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Miley Cyrus: MuchMusic Video Vixen!

Miley Cyrus: MuchMusic Video Vixen!

Miley Cyrus strikes a pose backstage at the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday (June 20) in Toronto, Canada.

Also pictured below is the 17-year-old Hannah Montana star rehearsing her performance with her dancers. Miley kicked off the festivities with her hit “Party In The U.S.A.”. Check out the video below!

Her new album, Can’t Be Tamed, drops on Monday.

20+ pictures of Miley Cyrus, the MuchMusic video vixen…

Miley Cyrus – “Party In the U.S.A.”

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miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 01
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 02
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 03
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 04
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 05
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 06
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 07
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 08
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 09
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 10
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 11
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 12
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 13
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 14
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 15
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 16
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 17
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 18
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 19
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 20
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 21
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 22
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 23
miley cyrus muchmusic video vixen 24

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  • arminette

    OMG totally vulgar and indecent.

  • Izzah

    Not liking the outfit, but nice..!! <3

  • ok?


  • wano


  • Whatever…

    What a piece of TOTAL TRASH!!! This girl can spout how pure she is but she is a 17 year old HOOKER. And her parents allow this underage mess to get tattoos, dress like this and shack up with her b-friend?? A disgusting family for sure and she is the dirtiest and nastiest of the bunch!!

  • Carolina

    her hair style reminds me of Amy Winehouse

  • Jokergurl

    Is it Halloween already? Seriously, she’s headed towards trouble, she’s too young to be dressing like this, she’s too young to be acting like this, and where are her parents?

  • Lo

    Wearing a swimsuit and tiny short shorts? Guess she never fails to dress like a hideous prostitute.

  • gg fan

    WTF!!She looks terrible.And yeah she looks like a sluttt!!!

  • Kels

    everytime she shows up in pictures, she’s wearing less and less clothing. the olive green leotard… this black monokini… what’s next? a bra and panties?

  • mac

    oh no she really looks empty-headed…

  • gg fan

    WTF!Dress is terrible.And yeah shelooks like a slutttt!!!

  • jjreader

    goodbye disney channel . hello hollywood blvd.

  • Miley Whore

    Considering her dad smokes pot with Liam, & her mom having an affair with Bret Michaels, “Slutty Cyrus” would be an understatement!

  • so

    Why is she a slut? She not dancing provocatively, shes not singing about sleeping around, her outfit isn’t that bad. When Britney was in good shape she performed in similar outfits. Its just a performance.

  • eric

    seeing miley look this fit in a bikini makes you realize what obese flabsters katy perry and lady gaga respectively are . . . its a little much for a kid but WHOA she is looking good!

  • k

    OH DEAR LORD. i just.. i don’t even know.

    for all the people that are saying she’s too young to be doing this kind of stuff, i agree. but for me even when she’s 18 and technically “allowed” to do trashy things like this it’s still gonna be straight up NASTY.

  • eve

    OMG GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. its like 13 years kid in sexy outfit.. GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS she doesnt look on her acvtual age anymore.. looks younger and almost like … nevermind … dear lord!

  • k

    @eric: okay 1) perv. & 2) people like you are the reason that so many girls out there have self-image problems and eating disorders.

  • kay

    if she’s nobody and trying to make it in hollywood or wherever, i’d totally understand, but she is already loaded and her parents are still allowing to go down to this path when she’s not even 18 yet. this is pretty sickening. this family has no shame consider they’re church goers.

  • Marie

    I said a year ago she would end up like this. No one believed me. I knew her good girl image wouldn’t last much longer. How long until she’s caught doing drugs or winds up pregnant with her boyfriend? Give it the rest of the year, some scandal is going to happen. Just look at her. Wow, lucky 5 year olds who look up to this…Shudder.

  • Marieme

    Hell, where to begin? Does this idiot really think she’s that hot, sexy – never mind old enough to be playing with these kinds of trashy outfits? I mean what a joke! Look in the mirror little girl! You not sexy! Her outfits are even questionable for someone in their 20′s. WTF are her dumbas s parents thinking. What trailer trash. The kid makes all the money and calls the shots I guess. Or do they actually see this as positve growth? Morons

  • roberto

    Damnnnnnnn Miley is so hot. I know most of you people on here (especially the women) are just jealous of Miley’s hotness. You go Miley with your fine @ss.

