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Elisabetta Canalis on LEVERAGE -- How Did She Do?

Elisabetta Canalis on LEVERAGE -- How Did She Do?

Elisabetta Canalis, aka George Clooney‘s girlfriend, made her American TV debut on TNT’s hit series Leverage last night (June 20).

The 31-year-old Italian TV personality played “The Italian,” an intriguing woman who tempts Timothy Hutton‘s character, Nate. Elisabetta will star in four more episodes of the show’s third season this summer.

Leverage follows a gang of con artists who exact revenge against those who use power and wealth to victimize people.

DID YOU WATCH Elisabetta on Leverage? How did she do??

Preview of Elisabetta Canalis on “Leverage”
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  • http://hotmailaustralia Elaine

    Well I think she did very well, and she is very attractive.

  • Josie

    LOL! she sucked! that was embarrassing to watch! i cringed the whole time. she should stick to her day job; being clooney’s girlfriend.

  • kim

    that’s a dude right? seriously.

  • Sarah

    Well, she is HOT,very attractive;;;;;;;;;;;;
    but CAN’T ACT AT ALL!
    she should really work on her english as well;

  • kitkat

    It’s true…she looks like a men!
    She only got the job because of Clooney… She’s definitely a bad actress.

  • the truth

    She did a great job on there.Can’t wait to see her again!

  • anonymous

    She was horrible! That’s some of the worst acting I’ve ever witnessed. Ugh.

  • SunnyDaze

    From what I have read, the Leverage fans seem to be OK with her performance. But if you are a Leverage fan then you have a high tolerance for bad acting.

    I think Elisabetta was trying but she was not very good at all. I am sure George Clooney thinks he is helping her by getting her these roles but I think he gave her enough rope to hang herself. He should send her to acting school and get her a dialogue coach or he will use up all his good will in Hollywood by calling in favors for her.

    His show Memphis Beat is on TNT, too, so there is obviously some tit-for-tat going on, which is perfect for Canalis since she is known for both.

  • Helen

    Much much better than some “actresses” like Jessica Alba or Jessica Simpson etc. Good job!

  • Luiza

    Terrible actress.

  • my3cents

    She’s attractive but she was too stiff.
    Not convincing.

  • anonymous

    The vast majority of comments from Leverage fans on other sites are of the general consensus that she was horrible and is ruining the show for them. It’s pretty obvious that Canalis’s people are posting here.

  • anonymous

    I don’t think she’s attractive at all. She’s wearing piles of makeup and looks like a transvestite.

  • Brad Pity

    Hahahaha! God that was funny! George buddy, she should be on Saturday Night next! Great comedic actress. Loved the way she spoofed the bad ass criminal woman by looking absolutely terrified as she delivered her ridiculous lines threatening Tim’s character. Hilarious! What Angi? She was supposed to be a real bad ass and not look scared and sound stupid? She wasn’t being funny? Really? Oh Crap. Uh…George…uh…better luck next time!

  • marissa

    man she was horrible.

    maybe george should invested in some acting classes for her? just a thought

  • anonymous

    She is not new to trying to be an actress. She’s been trying in Italy for years. She just lacks talent, and acting classes can’t fix that.



  • LOL

    Man, I think I lost i.q. points just watching that.

  • Mindy

    As a fan of “Leverage,” I’m sort of used to sub-par acting from guest stars, but she was definitely one of the worst. I’m not sure if it’s because of her heavy accent or if she’s just not very good. Also, I just assumed she was pretty because she dates George Clooney, but she looks kind of horse-y. :/

  • [marie]

    I kinda want my minute and forty six seconds back Jared…

    She was stiff, hard to understand and lame.. I’m sure her A-List overrated boyfriend had nothing to do with her getting this part..

  • NonBeliever

    I’ve seen turtles show more emotion. All those takes and that’s the best they could splice together?

    It’s obvious she’s better at giving blow jobs than she is at acting. Keep your day job! The Georgie Train ride won’t last much longer.


    In her first scene shew was fantastic. It was scene where she flicked a lighter to expose her face.

    She was believable menacing. Then I left.

    The scene above is not so good. Too much smiling. She is obviously new to can. However, when she as still and serious, she was very good.

  • observer

    Now I know where I’ve seen that chin before. On Kirk Douglas. Very tranny looking chic.

  • susan

    Hahaha! OMG! That was funny. She is so bad. What weird facial expressions. It’s like she’s so afraid of changing her expression for fear of looking bad.

  • Brightside

    I think she’s coming from the Arnold Schwarzenegger school of acting. Dead pan face, stilted delivery.

  • Eric

    She was awful! She looks like a man and she can’t act! I just… can’t watch Leverage anymore!

  • Cora

    Oh dear God that was awful. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Canalis is going to be a complete laughing stock in Hollywood now. She’ll never live this down. Her U.S. acting career just died before it ever got off the ground.

  • Andy

    None of the women on that show can act. None of he men on that show can act.

    Tim Hutton Is the ONLY actor

    She was fine. It’s a caper Dramedy, so be it, it’s not Shakespeare.

    I didn’t know it was her in her first scene as she was good at first.

    I hope she had fun and is enjoying America and it’s opportunities. Lucky girl. Welcome to The US. Hope Clooney finally marress one of these poor girls.

