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Tom Cruise: Good Morning, America!

Tom Cruise: Good Morning, America!

Tom Cruise drops by Good Morning America on Tuesday (June 22) in New York City to chat about his new film, Knight and Day.

Meanwhile, wife Katie Holmes carried a sleepy Suri as step-daughter Isabella came along to explore the city.

Tom chatted about parenting on GMA! “It’s not like we’re the strict parents,” he shared. “We have rules, but we try to work with getting their agreement on things.”

Last night, Tom and Katie went out on a dinner date together!

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz on GMA

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in NYC…

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Credit: Pop, Elder Ordonez; Photos: WENN, INFdaily
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    He really needs to evaporate.

  • Bebe

    Tom C is a snoozefest !!!!
    Cam Diaz is another snooze predictable aging hag.

    not seeing this movie..I rather watch paint dry on my wall.

    Krazy don’t fool me

  • sydney

    I’m going to see it first thing tomorrow morning! Can’t wait!
    I love Tom Cruise and the Cruise family! If you don’t want to see the movie that’s your option – your loss. It looks like fun to me.

  • Jason


  • Iffy Miffy

    Here we go again – a nightgown in broad day light, uncombed hair that isn’t pulled back, being carried like she is three months old … poor kid with parents like that. All the money in this world isn’t worth this.

  • John

    They need some really strict rules about what Isabella should and should not eat to be healthy. She is only 17 years old and very over weight. Also, if her Mom or Katie can not help Isabella with her acne problems she needs to get professional help. Isabella already has acne scars. With the money Tom has he should have taken better care of Isabella. Is Isabella going to college in the fall?

  • Leah

    Watched them on GMA this morning. Cruise cant speak without a script. I never saw anybody stutter so much. LOL! He is so O-V-E-R. This movie is NOT going to be a hit. His freakish fans will see it and so will all the Scieno’s but beyond that its gonna flop. The general public has been over him since 2006.

    As for Katie, she looks miserable and that moron is still wearing winter clothes in 85 degree weather. I live near them and it is HOT here. And why is the kid in the same pajama’s as yesterday? Did they even give her a bath?? I feel sorry for Suri and for Isabella for having to live with those two imbeciles.

  • missy

    Isabella could stand to lose a few pounds, but she looks big boned to me ,rather than fat. She has broad shoulders and wide hips, but her arms and legs aren’t fat. Some people are just naturally big. I don’t know her, but I get good vibes from her. Seems like a nice girl.

  • Argh

    Damn tom wearing those tight jeans that give him womanly hips. Why? He looks like a Butch lesbian in those jeans. Plus, it seems like he is having his family out to promote his movie… He has not got the clue that KT is disaster for his career. Photoops with kt will only turn people off and away from toms movie.

  • Annie

    Tom ol’ girl, please stop with the skinny jeans. They’re doing you no favors at all.




  • GPS

    Please stop sticking a camera in those poor kids faces. They had no say in getting a crazy midget and a robot as parents.

  • I Give Up!

    I’ve tried to make excuses every time someone says that Suri is autistic. I’m finally convinced that there is something wrong with this child. She has major developmental delays and regressions. Tom needs to grow up and get her to a doctor fast!

  • Soniaintown

    What’s this?? Daily PJ+ blanket parade? til when?
    The Gay Midget is really desperate to get attention from the paps and gossip blogs.

    Where are they going? What’s the purpose of this outing? Just to make sure this PR object’s butt are wrapped, in case her pimp wants to flash her private parts to the paps again.

    Bare feet, of course.

    When the gay midget finally realizes that his new flop already bombed.
    I will not, never, nada, spend any money on this gay midget and his contract beard’s any crap.

    Geez! He really needs to evaporate.

  • Jonte

    This couple are cringe-worthy.

  • dani

    I love how Tom said in an interview a few weeks or so ago that Suri isn’t bothered by the cameras. Hahahaha. Does he think this behavior constitutes “not bothered?”

  • Lili

    It’s weird to me how Suri wears designer clothes, expensive shoes, travels all over the world, but I don’t see Tom or Nicole treating their adopted kids the same way. Angelina and Brad definitely treat their adopted kids and their biological kids the same way and it shows. Tom and Nicole’s kids are pushed aside. They definitely do not have the same treatment as Suri does. It looks like Nicole also barely ever sees her adopted kids.

