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Miranda Kerr Stripes Back

Miranda Kerr Stripes Back

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr looks radiant as she smiles in a striped shirt at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday (June 15).

The 27-year-old Australian stunner was flying out to New York City where she helped VS launch their new fragrance – Bombshell. Fellow VS beauties, Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel were there for the party. No sign of boyfriend Orlando Bloom!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr striping back…

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miranda kerr stripes back 01
miranda kerr stripes back 02
miranda kerr stripes back 03
miranda kerr stripes back 04
miranda kerr stripes back 05
miranda kerr stripes back 06
miranda kerr stripes back 07
miranda kerr stripes back 08
miranda kerr stripes back 09
miranda kerr stripes back 10

Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • jane

    LOVE HER. stunning as always !

  • sasha

    I love her!

  • isabela

    She looks like a little girl

  • G R E G

    Pictures 8 and 9 are really creepy, her midget-head is enfasized to the extreme.
    kudos to her for daring the hair pulled back, not flattering at all.

  • blair

    i don’t like her! she has a weird head and her cheeks are so rotund

  • Blair

    I think she is gorgeous!

  • Eden

    Don’t like her either. Too generic looking and that head has an odd shape.

  • @4….

    enfasized???….it’s not even a word…lol.

    Miranda looks stunning as usual, such a natural beauty!

  • @8

    What do you expect from idiot hater sockpuppets?
    They make up everything else, why not make up words, too!
    Miranda looks beautiful, as always, and they just can’t stand it.
    Wonder how they will try to downplay her pic in July, US Vogue.

  • Mitzi

    Beautiful? You must be on drugs. Ugly as hell. Whats with that mega big and bloated head? Call me a hater, don’t care, she is anything but good looking.

  • tel u what

    @ #8, 9 (same person) Just chill your defense for this woman will give you a heartattack! she is nothing special just a model. U are so wraped up in defending her, u failing to notice that people are reeling you….

  • @11

    First of all, not the same person.
    Second of all, what you are saying is that think you have a right to rabidly citicize her, but her fans don’t have a right to calmly defend her??
    The hater double standard is alive and well, I see.

  • @10

    Your opininion, fine.
    Saying that anyone who thinks that she is beautiful is on drugs is what makes you a hater.
    My opinion is that she is GORGEOUS! No drugs, or hatred, to cloud my judgemment.

  • word

    she is ok, def not ugly. but her round cookie head is annoying, lol and also I cant help but put my thumb over her cheek and see what it would look like without that nut pouch of hers…..WOW would be much prettier!

  • jimmy


  • yay!

    LOVE HER!!!
    My favorite angel!

  • tel u what

    @ # 12.

    LOL…I was trying to help, in no way was I demeaning your idol. It is your health that it is at risk ……don’ t u see? U make up 90% of this woman threads(ALWAYS) attacking, growling. huffing and puffing at anyone who calls her out for what she realy is…..Take deep breaths. ……AGAIN.

  • rosin

    Very sweet looking girl. Something always bothered me about her though, now i know,her eyes are so far apart, kind of distracting.

  • LOL!

    That wasn’t me you idiot.
    I always sign my name as ‘LOL!”.
    Just because a lot of people laugh at you, doesn’t mean that they are all me.
    I’m proud to be here to laugh at you moronic haters.
    You guys are so obsessed with your hatred thatyou can’t even recognize differing posting styles.

  • @17

    (not THE LOL!, I’m just laughing at you)
    I love how the haters are back to claiming that Miranda’s fans are not normal because they follow her threads. When in reality, it’s their complete and total obsession with the girl that proves their own psychosis.
    Their own self loathing drives them to shovel their hatred on a total stranger 24/7.
    That is a sign of a sick and twisted brain.
    You guys need to seek medical attention.

  • @17

    I didn’t see anyone huffing and puffing.
    I think that you are imagining things.
    Kind of like seeing conspiracy theories when they aren’t there.
    Y’all are good at that, aren’t you.

  • tel u what

    @ #17

    That’s it…but I still hope u get help. Im worried for you, for the record you are so funny..LOL! Pretending that you have not been posting, and pretend to post for the first time just so you pretend it was not you…Miss CRAZY in case u have not noticed, your BARKING is all the same, maybe u just wanna style it up abit. I’m glad you signed as PSYCHO CAUSE THATS WHAT YOU REALY ARE.

