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Alexis Bledel Spies Vogue Eyewear

Alexis Bledel Spies Vogue Eyewear

Alexis Bledel checks out sunglasses with Gossip Girl‘s Jessica Szohr and actress pal Emmy Rossum at the Vogue Eyewear CFDA Capsule Collection Launch on Tuesday (June 22) in NYC.

The 28-year-old actress wore a stylish alice + olivia blouse, Helmut Lang pants, rosette heels by Giuseppe Zanotti Design, a Tiffany & Co. cuff and a Judith Lieber clutch.

Last week, Alexis checked out the premiere of I Am Love, a film starring Tilda Swinton.

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Credit: Neilson Barnard; Photos: WireImage
Posted to: Alexis Bledel, Emmy Rossum, Jessica Szohr, Tilda Swinton

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  • Elleana

    This girl is so beautiful. She hasn’t aged at ALL since Gilmore Girls!

  • Kevin

    it humors me greatly how people find her pretty. her eyes are gorgeous so that’s all people see. if you actually look at her face, she’s borderline hideous.

    also why is she all of a sudden going to so many events? she’s like the people from the hills going to every event to try to maintain relevancy.

  • Exa

    She looks gorgeous in that first pic. Love the hair and clothingstyle.

  • loverducky


    Because most other people find her pretty and you don’t, most other people must be wrong I suppose… I wasn’t aware that you were the deciding judge on beauty these days, especially since beauty isn’t at all subjective.

  • Abby850

    Aw, she looks gorgeous.

  • You think you are better than

    ..everyone else…well I’ve got a news flash for you (Americans) you are not…I could elaborate on this subject in five different languages but since the majority of you speak only english (maybe maybe spanish since Mexico is your neighbour)…noone likes you…you meddle everywhere…and the average American is fat and ignorant to the rest of the world…

  • Kevin


    what i’m saying is that she’s not as pretty as people think she is. i get that people have different opinions but it’s a fact that most people look at her, see her eyes and think “gorgeous” when in reality her actual face is… not that pleasant to look at. i would place big money on the fact that if she had brown eyes, people wouldn’t think she was that pretty.

  • loverducky


    I don’t mean to get so intense haha, I think what just gets me is the way you are wording things. I DO get where you are coming from however. I happen to think she is quite beautiful..and her blue eyes do factor into that, and she was born with they add to her beauty! In some ways her face is some what ordinary..I would never go so far as to say hideous..but people find beauty in different things! I like her porcelain-like face…but hey..mostly I am just a fan of Gilmore to each their own! …and yes, I do realize it is silly to debate the appearance of someone I do not know..but sometimes that’s okay! haha

  • the truth

    Alexis please, play a movie soon. I love you. You are a great actress.

  • Candy

    I thought she was 17, she seems very young. Glad to know she is of legal age.

  • Marie

    @You think you are better than:

    what does this have to do with Alexis Bledel?..or anything?


    aww ! cute

    she really hasn’t aged at all ! she should appear on gossip girl with jessica. haha.

    Emmy, Alexis + Jessica <3

  • Bonnie

    Do any of these girls even have a relevant career? I mean, I like Alexis but what does she do really? I’m not even going to get into Emmy or that chick no one likes in Gossip Girl.

  • martin

    @Kevin: Someone commented on the brown eyes thing here before. And that made me somewhat curious, so I took a photo of her and colored her eyes brown. After I got over the “strange looking” phase I found her face to be as gorgeous as it was with the original blue color. You will now understand that I can’t quite follow your statement. By the way, the vast majority here agrees that she’s a beautiful lady, I pity you if you can’t see that.

  • http://Justjared Bom

    I hear people say u like alin really

  • Kevin


    the vast majority here thinks she’s beautiful because of her eyes. and her face already looks hella strange with blue eyes and they are the only thing stopping me from calling her hideous. i dont care if you “colored” her eyes brown. i am certain if her eyes were brown, the amount of people calling her gorgeous would decrease.

  • I have no talents I’m French

    She’s beautiful, simple and has her head on planet earth, and I want to believe that she is what teens should look up to.

    Yes she goes to events like any other actresses, but she is simple and not a famewhore or a drug addict, she is not dressed in a trashy way.
    That’s rare in HW.
    Furthermore you can had she is very loved by people because of her simplicity (not a huge head at all).

