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Angelina Jolie: New World Refugee Day Video!

Angelina Jolie: New World Refugee Day Video!

Check out the latest video message from UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina Jolie, which was recorded at the Amazon Basin in South America.

WATCH: Angie’s First 2010 World Refugee Day Video

The 35-year-old is bringing awareness to World Refugee Day 2010 (June 20), which hopes to bring protection to refugees, especially women and unaccompanied minors. The below video is a female refugee sharing her experience with Angie. Check it out!

Angelina Jolie: New World Refugee Day Video!
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# 1

LOVE this women!

# 2

Angie, you’re doing a great job and we love you. God bless you.

# 3

Love this woman!!!!!!!!

# 4

Those who give receive greater blessings from God. Don’t let the evil and jealous haters distract you. You’re doing a fantastic job.
Let me get a few posts out before Anuston freaks crawl out from their rats infested holes.

# 5
Cristobal @ 06/21/2010 at 1:29 am

I love everything she and her Brad does and what they stand for in this world.

# 6

I hope she writes another book like the Notes from my Travel.
I don’t think the bookstores here in Manila carry the Notes From My Travel.. : (

# 7
MuchBlessings @ 06/21/2010 at 1:36 am

God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

# 8

love her so much

# 9

Angie is so beautiful inside and out. You can see she’s a very warm and affectionate person. How can you not love her. She is approachable, kind and loving, not the snubbish type. I love her even more after watching this video. Her heart is in the right place and she is genuine. If it is within her right to fix everything for everyone, she would want to make it right for everyone. God, pls protect her. There are not many like her.

S. Michelle @ 06/21/2010 at 2:01 am

Jolie is annoying. The majority of people see right through her. She’s controlling, she knows how to play the media. It is obvious that Maddox is her favorite child and he seems annoying and spoiled. It seems like she does not want Shiloh to outshine Zahara, so she seems to downplay Shiloh by dressing her sloppily with messy hair. Pax seems like he bothers Jolie. I wonder how she would
feel if her twins, Knox and Vivienne, in about 20 years pull a brother/sister kiss like she and her brother, James, did at that awards show a few years ago. My favorite kids are Shiloh and Pax. As for Pitt, poor ******* looks miserable, but it is obvious he is the better parent. And the older and skinnier Jolie gets, the uglier she looks. Imagine when all the kids are teenagers, Pitt and Jolie are clueless to what they face. All children need and want is attention and love from their parents/guardians, Pitt provides it to the best of his ability, however, with so many children it takes two parents (not nannies), and Jolie does not provide that love and attention to her kids. She is self centered and crazier than a **** house rat.

Theory: her tattoo comprised of the coordinates of her childrens’ births is covered up with a band-aid because they’ve adopted another child and it has yet to be announced.

ykw aka Evelyn @ 06/21/2010 at 2:03 am

Such a wonderful and caring person.

I dunno, I was sort of indifferent towards Angelina but I’m really liking her now

That was really cute when Ms. Jolie said that when she has her next baby that she may come to the woman in the video for the birth because the woman is a mid-wife and the woman said no no I’ll come to you and they both laughed. So it must be true that Ms. Jolie and Brad Pitt are thinking about having another biological child in the future.

@Lauren: GOOD POINT. I was wondering why Ms. Jolie had part of her arm tattoo covered up. I heard rumors that they did adopt african little girl.

dianad1968 @ 06/21/2010 at 2:11 am

@S. Michelle:


I don’t know where the h*ll in the world you are, but it’s either TOO late or TOO early for your BS. Get a man/woman/dog to satisfy your obvious s*xual frustration, just get a freaking life, and leave Angie to live her’s. I guarantee you its 1000x MORE productive than yours. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s getting loads of s*x from her man Mr.Pitt. It sucks to be you, doesn’t it? B*TCH!!

Her tattoos are not covered. It’s just a fuzzy picture.

dianad1968 @ 06/21/2010 at 2:18 am

I see the idiots are out in full force. D*mn do you wait with bated breath until Jared puts up a thread about the JPs? I am clearly seeing the coordinates for her children on her arm. I suppose the tab interns are here trying to get another “fantasy” going for the next weeks rag. I have to give you all credit for persistence. Even when you’re drowning in your lies, you go down with hands flailing. LOL.

Angelina Jolie offers so much more than the regular Hollywood actors. She leaves the tinsel and glitter behind to get real and make us all aware of the greater world out there and how we can help. This is a wonderful effort that should be supported.

Passing Through @ 06/21/2010 at 2:20 am

# 10 S. Michelle @ 06/21/2010 at 2:01 am
If Angie annoys you so much then WTF are you doing here? Oh yeah, I forgot – it’s because she owns your stupid, name-changing ass.

It’s a band-aid, watch the way the light hits it in the video. And her other tattoo on her inner forearm is visible, why would one be blurry and the other not be?

dianad1968 @ 06/21/2010 at 2:26 am




It’s good what she’s doing but she seriously needs to eat

African Girl @ 06/21/2010 at 2:32 am

AJ is truly an exceptional woman.

@dianad1968: You need to calm down because you are starting to sound like the Jennifer (DUMBASS) Anniston fans who need to take the purple pill. Lauren may be right about the bandaid on Ms. Jolie arm to cover up a new tattoo and no I’m not a tab intern. There is a rumor that they are getting ready to adopt again. RUMOR. I’m the biggest Angelina Jolie supporter and I don’t like to be attacked from one because that makes you look stupid. You may have egg on your face, if it is true. So calm the FCK DOWN!!!!!

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