  • Gina

    i don’t want to attack a teenage; but i am shocked by Isabella’s appearance; i blame her parents; not her. They all (Tom/Katie/Nicole/Keith) are obsessed w/ their appearances. Why have they not attended properly to their child’s appearance?? I hope this is an awkward stage…………

  • de Cosmos

    Oh NOOOoooo….
    Not them again, PLEASE!

  • Not Again

    Why is Katie wearing a leather jacket and suede boots in NYC in June?

    This makes no sense…

  • Deedee

    It was kinda cute when they wrapped Suri up in her baby blankets. Now that she’s four and they use a full size bed blanket, well that’s plain crazy.

  • Soniaintown

    Why do you guys criticize Bella’s look!
    Are you all blind? haven’t you seen the marshal of the daily PJ parade?
    At least, Bella’s dressed for outing, with shoes, hair combed.

    Look at the contract PR pawn sold by her own mother to the gay midget!
    What a stark contrast!
    Not to mention the pimp, e.g. this PR object’s birth mother, she’s crestfallen and depressing looking.
    And Bella doesn’t wear tight jeans to prove something.

    I think Bella looks very decent, among the 4, she’s the best looking one.

  • dido

    ı can’ t wait for this movie, it is fun

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    You’re not fooling anybody, Tommy Girl. Katie looks like she’s had a lobotomy. Someone please call Child Protective Services and get Suri away from them ASAP!

  • CanadaGirl

    I’m looking forward to this movie. Love ‘em both.

  • pr person

    Interesting… First of all Crazy doesn’t know how to form a coherant sentence together to save his life. He sounds like a blithering idiot. Secondly… So before Suri eats her sugar… Crazy ‘tries’ to get her to eat some protein… but she tells him that he shouldn’t make her do something that she doesn’t want to do…????? And he is like… “ok..ok.. …” What was funny about that?! Nothing! She is a FOUR year old CHILD (not an adult in a small body) who shouldn’t be allowed the sweets if she doesn’t eat the protein. DUH!!! WTF kind of parenting is that?! No wonder the world constantly sees Suri at the bakery stuffing her face with sweets. Because THAT is probably what SHE wants to do. Pathetic!

    This movie is going to be a HUGE stinker! NOBODY wants to go and see a movie with Crazy in it. He is SO done!!

  • Kat

    I just want to throw up when I see that insane midget!!!! And what’s up with Suri? They have her on drugs??? Maybe she’s just sad that her REAL dad is in rehab.

  • They do realize that it is no longer cute nor sane to carry a four year old child all bundled up in a full bed sheet and pj’s with no shoes all around new york city right. ughh this couple and their whole scheme are getting old. Good luck trying to get people to the movies!

  • to john

    just read your wonderful comments about bella. tell me, are you the picture of perfection yourself? is your skin without any blemishes? do you have an ounce of fat on your body? come on now; what’s good for bella is also good for you.

  • to butterflier

    sorry, i work for Child Protective Services and i promise you that it would take a great deal to have this child taken away. your unhappiness with the way Katie looks is not going to cut it.


    Holmes has become a farce as a mother. They BOTH have nannies and staffs. Holmes even has Bella.


    A comparison which Holmes deserves at this point.

    Quite Frankly, if Sunday Rose can travel to another continent without a nanny, wearing proper clothing, shoes, and combed hair with little bows BEFORE she is two, why can’t Suri at Five, ahem, four.

    Let’s face reality, Sunday obviously had an accident on the Jet, there was a clothing change which is the absolute norm for a baby on a 22 hour flight. But, Nicole carried a big purse (not empty) with a change of baby clothing, a brush, and wipes. No doubt also with sugarless healthy snacks and educational games.

    Ms. Holmes, we can assure you, which ever sale you HAD TO attend did not warrant taking your child out in public onto the streets of Manhattan in this disturbing manner.

    Time is UP.

    Sign up for parenting classes, call your mother, etc.

  • MiKKA

    @Not Again:

    Because Nicole was wearing (classier version) the same a few days ago, and looking fantastic EVERYWHERE.

