but herself. Oh and just give her a chance she hasn’t really gotten teh oportuinty to act. Well, if you can’t act with TF’s which is basically like acting on stage to things that aren’t really there, there is no way in HELL you can act out of a paper bag. Which IS true out of all teh unturths: Megan Fox is not wanted nor needed in hollywood. When someone spins crap then blames the negitive results those lies cause such a person should disappeare for good; because no one is to blame for her actons but HERSELF.

    Just for once people would LOVE to see an actress(es) actually act of this generation instead of rely on looks ( or lack there of ) for ‘talent’.

  • Clay

    @AnnaKen: Yes. Too much ‘junk’ media coverage on them now.

  • Jasmine

    @Megan Faux: Sweetie, did I applaud her surgeries? Did I voice encouragement, did I say I accepted it? NO. I personally think she looked great before this recent surgery, whatever that was, but I also think she was beautiful before any of it.
    How will you and all these people here condemning her for the way she looks now help her in any way? If I were her and I was in that frame of mind and I read all these comments, it would make feel even worse about myself. You’re spewing hatred against her and that does no good.
    How harsh is this? “Even her smile is now f*cked up. She is losing it permanently.” If anything, you just highlight your own ugliness.

  • Qiana

    You guys say “she’s trying to get publicity” “stop giving her attention” blah, blah, blah well what do you think we’re doing. You click on a story about Megan Fox…that’s giving her publicity and attention.

    Someone called her fake. Some people don’t like the way they look, she’s probably insecure about herself. I strongly doubt she had 10 surgeries like Heidi. And all Heidi wanted was publicity because she filmed the whole thing. I mean that’s just my opinion.

  • Jokergurl

    She keeps looking more plastic, it’s too bad she was lovely before all the injections and fillers. What is with all these young actresses and plastic surgeries. This is actually angering casting directors because they want people who are natural looking and have facial expressions. Many of the young actresses in Hollywood (not all of course) simply can’t convey emotion physically because of the botox, remember botox is actually af form of BOTULISM, that’s right, these women are injecting food poisoning into their faces to paralyze the muscles. It makes no sense.

  • lalita


  • Babs

    This girl has been getting a ton of surgery since way back when to make her more attractive. It’s so obvious if you look at photos of her through the years. She WAS prettier before when she had her first few surgeries before Transformers, now she looks super old and too plastic. She should have left her face alone after the first procedures she’s had done.