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Miranda Kerr: Engaged to Orlando Bloom!

Miranda Kerr: Engaged to Orlando Bloom!

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr and her boyfriend of three years, Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom, are engaged to be married!

The two have shot down engagement rumors in the past, but now it’s finally official!

Miranda, 27, and Orly, 33, have been dating since late 2007. Entertainment Tonight was the first to break the happy news.

Congratulations to the happy couple – can’t wait to see the ring!!

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  • so sweet…

    Congratulations to Miranda and Orlando, she’s going to make a stunningly
    beautiful bride, such a gorgeous couple.

  • sarah

    Aww!!! MAJOR congrats to them!!! They’re an adorable couple! Hopefully they’ll start making babies soon, ’cause those kids will be BEAUTIFUL!

  • wutahwunderfldai


  • Luiza


  • wonderful..

    The delphidiots heads are going to explode with sheer JEALOUSY…hehe!!!

  • aahhh

    Can you imagine how beautiful she will look in her wedding dress? Orlando
    is one very lucky guy!

  • Sammy

    YAY! i love them, their kids would be SOOO cute :]

    im happy for them.

  • T pain

    I met Orlando.he’s very nice, but the customer behind him kept rolling his eyes. LOL

  • egg on their faces

    I wonder how the jealous haters at Delphi are going to spin this one???

    It’s just for publicity…’s all a showmance….yeah right!!!……lolololololol.

  • burnt bacon

    Mazel Tov! I guess he got tired of waiting for me. ;)

  • epidemics

    Congrats!! I hope this is true and he won’t dump her before getting married

  • Erika Fonseca

    Completly stressed! I just can´t belive, it´s too much for a monday afternoon.

    Can´t say that i´m happy – i love orlando – but i wish them the best, they are a beautiful couple and she is a lucky lady. Orlando is the type of guy that all women want.

  • anywho

    Im actually interested in this engagement, I wonder what the wedding will be like. I also wonder what the people think who doubted them being a real couple.

  • blasty

    congrats! they are so cute, but dont get toooo excited about seeing wedding photos. not all celebs sell those pics. tom and gisele never sold theirs to gossip RAGS. I think miranda and orlando are just as private. good for them!

  • commonsense

    Please, in celebrity world an engagement is the kiss of death! This won’t last another year!

  • burnt bacon

    @commonsense: As much as I hope these two crazy kids can make it, I have to admit, you do have a point. :(

  • burnt bacon

    @anywho: They’ll go right on doubting. He could be married for thirty years and there would still be people claiming she’s a beard, especially if they don’t have kids right away (I swear, celebrities and Royals are in the same boat when it comes to the public pressuring them to breed). If they adopt, the cries of “beard” would be second in volume only to the cries that would be heard if they didn’t have kids at all.

  • bunnylove

    man, she is one lucky girl. hope they make it last. they are adorable together.

  • superman

    hmmm megan fox got engaged as well and this couple is supposed to matter how. hollywood is so superfical

  • Josie

    yeah it sucks to be a celeb and being married because all the questions about “when are you going to have babies” start almost immediately!…wait, this goes for non celebs as well now that i think about it.
    The beauty of marriage is being married for awhile without the pressure of procreating! when i get married (i’m 21, hopefully when i’m 27) i wouldn’t want to have babies right away! not even close to right away!
    I want to enjoy being married without kids!! and even if you are maried it doesn’t mean you have to have kids!!! byeee!! :D

  • Jayne

    I was not 2 sure about miranda but if hes happy than good luck to him.

  • CuteChef

    Congrats to them both. They’re a beautiful couple and Miranda will make one stunning bride.


  • They sure are…

    …taking this “showmance” too far, aren’t they? LOLOL

    Seriously though, very happy for them – it’s about time they announce it!

  • I have no talents I’m French

    I’m really happy for both of them, they’re so cute.

  • superman

    I have a question are going to marry out of love or just cause one is afraid to leave the other. i assume they live togethor already


    I Never tought Orlando would stoop this low. I wish he had a bit more patience and faith.

  • @25

    Haven’t you heard? They’re getting married just to make the delphites’ heads explode.

  • @26

    Patience and faith for what?

  • superman

    How come i feel like this is going to be one of those long long engagment’s if it even happen’s that is. I mean if we should learn anything from megan fox’s engagment’s its that they can be called off quickly. I mean what reason does he have to marry her really he’s already got the milk without buying the cow.

  • Gee

    I can’t imagine why he should marry her….oh, I don’t know, maybe he loves her and wants to share his life with her.

  • Butter_Fly

    So true #20! My brother has been married for 4 years and everyone is constantly asking them when they are going to have children. But back to the post…congrats to them! I don’t think this is a showmance, they always seem like a private couple. I hope it’s for real and lasts at least for awhile. lol.

  • Advocate’s Devil

    He is hot she is no… if thats a she

  • Eddie

    He is hot. I agree that she is just NOT@Advocate’s Devil:

  • @25

    If you want to leave your partner the last thing you do is marry him/her! LOL

  • Yes

    I think she is pretty, but he is so gorgeous, that he really could do better.

  • YAY!!!

    Love them both!
    I wish them nothing but happiness!
    And no pressure….but they really do need to breed.
    That gene pool is too fantastic to waste.
    Not that they will see this, but….

  • Mimi

    I wonder if they’ll show their kids all their mother’s photo shoot pics….

  • LOL

    Well, if nothing else they will have beautiful children.

  • Jordan

    Looks like for once the haters are at a loss for words. Poor delphidiots. I’m sure they’ll recover soon and have their conspiracy theories in sync.

  • superman

    i wouldn’t call myself a hater just a realist as it where.

  • @40

    “Where” what?

  • Mary

    I adore Orlando and I really just don’t think she’s good enough for him or can be trusted not to cheat on him.

  • carly

    So happy for them, wonderful couple!

  • @42

    how do you know he won’t cheat on her? i’ve heard he was quite the player when he was with kate.

  • congrates

    I’m so happy for them both. I think they have been engaged awhile.
    I hope it last too, because as someone said I don’t think that gene pool should not go to waste. I would love to see a wedding photo of them, I hope they release at least one.

  • Happy

    Congrats to them! All I want is for Orlando to be happy!!

  • @Mary

    He’s a big, intelligent boy that knows his fianceé better than any of us.

  • @47

    I think Orlando knows only how she acts around him, and not how she truly is. Just ask around about her from former friends or boyfriends.

  • Lissie

    I think they got engaged in May when they were in Paris. Weren’t there reports of them in a jewelry store? Can’t wait to see the ring.

  • mona

    wonder where the wedding will be?