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Charice: Glee's Newest Star!

Charice: Glee's Newest Star!

Charice will, after all, guest star on the second season of Glee!

EW reports the 18-year-old singing superstar will play a “foreign exchange student whose killer vocals get Rachel (Lea Michele) contemplating murder.”

Charice confirmed, “It’s official. I’m on Glee (next season) but story behind it. When the rumor came out, it wasn’t true. But then after that, I tried to audition. And I made it!!! Let’s party!!!!”

Earlier this month, Charice was rumored to join the hit FOX series but she herself shot down the news via Twitter. “I just want to let you all know, that it’s not true that I’m going to be on Glee,” she said.

Well, now it’s true! Be Glee-ful!!!

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  • Eric Shinn

    Please tell me she will wash her hair before she does her scenes – it’s been so greasy recently!!!!

  • WebScribes

    Charice is perfect for that role and the Glee cast will have a ball with her. Charice has a great personality and the camera loves her her facial expressions and clear skin. And yes, Charice definitely has the killer vocals!

  • SingsLykanAngel

    @Eric Shinn: @Eric Shinn: she will surely wash her hair, hope you use mouthwash before you speak.

  • Trent

    OMG! I am soooooo excited! I LOVE CHARICE. She has the Best vocals in this generation! Very versatile artist too who can sing ballads to pop rnb, she can even rap and beatbox. WHOOT! Show em what you can do girl!

  • maria

    LOL to above……may posters learn to think before posting…….FYI Asians wash their hair everyday…….never have I seen her hair greasy…..maybe wet w/ perspiration or from hairspray/gel but never greasy from not washing. Peace man…..

  • Loui

    Hmmm…I’m in the U.k and I’ve never heard of this girl before but just searched for her and her vocals are quite nasal but has a fairly good register so maybe, we’ll see.

  • Chels

    ZOMG Rachel is gonna get served.

  • cool

    @maria: lol to you too! better to know her well.,

  • zeidrich

    this is so cool…. charice is an awesomes singer

  • Joanne

    If you HAVE NO IDEA who she is. here she was last week performing with David Foster.
    she can outsing the current whitney houston

  • anon

    goodluck on her engrish. ;)

  • anon



  • Jen

    This is a little OT but it’s about Glee. The girl who plays Mercedes, saw her on JRoss — he asked her to sing on the spot and her voice omgosh! BLEW ME AWAY!!! Stunning, gorgeous rich yet soft tone! FLOORED. Lea Michele is talented but this girl is amazing! And so sweet too. Really beautiful voice.

  • Truth


    !st off She’s not Japanese …Engrish is associated with Japanese specifically the statement: All Your BASES Belongs to US.

    2nd She’s from the FORMER commonwealth STATE of the UNITED STATES…MORE IMPORTANTLY the CAPITAL of the US COMMONWEALTH STATE OF the PACIFIC until 1946 which inciudes Guam, Saipan, HAWAII (Before it become a state in 1954), American Samoa, Marshall Islands to name the few.

    3rd ITS One of the only 2 fully FLUENT Nation in ASIA when it comes to English (India is the 3rd but that’s in South Asia) namely Singapore who speaks British ENGLISH and Philippines who speaks American English…CAPISH?

  • chakyun

    @ anon @ SingsLykanAngel She will play an exchange student, so being fluent in english is out of the question especially if they will memorize the line and rehearse it. And please don´t judge someone by their looks. I cannot say those permanent cast in Glee are all beautiful and have all nice and groom hair. Charice will be a good asset in Glee. She is becoming popular by the day not only in the US and Canada but also in Europe, Brazil, Middle East, China and Asia. Her talent cannot be denied.

  • Angela

    @Jen: True that about Mercedes. I don’t get all the love for Lea Michele, she’s just an OK singer IMO. Mercedes/Amber Riley– now THAT’s a fantastic singer. Would love a Mercedes and Charice sing off! Those girls would kill!

  • broadway10

    I heard Charice many times and she truly has the voice. But she doesn’t have the poise and her English accent is too contrived. She also doesn’t know Broadway, and her musical influences are tacky and generic. I can’t root for her in Glee, she’s better in American Idol.

  • http://ammb46 annmarie

    This is fantastic! I’m sure the cast will love her. She’s is genuinely sweet, kind and nice. Find out more about her here:
    You will love her!!!!

  • Glenn

    Guys — her English accent is irrelevant since Charice will be playing a foreign exchange student so her accent is part of her role.

  • old lady

    Happy for her. It’s time her talent is recognized. She’s David Foster’s protege.

  • Bryony

    Yes! Charice is an amazing singer.

  • nikki

    Don’t worry guys, Charice is a very good person, very down-to-earth and easy to get along with. She is sweet and humorous. She can sing, she can dance and she can act. You will love her…she will be an added spice on Glee and it is a good thing. In this kind of show there will always be freshmen and seniors need to graduate. The producer of the show knows better. If you don’t like it produce your own show. So, let us just watch and enjoy. They picked this girl because she has something to show-off and she can deliver and that’s what they need. New faces and more viewers

  • Surfsup44hfy

    Hey Anon,

    Ever heard a “foreign student “coming here with perfect American diction and accent with a Southern Twang or a Western drawl? You must be a dumb dude.

  • http://moncadatarlac joel

    Wow amazing news. it will make the series all the more exciting. Very talented singer. She can outsing any divas out there. well- deserved.

  • kikay

    charice is a filipina and THE PHILIPPINE IS known to be good in speaking english …HER VOICE is no question… i guess she is doing all the necessary workshop and all those kinda things to get her ready on her appearance on GLEE….GOOD LUCK CHARICE…. GO GO GO PHILIPPINES….

