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Nicole Kidman: Sydney with Sunday!

Nicole Kidman: Sydney with Sunday!

Nicole Kidman holds on tight to daughter Sunday in Sydney, Australia on Saturday (June 19).

The 42-year-old actress bundled up with a scarf and leather jacket – winter is just beginning in Australia!

Nic was fashion forward in a silk jumpsuit on Friday as she spent quality time with her family at a dinner in Dawes Point.

Sunday and Nic arrived in town earlier this week and have been spending time with family Down Under.

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nicole kidman sunday parents house visiting dad 01
nicole kidman sunday parents house visiting dad 02
nicole kidman sunday parents house visiting dad 03
nicole kidman sunday parents house visiting dad 04
nicole kidman sunday parents house visiting dad 05
nicole kidman sunday parents house visiting dad 06

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Sanne

    Cute. She’s such a little Keith!!

  • Sharon

    How come she is never shown with her other kids?

  • Ronaldo rules

    Because she’ s always “protecting” them NK fans shout!

  • bella

    I love so much nicole jacket, and so adorable Sunday Rose with her beauty blue eyes, so precious little one.

  • nicole

    Sunday is getting prettier!!

  • bella

    How cute Sunday shoes just like her mom style, Nicole always put dress to her kids appropriate to the weather, which is very good.

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ needs to stop paying for picks from paps who stalk parents with kids!!

  • hopeso

    I love Nicole, and Sunday Rose is so cute….

  • sam

    because she left them at the Scientology Centre

  • John

    awww she’s too cute! and nicole looks amazing

  • Yellow

    @ Sharon. Why is that every time I frequent the comments page of topics relating to Nicole and her child, someone finds the need to ask about where her other children are?

    For one, it is absolutely none of our business and we are far FAR removed from ever even judging Nicole situation – simply looking at a photo and deducing from the fact that it is sans her other children most definitely does not indicate her neglect for her other children. Have you not considered the possibility that on other photo-free days of Nicole’s life, she perhaps spends time with her other children?

    Further – if you can post a comment like that regarding Nicole, it why not post a similar one on Tom’s comments page? After all you don’t see him with the other children either.

    Ridiculous. Just don’t get the rationale behind posting that comment.

  • Land

    @Yellow: Isn’t that convenient that she is with her older kids on “other photo-free days”? Yet, she chooses to traumatize a toddler with flashing paps (complete strangers) closing in on her. These excuses NK fans make up to defend her are so delusional.
    How’s that three-day rule working for you Nicole?

  • Athina

    Land – you are totally wrong (and a dumbass too)

    Where is Nicole supposed to walk? She’s on the sidewalk that leads to her parents’ home in Australia. I would assume the grandparents want to see their grandchild. You are the delusional one. Nicole was in AUS for her sister’s wedding.

    BTW Nicole’s other kids are almost adults now, almost 20 years old. I’m sure they’ve got their own lives. Why would they be running around with Nicole in Australia? Nobody knows how often she sees them but like to make stupid speculations.

  • Land

    @Athina: No Athina, I would tend to believe you are the “dumbass”. Another classy NK fan I see; but you mean to tell me that Nicole goes absolutely nowhere with her older kids? They stay inside 24/7 when they are with her? They certainly don’t sound like your typical teenagers then. Wouldn’t Isabella and Connor want to see their Gma & Gpa Kidman too? You also need to go back to school – they are not almost 20 years old. Who is the “dumbass” now?

  • spire

    I think Land should just get a life. The truth behind Nicole’s life is uknown to us, is senseless and useless discuss about something YOU DON’T KNOW.

  • Land Is


    nomorefan from e. Same crap different site.

  • nomorefan

    Athina – if are going to defend Kidman, at least know something about her. Are you so wrapped up in Keith that you know nothing about Kidman’s life before him? Bella is 17 BTW!

    spire – YOU DON’T KNOW EITHER! If her life is senseless to you, why are you here?

    Land is – WRONG!

  • marie

    nicole looks great! always love what she wears and love her style. Sunday is adorable and getting so big. I think she looks like both Keith and NIc! Nicole looks so happy!

  • CanadaGirl

    Nicole looks amazing. It’s unbelievable how beautiful she is.

  • melissa

    Sunday looks so cute.

  • brenda

    Sweet Sunday! CUTE!!!

  • gigi

    Sunday is a beautiful baby!

  • Where are the children?

    Nic was labeled an SP by the “church”. She is lucky she gets any time with Connor and Bella.

    As to where Connor and Bella are right now…you would have to check with their Sea Org handlers.

  • jane

    nicole looks gorsgrous and sunday is so adorable

  • sasha

    She is so cute!


    How Lovely!!!

  • Catsup



    I so appreciate a woman who has her own personal style. Kidman has dressed tin her own way for over 20 years, Love it or hate, she is no slave to fashion, slim pants with leather jackets, scarves and a cap for Winter. Vintage causal, usually linen blouses and dresses with sandals for summer, and workout clothing for any errands before the gym.

    Additionally, Kidman always dresses her children AS children and properly for the occasion and weather.

    I came across thislovely Kidman video with her children online.

