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LeAnn Rimes Helps Nashville Rise Again

LeAnn Rimes Helps Nashville Rise Again

LeAnn Rimes shares a smile with boyfriend Eddie Cibrian backstage at Nashville Rising, a benefit concert for flood relief, held at Bridgestone Arena on Tuesday (June 22) in Nashville, Tenn.

The 27-year-old singer chatted with ET before the show! “There’s so much great energy,” LeAnn shared.

“The people outside – you would’ve never known anything’s happened here ’cause the energy’s so great,” she added.” Everyone’s full of hope and this town’s really coming back together.”

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Sandra Bullock, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw also lent a hand and performed at yesterday’s concert.

FYI: LeAnn is wearing Elizabeth and JamesPaloma Dress.

LeAnn Rimes at Nashville Rising
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leann rimes eddie cibrian nashville rising 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian nashville rising 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian nashville rising 04

Credit: Rick Diamond; Photos: Getty
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  • British Latin American

    Its always nice to see people in love.

  • jermaine

    I want to wipe that smug look off both their fugly faces

  • gross.


  • annie

    Thanks Jared for the nice photos and video.

  • Dorie

    What the hell is he doing there. What is she doing there? Isn’t the flood bad enough?

  • Stella

    I heard there was a full house and several million was raised. Thanks to all who contributed and LeAnn you look and sound great. Eddie looks solid too.

  • jaxie

    These two sure have been in the news a lot. Long overdue for some fresh faces. Pretty stylish LeAnn and glad to see you brought Eddie along. Nashville is a great town.

  • Are You Serious!

    i posted this on the last thread but I’m bringing it over so you all can see how psychotic leAnn’s fans are. this is my response to Jennifer A’s clone who suggested that Eddie and leAnn get pregnant so that he pays less child support for his two kids.
    …so u think leAnn should get pregnant just so eddie won’t have to pay a lot of child support for his other kids, that is ur reasoning why two people should have children so that they will have to pay less child support. WOW u are a real lunatic if thats the way you reason not to mention ur delusional. u want eddie n leann to have full custody because u are mad that brandi is not keeping quiet about her husbands infedelity. i cant stand eddie and he is a douche but i would never wish that he has limited custody of his children. i luv how ur callin brandi a loser but leann and eddie are the ones that cheated not Brandi. get some serious help jennifer’s clone if u really wish a mother to be separated from her child because u dont like the fact that shes not giving into your leAnn wishes. i hope u dont have kids if thats the way you reason

  • comeall yeladen

    Her voice has deepened but it is so strong and good. Yay, you two make a great couple.

  • Joey F.

    Graced by so many new sightings of my doll lately it makes me weak in the knees.

  • Mer

    Thanks JJ for the pic, the fans loves seeing her and Eddie!

  • new life design

    Pretty babies would come forth from a union of these two. We’d love to see some and can you imagine what it would do for LeAnn’s mom an d dad to have grand kids. Great idea if you’re asking my opinion. :)

  • Gajaharah

    Men like some meat on the bones and shes got just the right amt. Be happy, be true, be fruitful you two.

  • Ms Anonymous

    I’m glad Leann is doing her part, haters to the left! After all, what are YOU guys doing to help, instead of being here bitching about her?

  • lily

    awwwwwww……..i like her in bright colors and him in a t-shirt and jeans……

  • Katherine in NASHVILLE

    Seriously, a huge Thank You to Faith and Tim.

    Nashville loves you both!!!!

    However, it seems security let in some riff raff through the side door.

  • Katherine in NASHVILLE

    @Are You Serious!:

    Hun, child support is NOT lowered with the birth of subsequent children.

    Law School ain’t on the back of a cereal box.

  • Katherine in NASHVILLE

    @Are You Serious!:

    Hun, child support is NOT lowered with the birth of subsequent children.

    Law School ain’t on the back of a cereal box.

  • Joey F.

    Nashville is full of good people who will pull themselves up and lend a hand to their neighbor while always grateful to receive some outside help. Thank you LeLe for your kind-heartedness.

  • Are You Serious!

    @new life design:
    if i were her i would not have a child with him, he CHEATED on his wife when she was PREGNANT what kind of sick man would do something like that. women get so caught up with these good looking guys that cheat on thier wives that they truly believe that the man would never do that too them then when he cheats on them they wonder what happened lol. i wonder what u all will be saying when eddie cheats again.


    Great job girl!. Luv you and if Eddie behaves luv Eddie too. He’ll get a good position not worrying about his prospects. Things move in cycles in life. God bless.

  • KiKi


  • Are You Serious!

    @Katherine in NASHVILLE:
    it was the idiotic fan “jennifer’s clone, who is a leann supporter that said these two should have babies so they will have to pay a lower child support. dumb rite? lol thats the ppl LeAnn attracts.


    EVERYONE knows it’s one person posting LOVE to Rimes with a hundred names.

    It must be someone pretty dumb, cuz it’s sooooooooooo obvious

  • anonymous

    Child support is lowered with the number of additional children UNLESS the paying party has a commensurate increase in income. FACT!

  • Jane

    Haters to the left….thank you! And thanks to LeAnn and everyone who made it possible.

  • Quantum

    CB is reporting that Eddie was fired because the cast hated him and CBS was sick of him not be able to keep his private life private.

  • Are You Serious!

    idk if its tru or not what im debating is why the h## would you want someone to get pregnant so u will have to pay a lower child support. thats screams of stupidity. this jennifer clone chick wants them to get pregnant soley for that.

