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Gerard Butler: Harley Davidson Dude

Gerard Butler: Harley Davidson Dude

Gerard Butler hops onto his Harley Davidson motorcylce and rides off with a few friends on Saturday afternoon (June 19) in Glendale, Calif.

On July 8, the 40-year-old Scottish hunk will be in Melvindale, Michigan to shoot his new movie, Machine Gun Preacher. One location will be Jake’s Crossroads Bar, 2704 Oakwood Blvd.

Synopsis: The story of Sam Childers (Butler), a former drug-dealing biker tough guy who found God and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who’ve been forced to become soldiers.

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  • hmmmm

    Not sure if this is a good look for Gerry. Hope he can pull off this movie.

  • goofy

    He looks more goofy than Harley Davidson biker dude.

  • Dance In The Dark

    He looks like my Dad on that Harley, and my Dad rides it because he’s having a mid life crisis …

  • Serena


  • suede

    Been sleeping with any young Lolitas lately, GerryBerryPedoBear?

  • MGP

    I bet Gerry thinks that the MGP role will get him some award nominations, maybe even an Oscar nom. God I hope that doesn’t happen because Butler is NOT a good actor even though he thinks he is.

  • Oreverso

    The middle-life crisis has started. You’ll never be young again, Gerry. You are edging closer to the grave every day. Just accept it.

  • Simply Hopeful

    I don’t mind the scowl (he still looks handsome) but it’s nice to see him look happy for a change!
    Waves to regs!

  • JeremyLondons-nice-kidnapper

    @orevso. plz don’t be harsh. A midlife crisis often begins when a man finds a white p┬Ábic hair when looking in the mirror.. You should know that It is very traumatizing for a man. My mother said my dad cried himself to sleep when he found 4 white strands. very sad.

  • Mellifera

    Well I think he looks friggin’ HOT (oooh, something about a man on a bike, rrrrrawwwwrrr!!)

    Gerry haters can feck off!!!!!!!!!!!! *pokes tongue out*

    Hi Simply Hopeful :-)

  • sukar

    He actually looks nice here and people 40 is not middle aged for god’s sake!

  • Sharon

    well He looks good on it, and i think its nice that he do waht he like
    an hows care why he ride ?
    i hope he happy :)

  • Oreverso

    @JeremyLondons-nice-kidnapper: lol I just spurted my drink – I like your ID. Got some free crack,(pretty please)?

  • Oreverso

    @sukar: You are right he’s slightly older than middle age. Life expectancy for a Scotsman because of bad genes, alcoholism and bad diet is 70 (rest of the UK male population is 79) so turning 40 is the beginning of the end for him.

  • Oreverso

    @MGP: He’ll flop in this like he flopped in a Law Abiding Citizen. It’ll be funny seeing him butcher the local accent as well.

  • Simply Hopeful

    @Mellifera: Hi Mellifera!
    He does look good on the bike, not so sure about the half helmet (not my fav) but again, at least he is having fun for a change and enjoying his “homework” for MGP!

  • Mellifera

    @Simply Hopeful: As long as that smiling face is showing, I don’t mind the helmet (however I do agree that they are not as safe – Bad Gerry!

    I am turning into a rabid gusher – he’s been pretty dreamy these last couple of days.

    (Did I just say “dreamy”? Oh dear…Phanni-fication has begun!!! Help me JJers!!)

  • Mellifera

    @Sharon: Excellent post Sharon, I agree.

  • South Park

    Does anyone remember the episode from South Park where Harley riders are f-a-g-s?

  • Oreverso
  • long time lurker


    According to the Office of National Statistics in the UK, life expectancy from birth for males is 77.7 years in England, 76.9 in Wales, 76.3 in Northern Ireland and 75.0 in Scotland – definitely not the 9 year difference you suggested.

  • long time lurker

    That should be Office for National Statistics

  • Kulu

    Midlife Crisis? His whole life was a Midlife Crisis so far and it will never stop.
    I think he is just in training for MGP.

