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Jessica Simpson Jeanswear Sneak Peek!

Jessica Simpson Jeanswear Sneak Peek!

Jessica Simpson shows Just Jared a sneak peek of her new Jessica Simpson Jeanswear fashion line at one of her NYC showrooms on Tuesday (June 22).

The 29-year-old entertainer wore a vintage New Kids On The Block t-shirt from What Goes Around Comes Around. “It was the very first concert I went to!” she laughed. “They were my life.”

For the event, Jessica created an entire closet, with screencaps of the site all over the doors. Loved the extra special touch!

Jessica‘s brand empire has reportedly made $500 million from all of their shoes, handbags, swimwear, lingerie, outerwear, and even luggage. It’s a Jessica Simpson world, we’re just dressing in it!

20+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson Jeanswear sneak peek…

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jessica simpson jeanswear 01
jessica simpson jeanswear 02
jessica simpson jeanswear 03
jessica simpson jeanswear 04
jessica simpson jeanswear 05
jessica simpson jeanswear 06
jessica simpson jeanswear 07
jessica simpson jeanswear 08
jessica simpson jeanswear 09
jessica simpson jeanswear 10
jessica simpson jeanswear 11
jessica simpson jeanswear 12
jessica simpson jeanswear 13
jessica simpson jeanswear 14
jessica simpson jeanswear 15
jessica simpson jeanswear 16
jessica simpson jeanswear 17
jessica simpson jeanswear 18
jessica simpson jeanswear 19
jessica simpson jeanswear 20

Credit: Jamie McCarthy, Justin Campbell; Photos: Getty
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  • Amy

    Jared is so much cuter than other bloggers

  • you go girl!

    She’s laughing all the way to the bank!

  • rabbit

    she’s had so much surgery she can’t move her face!

  • GET A JOB!

    stupid bimbo

  • White Lori

    How about you get a job…she’s obviously smart to use her bimbo-ism to make 500Mil..I bet right now if you go to buy an iPad your card probably decline….Get a job f..king r.t.ard

  • callmewhatever

    yayyyyyyyy represent Jess……. NKOTB 4 life!!! LOL they were my life also as a kid

  • kayla

    Clearly she’s not really that much of a bimbo with all the business ventures she has, she’s laughing her way all the way to the bank.
    Dummy haters. I’d love to see what YOU look like and how much money you have sitting in your bank account.

  • Yolanda

    @Amy: So true Amy!!!! Has he got a GF/BF????

  • smart

    How old is JJ?

  • black beauty

    ummm thanx but no thanx

  • p3rp3tu4

    Fun J2 colored Sneakers!!

  • Nora

    Jared really needs to stop posing like a wax statue and show some personality. He looks the same in every picture, it’s rather creepy…

  • J

    Jared’s shoes are cute!!!!!

  • Go Ask Alice

    JS is worth around ,at least 75million.
    I am probably too low in my guess.

    Add what her mother and manager father have earned together and separately (you do this for tax purposes) as her , JSVP (her mom),etc.
    The 500 million is not JS total worth,but what her line ( Dessert body producst, shoes,handbags, Harido w/Ken Paves ,etc.) has earned.
    Out of the 500 million, you have the company that ownsJS line with her, the manufacturing com.

    It iscomplicated. The 500 millionis NOT her net worth.
    Sorry JS fans.

  • well

    Jessica is the smartest bimbo around. Loved her on that new show when she did her snick on playing a “dumb” computer geek, oh what is that show…”say, aren’t you?” where the waitress, clerk, whatever looks like the celeb and they deny it to the people.
    Jess is getting rich off her clothing line alone. And Jared looks like a baby, haha.

  • blah

    jared has got to be gay right? for some reason i remembered him writing something about he wasn’t gay! LOL

  • whatever

    I bet she paid a fortune for that t-shirt. That store (what goes around) is SOOO overpriced and overrated it hurts. I saw the same t-shirt for $5 in a thrift store.

  • Hot Donna

    What a smart business woman

  • Adam

    she looks fat

  • GossipGirl

    She looks so much better when she dresses casually. I just wish she would stop wearing those elf shoes.

  • meme

    all that money $$$$ and no one loves her…..something is wrong with this chick…… can’t buy u love…or class chestica……


    Actually hanging out and posing with Jared is like Britney screwing that paparazzi insect. Vile


    Hey she must be making money from the clothes because she has not had an album in a while.
    Jared is da bomb. I love you Jared and your site is my favorite!

