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Shia LaBeouf & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley On Set -- FIRST PICS!

Shia LaBeouf & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley On Set -- FIRST PICS!

Scope out the very first photos of Shia LaBeouf and his new on-screen love interest Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the set of Transformers 3 taken last Thursday (June 17).

Director Michael Bay and actor Tyrese Gibson (pictured below) were also spotted on the scene.

SPOILER: This specific scene had Shia, Rosie and military troops being chased by an evil Decepticon, who tips the building over. For this shot, one floor of an entire office building was built on a giant platform, which tilted at an angle while “tipped over.”

Later in the day, a big satellite TV was brought to the set to air the live championship game between the Lakers and the Celtics. Everyone stopped working to watch the final few minutes of the exciting game!

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Credit: Eric Ford; Photos: On Location News
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  • Alison

    God I hope she can act!

  • VB

    She’s hot

  • Celis

    look at his butt!!! yum

  • Ashley

    She’s pretty. Hopefully she can act.

    Megan is going to be missed.

  • Ash

    MY GOD Shia,finally.

  • http://j ivanka

    nice bod, much better than plastic fox

  • cornelia

    she’s stunning.

  • jen

    shia is soooooo hot! they’re so cute together

  • Wes

    Yeah I’m definately NOT going to watch Transformers 3 without Megan.

  • RosieFan

    she is awesome she looks so much better than megan fox

  • Donovan

    What if she was like this amazing actress? She’d just come in and be all Meryl Streep ish, that’d be so funny. But for reals, if I was her I’d do it too, I mean, what’s she got to lose?

  • Good

    Shia! You’re the only reason I’m watching it. I hope TF3 will be a lot better than ROTF.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    She’s really fug. Hahahahaha

  • Katie

    Is she going to be British or American? I doubt models can easily pull an American accent without training… Too bad Megan’s not in it!

  • she shall remain nameless

    I’m pretty sure Megan Fox has more talent than her, but their acting skills will probably be pretty close to talentless.

  • Tiara

    I’m happy to see that the Transformers franchise has elevated another beautiful, young lady to fame and I hope that she uses it well. She’s very beautiful and she does has some acting experience. She was in “Love Me Tender…Or Else,” an amusing and sexy short film for Agent Provocateur.

    She’s a completely different person than Megan and I hope that people will stop comparing her to Megan. She is not Mikaela Banes. She is a totally different character that I’m sure will add a lot to the Transformers franchise.

    I love that she stands for things. She’s a philantrophist in a way. She is very eco-minded and even did some work with dothegreenthing.

    I wish her and her smoking body the best of luck.

  • chojin999

    It’s going to be a huge failure. The topmodel Rosie is not going to be seen as a sex symbol for the Transformers franchise as Megan Fox was created to be by Michael Bay himself: 1) Horny male teenagers looking for hot Megan Fox will be lost and word of mouth won’t be any good (and don’t say that other Megan Fox movies flopped and she is not important, she is very important on Transformers franchise because Michael Bay sold her to be just that!)
    Then second obvious big mistake, Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes characters as a couple are key to the storyline, the whole first two movies have been spent on them as a couple, it’s going to look just awful to give Sam Witwicky a new love interest whatever Michael Bay could come up with to make Mikaela Banes disappear. And even worse would be if the topmodel played the role of Mikaela Banes.. that would be twice as awful than what it is going to be.
    Sam Witwicky is a nerd, she was in love with Mikaela Banes since they were little kids, she is the Sam’s own Mary Jane, the general public loved Sam and Mikaela together on screen on the first two movies, the storyline was strong and well written, Megan Fox playing Mikaela Banes is absolutely needed on Transformers3 and so: 2) Tons of people that loved the Sam and Mikaela couple are going to be disappointed and won’t like the Rosie topmodel whatever new Sam girlfriend she is going to play.
    Michael Bay is killing the franchise with this mess. He still has a short time window to get Megan Fox back on Transformers3 before ruining the movie and the whole trilogy forever. Darker plot, more action, gore and so on is not going to be able to fix the lack of characters continuity and consistency that the lack of Megan Fox playing Mikaela Banes is going to cause.

  • M

    love him. i start liking her

  • So Judgemental

    chojin999.. So Sam loses his virginity and has to stay with her forever.. because that is so realistic in real life let alone movies..

    Sam and Mikela had their storyline and their bond.. doesn’t mean forever. A character can date someone else.. and more then likely would move on to other relationships.

  • youyou

    i like her she is gonaa do just great

  • youyou

    i like her she is gonna do great job and vive shia

  • Ken

    If you say you don’t like her you’re a homo.

