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Rachel Bilson Video Game?!

Rachel Bilson Video Game?!

Rachel Bilson will reportedly be getting her own character in a video game.

“[Rachel's videogame] is coming and we will announce it in December – we’ll announce the game and [her new] movie together,” her dad Danny Bilson told HollywoodLife. “It’s a really important franchise of ours that is being tied to a major director and a major movie.”

Danny reportedly gave this quote when Rachel came out to support him on Wednesday at the party for video game developer THQ, where he works.

Rachel‘s camp has yet to confirm this rumor.

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  • Sasha

    Hmmmm my assumption might be veryyy wrong but…Resident evil 5 the game just came out…and the next one will most probably be with Rebeca Chambers(character) and Rachel does look like her…and after the movie RE 4 , I mean the next one might be with that character
    I love Rachel she’s adorable,and if I’m right I think she”ll be awesome and right for the role ^.^

  • :D


  • Surly

    Perfect for her. She looks like a cartoon! LOL!

  • mandy

    OH finally she’s getting a job after paying many magazine to constantly insert her style into their mag.
    what a great way to be relevant.

  • jamie

    Rachel’s father is the only person in Hollywood who gets a job for her, this girl sucks LOL

  • Trish

    You gotta be freakin kidding me.

  • Really?

    Her dad got her a job. How nice. I don’t see what’s so cute about someone who doesn’t work and when she does it’s because it was handed to her. Yeah, that’s just adorable. All the hardworking actresses in Hollywood who hustle every single day, and she gets a job and a videogame because she’s the VP’s daughter? There are much more fiercer women with way more credits to their names, but someone who’s favorite thing to do is shop and lunch gets a video game character?

  • Surly

    A Smurf would be fitting! LOL!

  • Really???

    Why? She is so useless and irrelevant.The only person who still cares about her is Jared and that’s only because she pays him to post about her ALL THE TIME. Same with Kate Bosworth.

  • Brenda

    Does the video game involve her character shopping, going to lunch and generally doing nothing? If so, it’s perfect for her. lol irl. But seriously, her dad gave her a job. SMH. Wow. It must be nice to not have to really work at your craft and just have jobs handed to you because you’re related to someone. I wish I had a sweet deal like that.

  • Jax

    This is the most ridiculous and insulting thing I’ve ever heard. Next to the idea that she and Hayden ever had a real relationship that wasn’t strictly for PR purposes that is. She’ll use and manipulate anyone to get whatever she wants, including her own father.

  • Tiffani

    I’m not surprised really. No one else would give her a job, so she went to her dad. I knew it would happen sooner or later. It just sucks that there are harder working actors that get left in the cold because of this. They could have given a kick ass female like Michelle Rodriguez a videogame and a movie.

  • padme

    Once again, it’s daddy or a close connection to give this spoiled biatch whatever the hell she wants b/c she is too damn lazy and stupid to do earn anything on her own merit. Ridiculous!!!

  • miss infamous

    Does Rachel work?

  • cami

    Isn’t there a bigger story you should be posting about her?. A small link posted yesterday does not count.
    The bias you have towards her and yet you don’t post a story that is actually relevant because I assume any negative press means you won’t get paid.
    When it’s only relatives that will hire you may have to reassess what you are doing wrong.

  • Brightside

    Seriously, if you think Rachel Bilson looks like Rebecca, you need your eyes checked.
    Besides while the first RE film was ok, Apocalypse sucked and Extinction wasn’t much better. Afterlife hasn’t even been released yet (they keep changing the date) though they showed the trailer with Jonah Hex. I can’t see them making a fifth with Rachel Bilson as a character, even a minor one. Besides she would be out shone by Milla in Alice mode.
    If Rachel Bilson thinks that this is going to do for her what Lara Croft did for Angelina then she is heading for an EPIC fail. It just won’t work and it won’t be RE.