    It’s too cute for words.

    Obviously made by a young person, but it’s so sweet. I’ve never before seen most of the photos.

    I do so admire the way that Kidman honors her older children’s wishes by hiding them from the paparazzi. Of course, she has ALWAYS made an enormous effort to shield her children from the press.

    The only chance tabloids have is the airport when she flies commercially or her childhood home on the main road in Greenwich.

    It’s a shame about camera phones, the only time you may see Sunday Rose is a photo taken in Nashville parking lots or the park by tourists and then sold to the photo agencies for $500.

    Once Kidman is in Sydney, the press has had all the addresses of friends and relatives since the 80′s. They must simply park on the street and walk in gamely.

  • KittyHawk


    Dear Granny-kins,

    Go back to the” I hate Nicole because I wanted Keith myself site “aka Urban Myths or I WILL post the name and address AND phone number of the owner if UM.

    Both here, on E and EVERYWHERE else

    PS: I outed Anna in her hometown of Orange, and I’ll out you EVERYWHERE TOO.

  • andre

    Nicole looks amazing in those pics,, looks so young…

  • Jake

    MILF to the Max

  • Ronaldo Rules

    Land is the only one on here who talks sense.

    Tim Gunn – what utter tosh! The paps are able to get sneaky photos of Sunday Rose but not the other kids because NK is “hiding them”???

    It’s flying pig time!

  • sofia

    SO CUTE!

  • Sheri

    I had to laugh because “Sunday in Sydney on Saturday” is quite the sssssssss mouthful :) Also, does anyone else think like it looks like Nicole’s dad has had a stroke … the way he is holding his left arm looks a bit off – almost as if he has had a stroke? I certainly pray not! I think this is Nicole’s dad here … just wondering.

  • rea

    Sunday is sooo Sweet

  • Lizzie


    I hope not too. Even though her mom is a retired nurse, Nicole is a born ‘caretaker’. She’s going to be carrying a pretty large load – movie, TV show, baby, etc. Keith’s has a full schedule coming up too. Hopefully, her dad was carrying his arm that way for another reason.

  • Jake

    @Ronaldo Rules:

    Ronaldo, you’re a complete ass monkey. Tosh, Indeed!

    I don’t know crap about Nicole, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know Cruise has about a dz SUVs with blackened windows n Hollywood. Add that to LA beinga Ginornous mess of private entrances and freeways.

    Those teens are running wild in L.A. or all over the US with non-celebs or alone.

    The baby is with her mother if she’s out of the house.
    The Urban’s live in a small town.

  • Katherine in NASHVILLE

    Exactly Jake!

    The older children are in TN often enough, but you’ll never know, because we never tell.

  • love!!!

    Sunday is so beautiful!

  • love!!!

    Sunday Rose is sooo beautiful.

  • Land

    @KittyHawk: Granny-kins? Who needs to worry about fans when the Urbans have stalkers like you? You are a fine example of how mad their fans are because they feel the need to protect celebrities they don’t know. You outed Anna? Are you going for the ultimate fan for this year?

  • Sean Avery

    A horrible actress.

  • Dr. Roger Mason Levin

    Box office poison.

    She’s done

  • CanadaGirl

    @TIM GUNN: Thanks for posting that link. I wonder what role Scientology and it’s excommunication policies have on her ability to see Connor and Isabella?

  • Land Is A Fraud


    How many times have you seen pictures of Connor Tom and Nicole’s father? I’ve seen them together in the flesh. Nicole sees her two oldest. Get over it. You lose. Get a life.

  • Kat

    The older kids are in TN? Really? How come when there are almost daily tweets about Nicole, Bella & Connor are never mentioned? Never. When there are photos, how come there are never any of Bella & Connor? Never. Stop living in a fantasy world. And stop trying to protect Nicole. The Scieno thing is getting old too. She has enough name recognition to have fought for those kids. She didn’t. And why isn’t she protecting Sunday’s privacy like she claims she protects Bella & Connors? And Nicole did a great job of flushing the 3 day rule that she claims she maintains right down the toilet. The party wasn’t until Friday yet she got there on Monday. Yup, so much for 3 days.

  • @Kat

    Well I’ve seen Bella with Nicole in Nashville. Out of politeness I’ve not seen any Nashville native take their picture.

    She is walking from her car to her dad’s house. Both she and Keith have said it would be impossible to have privacy if they lived in Australia because the paps are voracious. They get privacy in Nashville.

    And she said TRY to not be apart more than three days. I believe that their togetherness and apartness are her and Keith’s business. If they are happy with whatever length their separations are–then who are you to f–g care?

  • ejl

    Nicole is absolutely beautiful. Her daughter gets prettier every time I see her.

  • irene olson

    Beautiful child, beautiful mother. I am so impressed with Nicole’s family values. It makes my heart twitter to see her with her father in so many picutres. Nicole Kidman truly loves her parents and obviously enjoys time spent with her parents. She is a good girl!!

  • melody

    I just wanna say i LOVE Sunday Rose sense of style.
    Do you think her personal stylist can take on another client (me) ?
    :) :) :) :) :)