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Aishwarya Rai to Star in WWII Biopic?

Aishwarya Rai to Star in WWII Biopic?

Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai is interested in playing a real-life World War II spy in the upcoming film The Spy Princess, according to Deadline.

The biopic will be based off a biography of the life of Noor Inayat Khan, who was a female Muslim Sufi agent during the war. The screenplay will be written by Judy Morris (Happy Feet).

On Wednesday (June 16), Aishwarya and her husband Abhishek Bachchan walked the red carpet for the UK premiere of their new film Raaven.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Aishwarya in a new film?

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  • ++Logan++

    no. don’t like her personality at all. And no i’m not a hater, i just don’t care.

  • Ms Anonymous


    You don’t know her personality, so your opinion isn’t relevant.

  • rahul

    wow i hope it will become true….i wanna see her again in hollywood …

  • julie

    She’s supercool.

  • sarenzah

    oh come on this women can’t act in english
    All her hollywood or british movies are flop
    pinkpanther etc

  • tom

    I was hoping for Norah Jones in the role of Noor Inayat Khan.

  • Mjj


  • carrie

    wow that sounds awesome……i wish she does it….really waiting for her in a new hollywood movie…………she will be the best choice for the role of noor khan…….i love u ash

  • mw

    Who is she? She looks like David Charvet in drag.

  • hillary

    She is hot. I would love to shove my face in her pu$$y.

  • ney

    She simply doesn’t have the acting chops for this part. She’s also a little long in the tooth.

  • busted

    I don’t see her ever being big in the USA. most people don’t know her. I get that she is known in many other countries.

    I will admit I don’t really have any feelings one way or another. I think she is starting to show her age and looks much older than I remember.

    But I am sure her fans will be very excited about any move she makes.

  • Dreads

    I’m excited to see this. I’m looking forward to, hoping she’ll accept! I think she’s great. Not only amazingly gorgeous (She was Miss World 1994, for those of you hating, tell me what you’ve won about your “beauty” at least?!). She was great in Devdas and other Bollywood films. Why has the language to be some kind of boundary?

  • Smilla

    I really like Aishwarya Rai but it would be nice to see a muslim actress take the part.

  • NancySue

    I’ve seen her in only a few films, but the last (on TV) was The Last Legion, where she was actually great. Her fight scenes were amazing. I just did a quick Wiki read on Noor Inayat Khan, and what an interesting person. She was half Indian and half American, and Aishwarya Rai is believable as that physically. She has to be someone who appears unwordly, but also fought the Gestapo tooth and nail when arrested and refused to give them any information while imprisoned. I think Rai could pull that off; besides the fight scenes she had in The Last Legion, she has other fight training; that kind of thing tends to give an actor some real depth. Khan was 30 when she died in 1944; Rai is currently 36. Not that great a difference.

  • alex

    The Last Legion was one of the worst reviewed movies of the year and Rai was badly miscast and downright awful in it. She needs to stick to posing in her silly movies instead of attempting to portray a fascinating and complex character.

  • anon

    Most people in the US know who Ash is, so don’t belive the stupid ignorance especially on an entertainment blog.

    This story is facinating.

  • Aampal

    It would be nice if they chose an Indian woman who looks Indian and not Afghani like the majority of the Bollywood actresses. Mindy Kaling for starters looks Indian. The only time you will see Indian women on film who actually look Indian and not part British or Afghani are in National Geographic documentaries.
    When is the last time you saw an Indian actor on film who resembles V.J. SINGH! Pshaw! Bollywood and their deep-seated color preferences are shameful.

  • 123

    i loveeee ash!!!! u rock ash FOREVER!! :):):)

  • anon

    THIS is who they should have considered for new Cleopatra movie. Ive seen her look fresh and stunning and sultry and sexy! Have always liked her.

  • Jenny

    @Aampal: What a joke ! Aishwarya Rai is an Indian Woman ! And does look Indian ! Yes she have light eyes and light skin ! But India has a variety of indian in all colour and features ! So don’t be ignorant !

  • Iffy Miffy

    @anon: Are you out of your mind? For Cleopatra?! Not only does she not fit as it’s clear right away what her background is, if the movie is made it will be a huge production i.e. a lot of money needed so they will need a big, if not a few big stars in it to carry the movie. She’s not a huge star.

  • Defender

    @Iffy Miffy: Excuse me, are you stupid? Ash is one of the most popular Indian actresses in the world. We know that Bollywood and Hollywood are completely different industries, but if the industries try to come together and try to do something different and nice, it is not a bad thing. Ash is great for the role of Cleopatra! She kind of looks like her too, even though Cleopatra will be a big Hollywood movie, it doesn’t mean that it cannot have a huge star as Ash. Bollywood movies are also very expensive, the movies can cost upto 300million rupees (3crore rupees). That may not be a large amount of money in dollars, but the movies use also very much money. Ash can be a very varied actress, she can do a lots of things. Even though she may not be a popular actress in Hollywood that doesn’t mean that people don’t know who she is. If she would be cast in this movie and Cleopatra it would be awsome. It would really bring together the Bollywood and Hollyood industry and the outcome would be great, because to different cultures would unite their powers and make some really good movies. So before you judge anything, just think about it for a while and comment after that.

  • bostonstandup

    @busted: shut up

  • sapna

    I would love it. She is great actress and so beautiful

  • Far

    She’s one of the worst actors in Indian cinema…so I’m amazed that she’s even considered for Hollywood projects. There are much more beautiful n talented actresses in India…they just don’t market themselves like she does.

  • Anon


    too bad she can’t act for shit

  • x43

    @Defender: Puh-lease. This bitch can’t act worth a shit. She’s only famous for her looks.

  • kjbhiy

    she is the most beautiful woman in the universe
    her acting skills are superb
    she is born to become a heroine
    as well as to c her acting skills watch her movies raincoat,provoked

  • Kan


    you must really be crazy if you believe what you’ve just written. the – majority – of Americans (and, all “Westerners” for that matter) do not know who Aishwarya Rai is. yes, she’s been on many many entertainment shows in the West to promote her Western projects, but she is not a known star. people here simply don’t have enough interest in her.

  • Kan


    she doesn’t look anything like Cleopatra. though, neither did the goddess herself, Ms. Elizabeth Taylor, when she famously portrayed her.

  • Wrong!


    your statement is completely ridiculous. Aishwarya and the majority of Bollywood actresses are 100% INDIAN, and their look is therefore INDIAN!! do you not see the fault in your reasoning?! Aishwarya has classically South Indian features (she is South Indian btw), which even my white friends can clearly see. yes she has light brown skin and light coloured eyes, but this is representative of many in India.

    and, btw, V.J. Singh isn’t even INDIAN! at least get your references correct when you argue something!! LOL!!

  • jjljl


    Aishwarya is pretty but yeah she does look like David Charvet!!

  • ++Logan++

    You don’t know her or me, so your opinion is irrelevant too.

    @Ms Anonymous:

  • http://Justjared Jarry

    She Beautiful girl in the world

  • Preety


    Jenny?!! LOL! JJ please get rid of this TROLL who incessantly posts/spams under different names in order to make it seem like Ash has so many admirers on this site.

    we get it: you’re a fan of hers. but, why would you spend your life like this? just thought i would ask since i can’t sleep and have nothing better to do than read online smut and comment. LOL :D.