  • han

    For all the people who is judging her.. Find out about her and let her kind spirit be with you. She has the voice that’s a fact. You cannot please everybody but try to be human in the real sense. This girl is just living her dream. She didn’t even think about it, it’s just coming on her way. A humble beginning with a pure soul that’s what she is made from. Let’s just see what she could do but one thing for sure SHE IS THE BEST SINGER we have right…not only in USA but in the whole world. Go girl….To the producer of Glee i hope there will be a showdown scene that would be awesome hehehe… peace

  • buyukanrea

    @Loui: you don’t know her? unless you dont have tv and internet. dude, the whole world knows her

  • cora

    Charice is a from Philppines! Filipinos have good English and very warm people. She wouldn’t be where she is right now if she’s not good! She will shine, trust me! But that doesn’t mean it will threaten Rachel, cause Charice is different and they two have their own distinct identity. Go Charice! make us proud, girl! love yah!

  • julia

    @Loui – quite nasal? I advise you clean your ear first to unplug the gooey. lol

  • Styles

    Live performance by Charice – NO AUTO-TUNE or PLAYBACK !

    Listen and be amazed !

    3 song medley – Lady Gaga, Miley and MJ

    Pyramid Remix (Power Vocals with 16 bar rap)

  • Styles

    Live Concert Performance – Houston

    Listen and be amazed !

    3 song medley – Lady Gaga, Miley and MJ

    Pyramid Remix (Power Vocals with 16 bar rap)

  • mae


  • Dee

    That’s cool. She has an amazing voice I can’t wait to see her next season!

  • hoy-pinoy-ako

    Congrats Charice! I can’t wait to see you on Glee! I hope Glee will also invite current JOURNEY singer ARNEL PINEDA to their show since they are always singing JOURNEY’S hit DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’. It would be would be a treat to see ARNEL PINEDA sing with GLEE doing DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ and FAITHFULLY :) proud to be pinoy!

    Here’s Journey’s version of DSB

    Watch out also for another mega talented pinoy, Jovit Baldivino. He has great pipes!

  • Maria

    WOW! When Queen Oprah has your back you certainly win the lottery. Charice will be the first Filipino ever to break into a very popular American TV show and that says alot! Congrats to her. She is talented and well deserving.

  • melissa

    yay! she’s a real sweetie and so talented, i look forward to watching her on glee

  • Mav
  • Ben

    Glee doesn’t deserve Charice. She’s a league of her own..musically, vocally and professionaly…is way more accomplished than all these Glee kiddos in terms of showbiz career…. so to those who belittles her ability (because she’s small and not American) you have to be thankful that an exceptional singer is joining Glee… Glee will have a world-wide viewership because of her….

  • moira

    i’m excited to see her on glee. she’s very talented. looks is not an issue here since the glee cast are not that good looking either haha

  • musiclover99

    The girl is incredibly talented! Watch this…

  • lala

    its GLEE, a musical show, it be sad if they added someone who cant sing. so im excited to find that they’ve added a very good singer. btw, she’s an exchange student so having an accent is a must and it will add credibility to the character. im really excited because it said that “rachel contemplating murder”, hmm….

  • Kren

    Really? charice? No offense to her, she is a great singer and all but Glee is not her place. I really wish RM will change their minds. I love Glee and especially Lea the way they are. Im afraid they would loose focus on the main characters which are now not yet develop. And the cast are already perfect the way they made it. Adding more recurring star like her, not so much for me. But this is Glee after all, I’m sure it will be interesting.

  • Resonance

    TO ALL CHARICE FANS and Chasters:

    We should all be proud and inspired by WHAT Charice has ACCOMPLISHED…NOT WHO she is. She CAN NOT change the fact that she is FILIPINO, but she can change WHAT she wants to achieve in LIFE.

    Also, MOST of her fans are actually NOT FILIPINO. In fact, sadly and ironically, most of the Charice HATERS are FILIPINO. So please, don’t say “filipino pride, proud to be filipino, etc.” It does NOT help Charice and only hurts her image. Keep that to yourself.

    Charice is where she is today NOT because she is Filipino but because of the perseverance and hard work that she has endured. Be PROUD of Charice for what she has accomplished NOT the fact that she is Filipino.

  • ladiesman

    all i can say is that girl is a BEAST! ! !

  • Egwene

    I’m not sure if I should be happy or worried. I’m really excited for Charice and she does have a great voice. But I’m also worried the flow of the storyline might suffer because they might end up adding too many new characters.

    Ah, what the hell. Good luck to everyone on Glee!

  • villedeville

    Resonance @ 06/22/2010 at 2:01 am

    Also, MOST of her fans are actually NOT FILIPINO. In fact, sadly and ironically, most of the Charice HATERS are FILIPINO.

    You’re so right, Resonance. Even now with her international recognition, most Filipinos, even in the Philippines, are indifferent to her success. Filipinos idolize singers and movie stars with Western looks and heights even if they have mediocre talents. It is not a mystery that some of the best selling beauty products in the Philippines are skin whitening soaps and lotions.

  • Fly N Dance

    yeah Glee is lucky to have Charice on their show. she’s very talented.

    she can sing any type of song from diva – i have nothing to opera – the prayer to rnb – pyramid to power ballad – listen to remix and to pop – baby with luda rap. now, who other singers can do that?

  • lynda

    most cast and guests of glee have broadway class. charice doesn’t. she has the vocal chords. but she has bad taste and trying hard american accent. glee audience will shift from broadway fans to tacky pop.

  • lis

    Lea salonga should play charice’s mom, and the mother-daughter will duke it out with Lea Michelle and Idina Menzel mother-daughter :D that would be EPIC


    OMG!!! i love charice sooo much!!!!
    can’t wait to see her on GLEE together with Amber and Lea!!!
    i hope she will have a duet with Kurt!!!!
    FILIPINAS are so hot!!!!