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Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Dinner Date!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Dinner Date!

Katie Holmes steps out with husband Tom Cruise as they have a romantic dinner date in New York City on Monday (June 21).

The 31-year-old former Dawson’s Creek actress spent the day with her daughter Suri and step-daughter Isabella Cruise. Tom‘s new film with Cameron Diaz, Knight and Day, opens TOMORROW (June 23).

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise enjoying a dinner date in New York City…

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katie holmes tom cruise dinner date 01
katie holmes tom cruise dinner date 02
katie holmes tom cruise dinner date 03
katie holmes tom cruise dinner date 04
katie holmes tom cruise dinner date 05
katie holmes tom cruise dinner date 06
katie holmes tom cruise dinner date 07
katie holmes tom cruise dinner date 08
katie holmes tom cruise dinner date 09
katie holmes tom cruise dinner date 10

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Annie

    That outfit should look hideous but Katie makes it work somehow. She looks cute!

  • Sophie

    Sunglasses at night? Really?

  • Dayana

    they look great.. very cute couple!

  • rebecca

    she looks really good in these pics.

  • annie

    Must be 2 Annies.
    I like her style lately, but it could be the hair. Gorgeous with long hair and very cute when she puts it up.

  • Marieme

    I totally love Tom, but do you think he chooses these very tall women to compensate for his height? In other words maybe he’s hoping any kids they have might get “tall genes?” Just a theory.

  • gabby

    seriously? are these posters scientologists chirping in for tom and dave’s chosen one? wtf is katie wearing? in ny? at night? in the year 2010? and wtf is tom wearing while i’m at it? is that blue jean top with black jeans and black boots? tom, stop sending all your money to dave and spend some on a new stylist for both of you pronto. katie looks miserable.

  • tony

    Knight and Day opens on Wednesday 23rd June, not Friday.

  • maryrowery

    why does he always hold her hand like that – so high? looks so unnatural and uncomfortable

  • African Girl

    In that first picture…the main one, I half expect them to break into a waltz the way he’s holding her. Seriously, what is up with that?!!!

  • whereskatie?

    Why doesn’t she work? She used to be a good actress. Now all she does is shop and eat at fancy restaurants. Waste of talent and potential.

  • Eric Shinn

    Poor Katie looks so sad – I feel for her!!!!

  • LJ

    @Marieme: It’s very possible. I certainly feel that way. I’m just over 5 foot tall and every man I’ve dated has been over 6 foot for that exact reason. I don’t want my kids to be picked on for being small like I was.

  • busted

    Why does Tom always wear those tight as* jeans.. GOODNESS.. I don’t thing he realizes that it just makes him look shorter.

    And at @maryrowrey

    I don’t read her often, but lainey has a take on this..she calls it The Presentation of Katie to the masses. It is a bit funny and that is exactly what it looks like.. He does it all the time.. and I looks awkward.

    But they look happy together so maybe they are.

  • Heydi

    She always act like a diva, that she is. NOT.

  • Iffy Miffy

    In pics 1 and 7 it looks like he’s leading her to an execution, at least her face and body posture are such. Oy vey.
    And of course Scienos have paid posters! They have paid posters everywhere, though it is not as bad as in the past years as their culty is shrinking as truth about it comes out and reaches people more and more.

  • Emily

    God, she always seems so.. unhappy, i feel bad for her, i think she’s actually in a golden cage, poor thing.
    At least she looks really good, dig the jeans.

  • Jinx

    They look happy????? HA-HA! Another stupid photo-op before his bomb of a movie comes out. And number 17, you feel sorry for her?? Give me a break! Big girl Cankle signed up all on her own to be part of his insanity. She has two legs, she could walk away if she wanted to. I can’t stand either one of them and wouldnt pay a dime to see any of their trash movies.

  • ++Logan++

    I really like her sunglasses, and she is looking really cute lately, it must be the long hair.

  • Ryan Wright
  • shannon

    Katie really has no fashion sense AT ALL!! This is what she wears out to dinner?? It looks like she’s going camping in that outfit!! And Tom, 1983 called and they want their look back. Yuck a denim shirt to dinner?? Seriously??

    Looks like the Sci-high she was on last week ran out.. Last week she was all fake smiles and affection at his premiere (he needs a hit desperately) but now she’s back to her miserable depressed self. Time for the Scie-crazies tighten their screws on her again.

  • dianad1968

    The only men who still wear jeans or pants that tight are gay guys. Tom, are you trying to tell us something? LOL

  • offtheproperty

    Anyone who thinks: “That outfit looks ridiculous but Katie makes it work somehow” is obviously a PR person for Katie. Katie sold herself into her own arranged marriage. I know money is everything but only Love is Love.

  • jordan

    actually tight jeans are in for men! lots of different style of men wear them, for one the rock n roll world. lots of young straight guys used to wear girl’s jean until they started making guy jeans tight! – i can’t wait to see this movie! they both look really good!

  • jordan

    @Eric Shinn: why? katie can leave any time! yet katie wants to stay and spend tom’s money! you can tell he loves her! katie is where she wants to be!


    Lumberjack Chic? Really?

