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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: On The Fence!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: On The Fence!

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes hold hands as they leave their downtown apartment together on Tuesday (June 22) in New York City.

The happy couple caught a showing of the Broadway play, Fences, starring Denzel Washington.

Earlier in the day, Katie, 31, was spotted heading home after spending time out in the city with daughter Suri and step-daughter Isabella.

Tom spent his morning with Cameron Diaz – the two visited Good Morning America to chat about their new film, Knight and Day!

FYI: Katie is wearing J Brand “The Doll” high-rise bell bottom jeans in midnight.

10+ pictures inside of TomKat on the fence…

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tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 01
tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 02
tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 03
tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 04
tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 05
tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 06
tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 07
tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 08
tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 09
tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 10
tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 11
tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 12
tom cruise katie holmes holding hands nyc 13

Credit: Krieger, Ignat; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • dani

    Well she looks happier than she did in the last set of pics…but what the heck is she wearing.
    Get a stylist Katie, PLEASE.

  • Baby Buddah


  • ck

    Her outfit is wtf as usual, but must admit, she looks mice in the facial area.

  • stella

    It is hilarious that most of the US believes that Tom and Katie are a couple when EVERYONE in Hollywood knows that Tom is 100% gay and Katie was offered fame and millions if she would disguise it by pretending to be his wife. And yes I do believe Suri is Tom’s daughter, but I guarantee those two have never slept in the same bed. Welcome to the secrets of Hollywood for all you people living in middle america :)

  • laurie

    As usual FRUMPY


    Why won’t jj post the blue marker pics?


    Who cares if he’s gay/

    He has a loving family, and seems very happy and that’s all that matters.

  • de Cosmos

    Oh… Look… It’s Cameltoe and Mooseknuckle out for a stroll.

  • sarah

    they look gorgeous! just cant get enough of these two

  • trina

    love her sense of style! love how they look color coordinated more than half of the time

  • its robo-bride


    What sense of style?

  • Jordyn

    Katie looks much better in these photos. Those celebrity baby scoop pictures of Suri were really upsetting, though. What a bizarre sight.
    Indulgent parents aren’t doing that little girl any favors.

  • commonsense

    I don’t understand why she dress like she does when she has access to endless resources! She was a better dresser when she had less money, which is really puzzling.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    The body language on this phony couple is very telling. They look very disconnected, very detached. This obvious photo op isn’t fooling anybody. Tommy Girl looks like he’s got three inch lifts on his shoes.

  • Robo Bride

    Just a few years of this loons marriage, but katie aging very bad and alot of grey hair for her age, Robo Bride looks a bit disheveled.
    Did Robo Bride stress with her marriage.

  • Robo Bride

    correct – Loon


    Ms. Holmes is dressed exactly like my first secretary, an elderly woman from New Jersey, who chewed gum all day.


  • Granny called…

    and she wants her bingo sweater back.

  • Surly

    Why the hell does Katie dress like Betty White?

  • elle

    katie looks stunning. love her top. honestly, what’s wrong with her outfit? i don’t always like what she wears but this is really nice.

  • bucky

    Yikes….what is up with her hair? Looks all butchered up.

    she looks exactly like a praying mantis from head to toe.

  • pr person


  • The New York Times

    For New Cruise Movie, Forecasts Are Mixed

    For weeks, the movie capital has smelled blood in the waters surrounding “Knight and Day,” the $100 million-plus action comedy starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz that arrives in theaters on Wednesday. Services that track audience interest have shown moviegoer apathy about the picture.

    As a result, Twentieth Century Fox, the studio behind “Knight and Day,” has revved up its formidable marketing engines to full tilt, spending heavily on television ads and peppering the marketplace with sneak previews to increase word of mouth. It may be the first time a major summer blockbuster starring Mr. Cruise has resorted to “sneaks” to generate interest, giving you some idea of the desperation at hand here.

    Has it worked? A bit: The latest tracking surveys show that more people have a “definite interest” to see the picture than late last week. The studio trumpeted that the sneak previews had been “phenomenally successful,” with sellouts in major cities and an average of 85 percent capacity over all.

    The latest thinking is that “Knight and Day” could take in $25 million to $30 million between Wednesday and Sunday. That would be bad – Mr. Cruise and Ms. Diaz, after all, are Great Big Stars – but not horrific as long as sales overseas (where Mr. Cruise remains a huge draw) are solid.

    The problem: “Knight and Day” doesn’t come out internationally for another month because of the World Cup. So at least for now expect Mr. Cruise and Ms. Diaz to emerge bruised from the weekend as they come in behind another new offering at the multiplex. “Grown Ups,” which cost substantially less than “Knight and Day” and stars Adam Sandler and pals, could take in $40 million for the weekend, box office watchers say.

  • The Blue Marker Mystery
  • Pac Man

    You don’t know how she’s being raised and you should mind your own kids, #13.

    You’re ridiculous, #15.

  • Annie

    Hate Katie’s top. Makes her look fat (she’s not).

  • WOW

    WOW!!! CAnkle looks sooooo high! Or perhaps its the lobotomy that the midget performed all by his little crazy self. Either way, walking around with that stupid grin and vacant eyes is a dead giveaway. And WHAT is up with that kid and the blue marker legs???? Who lets there kid do that? And is she drugged too? last few days she hasnt even lifted her head!!!!!!

  • WOW

    Forget it, I figured out the blue marker, just had to wake up. Its called PUBLICITY!!!!! Good or bad, USE the kid for it! Gotta try and sell that bomb of a movie!

  • Soniaintown

    I don’t care about the Gay Midget’s flops, numerous flops, the only thing draws me to them is the Freak Show PR Stunt they produced.