  • tel u what

    @ 19, 20, 21( Same person)

    Of course U won’ t see what other people are seeing, you are so wraped up in this woman’ s world that you would accuse innocent posters of everything, from ‘conspiracy theory, haters, obsession to self loathing’…but I would like to think that you are projecting…take a good look in the mirror, u maybe thinking out loud….

  • LOL!

    Points and laughs at the pathetic loon.
    You are hilarious.
    Sad, though.
    Sad, that you have so little going on in your own life that you have to live vicariously through a woman that you hate. At least her fans have a reason for being here. Your only reason to be here is to try to make your own pathetic existence seem a little brighter by insulting your betters. And by betters, I mean anyone breathing.

  • tel u what

    Seek help…you have proven my point. There is no turning back for you, U cannot even grasp the thought of someone trying to help you. In case you have not noticed u are the one going on and on about this woman(so who is living vicariously thorough her). My GREAT concern is you, your mental state is suspect. You are this woman’s ONLY fan. U cannot fool anyone. Calling yourself 1billion names won’t change the fact…At least Im keeping you company and proving hits for both of you…its not all SAD..


    This girl is average and I think apart from her eyes, she is kind of ugly. Not attractive at all for a model.

    You don’t have to be beautiful to be a model, but you must be attractive.

  • LOL!

    Oh this just gets better and better.
    Her only fan?
    Then I must be all powerful!
    I alone made her one of the most in demand models of the past year!!
    I alone forced Anna Wintour to put her in US Vohue!!
    I alone put her on the Forbes list THREE TIMES!!!!
    Is that it?
    I mean, since she has only one fan, according to your tiny little brain anyway, that must be one heck of a fan to make her so popular, huh?
    My goodness, your stupidity knows no bounds.
    I guess that since there are only three or four of you delphites left, you believe that you are mirrored by her number of fans.
    Well, get over it chica.
    You haters may be on the endangered species list, but we fans are doing just fine. Quite prolific, as a matter of fact.

  • @25

    I guess that this is the new hater tactic?
    You’ve run out of plausible insults so you resort to insulting her fans?
    Pretty desperate if you ask me.

  • @zahara

    Well, I guess that others must find her quite attractive, because she is not only a model, but a quite successful model, at that.
    To each his own, I guess.

  • kpee

    its fine Zahara NO ONE is pretty,attractive,has fans,is successful ,etc…according to JJ posters. everyone is nasty and a disgrace to society. they should be living in a rock they are so horrible. (again according to the lovely perfect beautiful,famous,successful JJ “posters”) LMAFO.

    (lol) huge sarcasm for ya there folks, if you were to dense to realize it. this is coming from someone who is not even a miranda kerr fan, lol. I just think this site is a joke and my mind says “well what do you look like?” everytime you spew your hatred towards these people…..

  • Lucy

    I will repeat myself now: nowhere near beautiful. Freaky face. It looks really bloated and puffy, her nose is weird and her eyes are strange. But she is always smiling and seems very friendly. Seems a nice person but still not beautiful in my eyes. But I have nothing against the people who love her, find her pretty or whatever, so please accept that I am also entitled to my opinion.

  • tel u what

    Like I said, changing your names a billions times won’t change the fact , U are her ONLY fan, neither is writing me an essay nor reffering to yourself as ‘WE fans’ . I did not see this one coming…. now u are giving yourself credit for the hard work of her team(agency)….Models’s fans have nothing to do with the ‘jobs’ they been offered. They (models) are just props for showcasing what the designers have designed. If the customers like it, they will buy, regardless of who is modelling it. Ask Giorgio Armani. U know quite a lot about her….I hope u not planning on stalking her…U are so delusional and obsessed it could turn UGLY…

  • wow

    @tell you what (because that’s how it should be spelled)
    You honestly believe what you are saying?
    I am beginning to see what the shippers are complaining about.
    I always thought that they exaggerated what the haters were doing, but here you are. You prove them right with every word you type.
    And I thought that the Angelina haters were bad.
    You nailed it.
    This entire site is ridiculous, but it is especially bad when a beautiful woman dares to date a male actor. Their fans always go nuts!

  • @32

    That’s a good one! U should go and warn VS that they could sell their panties, bras and perfumes without having to pay those salaries to the models. If we had known that publicity is not necessary before, u could have saved the world’s economy.
    And warn the world that the person u are talking to is cloning herself to make a huge crowd everytime Kerr presents a perfume.