    I love how she plays with the glasses. she is as sweet as usual.

  • Kevin


    case in point: what is pretty about her face other than her eyes?

    HER FACE IS UGLY AND WEIRD LOOKING. seriously girl is damn lucky she has blue eyes because she’s also a horrendous actress.

  • Martyna

    KEVIN let me ask you, what faces do you prefer to look at if Alexis face is so not pleasant to you? Than I think me and the rest of the girls wouldn’t be pretty to you as well since we would be dull and boring and vain. I have blue eyes so let’s color my eyes brown and let’s call me and every blue-eyed girl in the planet ugly.
    But I bet you find sexy females who are famous for their body very beautiful.
    Think before you speak because you are being very rude to every blue-eyed girl in the world.

  • blaire

    Whoa… Alexis is now a hip & chic lady huh! Likey (3x)!!!

  • Kevin


    um what? lol i dont have anything against blue eyes, i’m saying that people only think she’s pretty because of her eyes because her face is honestly really weird looking and unpleasant. her eyes are the ONLY thing making her “pretty”. have you taken a look at what her actual face looks like? it’s not pretty.

    jennifer connelly has blue eyes but would be gorgeous with any color because that’s not what’s making her pretty. her face is attractive.

  • @#9
  • marcier

    I adore Alexis! She seems so down to earth and nice, and as always she looks beautiful.

  • bree

    It soo very rare seeing Alexis in PANTS and she looks so good in it! And I like Emmy Rossum too – they’re two of my fave HW brunettes!

  • bree

    So very TRUE it is – you only see her on these official & social events that happens to be documented & reported. Candids of her are just so “rare” where one would would assumed that she or her PR’s tips the paps since she is no HW heavyweight…

  • tofiluk

    I never knew that Emmy Rossum is quite taller than Alexis… hmmm?!

  • joshthur

    She is beautiful & natural with a great fashion sense – one of the best-dressed HW starlets.

  • joshthur
  • friendster

    I really love her ALL ensemble here… so chic & polished.

  • more-from-the-event…
  • more-from-the-event…
  • more-from-the-event…
  • momsies

    Beautiful in everything, the messy hair, makeup, outfit, jewels. Good for her (Alexis)…
    @26 – I think Emmy is around 5’8 while Alexis is somewhat 5’6…

  • oh-lordie

    Alexis is quite the “fairest & the whitest” of em’ all LOL

  • monreal

    Right on!
    And Alexis do always “tops” them all…

  • monreal

    Are you sure you’re really a fan?! She was seen early this year in “The Good Guy” (an independent film) .FYI.

  • monreal

    Are you sure you’re really a fan?! She was seen early this year in “The Good Guy” (an independent film) .FYI.

  • benarnes

    I love Alexis hair color (somewhat reddish brown)… it do really compliments her porcelain skin & blue eyes.

  • benarnes

    I love Alexis hair color (somewhat reddish brown)… it do really compliments her porcelain skin & blue eyes.

  • benarnes

    I love Alexis hair color (somewhat reddish brown)… it do really compliments her porcelain skin & blue eyes.

  • fonzie

    Its Jessica Szhor who looks soring-hideous!

  • fonzie

    Its Jessica Szhor who looks soring-hideous!

  • pyt

    Alexis’ skin and her beautiful eyes are the perfect accessories for that black & white outfit. She is just consistently stunning.

  • vochelle

    Alexis Bledel is so damn pretty and so sweet looking plus I love Gilmore Girls – it’s my no.1 timeless TV show and I have every season on DVD…

  • betsure

    She still looks so young! She is going to age gracefully…

  • wowowee

    Alexis looks amazing…so chic and just simply gorgeous.
    Love her ensembled outfit <3
    And some blog site called Alexis’ outfit “casual chic.” and chic means, it is elegant and stylish – YES!

  • ricci
    2 pretty gals (but I prefer Alexis more) – I never really knew just till now that Emmy is taller than Alexis?!

  • Niles

    If I could look like anyone in the world it would be Alexis Bledel…

  • jerxhu

    They all looked great but Alexis looks more beautiful!

    ★ ★Love ya Alexis! ★ ★

  • spunky

    Alexis FUNKY glasses, bangles & shoes are all winning here – so digging them all!