    Stop being such envious hardassses, it’s only cable.

  • Marissa

    Youhave to see the entire show and no the series.

    She was good. The clip is stupid.

  • WHOAAAAA Freaks!

    It’s obvious that someone, Aaron Larson? is online, and is posting hate.

    or, are so many women just pea green with envy about her life?

    Nothing else makes sense. NO ONE would click a negative rating because someone liked her, UNLESS……..

  • WHOAAAAA Freaks!

    It’s obvious that someone, Aaron Larson? is online, and is posting hate.

    or, are so many women just pea green with envy about her life?

    Nothing else makes sense. NO ONE would click a negative rating because someone liked her, UNLESS……..


    Crap. Now I have to apologize for Batman and wrecking Leverage. Sorry Leverage fans, but how was I to know? She’s a great little actress in the sack.

  • http://justjared bored

    Wow she was bad! With all the hype about her and the co-stars talking her up in interviews (as the Clooney gf question always came up), I thought she would be ok, not Streep quality but Bold and the Beautiful acting quality. But she was horrible. She spoke her lines without any emotion. She speaks reasonable English – she should have been able to inset the appropriate facial response to her lines but she was wooden. The Arnie school of acting comment earlier was on the money. There was nothing believable about her and she seemed so stilled in both her movements and her responses to Hutton. It wasn’t a smooth conversation at the bar. It seemed to be that Hutton would say his line then she stopped to remember that she had to speak, remember the line then say it.
    Leverage got the coverage and attention that they wanted from hiring her – unfortunately a lot of the comments about her performance are not positive. Considering how much she was touted, you would like the show would have got her an acting coach so she won’t seem so out of her depth. Or was that George’s job and he was happy for her to make a fool out of herself.
    For the producers –in her script for the next appearance, note what facial expression you want her to have when she says the line. Then she might a snowball chance in hell of looking like she knows what she was doing. Actress – not likely.

  • observer

    I don’t think an acting coach would help. She’s been trying to be an actress for ten years in Italy. If she had talent, it would show by now. You don’t have to be fluent in a language to act.

  • Sophie

    Agree with Brad Pity. She looked scared in the scene where she’s threatening Tim Hutton’s character. And as someone on celebitchy brought out, she paused in all the wrong places, and paused too much, like she couldn’t remember her lines. I will admit though that the lines they gave her were laughable, and we’ve been watching Leverage since it first came on. Still, she can’t act, and she’s too old to get it now. If she had any acting talent it would be obvious by now. Also, don’t think her accent was the problem, her voice is weird. Also, in one scene it sounded like she had to do a voiceover and it sounded strange, didn’t match.

  • http://justjared laugter

    Joan Rivers would have been more believable in this role!

  • innocent bystander

    NonBeliever, your turtle comment has me cracking up. I think a turtle would have done a better job.

  • http://justjared bored

    I’m disappointed in her lack of talent. I thought she would be better considering all the acting practice she gets. She has been dating Clooney for almost a year now – she must have faking it down to an artform by now. :)

  • Wendy

    Epic fail! I felt bad for Timothy Hutton, as he seemed to be trying hard to hold the scene together.

  • her g

    agree with Brad Pity she does look afraid while she should be bad ass
    what kind of mind this girl have
    better have acting lesson

  • really

    she looks 51, and must she look like a transexual……. really do something to that manly neck!

    I like Timmy, Mr. Hutton holds the show, cute funny show.

  • GPS

    The clip above is just painful to watch. Poor Timothy Hutton! That must have been pure torture for him having to work with such a non-entity.

  • Daddy Boy

    How ironic is it that she probably gives “great” blow jobs due to her STRONG man JAWS., but sucks at acting?!? LMAO

  • Bye Eli

    ^^^^ROTFLMAO @ Daddy boy! So, true. I’m sure she gives George’s dick a heavy lockdown with those jaws. Talk about having the jaws of death! She looks like a tranny for sure. lol

    Well, maybe now that she knows she sucks at acting, George will ship her ass back to Italy for good! Let’s hope.

  • kim

    I liked it, I’m curious to see the other episodes … good Ely..!!

  • her g

    i saw the whole clip l its not good but not that bad she can work her self she will be better

  • squaraus

    Definitely a bad performance. She tried everything to catch the movie showbiz before dating Clooney. One of her best dates is Gabriele Muccino, but it went bad.
    Now you can see by your eyes how good this woman is, and why people just yell against her. She said she has a good english, but I don’t think so, as you can hear. I now people that went to school with her and they say she was totally a mess not only in english, of course.
    You know, that’s what happens to this kind of girls who bet everything on their body and their appearance and nothing else: when their stupid career ends, they just put themselves in wait for a chicken that can sponsor them in job in which they’re not good, but they can earn a lot of money. The actual chicken is Clooney and the job is acting.
    So Americans: come to an end and decide if she is a STAR on not.

  • JOHN

    GOOD for OSCAR – YES

  • Emily

    Oh-my-god, she sucks! She’s so bad and the whole thing is kinda funny and ridiculous.. dear god.. never seen such a bad actress, and what about the accent? Ahahah!
    Horse face strikes again.

  • feel

    Is she usually fake??? Because in these scenes now I understand why you say she looks like a man. By the way Im not an actress but I think she should try changing her facial expressions and the look in her eyes