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Gerard Butler: World Cup Watcher

Gerard Butler: World Cup Watcher

Gerard Butler stops by Hollywood’s Palihouse Holloway Hotel to watch a World Cup soccer match on Friday (June 18).

The 40-year-old Scottish hunk watched the match between England and Algeria, which ended up in a draw — a 0-0 tie.

Last weekend, Gerry was seen partying with Lindsay Lohan at a private house. They were spotted arriving separately but hugged each other at their pal’s Beverly Hills home.

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  • long time lurker

    Looking good G

  • DatAss

    Gorgeous man.

  • athena

    Lindsay Lohan? Really? Ew!

  • LauraS

    he does look good here

  • anon annoy

    JJ could have called this thread “Grumpy Old Man”

  • CC

    why is jj still bringing up lohan? no one in their right mind thinks that anything happened between them.

    he is looking good! im so glad that he is growing his hair because he has a great head of hair and its such a waste when he has it short

    p.s. gossiphound i love the pic of the darth vader pug you posted in the last thread, it made my day lol

  • beeny

    Well hello GB – out to see the game with Freddie the Boschemeister!

  • LauraS

    Gushing alert!! are those new jeans? they look….oh mama….to me! and how about that Fire Lane sign on the wall? GB tooooo hot for you?

    Excuse me everybody, couldn’t help it :)

  • Sukar

    Are you guys serious? He doesn’t look good at all in these photos!

  • ashley

    I think he does look good but I can’t help noticing his age is really starting to show. Drastic difference from 3-4 years ago. Take better care of yourself Gerard.

  • honestly…

    He looks so different in every set of photos. Am I crazy or does he look a wee bit too thin here?
    That guy with him bears a striking resemblance to my ex-boyfriend (bad flashbacks!).
    I don’t know who posted the link to this set of pics on the last thread, but this is my favorite. He’s so refined, isn’t he? :)

  • honestly…

    @LauraS: LOL- definitely some oh mama jeans! ;)



  • ICTS

    Who is the guy??He looks a bit like the interior designer Elvis.
    I have seen his face before but cannot remember where.

    Hi All **WAVES**


    He is a very unattractive human being.

  • T-dot

    Why does he ALWAYS look like he could use really long disinfecting Shower ? If he was someone who didn’t work in films or wasn’t a so called celeb he would be easily mistaken for a homeless guy or an ex drug addict . I mean seriously even if you are growing a bear a man can look CLEAN with it !!

    I feel he might have some major health issues going on. He doesn’t look healthy .

  • T-dot

    Why does he ALWAYS look like he could use really long disinfecting Shower ? If he was someone who didn’t work in films or wasn’t a so called celeb he would be easily mistaken for a homeless guy or an ex drug addict . I mean seriously even if you are growing a beard a man can look CLEAN with it !!

    I feel he might have some major health issues going on. He doesn’t look healthy .

  • T-dot

    *oops sorry for the double post the first one had a typo *

  • Mellifera

    Sukar are you on cr*ck? He looks amaaaaaazing, love those jeans and that grey jersey is gorgeous too. LOVE his hair, wanna grab it and run my fingers through it while saying “ooooh who’s a widdle grumpy-bum today then?”

    We sure are being spoiled with G threads, yay!

  • Sukar


    no I am not on crack,WTF I’s wrong with you? I think he is the most handsome man ever but I don’t think he looks good here. You don’t have to insult me because I disagreed with you!

  • http://justjared lolita

    Smile Gerry and put the light back in your eyes.

  • Fritz the Lion

    My heart actually skipped a beat in looking at these photos…that hasn’t happened in a long time.Maybe it’s just my cholesterol level. LOL! IMO,he looks terrific.
    MANNY! Beard alert! Mmmmm!

  • Duh

    @Sukar: She wasn’t insulting you, it was joke, people often ask others if they’re on cra*k when they say or do something out of the ordinary. LOL Maybe you should get out more.

  • Mellifera

    @Sukar: Oh honey I wasn’t insulting you! Sorry if it read that way to you!! I was meaning “are you on cr*ck” in a lighthearted way :-)
    I’m not the insulting kind to be honest. Even if someone tries to rile me up I’m more likely to just be the “oh yeah, uh-huh” kind :-)

  • sukar


    I go out plenty, it’s probably a cultural thing. In my culture if you say something like that, it’s insulting.

    Mellifera, no worries. It was probably a misunderstanding. The thing is this is Gerard Butler, he is capable of looking one million times better than this. I didn’t like the last few set of photos to be quite honest. The last time he looked like himself was in the hybrid hottie thread.

