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Matt Bomer: 'White Collar' Returns July 13th!

Matt Bomer: 'White Collar' Returns July 13th!

Matt Bomer and the rest of the White Collar cast are back for a second season on Tuesday, July 13 on USA!

“The stakes have been heightened a lot!” Matt said of the second season. “There’s still the same fun, witty banter with [Neal] and Peter. They still have the same contentious but mutually respectful relationship.”

As for whether we’ll get a peek of Matt without his shirt, he laughed, “We haven’t had any shirtless scenes yet, but the season is young!”

Also pictured inside: Matt on the set of White Collar in NYC on Friday (June 18).

Matt Bomer – TV Guide Magazine Shoot

10+ pictures inside of Matt Bomer and the White Collar crew…

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# 1

Ahhhhhhh Criminally handsome!!!! His gorgeous ness is a terrorist!!!

# 2

He’s soooo hot! I can’t wait to see Neal Caffrey again!

# 3

He is unreal – so stunning and such a classy guy. Can’t wait to see him on the big screen – the ‘biz’ buzz here in hollywood has it he has a deluge of scripts….

# 4

Argh, so that’s why I couldn’t fin it anywhere, I thought the new season was supposed to start in June, so I was getting a little nervous.

I show signs of withdrawal.

# 5

I’ts one thing to always look amazing in posed pictures, but what is truly amazing is how, by commiting the simple act of walking down the street with a bag, Matthew Bomer looks better than any super model on any runway.

# 6

Oh the things I would like to do to this perfect human specimen. grrrr…

# 7

Love Burn Notice!

# 8

Never seen or heard of him before… but that’s about to change! Yum!

# 9
disappointed @ 06/22/2010 at 9:07 am

Just read that this guy is gay… is it true? What’s wrong with this world?

@dissappointed – what an ignorant post unless you intentionally posted in some feeble attempt to ‘out’ him. Old news, no one cares, he has one of the hottest careers in the business eventhough all know his story. You are likely a publicist of one the the mediocre actors who’s scripts are now coming Matt’s way. Matt is a major talent, obviously the best looking guy in hollywood, I can see where other actors/publicists would feel threatened, however, your posting is moot!

@releka – Burn is so last year, maybe they could get Matt to guest start to amp it up!

I’ll take a big helping of this fine lad…

Matt Bomer is like wallpaper. NO personality WHAT SO EVER.

Matthew is so cool.

@Nate loser

@Nate:Either he’s simply excellent at hiding any charisma and depth he may have or he really is dry as sand. Even his ‘look’ is generic and boring.

Matt BoNer is beautiful & adorable :) He just seems a little shy off-screen.

He should just go and do modelling. Very bland actor.

All the most perfect and well-rounded men are gay <3

@disappointed: “What’s wrong with this world?” it’s polluted with people like you, unfortunately.

21st Century @ 06/22/2010 at 1:18 pm

@it’s true:PREACH. it’s funny and beautiful. its like The Battle of the Fittest. the way we started off as cavemen and evolved and evolved and evolved. the way the whites used black men and women and children as slaves and gays were murdered and now after years of fighting bloody for human rights, the world’s flipped over with strong black men and women in power, all the most perfect men are gay and taking over the world (so to speak), we have strong independent women, people of all colors…it’s amazing how much the world has evolved. BUT yet we still won’t allow this balance to blossom with pollution and of course all the backward discrimination that still exists.

I think the critical community at large and the viewing audience would disagree with you Nate and Simon. Very talented. And engaging actor. Jealousy is ugly!!

Christopher @ 06/22/2010 at 1:25 pm

Bitterness and jealously rage here – so funny to read:
@Simon – critics and tv ratings certainly disagree with you – he’s created the best new character on tv and is one of that fastest rising stars in the business now.
@Amen/Nate- the talk shows he’s been on – ellen, bonnie, he was delightful! And on appearance – get your specs fixed grandpa – hottest thing around!

@ Christopher – you totally hit nail on head. These are detractors with ‘issues.’ Aside from his spectacular looks, his significant acting talent, Matt carries himself in such a dignified manner. His inteligence always shows through in his thoughtful responses during interviews.Based on the tragic behavoir of many young actors, Matt is a breath of fresh air in this town – maybe why currently he is on the top of every producers list and the constant subject of blog posts.Being nearly perfect has its penalties right. Matt, stay above the noise, you are on the perfect A-list track,

There’s only one explanation for the idiots here saying Matt can’t act: they’ve never actually seen anything he’s in. You just make yourself look silly by hating on him when the opposite is so obviously true.

