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Eddie Cibrian: LeAnn Rimes Backside Touch!

Eddie Cibrian: LeAnn Rimes Backside Touch!

Eddie Cibrian cops a quick feel of girlfriend LeAnn Rimes‘ backside as they pass through a security checkpoint at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday (June 21).

LeAnn was all smiles, flashing a peace sign to paparazzi. (Her divorce from ex Dean Sheremet was finalized two days earlier.)

LeAnn tweeted yesterday, “It makes me sad that the media once again can take something as personal as a divorce and make it a top news story. It’s hard enough dealing with it on our own. Sucks to see it in your face at all times. Well, maybe now we can move on. Thx to all my friends and fans for their unwavering support of both Deane and me. We’ve both needed it! Your love means a lot.”

FYI: Eddie is wearing a Sportiqe Apparel t-shirt.

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leann rimes eddie cibrian backside touch 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian backside touch 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian backside touch 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian backside touch 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian backside touch 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian backside touch 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian backside touch 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian backside touch 08

Credit: Keola; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • lisali

    Coppin’ a They’re cute together.

  • slambang

    UGH. Ugly-@ss cheater.

  • Y.

    They’re both so shallow and gross.





  • Advocate’s Devil

    she is so much hotter than brandi!



  • Advocate’s Devil

    she is so much hotter than brandi!!!!

  • Advocate’s Devil

    she is so much hotter than brandi!!!!

  • Advocate’s Devil

    she is so much hotter than brandi!!!!





  • Eddie

    he likes that you can tell! he never touched brandi in public!

  • Asha

    Whatever Homewrecker!

  • LOL, wow

    They make me sick.

  • Jon

    Ugly inside out.

  • rogerk

    Man, this dude it nuts. It HAS to be for the money and lifestyle. His ex-wife was in a video interview with some TV entertainment show and she is HOT, HOT, HOT.

  • Alaia

    I find it funny how she thinks people care about her affair. Top news story? Bítch, please. You are only featured on gossip blogs, nothing more. Staged, staged, staged. Fugly, too.

  • vulgur

    Attention wh0res tbh.

  • anonymous 1

    JEALOUS BRANDI ????????

  • Lookin Good LR&EC

    Real good!!!

  • LeAnn Fan

    Beautiful couple! Brandi get a job!

  • lol

    Ahh boohooooo poor you Leanne

  • Hello USA

    She looks so pretty and he is such good genetic material. Team LeAnn all the way!

  • Fiona

    Love her pants and the top and her hair. Smoke me out!

  • JAG uar

    Way to travel. Heading to Nashville to perform in the Nashville flood relief event and to stay in her beautiful home. Lucky Le and lucky Eddie.

  • amanda

    Cute! Hawt! Yes!!!

  • Cora

    She’s really disgusting for being with a married man. She’ll never be seen in the same way again by the public…I hope karma comes back and bites her in the you-know-what, because that’s really nasty.

    She’s disgusting to me now. Also, if she wants people to stop talking about her divorce, then dont tweet about it!!!!!! Idiot

  • cassandra

    Keep tweeting LeAnn .We love to hear all you’ll give us. Brandi is soooooo jealous and playing victim to the hilt. Time to get to work Brandi. And we don’t mean at the gym.

    I’m sure Eddie appreciates LR for being savvy and not afraid to work and use her talents.

  • Inaru

    “It makes me sad that the media once again can take something as personal as a divorce and make it a top news story”

    Well, LeAnn maybe if you hadn’t hooked up with a married man while you were still married it wouldn’t be a big deal. What can i say, LeAnn, adultery makes for good tabloid sales.

    It’s a scandal LeAnn it is not going away so soon so don’t be so arrogant, it is what you made it to be.

  • new tunes please

    rogerk or was that rojerk … you need glasses

  • Kel

    LeAnn looks ridiculously pretty in these shots! She’s gorgeous!! She and Eddie are a very beautiful, attractive couple together. :)

  • Callie

    LeAnn flashing the V sign is just another of her vindictive taunts to Brandi (Eddie’s renegging on spousal support). She did the same thing when she stalked Brandi with her children at school & texted her she was moving w/i walking distance of Brand’s house! LeAnn’s very happy when she acts on her mean nature!