    One hardly attends a “Romantic” dinner carrying a laptop and dressed for Home Depot. Perhaps they had a burger at an Internet cafe’.

    Holmes as usual is the picture of misery.
    Perhaps she is perturbed Isabella isn’t along to carry her handbag.

    Additionally, WHY is he still leading by the finger like a show pony?


  • troubledfakecouple

    Katie looks really mad in all these photos. She’s not even doing the fake smile. Hmmm.

  • lol

    @dianad1968: have you seen keith urban’s jean? they are tighter or tommy lee jones? and so forth….

  • lulu

    I gues Katie and Tom wanna show us how you look when sucking on a lemon?
    I bet the sunglasses are there to hide the fact they have to squeeze their eyes to lines.

  • peapo

    I with the rest of you who mentioned it but must state it again–

    Why do they hold hands so strangely?

  • peapo

    Oh and another thing guy should not wear skinny jeans when they have fat thighs!

  • its robo-bride

    Wow, where is Katie’s big tooth smile? She looks pissed.

    Actually the jeans flatter her body type. Disguises her less than perfect legs. But high waisted, thick belted, flared jeans went out in the 60′s or 70′s didn’t they? Maybe she is trying to start a retro trend? And that shirt is pretty awful. Shoes don’t go with the outfit at all.
    Katie take some of Tommy’s money and spend it on a good stylist.

  • Marta

    she has no style, she almost always looks bad or very bad.
    Here she looks bad.

  • What idiots

    They look miserable.

  • Annie

    @gabby, so because someone thinks Tom and Katie look decent here they must subscribe to scientology? Real solid logic. Not.

  • de Cosmos

    Romantic? About as romantic as a visit to the proctologist.

  • riri

    You can tell she can’t stand him, but really wants to continue to get the media attention that comes with “being” with him.
    Her “outfit” looks like a consume for a 70s theme party.
    She never had any fashion sense, and it’s getting worse.

  • LYNN

    I like what kathie is wearing. Now not every woman can wear that but her height makes it look just fine for going out to dinner with you husband.

    I am a Sales Associate at Macys. They have just rec’d a stock of those Skinny Jeans. I think they will be quite popular with Bikers. My brother stopped in to get a pair he is a long time Harley rider. As a woman It is very easy to wear them. They are men jeans but it will be easy to get the right waist size and length. That way you will be able to get your perfect fit without alterations.

  • LYNN

    I think kathie loves being Mrs Tom Cruise. Whats wrong with being in your 30′s and being married to a rich man. As she said before they got together, she has always been in love with him and she stated that she was so shocked to be meetin him face to face in that office. So lay off these two. I will go see this movie. I am glad Tom and Nicole moved on and now they both seem happy. That is the way two adults are suppose to act. We outsiders do not know both sides of a story in a marriage, that is why only the two involved have the answer. Not some outsider reading from the gossip tabloids. Good luck to Tom & Katie

  • Lucy

    She probably had lettuce with no oil and he probably ate the whole restaurant, that’s way she looks so miserable, you gotta stay in shape Katie or Tom’s gonna leave you!
    Boo, such a sad life.

  • CanadaGirl

    Katie looks really good in these photos. Although I would never wear high waisted pants, as I am 6′, I think she rocks the look.
    As for the, “She always looks miserable” diatribe, people, how would you act if you had a ton of photographers surrounding you vying for a picture? It’s night out and completely dark, but we have photos so bright we can make out a lot of detail. Would you be able to see and walk properly if flashes that bright were going off in your face? Probably not.

  • Shannon

    Her jaw angles and bone structure are awesome!

  • vera

    obviously I don’t know what is going on really in their life…but looking at the last pictures she seems unhappy and unconfortable with her husband…who likes to “show” her to the photographs … :(

  • twpumpkin

    Her outfit looks like something from a garage sale I had in 1974. BIG YUK. Jared how can you say they are out “enjoying dinner”. She looks as pissed off as always. Remember when they first got together? She was all over him! With her big dumb fake smile and giggle. I guess money really cant buy you love.

  • Tom foolery

    These pictures are CREEPY! The way he is leading her is bizarre. If he was just gallantly leading her around…it would be ridiculous. But it looks a lot more like he is CONTROLLING her, particularly judging by the reluctant expression on her face.

  • chloe!!!

    While I don’t like the jeans , I do think she looks good here.

  • bucky

    a romantic dinner? LOL

    They do the hand/finger thing just for show.

    miserable phony idiot couple that is raising a poor child to be an awful brat.

    Hope they don’t continue to breed

  • Pac Man

    That’s a ridiculous theory, #6.

    She works all the time, #14. She has several movies coming up this year.

    How does she act like a diva, #15?

    How does one strangely hold hands, #30?

    You should take your mind reading act to Vegas, #37 and #43.

  • Marieme

    LJ @ 06/22/2010 at 6:03 am

    Awww sorry about the being picked on. Dumb reason too. Kids are such punks.

  • Tom foolery

    Pac Man snivelled: “How does one strangely hold hands, #30?”
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    See above pics, though it won’t make any difference since you will continue to slavishly deny what your own eyes tell you.