  • Jasmine

    She looks decent here, actually. I’m really liking her eye makeup. Two things though:
    1) Uneven tan
    2) Cover up them naasty feet.

  • Dance In The Dark

    Her parents must be so proud ….

    Actually, they probably are proud considering they have absolutely no morals and will happily exploit all their children for their own gratification and financial gain. It’s makes me sick to be honest.

  • gw

    Sure Miley’s hot for her age, not gonna lie. I’m 25 and I think she looks pretty good, but seriously, its kind of borderline when she’s 17, can’t say we didn’t see this same type of “pimping’ out of a 17 year old with most pop starts like Britney Spears.

    I gotta say that I have no respect for Miley’s parents, how can they honestly let her wear those provacative clothes?? Don’t they realize men older than Miley probably stare at their underage daughter?? Creepy…

  • mariam

    dammmmmmmmm,miley you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, grosssssssssssssssssssssssss ,why? you act like a stupid ,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my,before i like you now, bye bye fuggut,

  • Ruby

    oh the little girl is dressing up like a slut..her parents must be so proud!

  • iFellytone

    What a slut. I can’t wait to hear Billy Ray’s excuse for this one

  • Zee

    Miley Cyrus = The Next Lindsay Lohan (just wait and see!)


    @ roberto. I totally agree with you 100%. Miley Cyrus is hot hot hot .

  • SimonaP

    Yeeeeeeeej,she brout Justin on stage !!!!!! Tou all are stupid, she can sing and she’s just growing up. GIV HER A BRAKE, IF YOU DON’T LIKE HER GO AWAY AND DON’T SAY ANYTHING.

  • seen worse!

    settle down! im a teen and there a plenty of other girls that dress raunchier!!

  • Gwen

    My god….can you say ‘white trash’ with me? Seriously. My goodness, her cracker a** parents must be so proud to have such a fine, upstanding, poised young lady for a daughter. Oh wait, I was referring to someone else, not this train wreck of a human being whose face closely resembles that of a catfish. I guess its true what they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…or in her case, a stump.

  • Exa

    If I wore that when I was 17 my parents would have killed me :O. Even if it was for a stage performance..
    She really looks like a slut.

  • Exa

    If I wore that when I was 17 my parents would have killed me :O. Even if it was for a stage performance.. And no we’re not religious or anything.
    She really looks like a slut.

  • bigbadblackman

    @ gwen. What do you expect from her cracker @ss. I have been saying this for ages —all crackers are trash.

  • JeremyLondons-nice-kidnapper

    this skânk is the epitome of everything bad about America. Have fun on the way down.. we’ll be watching-and laughing, horsey.

  • Anna

    When Britney did it she was not trashy,Miley is.Britney at Miley’s age was a million times more beautiful with a stage presence that was unrivaled.Miley does not even come close.

  • Sophie

    It really pisses me off that people blame Miley for this.
    I mean, come on. We all know that it wasn’t her idea to dress like this and even it was the adults around her should’ve said no.
    Her parents and managers/handlers are taking advantage of a young girl that doesn’t know any better.
    They’re sexualizing a teenage girl and they’re the ones responsible for this mess.

    Yay for child stardom!

  • punk princess

    whats the theme ? USA hookers?!

  • tal


  • Sam


  • Jade

    People need to chill out. She’s wearing a stage costume. Most dancers wear little to nothing when on stage. It’s not like she’s Lady Gaga and showed up at a sporting event wearing nothing more but a bra and THAT is inappropriate and disgusting.

  • http://hotmailaustralia Elaine

    Well I don’t think it is all Miley and her family’s fault. It is the going thing with singers to be like that and it certaintly put pressure on everyone else to dress like this too. So lets put the blame where it truely belongs and stop putting this young lady down and only wish the best for her in the future.

  • Kelly

    I want to scratch my eyes out right now.

  • gerald

    omg miley looks sooooooooo good. She has it all–beauty-talent-and brains.

  • sam

    say what you want about this girl but she is;

    one of the worlds biggest stars
    doing something she loves

    seriously who wouldn’t want that!!!

  • plumberpaul

    hell yeah. Miley is looking real good.

  • qboy

    lol just look at the audience MDR