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Daniel Radcliffe Mistakes Justin Bieber For A Woman

Daniel Radcliffe Mistakes Justin Bieber For A Woman

Daniel Radcliffe is very much ingrained in pop culture with his Harry Potter franchise but that doesn’t mean he keeps up with everybody else in the entertainment industry.

“I’m so out of the loop when it comes to pop culture that I kind of don’t even try anymore,” the 21-year-old British actor tells MTV.

Daniel adds, “I only heard Justin Bieber for the first time two weeks ago. I genuinely thought it was a woman singing. I’d never heard it before. Is it big in England yet?”

“I [do] know who Lady Gaga is,” he adds. “I think she’s kind of amazing. She’s really got a voice. My god. Not my kind of music, particularly, but she can really sing.”

Click inside to watch the video of Radcliffe mistaking Bieber for a woman…

Daniel Radcliffe Mistakes Justin Bieber For A Woman
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Credit: Joseph Marzullo; Photos: WENN
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  • WTV

    This joke is so old.

  • Sasha

    Don’t we all…?!?

  • Frankie

    LOL, I love a Daniel a little bit more after that comment!

  • matt

    hahaha i love daniel!
    justin does look like a girl..

  • GTFO

    I’m not a Justin fan but lame comment. That line is so old now.

  • um

    @GTFO: Knowing Daniel I doubt he’d even heard anyone else say that about Justin. He wasn’t saying it to try and be funny, he’s just out of the loop with pop culture as he said. All he basically said was he has no idea who the flavor of the month is, he didn’t even know Justin Bieber was a boy, he heard his song on the radio and thought it was a girl.

  • Donovan

    I now love him.

  • shannon

    Heehee, love him for that comment! I too thought Justin B. was a girl singing way back when before I saw his pic. I love when you tell people you’ve never seen/heard about something that has exploded in mainstream, it’s so fun to see the look of PURES SHOCK on people’s faces. One of the reasons (not the only reason) I won’t see Avatar, too funny seeing the outrage on some faces!!

  • Tan

    Honestly. The first time I heard Justin Bieber on the radio I thought it was a girl, his voice is…..pretty and hasn’t broken yet.

  • Eleonora

    Ahahahah Dan wouldn’t say that as a joke, he’s too nice. I believe he REALLY mistook Justin for a woman… OH, I love Dan :)

  • duf

    I mistook Pixie Lott for a boy when I heard her voice on the radio, no biggie

  • justkaren

    adorable….i like that he has no idea what’s going on. it makes him endearing. i also can’t help but wonder when justin’s voice will change….isn’t he 16?

  • Amelle


  • Whamo

    I just want to slap that smug look off that little lesbian’s face….Not that there’s any thing wrong with lesbian’s mind you, just little homos that look like them !….

  • Nathan

    I agree with DanRad – I also think Gaga has an INCREDIBLE rather smoky voice. She’s one of the lucky few who barely goes off-key (her only problems are losing breath) however her image and public persona overshadows her talent and people lose all logic and start spewing “she can’t sing! she sucks!!” So, it’s always refreshing to hear the opinions of unbiased people.

  • nice.

    @Whamo: Reading some of your comments on this site, I always assumed you were bigoted and some sort of homo-fearing. Thanks for proving me right.

  • J.


  • Emma

    I like Daniel R. he’s a nice guy and does a lot for the LGBT community….but why does he always look so ghostly and a little ill, with greasy looking hair.

  • n_n

    lol… this made my day!

  • Beam

    I. Just. Can’t. Believe. That Justin Bieber is 16. With his looks and his voice, I would have said 12. Maybe 13. NOT older. 16 years old guys look USUALLY pretty much grown up. Special. And I STILL can’t understand WHY this Bieber boy has so much success?! I really don’t.

  • :)

    @Emma: would you rather he blowdried his hair into a bowlcut like justin?

  • Londoner

    I share his Political views, so I like this guy.

  • yep

    rofl, welcome to the club dan

  • Eric


  • Jeff

    Honestly I thought the same thing

  • mari

    Lol, we had a discussion in the office some weeks back and at first we were debating where this person (Bieber) suddenly came from and then none of us could believe that the guy was actually older than 12.

    Plus that he was in the news in Germany twice in ONE WEEK for running into a door on two separate occassions that he is a bit of a joke now here amongst the none teens here. :D

  • laverdadduele

    LOL, and who doesn’t? Everytime I see that Bieber kid I just want to punch her in the face.

  • Catchy

    bravo, Daniel! :DDD

  • Realisitic

    lol I’m starting to dig Daniel Radcliffe more and more his comments have been on point lately.
    I do not understand the Justin Bieber craze he looks like a little girl and his voice is not as great as people make it out to be. – over-rated
    I agree with him on Gaga as well. She has a nice voice and that is about it for me, the only song I like from her “Bad Romance”. She is funny to me more than anything else lol.

  • Marta

    I dont blame Daniel, this Justin kid sings like a girl.

  • lil

    haha every time one of his songs came on the radio I confused him with a woman even I actually already have heard the song

  • Nicole

    Right on Daniel! WOO!

  • Alaia

    Daniel has more talent in his pinky than Justin does in his whole body.

  • CanadaGirl

    Get real Daniel. I detest when celebs slam other celebs. Hello!! That’s OUR job.
    Seriously, do we JJ frequenters need to form a union to straighten Daniel out?

  • Sasha

    He is real,he just shared his opinion.Just because he heard JBs voice and thought it was a woman doesn’t make him gay.He never saw JB,don’t you get it?

  • RioNemesi

    Well who can blame him?, not only by his voice but he really looks like a cute lesbian girl, really

  • Helena

    everytime these harry potter kids make me love them even more.

  • http://j ivanka

    dan, don’t worry it happens to everyone

  • KellStar

    And many people still think Tracy Chapman is a man. Sounding like the opposite sex doesn’t make you a bad singer. I’m sure Daniel wasn’t trying to be insulting so why should we?

  • Yes.

    @KellStar: And Annie Lennox, too. Who I adore. :)

  • dtd

    maaaaaaaaaaaan i do hate justin bieber!!!!

  • bullies

    Why do people hate Justin Bieber?

  • WTF..

    I’d never heard IT before. Is IT big in England yet?”
    Please tell me he was referring to the song, and not the kid

  • Ismail

    Daniel Radcliffe read my minds.

  • saphira

    “She’s really got a voice. My god. Not my kind of music, particularly, but she can really sing.”

    I love how the British can sound so polite even while expressing their dislike or neutrality on some subject. Such finesse!

  • SaRa

    @Emma: He’s english!

  • Jem

    aw Dan u rock!

  • JBieber

    reading some of ur comments and i wuz jus thinkin……DAMN JUSTIN U HAVE A LOT OF HATERZ!!!

  • bostonstandup

    ahaha!!! i loved him b4 with harry potter but now i just love him even more!!!

    justin is a girl


    x) this just made my day!