  • lexy hates bilson

    You guys who buy her crap are the idiots! This woman can barely read and it’s a shame people in 3rd world countries are making living in shacks and making pennies while making her clothes, shoes, bags, etc…and Jessica is making millions. As pathetic as she is, the folks who buy her stuff are more so!!!
    I don’t know why Rachel Bilson doesn’t hire Papa Simpson – look how he turned his talentess, stupid daughter into a millionnaire!!!

  • Just saying

    Sorry Alice your wrong.. YOU do the math.. lol Check out Forbes magazine on her personal net worth for one.. Your way off base but keep trying.. Maybe just don’t even bother with it it won’t change your opinion IM sure..

  • Just saying

    Oh by the way she has many endorsements not even related to her fashions. Deal with it & GO JESSICA..

  • http://Justjared Bom

    She ok guy what problem



  • Jessica

    Who gives a flying rat’s ass about Jessica ” I can’t go anywhere with out my Daddy” Simpson.

    She has all that money and no one to love her. Nobody cares about Jessica anymore. she’s SO over it’s not even funny.

  • jaye

    Just silly that some people won’t give this girl credit. Many had tried to have a fashion line and failed. She has one going and it’s expanding. Whatever you may think of her, she obviously is making more money than any of you. Yes the $500 is her BRAND gross earnings, which means it doesn’t include any personal earnings she may make from doing other things like residuals from her music, appearances, commercials etc. . She’s smart enough to know she needed to diversify. Good for her. What’s on YOUR financial statement, IOU’S?

  • really

    I really dont think she’s as ditzy as she acts. I mean this girl has been very successful if you look at her business ventures with fashion and such. Which is kinda ironic considers who she gets slammed in the media for fashion mishaps. In these pics she look so much thinner than the ones in skin tight dresses and stuff. It’s amazing what certain clothes can do to flatter or make you look like you’re heavier than you actually are. I give the girl props for being business savy reguardless of her personal or singing career. Bash all you want to but the truth is the girl has to have some brains to be able to do what she’s doing.

  • black

    ———-Wow————Jared————–you´re quite open to display your….erm…….well, the way you swing.
    Oh boy- this whole outfit is just——well…

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s successful at being a media wh@re and putting on her name on anything that anyone will pay her to.
    I wouldn’t call it a fashion line – so much as using her name! It’s not like she has ANY design skills. Talented people do the work – design the clothes, make them, etc…she just let’s them use her name and make money. It’s sad but the folks her buy her crap are sadder!!

  • Needs a new look!

    Good gosh. She seems like a nice girl. However, she sure meant it when she said she don’t wash her hair until it ‘smells’. I mean LOOK at it! In many pics its flat and ugh, never shine, never. and her BFF is her hairdresser, that’s whats so damn funny.
    She wears the most ugly clothes for her body type. I mean, come on, have we EVER seen her in clothes that would enhance her shape? never. and always, stupid platform shoes, which does nothing for her legs. these mules look more suited for a space man or something.
    She looks great with near to no makeup, CLEAN hair, and as for clothes, she’s never been in anything but what she thinks she looks good in. And she don’t.
    She needs a stylist and a new hair guy. Her hair is the worst! She probably would look like a million bucks if she had the right look. She never does!
    her bags and shoes in Macys, I wouldn’t take for free, all for midgets and the bags are plastic and GROSS and like everything she wears, big, everything is huge and clumsy. does she never do anything on the smaller size? lol

  • agree!

    @Needs a new look!:
    correct on all comments! she should once try flats and a simple outfit, she’s not a teen anymore. shes always in sky high shoes which do nothing for her for some reason. she never looks natural and she looks best natural, that’s the odd part,. Hair? yuck. A bob, clean!!! Would be good on her. what’s her hair dresser thinking?

  • hk

    who cares about her, jared looks hot as hell :)

  • candan

    Nobody rocks the cameltoe like Jess!! She’s awesome

  • trose

    Ok all you haters have you seen her clothing line and shoes they freaking rock.

    I swear what is wrong with you people that you have to totally hate and say horrible things about her, when none of you even know her personally. Didn’t your mother’s ever tell you if you do not have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

  • Anthony

    I just wish she would stop wearing those elf shoes.