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Justin Timberlake Does Dubai for Givenchy

Justin Timberlake Does Dubai for Givenchy

Justin Timberlake is white hot at the launch of the new Givenchy fragrance, Play, at the Atlantis Hotel last week in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

“Dubai really is beautiful,” the 29-year-old performed shared. “And I just want to say that UAE residents really are one of the kindest people that I’ve met. You have the best food, I love Middle Eastern food.”

10+ pictures inside of Givenchy guy Justin Timberlake

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Credit: Gulfpix; Photos: WENN
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50 Responses to “Justin Timberlake Does Dubai for Givenchy”

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  1. 26
    lol Says:

    Frankly I think the Middle East and Gulf States are DESPERATE to be Western. They are dragging everything and everyone that has a whiff of the West like JT to the east. Their own culture is not enough. I mean there’s like a ski slope in Dubai. Why not go to the alps if you’ve got the money? They are gonna build a new wing of the famous Louvre museum there as if the world needs another one…..They are trying to buy everyone and everything. It’s sad really because in reality it’s all superficial because you can’t change your culture and ways of thinking unless you want to.

  2. 27
    offtheproperty Says:

    Muslims want to take all the happy pretty white girls seen on JJ, cover them head-to-toe with canvas, keep them in the house at all times and use them to make future generations of Arab children. No more white children. And kill all white men, especially gays, and turn America into another Sharia law sh*thole. The depth of their hatred is tragically under-estimated by white Americans because we have no comparable envy.

  3. 28
    nina Says:


    Arabs are white you dummy.

    Lay off the haterade.

  4. 29
    Mark Says:


    Now wait, Dubai has seen some extremist attacks itself.
    I remember something about their University where men and women study together.
    Of course they sweep it under the rug, it would stain their plans of becoming the party central of the middle east.

    But, you know, maybe they’re really trying to evolve, but right now they just try to attract tourism.

    Hence all those crazy lavish parties with Beyoncé or Kylie or Rihanna to entertain.

  5. 30
    jamie Says:

    sorry biel, but he’s ugly

  6. 31
    yo sista Says:

    Ok first let me say: HE’S GAY!

    And second

    You’re obviously a racist pig.

  7. 32
    Zainab Says:

    @offtheproperty: You are a horrible human being.

  8. 33
    Adam Says:

    @offtheproperty: White women born 2 suck D@@@

  9. 34
    twpumpkin Says:


  10. 35
    BrAU Says:

    ugly in the coled up photo!

  11. 36
    tasha Says:

    Does this ugly stature ever do any human work or just always go to present his fugly face to get something? Have so enough of his fugly childish face!

  12. 37
    aka Says:

    I bet his ugly boyfriend Jessica Biel is somewhere there with him and getting her lips done! Timerlame as usual looks just as girly as possible. He never looks like a mature something!

  13. 38
    nina Says:

    Haters,.,you just wanna be there so bad..u wish

  14. 39
    Rattlesnake Says:

    this dude is not attractive at all, you people are easy !

  15. 40
    Heart Says:

    He’s looking still young and hot

  16. 41
    anna Says:

    Goddess he looks like a stupid narcissistic girly gay!
    He a is shame role figure for all gays around the world!
    He should be careful in Dubai gays arent allowed, he could go to jail and stay there for many years – this would be so great if even would happen. Enough of his ugliness! Something is defineltely wrong with his entities.

  17. 42
    , Says:

    He is really a fugly monkey!

    @nina, I have been there many times and I could go again If I want to! get a life, some are just honest, no need to be jealous of stupid monkey with no moral like him!

  18. 43

    @offtheproperty: The problem with your argument is the inductive fallacy of unrepresentative sample. You’ve taken a marginalized, radical group of Easterners and applied those qualities to all Easterners everywhere. Of course this is racist thinking.

    The truth of what you say insofar as it applies to that radical group is completely undone by the overt Imperialist nature of your comments. You sound like you’re stuck in the colonial 1900′s. It’s time to grow up – like, a 100 years.

