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Wentworth Miller: New 'Resident Evil' Trailer!

Wentworth Miller: New 'Resident Evil' Trailer!

Wentworth Miller takes fire in this new screencap from the upcoming action thriller Resident Evil: Afterlife, opening September 10.

The 37-year-old former Prison Break star will play the brother of Ali Larter while Milla Jovovich returns as heroine Alice.

The flick is both written and directed by British director Paul W.S. Anderson. Watch the new trailer below! Are you excited for the movie to hit the big screen??

Wentworth Miller: New ‘Resident Evil’ Trailer!
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  • LanaScofield

    Can’t wait to see the movie! Wentworth Miller is so hot!!!

  • Brightside

    Cool! I was mentioning this in another post. But why all the mucking about with the release dates?

  • Italyfan

    I can’t wait to see Wentworth!!!! Great!!!

  • tulino

    he is hte best, i can’t wait to see the movie, he is # 1 hottest guy in the world, and so talented

  • Joc

    Need to update…he’s 38.

  • Sh.C.

    I’ve been waiting to see Went grow as an actor and I really hope this shows his acting skills better then the heckneyed Prison Break series did.

  • Ryan Hunter

    The trailer looks great! Can’t wait for the movie to be released.

  • wetheprosititudes

    Oh this is going to SUCK. Mary she-male sue with a lisp smokers voice is baaaaaaack and this time she’s pulling shit out of not just her ass but everyone elses.

    God that kick with the tray of knives/ shooting while falling upsidedown/sword-fighting beating bullets ( WHAT UTTER BS) unless it’s the A-team…why is it so much to ask for REALISTIC forms of attack??? I never played the games so I have no clue how asinine they are, but I have to say as a movie buff a movie like this does NOT get my REALLY HARD EARNT cash. Esspeically when the so called eye candy looks like the twin brother of it’s significant other.

  • heba

    Thanks a lot jj for the trailer :) Went looks so gorgeous in it.
    Sure I’m so excited to see the movie.I miss Went so so much since PB is finished & can’t wait till Sep.
    I hope we can see him b4 RE hits the theatre.For ex.on another episode of L&O as a guest star like last year right ?:)

  • Bel Air

    Love ya Went! This movie will rock! Miller and Milla will both be badass!!!

  • Sasha

    I could start explaining the games/books and etc to you …but it would be useles since you don’t know their names.It’s how it’s supposed to be.Alice/Mary she-male sue is infected with the T-virus,therefor she has …powers.
    And BTW Alice who is played by Milla jovovich is gorgeous!

  • Ryan Hunter

    @Sasha: Absolutely, Milla is gorgeous, both onscreen and off.

  • Sasha

    @Ryan Hunter:
    Yeah,she’s my favorite actress and she’s one hell of a model.

  • Kijuju

    @wetheprosititudes: I myself prefer the games to the films, but with that being said I do believe they have done a great job with the films! Besides, they must get plenty of hard earned cash from enough fans, this is their fourth sequel with the prospect of another being made! This film is exciting, Paul back in the directors chair, Chris Redfield to make his debut & Jill Valentine returning and the promise of adapting it more around the games.

    @Sasha: @Ryan Hunter: Love Milla, couldn’t agree more! ;-)

  • Sasha

    +Wesker!!!He’s me favorite after Rebecca and Billy :D
    Anyway yeah the movies are awesome.You should read the books their great

  • Kijuju

    Of course who could forget Wesker! lol I’ve read The Umbrella Conspiracy and Caliban Cove but i have been a little slack with the rest of the series. I did enjoy the books though and will eventually get around to reading them all! ;-)

  • Just me…

    Ooh dear…I love Wentworth so much….can’t stop missing him!
    Can’t wait to see him in 3D!!

  • Wesker

    What new trailer ? This one is since days all over the net.

  • Wesker

    Oh, i am wrong ? Under what rock you were living the last days ?
    and some for the d********
    ….. awwwwww Wentworth is soooooo cute.