    Although, it’s freezing Winter in Sydney now, instead of boiling NYC


    Nic is back to casual jeans and flip flops hauling Sunday to a swim class, but Sunday was wearing clothing with pigtails AND shoes AND was clean. No, I didn’t take a picture, but my mom dad and NO I won’t put in online ever. I was kinda happy to see Th photo but mad at my mom for taking it. Ethical dilemma is our own living room. I won !

  • deedeejj

    Once again, Tom whisks Bella off on a trip with him, just as Nicole arrives in L.A. …..coincidence???

  • MiKKA

    I just want to say. ..We love you Bella, if you ever hear about this nastiness. know we KNOW you’re a just a kid and a super cute girl!

  • Janice


    In the interview he admits all three children were in LA Father’s Day morning with him.

    Then Kidman arrives with nothing but free time.

    Cruise is super busy and has to leave for NYC that afternoon to promote movie.

    Enough Said.

  • to Mikka

    you may have won over your mom and dad. however, your mom was not the only person who took that photo. there are others out there, i’ve seen two of them already and would not be surprised to see it on line or even in some magazine. that picture will be worth money to whoever hands it over.

  • twpumpkin

    Once again Katie looks pissed off. The only time she ever smiles anymore is when she is at some big event with just Tom. Then she gives that phony open mouth huge fake smile with her tongue darting out. YUK. She acts like everyone is bothering her but yet I seem to see photos of her everyday in public. I wish Tom would teach her how to dress and brush her hair! Maybe he can call Nicole to come over and help her.

  • Time to Face Facts

    Dear Tom Cruise,

    Your career as a box office draw is over. Please exit the building as soon as possible. Three quarters of the general public are sick of you and think you are a nutbag. Its only a few obsessive fans who still care. PS. Learn to parent your children. After seeing your interview I am now completely sure you are a piss poor parent as well as a has been. I feel sorry for your kids.

    Dear Katie Holmes,

    Please learn to wash and properly clothe your child or at the very least, instruct your nannies to do it (which I’m sure is the case anyway). This is the umpteenth time I have seen you kid in pajamas in public. Your idiot husband admitted on GMA that Suri does what Suri wants and you and he don’t stop her. That makes both of you complete morons. We are supposed to TEACH our children properly as parents. Apparently neither of you are capable.

  • Go Ask Alice


    LOL!! Soright Dee.

    I guess next year,they’ll just use a comfortor to wrap her up in and carry her like a 4 month old..

  • Go Ask Alice
  • Go Ask Alice

    Tom and Katie WILL NEVER divorce because she cannot.If she would dare,Suri would nevers he her again.

    Ask Nicole.

    Something is so werid about this couple…Katie isin a leather jacket in June NYC summer hot temp?
    She always looks like a slob,mixmatched,unkempt.

    WTF is up with carrying that kid around everyday all unkempt, all wrapped in a blankket?

    Isabella is with the woman she calls,”Mom.”

    She and her brother call Nicole,”Nic.”

    I think it is awful for that feral looking child to be photographed nonstop, sooooooooooooo
    Why doesn’t Kaite leave her apt. via underground parking garage?
    Delivery entrance?
    Why is Suri not in school?
    Why is her mom her playmate?
    Why is Kaite never smiling,looking happy?
    Her career is not much further since marrying Tom.

    Tom’s career is in limbo.HE was BIG when he was with Nicole.
    Ironic,after divorcing her,Vanilla Sky on were all duds.

    Nicole has it all,except she does not have her two eldest kids.

  • Mikka

    @to Mikka:

    I don’t care about money. I prefer to live a live of ethical values.

  • Pac Man

    You’re such a shallow jerk, #6.

    Agreed, #10.

    You don’t even know the kid, #13.

    Quit comparing every couple to Brangelina and you have no idea how TomKat’s kids are raised, #17.

    How are the older kids treated differently? Brangelina’s kids are always together because they’re the same age. TomKat’s older kids and their younger sister are not.

    What’s wrong with her appearance, #18?

    Don’t you have better things to worry about, #28?

    Mind your own kids and quit making comparisons, #31.

    Stop spouting conspiracy theories, #41.