  • Brightside

    Michelle was in RE with Milla….I actually liked Rain better than Alice :-)

  • Sasha

    I actually thought about it after I posted…I liked Rachel in Chuck and in the O.C. but the characters were similar,and Rebecca is more of the “frighten girl” type …I don’t really see her as Rebecca…
    But anyway it was just an assumption.And BTW I know how both look if she put a wig,contact lens and some make-up she’ll look like her.

  • Kim

    This woman is the biggest waste of space in Hollywood.

  • Sasha

    I liked Rain too.I love Michelle Rodriguez,she’s so adorable…too bad that she dies in almost every movie =.=

  • Jax
  • Viper

    Dad got her a J.O.B. gee this isn’t the first time around, then she is going to be a Cyber cartoon character gee so befitting for her a place where she doesn’t have to really work yet again. How hard is it to be a video character and most will do voice overs on the actor.


    You will find that JJ wasn’t paid enough to publish that seperations, break up, or take a break story. All of it is a joke b/c their relationship was never on the up and up to start with. Besides it’s sounds like since she started the engagment story it’s her that will announce the end of it anyway. HC won’t care either way more or less he is going on with his life however he wants it to be.

  • Ha


    I had been wondering why he never posted about it. I figured he would be all over it. He posted a link instead? Wow. Does he know how much cash that would have been? There would be more than 100 comments right now.

  • Glam

    200+ trust. Go back to some of the posts early on in this whole “engagement” farce. It sure looks suspicious that the breakup story was never featured here. Whoever said he doesn’t get paid unless it’s a positive story probably hit that nail on the head. I wonder how it feels to be owned by a useless, talentless do nothing hack like Rachel Bilson?

  • Surly

    Of course Daddy Bilson got Crapchel the job. Didn’t Daddy get her on the OC? I think so. She does not have Hayden’s coat strings to ride onto right now. Go to Daddy Danny Bilson. Of course!

    Makes me wonder if she will be like the SIM’S Character going shopping, eating out, getting gas, eating out with friends, going to partys. I would make it where she is forced to get an actual job!

  • Kim

    @ 21

    She looks nothing like Angelina Jolie, big lips don’t make you AJ, millions of black and Hispanic women have them and they are no more AJ than the man on the moon.

    Also, last time I checked AJ had won an OSCAR prior to playing Laura Croft.

  • Kim

    @ 21

    Re: your link that won’t allow comments:

    1. She is no longer engaged. Why say “still engaged” when you know that she just said they broke off the engagement?

    2. That photo is almost a half decade old, it was taken over three years ago..

    3. That game will loose money, she does not have an audience because her family made her a celebrity, not a fan base, her dad will loose all of his investors’ money.

  • ocsethummer

    She potrayed as superhero in the OC Atomic County for a bit:

    Whilst Rachel got the gig on the OC, she originally did not start as a major character and did not feature so in the opening credits on the show, but she started dating Adam Brody and suddenly she was included in the major cast credits and her significance in the show shifted, paricularly when Mischa Barton was not in the show. When she landed the Jumper movie, she split with Adam and started dating Hayden. Now she has a major video game and movie deal of her own and she has split from Hayden! Wonder if Doug Liman is the major director again?
    On IMDB awhile back there it was listed she was to do Existence 2.0 however that disappered.

  • Kim

    I doubt there is a video or movie, no one would invest $$$ on a nobody, again, AJ was an Oscar winner prior to being cast as that video characther.

    p.s. That drawing looks nothing like Rachel. LOL Especially in the ‘boob and leg” department!

  • ocsethummer

    My posts appear to be moderated about Existence 2:0 not sure why, can only assume its the link, but cannot see anything offensive about the link.
    Michael Bay and Paramount are set to do the film. I do not know the comic, but perhaps Rachel is set to play the daughter!