  • Parrot

    I’m very disappointed that LeAnn made no contribution to the flood relief effort. She’s spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on private jets and luxury vacations for Eddie and yet not a dime on those poor flood victims she “claimed” to care so much about.



    Not a fact.

    The child support for the NEW child would be lower.

  • Deja Vu

    Remember what happened to Getty and Sienna’s career after their nasty affair. lets see Eddie was just fired now its time for leAnn album to bomb bwahahaha

  • Riley

    Eddie always has that unemotional blank expression. No wonder he got fired from CSI, he can’t even act like he’s nothing more than LeAnn’s panty waste.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Read her interview in People mag.

    Move on folks.

    Dean is rich,works as a chef at NYC Nubo and has a special new lady in his life and he lives well in NYC.

    Brandi has moved on.

    In 3yrs.,or somaybe LeAnn and Eddie will still be a couple and maybe they won’t be.

  • Rocket

    LeAnn will use our military and any charity to promote herself. I understand the Nashville Rising charity picked up the tab for flying her and luv’r boy first class to Nashville and then per dium for lodging and meals. I guess that cost the charity about $8,000 for which she sang two songs. On stage for less than 15 minutes for two songs and $8,000. She didn’t even stick around to have her picture taken with the performing artists. Perhaps the $8,000 should have gone to a victim of the flood instead of to LeAnn so she can try to salvage a few record sales.

  • Marie

    @Are You Serious!: Take a look at the hate in some of these posters here – not one word of sympathy for Nashville but a disgusting look at people’s appearances and remarks such as “fugly” and others. How can people be so miserable in their lives that they can wish it on two people who have not bothered them. LeAnn nor Eddie have made remarks about getting pregnant. To carry this over for over a year is sick.

  • People

    I couldn’t believe she sang only two songs. What was the point. Tim and Faith could have each performed another song to take up time. Nobody paid to see LeAnn sing just two songs. Self promotion much!!!

  • anonymous 1

    It’s just JASON people !!! The lone hater is always the same one.

  • Marie

    @Quantum: Did you know that the guy who does the Horatio role has just settled a paternity case of some kind and one of the others was up on charges of abuse with his girlfriend. You people can’t read, can you? Why would LeAnn and Eddie make a big splash with their getting together. I want you people to stretch the truth until it comes back and hits you in the a**. Dummy!!

  • Eddie’sADouche

    I read the CB post on Eddie getting fired. He strikes me as the kind of guy who makes enemies easily. Eddie looks out for Eddie and LeAnn looks out for LeAnn so maybe they are in love. The article said Eddie goes around bragging about LeAnn taking him on private jets, buying him expensive gifts, and exotic vacations. It’s nice to see someone treating Eddie the way he treated Scheana (LOL).

  • anonymous 1

    It’s not PEOPLE, not plural It’s JASON!

  • Marie

    Ask yourself where these people got all these facts. They got them the same way they get most of what they post – they made them up!! Maybe next time some committee will have all of you erroneous zoners come and set the whole thing up for them. One poster declared that at least five different sites were being sent info that would not make Eddie (and I assume, LeAnn) look good. The way it was phrased was “we would have a lot of posting to do.” Folks “ain’t right.”

  • Go Ask Alice


    A private buyer snapped up the former Casa de Cibrian for about $2.2 million. Clearly, Brandi meant it when she told us Calabasas wasn’t big enough for her, Eddie and his new GF LeAnn Rimes.

    By the way, the title transfer — filed last month with the L.A. County Recorder — still lists Brandi and Eddie as husband and wife. Their divorce isn’t final yet.

    Great time for Eddie to sell though — he just got dropped from “CSI: Miami.”

  • Are You Serious!

    ur an idiot becaue i ony brought up the pregnancy tihing because YOU brought it up in the last thread this is what YOU said and i quote
    “If Eddie and LeAnn were pregnant it would possibly mean a lower child spt pmt for Eddie. Looks like he has them all the time now so why should she worry about support? So much for holding out for all you can get, betty. Like to know which one of the brillian posters on here gave her that advice.
    I am sure that Eddie will take care of his kids but the ridiculous part is the spousal support. Does she really need that much to make her what she thinks is attractive? Most of the time when you see LeAnn out she doesn’t have on make-up’

    funny how you told be that I should lay off being mean to eddie and leAnn yet you are constantly saying mean thngs about Brandi, hypocrite much

  • Go Ask Alice

    THere is a picture of his old house he and Brandi shared.

  • yOU NEED TO get out more

    @anonymous 1:
    keep thinkin that only one person doesnt like these two. I dare you just for one minute Step Away from jj and visit sites where you have to register and see what they think of your precious leAnn, just warning you , you might not like what you see lmao

  • offtheproperty

    She looks great, They look very happy to be together. She’s sorry people got hurt. What else could anyone want?

  • anonymous 1


    CB is the new “fair and balanced” news site only to an unbalanced soul. You’re a total failure at disguise , and an abominable liar at everything else.

  • derby girl

    Why can’t this one person let go? Dean got going, so did Lea and Eddie.
    Orange becomes her.

  • Dorie

    The fact that Leann’s PR is on this site is so obvious and pathetic. They don’t even lie well.

    Everyone else sees these two for the lying, worthless, talentless adulterous homewreckers that they are. May the misery they brought to others be visited on them ten fold.

  • Megan