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Lady Gaga Covers Rolling Stone

Lady Gaga Covers Rolling Stone

Lady Gaga is locked and loaded with a gun bra on the latest cover of Rolling Stone.

Korn rocker Jonathan Davis spearheaded the idea of not using fuel sold by BP or their affiliates on concert tours this year.

Gaga, Creed and Backstreet Boys will all boycott troubled oil giant BP over the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, Larry King will host a star-studded telethon tomorrow (June 21) to benefit relief efforts for those affected by the oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Celebrity guests including Cameron Diaz, Sting, Justin Bieber and Lenny Kravitz will drop by both via satellite and on set.

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Photos: Terry Richardson
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77 Responses to “Lady Gaga Covers Rolling Stone”

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  1. 51
    road Says:

    @VICTORIA when ever you post something you just prove my point, your so easy to play with

  2. 52
    VICTORIA Says:

    @road: I love my low IQ road. With a fake name like road, who really has a low IQ? hahaha…. Doe’s anybody on this blog know when GAGA is going to release her new album? THE FAME MONSTER is still on my playlist but I really want to hear her new music. I’m loving right now the songs MONSTER, TEETH and ALEJANDRO. GAGA please release a video for Monster and Teeth!!!

  3. 53
    Alex Says:

    She isn’t supporting violence. In her Alejandro video, she shows how violence and gay-hating is wrong. All she supports is love. Yes, this is fashion. Yes, this is art. Don’t hate something just because you dont’ understand it. Grow up, people.

  4. 54
    VICTORIA Says:

    @Alex: Well Said. I agree with everything you said. GAGA has great art and style in her music videos and this is something that was missing in videos for a while now. Love your comment Alex. You are so right.

  5. 55
    Jokergurl Says:

    Gee the ability to shock must pass for talent these days. She’s trying too hard. I am neither shocked nor impressed.

  6. 56
    PeterMcnamara Says:

    Lady Gaga is just straight up nasty. I wouldn’t care if she wore provocative clothing if she was attractive but she is straight up UGLY.

  7. 57
    bigbadblackman Says:

    I also think Lady Gaga is nasty. But then again I think all white people are nasty.

  8. 58
    Annie Says:

    She’s such a stupid hypocrite.

    She says that she would never promote violence, yet almost all of her videos contain murders, blood, guns, or military imagery.

    She calls herself a feminist and claims she would never resort to ‘rolling around in the sand naked’ to promote herself yet she runs around in her underwear with her flapjacks hanging out 24/7.

    She claims she stands up for people who are different and don’t fit in, yet everything she embodies IS establishment. This whole Lady Gaga character is simply an amalgam of what has been popular before, a patchwork of people she percieves that the masses percieve as ‘iconic’.

    I absolutely cannot wait for her 15 minutes to be over.

  9. 59
    efron Says:

    @VICTORIA: GAGA pleeease go to bed!! crack a bottle, sniff a line, kill a dog and wear it on your head and call it ”art”, or i dont know, the usual stuff u do but please stop posting on blogs!! You’re not making yourself look very good.

  10. 60
    ++Logan++ Says:

    okay firstly the bra fixture thing was done by the original icon madonna, decades ago.

    secondly, lady gaga is trying way, way to hard now to be unique and weird, it isn’t shocking anymore.

    thirdly, Rolling Stones magazine has gone downhill. They put people like The Hills, Lady Gaga, Heidi Montag and The City cast on the cover. It’s just not what it used to be.

  11. 61
    wayne Says:

    she look’s horrible though

  12. 62
    ll Says:

    shes lame. donbt respect her anymore. totally madonna wannabe. at least madonna has brains and already did it witrh art

  13. 63
    ll Says:

    madonna wannabe. get a life gaga ur not relevant face it

  14. 64
    ll Says:

    copycat ,wannabe madonna alreday did this all. ur not relevant .ur worst than spice girls

  15. 65
    ll Says:

    @scared: cause she a madonna wannabe. shes a fraud

  16. 66
    yo sista Says:


    Ok first let me say, this ain’t Art.

    This is plain VULGAR.

    She looks ugly (as usual)

    Photoshop much?

  17. 67
    yo sista Says:

    @Sophie: Well except it’s NOT hers ;)

    It’s all Photoshop.

  18. 68
    ucef r jager Says:

    this cover is pure art !! love u gaga

  19. 69
    lar Says:

    We can still see your face you ugly horse.

  20. 70
    justme Says:

    why does her ass looks like it’s comming right out of a comic book XD
    no, seriously check out the picture

  21. 71
    DAISY Says:

    How people are unable to understand the concept of art is completely beyond me. There are so many comments from people saying that Gaga’s use of guns and so forth are bad because they popularise violence. But has anyone ever stopped to think that drawing attention to something doesn’t immediately equal support for that object or support for its glamorisation. As others have already mentioned, this is not Gaga’s intention at all. I’m not a so-called ‘Monster’ but it annoys me when people think that the only way a point can be delivered is through a direct message. Are we only capable of understanding that gun violence is bad when we are presented with a picture of a gun and a big red cross? Surely people are not so simple minded as to require such a blatant message?

  22. 72
    LidaConnie Says:

    Funny….I think Gaga resembles John Edwards mistress – Rielle Hunter at times. I also think the Aleandro song sounds like Madonna.

    On a sidenote…how does she walk in those crazy shoes she wears! Wonder if she ever falls?

  23. 73
    Times a tickin Says:

    @Donovan: Like BP doesn’t have the funds to clean it up, they just don’t WANT to.

  24. 74
    music will be reborn Says:

    well said Annie and @ Daisy YES WE DO NEED A BLATANT MESSAGE. the problem is most of gaga’s fans are young kids who like to dress up like her if a 6 year old sees this cover their not gonna get its real meaning
    besides nothing gaga says in interviews actually relates to her music which is why ive gone off her….if you want some one who really comments on society in a truly creative way check out JANELLE MONAE…

  25. 75
    just sayin Says:

    Her bum is *not* photoshopped:

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