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Vanessa Carlton: Bisexual and Proud of It!

Vanessa Carlton: Bisexual and Proud of It!

Vanessa Carlton proudly announced her bisexuality at the Nashville Pride Festival at Riverfront Park on Sunday (June 20) in Nashville, Tenn.

The 29-year-old singer headlined the festivities, which attracted more than 18,000 people.

Vanessa announced to the crowd, “I am a proud bisexual woman!”

Earlier this week, Anna Paquin also announced her bisexuality in a PSA for the Give a Damn campaign in support of equality.

You can follow Vanessa on Twitter @VanessaCarlton!

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  • Amelle

    This chick is irrelevant these days…

    PS. Pride is such an uplifting, inspirational amazing and fun Festival. Everyone should go at least once :) And I mean everyone <3

  • http://j ivanka


  • dollhouse

    Now…I’m all for being proud of who you are and what not but is bisexuality really even…real? I mean, just because if I were to think another girl is hot, I”m bisexual?

  • zaraaaa
  • superman

    Ok is this national coming out as Bisexual week lol.

  • Vitamin

    “Earlier this week”???

    But wasn’t Anna Paquin’s statement released months ago?

  • Jonte

    she’s alive (!)

  • Katra

    Earlier this week? Anna came out WAY longer than a week ago!

  • http://JUSTJARED LOL

    why is she even on here? she is played out. has been. one hit wonder. i think i’m going to come out tri-sexual to get attention HAHhahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    besides – she is ugly and flabby so not too many men want her. she has to go out with drunk women who can’t see her well

  • Sarah

    @dollhouse: Thinking another girl is hot – and wanting to sleep with her and/or spend the rest of your life with her, are two different things lol. ;) Faux bisexuality and faux lesbianism simply to arouse men is very annoying for females who actually are Bisexual or lesbian.

  • Donovan

    I’m Bi Sexual too…. and I also have an album coming out.

  • twpumpkin


  • Ms Anonymous

    Oh ffs lay off Vanessa, she is an amazing talent who has always written great songs, she is more than a one-hit wonder. Go Vanessa!

    LOL is just jealous, a lot of men want her.

  • Dreads

    Woah, I haven’t seen or heard about since that song of hers which dates back to what? 2002? WOW! How time flies! I liked her song then. But I have to say she’s kinda irrelevant these days. She IS a one hit wonder, like it or not. She’d better release a really good song if she wants to be taken seriously now. I don’t even remember the name of the song that made her famous back then!!!! XD Oh well, anyway, that pride thing is good. My best friend is a lesbian and she loves those fun festivals and all but I feel that some people are overplaying or rather faking the “Oh-I’m-bisexual-too” card nowadays, like it’s a trend. Be yourself, people.

  • mailey

    well. im not lesbian or bi, but vanessa is really pretty.

    and just bec she doesnt dress slutty and produce generic dance, bubblegum pop or hackeneyed R&B with stolen riffs from the 70s and 80s doesnt make her irrelevant.

  • Jasmine

    She still makes music? She’s still AROUND? She hasn’t been in the spotlight since her one song in what, 2002? Sheesh, people do anything for attention.

  • offtheproperty

    It’s a very strange thing lately that people seem to think what they do sexually is “who they are.” While not fully 180 degrees wrong, that notion is definitely at best one-quarter true.
    And I was lucky enough to see her perform at a very small outdoor thing once a few years ago and it was truly beautiful and so was she.

  • TMNox

    Oh, hey -everyone! I have an announcement, too! I, too, am bisexual. Can I get some attention too?

    Oh, brother…

  • Dieter


  • SurfingEagle

    It’s so stupid that all these country singer ladies are now coming out saying they’re bi and equating it to being gay. All they’re saying is that they like to have threesomes.

  • Marieme

    Who the hell cares! God, how lame is this!

  • kikarika

    vanessa i really like you

  • Soniaintown


  • Gladys

    Why won’t all of these nobody, has-been, irrelevant women go away and shut up. No one cares about them or their non-existent career but they are trying to make a comeback by saying something sexually edgy about themselves to drum up publicity. All of them are married to men and lying through their teeth. How come they are never with women in a relationship when they make this announcement? They are all in committed relationships with men aren’t they. Publicity stunt.

  • Jen

    I couldn’t care less for all these boring irrelevant women saying they’re Bi. There are so many MALE hotties in Hollywood who are still closeted (whether gay or Bi) that need to come out. That would make my day

  • steve85

    Someone is trying to thaw an ice cold career in the name of sexuality…This announcement is no longer shocking. Chely Wright beat you to the punch Miss Carlton. Try again. Check this out for further analysis

  • lita