  • http://whatabeauty... love Miranda

    Think she is beautiful,want her and Orlando to have babies.

  • Kathy

    You now what the saddest part of all this is?
    The haters are so ‘out there’ with their hilarious conspiracy theories, lies and flat out stupidity, that it’s hard to tell if they are serious, or just taking the p*ss.
    That says a lot, if you ask me.

  • hehe….

    I find it hilarious that they really think it’s the same person posting
    over and over…..just because the Delphidiots are so small in number they have to post over and over…lol.
    Miranda has lots of fans who will defend her against these jealous losers that
    hate her just because Orlando Bloom is her boyfriend.

  • cind

    haters are incredible, aren’t they?
    my favorite bit was the statement that a model’s fans have nothing to do with them getting work.
    why are certain models hired before others?
    because they sell the clothes.
    why do they sell the clothes?
    because people recognize them, like them, then have a favorable reaction to the brand that they are selling.
    who are these people who like them?
    no favorable response = no sales = no jobs
    if the popularity of the model doesn’t matter, why do designers pay big bucks to get the top models, instead of saving money and just putting their clothes on any skinny girl?
    they are just “props” after all
    see how stupid?
    VS is genious at cultivtating fan followings for their Angels. they promote them as much as they promote the lingerie. they know how to attract publicity and buyers. they aren’t just models, they ARE the brand. in store showings, commercials and making sure that the girls aren’t just pretty faces is just part of it. VS makes sure that the public knows their names. just look at how much publicity that VS got in Chicago when Miranda’s fans lined up around the block to see her. it isn’t working with Candice, yet. we will have to wait to see if she ever catches on, but VS is promoting her like crazy trying to get the (so called un-important) fans to notice her
    fans are important. they get the models jobs. if you don’t believe that, then you know nothing about marketing.

  • hey

    OLove has some new pics of Orlando and some of his buds at lunch in LA on the 17th.
    He looks great.
    And he is really enjoying his sammich.
    nom nom nom

  • Eden

    Ewwwww….. how some people can find her attractive will always be a mistery to me.

  • lol

    Balenciaga, Prada and Jil Sander haven’t been mentioned yet in this thread. Impressing, lol

  • VonFustemberg

    Miranda Kerr is the most overrated model in history. Some find her attractive, I personally find her very plain because she doesn’t have anything striking or exotic. The world is full of prettier blue eyed brunettes.

  • mimi

    It’s weird how her ears are so small and her nose so big…… no kidding, she must be crossbred with an elf or a garden gnome.

  • @41

    You just did.
    And thank you for reminding everyone just how popular she has become!
    *high five*

  • @44


    oh you’re welcome! 3 brands is a great sign of success for someone who’s been in the business for +10 years, right? LOL!!!!
    *high five* back at cha

  • @45

    Trying to downplay signing with three High Fashion brands just makes you sound stupid.
    And pegs you as a delphite. That’s their signature.
    Bag on the girl because even though she’s successful, it only really counts when a model signs with a HF house. Then when said girl DOES sign with 3! HF houses, pretend that it doesn’t matter.
    Yep, that makes you a hypocrite.

  • BTW

    For anyone interested in the latest examples of delphi hypocrisy….

  • yes!

    Orlando looks sooo good in the new pics from LA.
    His hair is so sexy right now!
    Well, it is always sexy, but I love it at this length. Just long enough to soften the curl a bit, without losing it completely.

  • Manilla

    Miranda is sooooo beautiful. Always the most beautiful woman! I love her. And I’m so happy for her good carrer with year! She will become the most famous model and the number one! She is everywhere, on magazine, on campaign, at public events (for her work, of course)… and on Just Jared. In fact, she is one of the only models photographed so much in the street! I’m really glad!

  • omg… really?

    It really confuses me when I read people use the word “ugly” with Miranda. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and blah blah. But she has such a commercial pretty look. (I mean that’s what she is paid for) if her name wasn’t miranda kerr and she wasn’t dating Orlando, there is NO way I’d hear the word “ugly” I mean you can find someone unattractive, according to personal taste but so bluntly call someone who is paid by the millions for their looks “ugly” is very, very confusing.
    Miranda has one fan? OPEN your eyes! She has far more then one. (Insults on JJ don’t count for anything. It’s usually two or three people using different names going around threads complete BS…)