  • lol

    she was removed from the existence 2.0 project so i highly doubt it and at 29 years old in august and she looks it she is too old to play te character you know her father was suppose to be promoting the new game the company he works for just put out and spent money on not promote her people have lost their jobs for less in this town so wouldnt that be funny lol

  • Viper

    Just bc some big name director stands behind a movie doesn’t mean it will be a hit or even make money. Bay has had a few bombs, Liman isn’t doing much if anything besides he is no big deal. I’m sure she wants to be rumored linked and according to the JJ it said it’s still a rumor.

  • go rachel

    shes so great and smart she really knows what shes doing and has a great values love this girl and shes sos freaking beautiful

  • lol

    @go rachel: to go rachel youd have to be rachel to write something that stupid lmao at smart and great values lol hahahahaha ha

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!!! She’s so pathetic!! I thought her dad was a HW WRITER?? Guess that job didn’t pay the bills so now he’s going to try and help his daughter earn a few bucks so she can support herself. This video game company doesn’t produce any of the hits like Resident Evil or Tomb Rader – looks like they make stuff for Biggest Loser!! That is certainly Rachel!!!

  • jane

    Here is a quote from Rachel Bilson. She said this in an interview years ago and you can find it on her IMDB page.

    “I grew up sort of like a princess. I know that sounds awful, but I was the baby of the family. I had older brothers, so the little girl always gets everything she wants. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that if you want something bad enough, you can have it. I’ve never gone after something I didn’t get. Not yet.”

  • crazyoo

    Entertainmnent Lawyer over at CrazyDaysandNights has a post about Rachel and Hayden. He’s been talking about their fake relationship for months now.

    “The Stress of Faking it too Much- Rachel and Hayden Take a Break”

    “Wow, I pretty much said everything I wanted to say in the headline. Rachel Bilson said that she and Hayden are taking a break and have no marriage plans. She said they are going to take a month off. Please. They have never been on. It is quite possibly the fakest relationship of all time. I think the reason they are taking a break is they don’t even like each other anymore. I mean if you are going to do the fake relationship thing you need to be able to hang out and get along. If you can’t do that then no one is ever going to believe you are a couple.”

  • Bilson Freak Show

    She is the spoiled baby of the family who thinks you never have to WORK HARD for what you want. You just have to want it bad enough. I have never seen a more worthless creature in my life. Everything she is and does is pointless.

    All she wants is to be a media darling who the whole world adores. I’d say she totally failed and no one is more worthy than he is of the bottom feeding position of having to take the jobs her daddy gets for her because she can’t work for and et anything on her own.

  • @37
  • leimore

    Whoa she really is so desperate to stay in the biz though she’s extremely lacking in the talent (it speaks volume to her baloney if not 0 acting credits) & looks department (homely, shorty & dumby – icks!). What a “nerve”!!!

  • aberfitch

    Repost & Updated:

    What RATchel wants… RATchel gets?!?!

    Daddy buy/get me a producer……
    Daddy buy/get me director……
    Daddy buy/get me a TV show……
    Daddy buy/get me a movie……
    Daddy buy/get me some celebrity boyfriend……
    Daddy buy/get me some brains……
    Daddy buy/get me some class.…..
    Daddy buy/get me some fashion line……
    Daddy buy/get me a spot at any fashion magazine……
    Daddy buy/get me a HW image called fashion icon……
    Daddy buy/get me a humanitarian project that was based in Africa……
    Daddy buy/get me whatever fashion thing that I could represent as a model……
    Daddy buy/get me Hollywood……
    Daddy buy/get me the country’s love & respect……
    Daddy make them all love & worship me……
    Daddy… Daddy… Daddy pretty please, please do it now – waaah!!!