  • Mellifera

    One of the great things about the internet is you get to talk to people from all over the world! And then you get to insult them without even trying, hahahahaha.

    Its true that sayings we all take for granted in our areas of the world can be insulting, amusing, or just plain weird to people from another area :-)

    Anyway, back to Gerry! I’m not sure why he looks so good in these pics to me. Can’t put my finger on it (but hopes one day to be able to use more than a finger, nya ha ha)

  • Mike

    one word..drunken manho

    this guy is so repulsive & shags so many that even the ones we get to see is too much for one human.

    Really dude are going for the Guiness World record for the sleaziest actor?

  • redOctober

    Those tight jeans fit very nicely but he looks tired, or in a bad mood lately…cheer up G! ; D

  • redOctober


    …seems to be G’s friend Freddie Bosch.

    @Mellifera: my finger on it (but hopes one day to be able to use more than a finger,

    LOL!…don’t we all?

  • Manny

    He does look nummy doesn’t he? I saw this pic and I swear if I was close enough I would run my fingers through thos gorgeous locks of his.
    *spazzy dance for the beard*
    Someone mentioned on the last thread and they are probably right, I think he is cleansing again. No caffeine, cupcakes makes for a very Grumpy Scot. haha
    Morning JJers!!!

  • she

    @redOctober: I agree with you. When I see him like this I want to shake him and tell him to wake up. Sometimes he is doing to much digging inside himself. Maybe with his role now as Sam he is going to his black holes.

  • Manny

    No worries. Not everyone will be happy with posts. Humor sometimes doesn’t translate well in the written word. Don’t let it curtail your wittiness… Just be yourself.
    I adore you just the way you are. :)

  • Stinkylouise

    He looks great! I prefer this rough-around -the edges look. Although I assume it’s for his film role.It suits him.

  • redOctober


    …you both are right ….cleansing+MGP preparations = GS (grumpy Scot)
    ; D

  • Manny

    That has always been his appeal for me. The untamed rough boy.

  • N.

    He probably looks grumpy because there is some a-hole taking his photo while he waits for his car. He is looking thin, but good.

  • mck

    What is he doing wearing jeans and long sleeves. It was HOT here yesterday. As far as him looking dirty. It must be fashionable in HW. I here people say a lot of actors are nasty. I keep hearing that Johnny Depp stinks horribly

  • Stinkylouise

    Re: the “Grumpy Look”.
    Alan’s final instructions to G were to look pissed off when the paps took the pics.Because’ he is afterall, a serious actor and not a typical HW celeb.*snort*.

  • Lyn

    He’s grumpy because he misses Laurie

  • Sukar

    I agree redoctober

  • http://. LOOKING GOOD

    He’s such a gorgeous man with the beautiful head of hair and his shirt is not to tight for once.

  • Kelly


    There’s a difference between looking dirty and actually smelling

  • sean

    He just looks pissed off, in my opinion. But still lookin good….kisses to laura s.

  • Lisa D.

    Take a hint from the look on his face, razzis … leave him the eff alone. He looks his perfectly gorgeous self, but very pissed off. We don’t need to see every little thing he does.

  • Old Mia

    The cameras haven’t caught him with a smile in days. Maybe he’s just sick of the paps. I agree, if I were one of them, I’d steer clear when he has that expression on his face. There have been times when he’s actually bantered with the paps and joked around. Not lately though.

    I think he looks gorgeous. I just love his hair when it grows out like this.

    I think the earlier reference to Lohan is because of that libelous 3 a.m. article from the UK. Gawd, I wish he’d sue them. What a bunch of hogwash.

  • Nuts

    @Lisa D.:

    A cleanse! That makes sense. No starbucks and grumpy looks.

    I would love to see a truly genuine smile before too long. Not forced, not PR but a real smile.

    But, looking good. I hear the game was a bit rough and ended up 0-0. Perhaps that is the cause for some of the grumpiness?

  • observation

    If he gets any thinner, those jeans are gonna fall off. It must be for the MGP filming. You know, the camera adds 10 pounds yadayada. My fav of these is the one that’s sort of in profile. He’s just handsome. I love grumpy Gerry, but I do wish he’d at least look happy just once in awhile. Maybe he’s got a lot of MGP concerns weighing him down?

  • Kelly

    @Old Mia:

    The article was down again two hours later

  • lynley

    He looks ill. I hope he isn’t starving himself to death.

  • sean

    i’m in a philosophical state, so dont’t mind me….we bitch, we cry, we do everything else. we still love this person who we think is gerard. i have this strong suspicion that he is so different that we think. just me.