Of course he’s incredible looking, but he’s also a very talented actor and a sweet, intelligent and charming guy. Anyone saying otherwise is talking nonsense because all you need to do is watch him on screen to see that those things are true.

Matt is the total package – handsome,charming on/off camera, articulate,educated – swoon.Almost funny to see the jealous dolts on here who criticize the perfect man! Matt should be cloned.

Let’s see, he carries a critically acclaimed and highly rated tv series, has movie idol looks, he is smart, he has a reputation as one of the sweetest actors in show business, has movie idols looks, oh yeah, already said that! I think we have one or two of those short, mediocre actors commenting here knowing they are going to lose roles to this talented hottie.Matt is fantastic.

Whatever. He’s a closeted COWARD.

Matt is one of the bravest men in Hollywood. How many other hot leading men do you see living their life honestly, instead of bearding up and lying to their fans? I’m looking at you Jake G. Tommy, Jackman, Will, Travolta……..

I find him to be awkward and boring in interviews. No one would watch him if it weren’t for his looks (which btw he has scary open-eyes that never blink). I always disliked pretty boy actors.


@FICKLE: Could you explain to me how he is closeted? Has he ever said or pretended to be straight?

@Fickle – you are bitter old queen – head back to queerty! I’ve seen Matt and his family out and about quite a bit – coffee place, grocery store, neighborhood park, resturants on a couple occasions, as well as several events – totally out for years. Just smartly keeps his private life private as it should be. At least he is not like Wil, John, Tom, Zack, Taylor, Jake, Queen, who craft relationships that are a farse. Matt proudly lives his life with his partner and family in his public, domain not yours.His is a great role model!

Er, not shouting about your private life does not = “closeted.” Matt lives his life openly and honestly, including wearing his wedding ring at events, including for the network. Nothing cowardly or dishonest about it.

All his fans know he’s gay (check the websites). Funny thing is, his honesty has gained more honest affection from his fanbase than living any kind of lie could ever have done.

I am a 50ish gay man who grew up watching actors/peformers like Paul Lynde, Liberace, etc., nice men but truly bad stereotypes that as an athletic, masculine gay kid, I could never indentify with. To see an actor like Matt who conducts himself so well is truly unique. How I wish there was an actor like Matt Bomer when I was young that I could have identified with – he is a great role model.

@Oh?: I don’t think you know what closeted MEANS. What part of “I have a network and a show riding on my shoulders” is honest and respectable?!

Matt Bomer does NOT live his life openly and honestly, he refuses to talk. It’s not NORMAL to go to extremes in order to keep your private life HIDDEN, there is a different between keeping lowkey off the screen and being completely tight-lipped about your life. His lover and publicist Halls always make sure to warn interviewers beforehand not to even MENTION his love life. Matt is still closeted and catering to society, the fangirls and WC’s straight audience. NPH is an example of an openly gay actor. Matt Bomer is still closeted.

@jjdc: “Truly bad stereotypes” this is the most insensitive comment, particularly coming from a gay man. You, as a “masculine gay kid” could not identify with these openly gay men. Others, me included were expected to act more ‘masculine’ to fit in, do you realize it was just as difficult for us? NO ONE should be expected to change the way they are because others can’t handle it. You just reinforced the ignorance that comes from the gay community. We need VARIETY and WE need to embrace everyone in all shapes and forms, WE are the worst at doing that. It starts with US. Unless we’re talking about effing murderers, making a statement like “truly bad stereotypes” only encourages homophobia.

@jjdc: haha. i’d hardly call bomer masculine. he wears suits but he’s very lovely and delicate. lol.

just drop it ffs all of you

@ Q: Q must stand for queerty since you sound exactly like one of the 3 regulars who spew your dime store babble on all.Matt is totally out dude – I’ve seen them for years.On interviewer “warnings” that do not occur, If you truly knew anything you would know that Simon is his partner who is a publicist, but not Matt’s publicist.Matt has a very good female publicist.’Q’ is busted…

@Ed: Bottom line: we need all types of gays for acceptance and understanding, just like we need all types of straights. Including Matt. Who is pretty much OUT. So just drop it everyone please.

@Kip: Who is Matt’s publicist? Is it a secret?

@blair: Actually had a picture taken at event with him.I am 6ft and we stood shoulder to shoulder so he’s about my height.Also quite substantial in person too,nice guy too.Don’t get your post.

He’s very talented and amazing actor! I can’t wait for the season 2!