  • Now Then

    @long time lurker:

    Things must be really slow in Gerrywood when peeps are checking out national statistics for his life expectancy LMAO

  • long time lurker

    @Now Then

    Too true. I admit to being a bit pedantic when I see incorrect statistics quoted. Had to check my facts though :-))

  • Merlin

    * * *
    What you’re talking about, lots of elderly people in Scotland… If Gerard sometimes looks older than he is it’s because he can’t stay a whole night at home, he’s tired all the time. Rest Gerry, rest… life is beautiful anyway!
    Like him on a motorcycle but he seems definitively out of place riding it… Hope he’s training seriously for MGP.. ;-)
    * * *
    *casts a terrible spell on GB hater and waves to the regs*

  • long time lurker


    Perhaps this IS is training for MGP :-))

    Hope the weather’s as good with you today as it is here

  • long time lurker

    Doh – that should be “is HIS training”. The h key on this keyboard is sticky :-))

  • http://justjared lolita

    He looks good and he looks like he is enjoying himself. Let the man have some down time without being torn apart.

  • daffodil

    I love Gerry But Marlon Brando he is NOT!!!!!

  • http://justjared lolita

    Just curious, is that the special bike they made for him for the movie?

  • susan

    What a sausage fest.

  • nek

    He’s a lot better than Clooney and without wh.res with him!

  • nek

    he’s a lot better than Clooney and without wor.hes with him!

  • hmmm

    Gerry, with an old and wornout face like yours I would recommend to waer a helmet with visor to spare us this fugly sight

  • *eyeroll*

    Call me crazy, but I don’t actually think it is his bike. I think it’s completely training/practice for MGP. I do think he looks good. I want to reach out and straighten that helmet though.

  • Nuts

    Yes. I think it’s practice. The other riders are watching him closely. I’m sure, with insurance concerns, they wouldn’t want him out trying things by himself.

    And, I think midlife crisis is fueling some of his behavior since last fall. He needs to relax and have a quiet time–even with all those voices screaming in his head.

    Good a.m. everyone–and nice to see Gerry looking a bit happier in photos. I think getting back to work will be therapy for him. It will fill his head with things other than partying and self-doubt.

  • gossiphound

    @South Park: I dare the guys from South Park to go to Sturgis and say that or any of the other big biker rallies – like riding a Honda is macho?

  • Lisa D.

    This isn’t the bike for MGP; I’m sure this is his bike. What boy doesn’t dream of riding a Harley in Los Angeles? LOL He’s earned this. Also, he has to practice so in the film he doesn’t have to pretend to know what he’s doing. Gerry does his own everything in films, and this shows his dedication to his job.

  • gossiphound

    I believe he has his own Harley and the special bikes were just delivered to Michigan, according to the Machine Gun Preacher Facebook.

    PS The guy who was hosting the Sturgis thing was actually cast in Machine Gun Preacher, Brett Wagner. They get about 75,000 people out apparently.

  • QQQQ

    So now he wants to be a biker; I thought we had gotten rid of this douche, but unfortunately not!

  • The Doctor Is In

    That helmet is actually too big for his head (which is rather ironic when you think about his narcissism).

  • gossiphound

    @QQQQ: Newsflash he is just about to start filming a movie about a biker, Machine Gun Preacher.

  • gotta be kidding

    as much as G is hot,handsome and fun lovin, IMO, he is NOT COOL! But I’m glad he is getting his mind set together for MGP

  • genuinesmile
  • Old Mia

    I’d be willing to bet he’ll be doing a lot of riding in the next couple of weeks so he’ll look comfortable on a bike in MGP. Maybe he’ll ride to Michigan. LOL.

    Mid-life crisis? Not in this case. He’s preparing for a movie role. Keith Urban rides a lot, he’s older than G. So does Clooney. I wish people wouldn’t just say something for the sake of trying to be clever. Gag.

    I’ve seen one other photo of him on a bike and it looked more like something posed for a photo shoot. No helmet or gear. So I don’t know if he just got this bike to practice or if it’s something he’s had.

  • Grace

    If he’s not an experienced rider, that took some guts going out in LA traffic. I hope they headed for some back roads.

    I wonder who the other guys are … surely not Alan. Now that would be a sight!

  • Old Mia

    @gotta be kidding: I know exactly what you mean. He’s actually kind of a doofus. A sexy one, but nevertheless.

  • detroit

    I’m sure Jake’s is appreciating all the free publicity. I can’t wait for July.

  • reut

    Correct me if I’m wrong.. but he has ridden bikes in the past.. for Tombraider and he even said that he used to ride a bike in his youth..

    Maybe it’s been a while and he wants to re-polish his skills.. and maybe riding a Harley is different..