  • Nia

    her tweets are unbelievably annoying. she is so insensitive to their exes. you’re marriage is over and you’re happy and in love. we get. no need to tweet about it every damn five minutes. sheesh!

  • nancy

    Callie dude, you got a serious persecution complex.

    Lots of people recognize and greet LeAnn. She has many fans. Get over your bitter envy.It’s so unbecoming.

  • Guest

    i luv what the lady on celeitchy said about lenn thinking her divorce is a top story
    “make it a top news story.” itch, please. LeAnn is so far stuck up her own a##, it’s not even funny. You know where her divorce was a top news story? Nowhere. Us Weekly had it first on their news feed over the weekend, meaning there wasn’t a lot of celebrity news – but it didn’t crack the top five of the most read. It didn’t crack the top five on People Magazine either. So what is LeAnn sanctimoniously itching about? She thinks everyone cares so much about her, and she’s begging us not to make it a “top news story.” Mission accomplished, dumb##”

  • http://deleted WOW

    well of course he’s going to follow her around..he doesn’t have a job long as he’s with leAnn he can spend her money until of course he catches her cheating.I read the cosmo article with Brandi, eddie is such a lier. interesting tidbits:brandi was the one that kicked him to the curb, not the other way around, he told brandi he had a problem with women lol lets hope leAnn fixed this but something tells me the cheater will strike again, he’ll just try harder next time not to get caught .he’ll make sure to ge leAnn pregnant too a la KFE

  • anonymous


    I mean who the he-ll cares what some ole broad on CB says.! C’mon! She says some stuff that is in error, some that is plain old crazy, some that’s right on and lots of cr@p that’s her own bias.

    Don’t like LeAnn and Eddie, don’t look! Muy sencillo!

  • Latin Lover

    Edie wanted out. Period! He got out! Brandi should find something in life that excites and challenges her. It would improve her outlook greatly.

    If LR has kids with Eddie BG’s child spt. payments will drop. More mouths to feed on the same income.

    Anyways, those photos are great! Thank you Just Jared!

  • http://deleted Guest

    u must care cuz you responded to the post

  • Tricia Kanh

    Love how he’s touching her bottom. So precious.

  • http://deleted WOW

    @Latin Lover:
    IF he wanted out thats fine and his perogative. but why lie and cheat? wouldnt it make more sense to ask for a divorce and then pursue other women not pursue other females then ask for a divorce.

  • Karla

    I can tell by LeAnn’s tweet just how difficult it was to learn her divorce was final. It must be a tragic experience to realize your divorce is final on the very day you’re having sex with another woman’s husband.

  • lily

    luvin’ her blouse/jacket….who makes it?……they are a very attractive pair….wow!

  • Photog

    It’s nice that LeAnn say goodbye to her PR person who took the pictures and wrote the caption. Her video was suppose to be released a month after the song but the video came out first. Sounds to me like sales at iTunes are in the toilet….along with her career.

  • qun4w209opf43ggg

    She looks terrific! Prettiest I’ve seen her since she was a cute young teenager. Eddie is OMG!


  • Tweets

    The earlier story about Brandi’s divorce being delayed was planted by Rimes PR as a taunt at Brandi. Brandi’s twitter makes it clear that the story was bogus and she’s looking forward to finalizing the divorce. Rimes PR people just made Eddie look like a bigger leach and azz-hole than he already is.

  • They look better and better

    I’d like to have one of those photographs to hang on my den wall. She has such a bright smile. Thank God her end is behind her. Now if only Brandi would quit holding things back fr Eddie. I know she wishes he’d change his mind but it doesn’t appear to be even a remote chance of that ever happening.

    God bless their love and Deane’s life and Brani’s, too.

  • Joey F.

    Is that a doll or what!

  • Cora

    Karma will come back at her, because no one loves or can ever forgive a mistress…and that’s all that she is now, a whore and a slut.