  • Jambalaya



  • Just Interested

    i hear he’s going to play chris redfield :@

  • Kijuju

    @Wesker: It’s still a new trailer “d!ckhead!” Why don’t you return to the last thread and continue talking to yourself!

    @Jambalaya: and continue praising yourself!

  • Lee

    Thanks JJ for the new trailer!
    Can’t wait to see Went’s Chris Redfield!
    Hope that apart from this trailer, there are some more Went’s interviews, promoting activities and news coming!
    Miss Went so much!

  • Jambalaya


    Did they have forgotten to lock up the doors in your mental asylum ?

  • ZZZ

    Again some pic of Went its from the annual celeb snapshot contest on TMZ
    He´s got some serious hair. Think its recent for those who want to chesk it out ;)

  • Kijuju


  • x LEE

    @Kijuju: Talking to your self AGAIN! yes

  • Kijuju

    @x LEE: Making no sense AGAIN! yes

  • a sad day

    Chris Redfield is now a sissy pu$$y like Mike Scofield.LOL

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …Dude, you push him sooo hard. He’s not even the star of the movie but you’re trying to make it look that way. You haven’t even giving the real star of that film a thread yet. Damn, you go har for the strangest people.

  • Askr

    We need a thread with Milla. She is the star. She´s a bad ass Went is a softie with same look on his face in all his roles!Why did they even THINK of him as Chris !

  • Tony

    Didn´t know he was still around. Isn´t he gay? What chopstick legs LOL

  • Hunter

    @Jambalaya: You know who the fatso is, just with a new name =) This time not the asylum now he escaped from the adult´s fat camp :)

  • juju

    I wished Miller was Leon Kennedy instead.

  • hephy

    He´s too old for this sh!t So annoying how slow he is. Should have stayed on The Guiding Light.

  • Kijuju

    @Hunter: All this time and D!ckhead is STILL conversing with themself.
    @juju: @hephy: again and again and again

  • Kijuju

    @Hunter: p.s. Don’t forget to throw in a bit of @Harry Fn Potter @A Doll, @Icy, yadda yadda yadda

  • miskusi


    You are an idiot. You complete piece of sh!t.

  • Kijuju

    @miskusi: Love the new choice of name D!ckhead. mmm what about @Gold @Karma want me to throw out some more?

  • miskusi

    @Kijuju: I´m good. But you should really loose the gimp mask you look ridiculous!

  • Kijuju

    @miskusi: Whats that D!ckhead or would you prefer I called you @horned puffin @zapp @granada should I throw out some more?

  • YaddaYadda


    Would you prefer to be called Ryan Hunter ? or continue Kijuju ? or …..

  • Kijuju

    @YaddaYadda: Call me whatever you like, you’ll never get it right d!ckhead or should I say @calcal @Brit los angeles @XX should I throw out some more?

  • hmmm

    @Kijuju: sounds like you´re invalid. Time for meds? you want to sort all the names in alphabetical order before you take your nap.

  • Kijuju

    @hmmm: You’re slowing down d!ckhead or should I say @Kernel Sanders @Witch @vuelvo should I throw out some more?

  • Mariana de Souza

    Oh I’m so excited to watch this movie. I already know the work of Milla and Wentworth and I know they are great actors. The film has an interesting story with lots of action. Certainly hold the public attention. Re1…2…3. and now..RE4! September 10…Thanks again JJ.

  • Ana

    @Mariana de Souza: yes and hopefully 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 and prison break 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 !

  • Thelma

    Can´t take much more from that repetitive r*tard Kijuju. Sorry but who the hell remembers all the fukcing names people use.This must be some sort of obsession.Will it next be names from phonebook as well? This is not healthy. Please think of the others one here.

  • YaddaYadda


    Ryan, Ryan … ( shake my head ) bad day ?


    I think you are right. ;) Leave him alone. Ryan has a huge problem.



  • Kijuju

    @Thelma: @YaddaYadda: Still got no friends yet I see, keep chatting to yourself d!ckhead, or should I say @Canela Bonita @Hep H @Norma´s worm should I throw out some more?