    I believe I am not alone, heck, I never even heard about Homely the Beard, until she started pimping her own daughter to the paps.

    Now the Freak Show gets better. That child went crazy and drew bare legs and feet at home, before her PIMP wrapped her out to the paps. Then the drawings stayed on her limbs, heaven only knows for how long.
    Over night?
    One also gets to wonder, how many days they keep that PR stunt unwashed?? Not the mention the same PJs (I bet it must be some designer PT), this child donned day in, day out.

    Really, how often does Suri bath?

  • Homely try hard

    Does homely copy hair style of Nicole Kidman when she’s in Hongkong with loose bun in the side??

    Whatever Nicole dress or hair style, later days many actresses will emulate, I think Nicole was one of the most fashionable and stylish woman in hollywood.

  • !!!

    Oh shut up the lot of you, for gods sake you come up with some pathetic , desperate things to whine about. Any stupid bottom of the barrel thing as long as it’s negative and truly silly.!

  • !!!

    she probably bathes more often than you !

  • !!!

    bathes more often than you!!

  • So Judgemental

    Katie got read the riot act.. you smile beotch when the cameras are around or Tom will take away the Barney’s card and continue to make you wear hideous sweaters from Goodwill.

  • Suri Bombshell McGee

    Now we know Suri’s goals in life.

  • So Judgemental

    Can you imagine if one of the Jolie Pitt kids had permanent marker scribbled all over their legs.. people would lose it and scream neglect or come up with some theory that the other kids held one down and vandalized them. (eye roll).

    But on Suri people will shrug and say its normal..

    Kind of like how the kid has been wearing pj’s in the middle of the day three days in a row barefoot being carried with a heavy blanket when it is in the 90′s.. yet once again if the Jolie Pitt’s dared to do that the haters would call CPS.

  • Baby Buddah

    Suri has serious issues…..tom and katie are in total denial. so weird!!


    I’m more convinced that Suri has autism, poor girl her parent didn’t care so much, they used Suri to be their PR.
    Suri needs friends in her age, tomy girl & robo wife don’t pimp your kids around the town probably she tired & bored – lets suri to have a normal life, and JUST GIVE UP BECAUSE YOUR CAREER WAS SINK.

  • Vanessa Lover

    They are perfect 2gether

  • to stella

    tom cruise is a goof ball, that i will admit. however, sorry to burst your bubble but i have met people in hollywood who know know who know the man personally. i also know people here who have worked with him on film sets. they all say the same thing. tom cruise is not now nor has he ever been gay. as for his marriage, unfortunately for katie, it is the real deal

  • CanadaGirl

    @stella: Wow. Thanks for the 411 Hollywood insider. *eye roll*

  • twpumpkin

    Gayboy meets frump girl.



  • Pac Man

    Why is everything about publicity when it comes to critics, #29? You sound ridiculous.

    What the hell are you talking about, #37? If it was Brangelina’s kids, everyone would be saying it was cute and adorable and defend against any criticisms of neglect.

    The clothing argument is even dumb since their kids are dressed raggedy ALL THE TIME and people defend them.

    You’re an idiot, #39.

  • @pac man

    You are the idiot.

    This is one of the few Brangelina friendly sites. Why don’t you take your head out of the sand and go to other sites–they get slammed constantly for everything.

    Better yet, there are TomKat friendly sites out there – so if this one bothers you so much, why don’t you go find one?

  • @ Pac Man

    YOU ARE MORON….!!!!

  • Scaramanga

    I swear, if I see another commercial for his stupid “Knight and Day” movie I’m going to commit Hari Kari!

  • Just My Opinion

    On several sites you can see pictures of Katie carrying Suri who’s legs have been scribbled with blue magic marker. I think these “accident with the marker” happened on Tues, June 22.

    See these sites for the pictures of Suri’s legs covered with scribbles and
    a mortified looking Katie Holmes.

    Tom Cruise, Katie and Suri were in Spain last week for the premiere of
    Knight and Day and they seemed to have arrived to New York on Sunday night or early Monday morning. Clearly Tom Cruise’s scheduled
    is very tight right now as he is rightfully promoting his latest movie and has appeared this week alone on Good morning America, Regis & Kelly, etc. and was probably trying to make as many photo opportunities as possible which probably including outings with Katie and Suri. But after Tuesday with Suri marking her legs up will probably not be seen for the rest of the week. Hopefully they will be able to taken those marking off her legs soon.

    I have never seen a celebrity’s kid or anyone of my nieces or nephews with so much markings on their legs. I think Tom & Katie regardless of their wealth also sometimes have days when they don’t have a baby sitter and they struggle with child care. I remember one time seeing one of their body guards carrying Suri because Katie was at a photoshoot.

    In the pictures from Zimbio Katie looks like she is wearing make up for a photoshoot and that is where Suri probably was left alone to color and ended up drawing on her legs.

    I mean Tom Cruise has this movie coming out and right before this movie he had the MTV appearance to prepare for and endless interviews, press junkets, flight to Europe, etc., that probably Suri felt neglected.

  • Just My Opinion

    I think even this outing to see Fences was all scheduled as part of the “lets get out for publicity” to get Tom Cruise’s names in the media so people can go out to see Knight and Day. Katie looks to me like she is worried about Suri left behind in their apartment with her legs filled with blue magic marker. Surely she would have preferred to stay home but probably Cruise insisted on going out. The movie was released on Wednesday and so this was the final push to get publicity.

    Whether people say kids write here and there I think it is disturbing the amount of scribble Suri got on her legs. That did not happen in 20 minutes. Also, its HOT in New York. Why still wrap her around with that large blanket.