    As for Timberlake – if he ever was staight – he is no more. I’m with Anna: he’s a narcissistic girly gay – which has its charm in guys who are in their early 20′s – but when you’re 29 and look like you’re 40, the charm is gone.

  19. 44
    J Says:

    Agreed he’s a racist but there’s also lack of knowlodge on your part as (americans, europeans whatever non arabs) .. there are MANY MANY MANY MANY arab christians on this earth! get it people!! I am an ARAB and a CHRISTIAN and proud! and no we are not terrorist! Im with the group of people who wishes every politician on this earth dies! theyre the reason we hate each other!

    thank you.

  20. 45
    Jason Says:


    I’m a brown person and I love modern technology and the comforts of a modern society, but I plan to out breed and make the white race extinct. I’m of a brown race that makes many babies, makes sure that my children are well educated and I will instill that they’re goal in life is to take over the creation of the white race and return manifest destiny to the brown people of the world. Your end is near.

  21. 46
    Jason Says:

    Oh and Timberlake is a big stinking phag!

  22. 47
    Francia Says:

    @offtheproperty: You’re such a loser to say that black= muslim and vice versa. Being of a religion is not directly related to you colour or your phisical appearance. And takin that french football team as an exemple for you hate against christians is just pathetic and radically what I call being an extremist..

    @Mark: I now understand what you meant, I’m not disagreeing with you at all. I’m just saying that it is his job, if Justin was aware of it he might not have accepted it (give him the benefit of the doubt). But at the end of the end if he was or not: it’s a business. Like someone said, he said it out of politeness. Doesn’t mean that I approve his ignorance and behaviour for that matter.

    That is your opinion (and mine), but what about our different gouvernments (France, USA) dealing with different dictatorial countries (such as CHina, Sri lanka, other different African Countries and etc.) for their own personal benefit when so many are diing due to a countries political views? That’s worse cause the job of our belligerants is to deal with that matter directly. By having contracts with China as France does, it is approving China’s behaviour. Justin on another hand is a public figure, who’s promoting givenchy cause he has a contract. I think you should more blame our countries for the state the world is in right now, instead of Justin. For god’s sake, he is just an artist, a different one from M.I.A, and the rest who won’t hesitate to divulgate that type of behaviour.

    “Their decadence and flashyness is pointless and ridiculous, especially in a society that treats non-rich people like second class people.” That’s everywhere man!! In USA, 60 millions people do not have a proper health assurance, even with what Obama tried to pull out cause Industrials do not want to lose that potential amount of money. Talk about that!! You do have your lot of flashyness and pointless decadence (i.e. Time Square). I don’t understand this argument even though, I understand the rest.

    You just need to be relative in your opinion, not everynthing is ugly in UEA, it’s the same for China. I dislike their gouvernment but don’t hate their country. Be relative.

  23. 48
    not racist. Says:

    Alrightie number 10. I hope you realize you’ve made yourself look like a racist jackass. You should go back to the racist hole you’ve come from and stop ranting on JustJared. For heaven sakes, i’m pretty sure Mr. Timberlake is not talking about the political OR religious turmoil.

    And next time you make a comment about “dirty black muslims” or any other group of people you should stop and think “if i said this infront of them would i get shot?” Cause I’m pretty sure if you said that in the middle of the World Cup stadium right now, you’d get a football upside your head and shoved down your dirty throat.

    Btw, UAE is a great place for vacationing was there for spring break.

    That is all :]

  24. 49
    Jessica Says:

    Okay Am An Arab & A Muslim I Hate Dubai and all the “Arabian gulf states” and i agree on what you’ve said about them. but when it comes to my country (Lebanon) we don’t judge people for their religious views,their skin color or whatever Ur talking about .. i used to live in Canada and I’ve never wanted to end modernity or Christians country has too many different religions and we all live together..we have completely different thoughts than most of the arabs have..dont judge all the arabs based on what you know about few of them !!

  25. 50
    Ahmed Almarzooqi Says:

    @Mark: what , hhhhh u no nothing about dubai

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