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Lady Gaga Falling Down, Falling Down

Lady Gaga Falling Down, Falling Down

Lady Gaga dons insanely high platform shoes, trips over herself and falls flat to the ground while passing through London’s Heathrow airport on Wednesday (June 23).

Ouch!! Looks like she took quite the tumble.

“Her bodyguard helped her right back up and she walked out of the airport just fine,” a spywitness shared.

Glad to hear she’s a-okay!

Yesterday, comedian Jerry Seinfeld slammed Gaga, calling her “a jerk”.

10+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga falling down…

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@Karma: Karma took Xtina down!
With her F l o p Bionic. AND her F l o p single AND her F l o p video!
At least Gaga got right back up! Xtina is still face down on the ground (with Gagas shoe print on her back!)
Hahaha!!! Who’s laughing now? B!tch!?

I am Xtina fan & I Like Gaga music… but oh dear…
She’s not looking good wear those leather chaps…
& Pleaseeee wear something decent on airport or your sis graduation.

I love Gaga but LMAO. Stop wearing stupid shoes and a cape IRL babe. If you can’t separate your onstage character with your everyday one, you’re messed up. I believe all the bets artists live on another planet but Gaga really needs to ground herself. She’s changed so much..

hahahaha OWNED

I was waiting for this, I love her music, hate her ridicoluos style

Why would anyone fly dressed like that and whit those boots? It dosent look comfortable at all.

I wish she would rely on her voice because this bi.tch can actually SING. And write and play and direct! But she’s trying to outdo Grace and Madonna but for some reason it’s not working. Why isn’t it working for her?

Get Over Yourself Gaga! @ 06/23/2010 at 1:57 pm

Gaga finally got over herself falling down. I wonder if she will put rollers on those HOOVES next. Fake can only take it so far. Everything about her, especially her voice, is all HYPE.

Lady GaGa may be falling down to the ground, but Crristine aquilara is falling down on the music charts, which is actually a problem. That shows only her lame fans cared about her…poor ***** and her BIOONIC ****!

It’s pretty sad that she feels she has to try this hard to be ‘different’. She’s becoming a joke and a farce. Her 15 minutes of fame are almost over. The clock is ticking Gaga….

This pictures really made my day … LMAO … for the first time I can say thanx GAGA !

hahahaha Finally

Oh Baby Gaga, when you try to be someone else nothing goes right =)

Lady_Caca_is_not_awesome @ 06/23/2010 at 2:13 pm

I also believe in KARMA, Lady Caca. This is what Lady Caca gets for trying to own Christina Aguilera with her ridiculous quotes and trying to steal Christina’s epic Dirrty pants. LOL

Caca quotes :

“Anyone with 2 eyes can see the resemblance.”
“Oh, I won’t play the victim and talk about my troubles, it’s not going to help the universe.”


I’m tired of Caca and her epic ridiculousness. Voicetina Legendera poops all over that Caca person.

LMFAOTFF! Looks good on the fug twit and i am no Xtina Fan.
Does she dress like that to make up for her gross ugly looks?

Yes we all fall at airports while loaded and wearing horribly stupid looking shoes. excuses excuses for a drunken spit-fly.

Why is it okay for this mess of a thing stripping her clothes off or what little she had on at a stadium of hundreds of thou peeps while drunk/STONED.

What excuses will they make for her falling down like a drunken sailor
early in the day at a huge airport. Hey, She is Lady Gag me.

Oh Admit, she is a whacko dipping into her stash too early.

Lady_Caca_is_not_awesome @ 06/23/2010 at 2:26 pm

To all the Xtina haters : Lady Caca fans started this mess. They were the ones who started to accuse the amazing Christina of copying this nobody (back in 2008). So please, allow us to mock you and your Caca idol, now. It’s our turn. LOL

Christina is fantastic. Yes, her album is flopping but I don’t care. People are just really weird and prefer to buy weird products from Lady Caca right now… whatever! Christina still wins, in my eyes! She is truly the most amazing singer ever! :D

Lady Caca will never be as majestic as Christina Legendtina. Hahahaha!

GAGA you still amaze me. Other popstars would kill for all this attention GAGA is getting for the past two weeks. Gaga has been on all the major nightly news shows. GAGA’S name is getting bigger and bigger. I love the quote from rolling stone magazine where GAGA says she’s like any other insecure 24 year old but she tells herself that you are LADY GAGA, BTCH GET UP AND WALK THE WALK. NOW THATS BADAZZ. Those shoes were really high. GAGA reminded me of Inspector Gaget. Go Go GAGA-GET.

GOD she’s wearing bloody fashion clothes in her daily representation, which means she’s wearing these EVERYDAY…this fall was meant to happen sooner or later, hence was inevitable!

It is funny though, lol

Don’t let the clothes wear you. lmfao!

she deserve it.


inevitable @ 06/23/2010 at 2:59 pm

I’m sorry I adore Gaga but bahahahahaha. This one’s hilarious and the way she’s like WTV, nothing happened” in this one had me LMAO

Well it’s not like her face could get any more busted so keep stumbling gurl!

I love her but…………….she looks so stupid. & JFC she is so skinny nowadays.

Lady_Caca_is_not_awesome @ 06/23/2010 at 3:17 pm

I hate Lady Caca’s style. How does she even go to the bathroom wearing these wack costumes 24/7.

I don’t wanna know. The ridiculousness is huge. And what’s more ridiculous is that people are actually impressed by this disaster. People are extremely weird.

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