@FICKLE: Closeted gay men would not even allow the question about the rumors to be asked in interviews. And a straight or closeted gay man would have said “no, I’m not gay”.

Matt is beautiful inside and outside.

@Simon: A “very bland actor”? To those who have commented on Matt’s “poor” acting abilities, I certainly hope that they’ve all actually watched an episode of his current TV show, “White Collar,” for indisputable proof against this statement. In particular, anyone who has seen “Hard Sell” will agree on the amazing acting and chemistry Matt and his co-star, Tim DeKay, displayed in this episode.

Can’t wait for WC’s return!

@Vanessa – so true! The peeps commenting negatively on Matt obviously have personal issues or no personal lives, jealousy, faltering acting careers, axes to grind, etc. It’s quite clear that Matt is a unique talent and wonderful person that few can touch.

Carol Armstrong @ 06/22/2010 at 11:03 pm

Can’t wait for Season 2. Love and met the entire cast. All have a great personality. Matt Bomer is a beautiful person inside and out. Really liked Tim DeKay, very nice man.

The entire cast, especially Matt Bomer, are very talented.

Matt Bomer is talented, intelligent, down to earth, and breathtakingly gorgeous!

Fanlady Sharon @ 06/23/2010 at 2:06 am

As a fan of White Collar and Matt Bomer, I eagerly anticipate its’ return to USA Network and offer these sentiments:

White Collar engages its’ talented cast in suspenseful, humorous and sophisticated storylines. It is without a doubt one of the most artfully filmed shows on TV. Jeff Eastin can be proud of creating and producing a program that is enjoyed by families and fans of all ages.

Matt Bomer is responsible for the creative genius behind the captivatingly charming and witty character Neal Caffrey. Matt exudes a refined dignified nature that is always polite and gracious toward his fans. This hard-working actor is intelligent, reflective and eloquently spoken when interviewed. He is mature enough to recognize that his actions can impact the lives of others and responsible enough to lend a hand and speak out in support of charitable causes. He has an admirable sense of what is appropriate for discussion and what is better left to living by example … after all actions speak louder than words.

cherry weeks @ 06/23/2010 at 4:22 am

What’s with all the hate? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it. I suspect those who hate have an agenda. Probably they are jealous that Matt is doing so well, etc. Or maybe they are just bigots who can’t stand the idea of a gay man doing so well. Anyway, I think the rest of us should just ignore the rantings of this lot. Just want to say, Matt, you continue to be a breath of fresh air, and don’t worry, most people love the idea of you. This is the 21st century and people should be less discriminating and less accepting. Just stick to what you’ve been doing, and yes, there are more and more straight women like me around–women who find the idea of an openly gay actor oh so sexy!

cherry weeks @ 06/23/2010 at 4:24 am

@cherry weeks:

Oops, I meant “more accepting” there. I typed too quickly sometimes! ha ha

cherry weeks @ 06/23/2010 at 4:58 am

Oops, I meant “more accepting” there. Not “less accepting”! Ha ha.

Thanks Jared – Matt is wonderful!
@Fanlady Sharon – could not have said better myself.

British Latin American @ 06/23/2010 at 10:23 am

@it’s true: That’s so true! That’s what I love about gay men. Oh, there are a few such men whom claim they are straight, but they are just in denial! Straight men are just so boring: you have to learn to love them, or if you can’t do that, learn to tolerate them. I’ve known women who have gay male friends, sometimes even boyfriends and husbands, that they love way more than their straight male friends, boyfriends and husbands. Like I’ve said before “Hot gay guys rule, and boring straight guys lose.” I might also had that bitter queens and homophobic women also lose!

Matt is talented, handsome, smart and makes me feel good whenever I see him.Who could ask for anything more from an actor?

He must date a lot of women

Carrie Ann @ 06/23/2010 at 4:24 pm

Matt’s looks are only surpassed by his amazing talent and wonderful humanity.

Matt is so talented! I love his character on White Collar

Totally gay with anal sex.

G.A.Y. Carnegie Mellon is the gay actor’s nest. Something to do with the college..

Matt bomer is sooooo hot and handsome. He is even better than zac efron who i used to like. Oh and Tom welling too but i thin Tom and Matt has the same facial features right? But Matt is my new favorite. he is just so charming nad handsome and he is all the things a woman can wish –for—the body, the face, the lips–oh my–I can just picture my self all over him.

Hollywood G.A.Y. Secret @ 01/07/2012 at 6:05 am

“Kit Henry Walker die in a grease fire” curse was made by MattFan from MattBomerfan site. hmmm A car accident with Matt? Interesting but omnious.

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