  • yo sista

    Megan Fox>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Crittle

    Obviously Megan Fox isn’t THAT much of a box office draw, as much as the giant robots blowing things up

  • Megan Faux

    Megan is too plastic and is turning totally fug these days wuth her hard melons as boobs. Even her ‘joker’ smile is kinda hurting.
    Hope they give that Rosie chick a humorous character cause she is naturally good at it and will have a better smile than Mega Plastic Faux.

  • Lo

    Megan Fox not being in TF will actually “Help” it.
    Megan Fox=Box Office Poison

  • pikaprime

    @RosieFan: thats a lie

  • pikaprime

    @RosieFan: thats a lie

  • michelle

    he looks great. she’s wearing clothes. a very promising beginning.

  • Jen

    Shia is such a fugly douche

  • AJ

    Ugh…..feel like im betraying my girl M.FOX …………

  • kelly

    he’s so cute

  • Jenny

    Wow, she looks very beautiful. Megan has taken it too far with the plastic surgery and the weight loss! Not to mention calling her boss Hitler. Great that they are finding someone more pleasant and humble. I wish Rosie well!

  • Luana


  • CarmenloveShia

    I miss Megan…

  • me

    Shia is hot. I wish that they used Carey Mulligan instead of Rosie, seeing how Carey and Shia have perfect chemistry.
    I think that Rosie is a tiny bit prettier than Megan Fox, however, those both have those fake huge lips, that are very abnormal looking.

  • 108

    oh NO!! Carey Mulligan is a plain looking girl .

  • jaye

    Don’t know who she is, don’t know if she can act; does it really matter? The draw is the robots, not Megan, not this chick. Although I would have liked it if Megan continued her part; as for acting, she played the part the way Michael Bay wanted it played. Mr. Latent Adolescence himself. This chick looks like she’s thinking, “Ooooh, it’s sooooo hot. Do I really have to run and jump and stuff?” lol

  • Awesomeness

    Hahahaha, the only reason im watching it is cuz of the awesome transforming robots. Hopefully she does know how to act though, otherwise boo

  • lena

    i will miss megan fox,, i don’t know why, but i like her :-(

  • nik

    i don’t like this rosie

  • Annie

    I can see why Bey chose this Rosie over Megan ‘Octolips’ Fox. Megan’s appearance is just not viable for an action movie anymore. I mean can you imagine Fox supposedly running for her life while all the time she looks like she’s about to faint from lack of food and her face doesn’t budge a muscle? It would be ridiculous.

  • sayuri

    Shia é muito lindo. =)) Não vejo a hora de Wall street 2 e T3

  • Celebrity gossip

    Transformers 3 movie, but it needed the power to remove something from the set of photos were the most curious thing sexy angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s performance. I think Megan Fox’s absence will not make us call

  • Fellatio

    Rosie had to suck some major cane to get this role. She must of rocked Michael Bay’s world. I guess she is talented in the areas where it counts. Did Michael also make her wash his car in thong. Or maybe he made her wash his car bottomless after all with all the beautiful, cute, sexy competition out there he had to make stand out from the rest. Congratulations to Rosie. Hope the protein mouthwash was pleasant experience in order to seal the movie deal.

  • hush

    on another gossip site there is a story of a woman getting a part in a movie she has no merit getting, and it said she will be so wrong for the movie it will be obvious when it comes out, and that she only got the part from performing well on the directors couch, nothing to do with acting, we have a winner, rosie!

  • Lee

    @chojin999. So, I guess the whole TF movie franchise is based around the nerd and his hot ass girlfriend and not about BIG ASS ROBOTS KICKING THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER.. huh?!! AND I guess… they are supposed to stay forever in love? Come on man!! Grow up!! What world are you living in?!! REALLY? Relationships, for the most part, evolves and sometimes one party or both parties come to realize that… “Oh shit!! I’ve fallen out of love with you” or “we have grown in separate ways! Thus… I think we should give each other some room and see other people”. The movies made a lot of money because every die hard TF nerds (like myself) wanted to see… BIG ASS FREAKING ROBOTS KICK THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF EACH OTHER (with some casualties here and there, of course) and NOT IF SAM AND MIKAELA LOVE WILL ENDURE?!! I can say with all confidence that WE (TF FANS) CAN REALLY GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE LOVEY DOVE CRAP!! So, relax my friend; pop a Xanax! Now, with that said… BRING ON THE METAL CARNAGE MR. BAY!!

  • Vanessa Lover

    Shia slept his way to the top

  • quietsal

    cool… am i the only one who watches the movies just to see the Transformers…. i didnt find Megan Fox to be that atractive, and i dont watch films just for the hot actors…. i just want to see robots fighting and satisfy my inner geekdom….

    btw im 16….. just to prove a point…

  • Danny

    It’s wierd seeing him without Megan Fox. I got used to seeing her, I mean she was there for the first two movies.