    RaTchel’s fake-fiancee…err…EX fake-fiancee got a reported new movie that he’s suppose to be in… & RaTchel feels/gets irks to be left out so she called up her daddy dearest to pull up some strings again; no matter it would turned to be a guaranteed epic-fail or a “bogus just like her recent showmance”
    Just seeing her name on the tabloid headlines do really completes her – thats all about it…

  • sterling

    Not too mention Midge(t)’s non-existing acting chops to make it at least longer in HW BUT more on her visual aspects, she really doesnt looked that great. Somewhat kind of a plain-bubble-jane & microscopic in size same goes w/ her brain.
    Actually sans out of her branded yet “freeby” outfits, blings, make-up & much esp. her “connections”, she would actually be just working as a dispatcher at the Walmart.

    I’m keen on seeing her name NEXT to follow suit what Amanda Bynes had planned/done already. Pity/sad… that AB actually dont have a “father” like Midge(t) Bilson.

  • Jumper

    Imagine the phone call between Rachel’s and Hayden’s PR teams:
    -Rachel’s team: Why do you people call off the engagement? Have a little sympathy for your peers, will ya? We are really not making any profit in here…
    -Hayden’s team: You think we’re doing better? Some go-go boy just blackmail us a 100 grand or he’ll spill his dirt for US weekly. We have to save ourselves before your ship sinks….

  • Brightside

    Thinking about the wording it says that Rachel will ‘reportedly be getting her own character in a video game’. Sounds more like they are creating a character for her rather than trying to fit her into the role of an already existing character. It’s going to be such a fail. She has a niche, that of sweetly sentimental rom-com girl (all shallow giggles and panda eyes), she’s just not hard-edged enough or beautiful enough or kick arse enough to be the sort of Lara Croft type game character. It would be like being attacked by a wet lemming. One good zombie and her character dies of fright. Or she could play the zombie… there’s a thought!

  • amaranth

    - OC got “axed” after she replaced Mischa Barton as its lead star = Failed
    - A one-time fashion career line turned out to be a “faux” same goes her being humanitarian imitating Jolie = Failed
    - Building up a fashionista image but more often than not being dragged onto fartshionista/fauxshionista category = Failed
    - Jumper’s supposed trilogy turned just a one-time hit & missed & would make her a movie actress = Failed
    - Showmancing her Jumper co-star to gain more HW fame =Failed
    - HC always being attached to her name zooms down more his B-Lister radar to a C-D Lister.
    - Sunglass Hut Style Director… duh… what… what about it?! = Failed
    Hmmm… whats more?!
    Anyways, just goes to show that anything & anyone that the name “Rachel BilTroll” would get attached into would simply turned out to be a “c-u-r-s-e-d”.


    @34 its my opinion if you dont like it get the f–k off of her thread you are the hater everyone is talking about i see your posting every few seconds as alias but guess what to bad you are stinking jealous of her n—-g

  • Brightside

    Yep, that’s her life, one failure after another. She’s even failed at faking a relationship. Her poor father must be wondering how much money he’s going to lose on this particular venture and how big a loan he’s going to have to take out.

  • sjel

    Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton were IT girls and on tons of magazine covers and fashion pages a few years ago and look where they are now.

    Young actresses who dream of stardom can learn lessons from those two. Being constantly photographed by the paparazzi does not necessarily translate into acting jobs.

    Funny reading this three years later.

  • Glam

    This girl is a loser. Plain and simple. She has to beg and guilt trip her father who is divorced from her mother to bank roll her. You know she guilt trips him for everything she wants. He’s gotten her every single job she’s ever had, what does that tell you? She doesn’t get call backs, she gets jobs because her father gets them for her. It’s really quite disgusting. She’s horrible, she should be shunned in HW. Everyone who has to actually work for a living should form a block against her. It’s really insulting. I realize her father loves her and feels responsible for getting her into this in the first place. He did suggest she get into acting when she flunked out of community college, maybe he should talk her into something that doesn’t require talent. Because she has none.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Amanda Bynes actually had some talent and personality!! Rachel would NEVER say she was leaving acting…next up she’ll probably call the paps to meet her at a OB/GYN office so we can get the pregnancy rumors going!!