  • Lili

    To Pac Man:
    Nobody is comparing EVERY couple with Brangelina. And from your comment, you don’t sound very smart. Tom, Suri and Katie are in the tabloids every day so we have a pretty good idea of how they are raising their kids. We definitely never saw their adopted kids treated the same way as Suri even when they were younger.

  • From NPR

    Tom Cruise And Hollywood’s Superstar Crisis

    A Tom Cruise action movie would normally be a huge Hollywood event — and a guaranteed hit. These days, however, people are not so sure. Cruise’s career has had its ups and — more recently — its downs, and a lot is riding on the success of his new movie Knight and Day. Not just for him, either, but for the entire business model of star-powered blockbusters. NPR’s Steve Inskeep talked to reporter Kim Masters about what Knight and Day could mean for Cruise — and for Hollywood more generally. An edited version of their conversation:

    So, what’s changed about Tom Cruise over the past few years?

    Well, the question’s not just what’s changed about Tom Cruise, but what’s changed about Hollywood? We’ll start with Tom Cruise. Of course, everyone remembers the strangeness that happened a few years ago, when he was jumping on Oprah’s couch, when he was reproaching Matt Lauer. He was very public about his association with the Church of Scientology, and the whole thing was actually something we’ve never seen before: Here was a huge international movie star spinning out of control. He had fired his publicist, and he damaged himself. But there’s also the age factor. It happens to guys too. He’s not a kid anymore and the bottom line is that Knight and Day is not tracking well: Audience research does not show huge interest in running out to see this movie. And therefore the panic and the finger-pointing have already begun.

    Now you said it’s partly Tom Cruise, but also partly Hollywood?

    Yes, because we haven’t seen a major movie star work in a movie in a while. The summer got off to a horrible start. The movies that have worked are Toy Story. which is — you know, you’ve got the voices, but it’s not a star-driven movie. And then you’ve got Karate Kid, which stars a kid. You know, we haven’t seen a Russell Crowe movie work, or any of these go-to, bankable stars, and Hollywood doesn’t know quite how to respond to that problem. What does that mean, when movie stars can’t open movies?

    So what has Tom Cruise been doing to try to survive in that environment?

    Tom Cruise has had a lot of work to do, just to try to get his image back. They have literally staged PR interventions with him, not once but twice. A group of Hollywood executives who are concerned with his well-being and his performance have gone to him and said, “Look at the audience feeling about you now.” As a result, he has systematically gone around and apologized to Matt Lauer. He went on Oprah, he made fun of himself, he did everything he could do to re-establish that he’s not weird — and to reach out to the youth audience, in particular with his character Les Grossman, a Hollywood type that you might have seen in Tropic Thunder, or on the MTV movie awards more recently.

    You hear the voice of Tom Cruise but you almost don’t see him. He’s made up, he’s bald, he’s wearing glasses, he’s got this paunch, this pot belly. … What is the real reason that Cruise would agree to play this satirical character? I understand that there’s even a movie deal that may be built around Les Grossman entirely?

    Well, we’ll see if the movie happens. You know sometimes in Hollywood we have an announcement that is meant to publicize something and it’s not really a movie. So we’ll see, time will tell.

    At the same time there is today’s release of Knight and Day, and there must be a lot on the line for Tom Cruise here as well.

    There’s a lot on the line for Hollywood. This movie cost well in excess of $100 million — throw in marketing, that’s another $50 million. If it doesn’t work, that is a huge loss for Fox. And Hollywood is already nervous about these star-driven movies not working. If this movie doesn’t connect with audiences, that will just make matters worse.

    Kim Masters is host of The Business on member station KCRW and editor-at-large for The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Vanessa Lovers

    where’s nicole, she is a bad mum, lol

  • Just My Opinion

    To NPR – I totally agree with your article.

    I think Tom Cruise was ISOLATED from REAL OPINIONS when he
    began to self inflict damage to his career and by the time he realized
    his career was on a down spiral it was like trying to stop a huge snow ball
    that was going down a steep mountain.

  • Pac Man

    They’re not in the tabloids every day and no one can get a good idea how anyone is raised from a few seconds of paparazzi shots of leaving and entering cars, #44!

    How is Suri Cruise being raised any differently? Wait. You wouldn’t know even if she was!