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Lindsay Lohan Furious Over 'Double Exposure' Portrayal

Lindsay Lohan Furious Over 'Double Exposure' Portrayal

Lindsay Lohan is using Twitter to vent her anger over the way she was portrayed on an episode of Bravo’s Double Exposure, which aired Tuesday (June 22).

Double Exposure, which follows celeb photogs Markus Klinko and Lindsay‘s rumored former girlfriend Indrani as they shoot various celebrities, featured a photo shoot for which Lindsay was supposedly eight hours late.

“I was given the wrong call time-now I know on purpose…it was a set-up,” the 23-year-old actress writes. “I don’t appreciate being used for press, and I’m sure others would agree!”

Lindsay continues, “Photo shoot for Indrani and Markus… So that’s bullshit too…. Thank goodness for #twitter !!!!! The truth can be stated!!!!”

Pictured below: Lindsay leaving Teddy’s Nightclub in Hollywood on Monday (June 21).

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Credit: Nikki Nelson, BBI/ZOJ; Photos: WENN
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  • Jen

    NOTHING is ever her fault. The drugs aren’t hers, the drink spilled on her SCRAM, that wasn’t her in the bathroom caught doing drugs, etc, etc. All you ever hear from her is that it’s not her fault and a huge list of excuses. Nobody believes your lies anymore Lindsay!

    I don’t believe for a second anyone set her up, I fully believe she showed up 11 hours late, because she has the attitidue of a brat who thinks the sun rises and sets on her. Nobody set her up, but I do think she is delusional and paranoid.

  • Mikka

    Dear Lindsey,

    No one cares. You exist ONLY as the end to a joke on bad cable, ahem, which no watches or has ever heard.

    Know your place dear, two steps beneath Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Jokes all!

  • miss infamous

    Wow she has so many excuses for everything! First it was funny now its just pathetic

  • elle

    I like her and I dont care if you thumbs down this comment!

  • Faith

    She needs to disappear, she has officially failed at life..Pathetic

  • dani

    Her tweets have already been proven to be lies.

  • Manny

    Yeah Lindsanity you’re not flaky…
    As I recall you had a bench warrant issued for your arrest because you couldn’t show up for a court appearance because you couldn’t give up your fashion week in Europe. Nah you’re not flaky at all. hahahahaha
    Please tell us another lie.

  • Kaz

    She always like drink and burned skin hehehe

  • http://Justjared Bom

    This woman is so nasty i hit

  • Stephanie

    I kinda believe her this time BUT that’s the thing about “crying wolf”, you lose credibility and people’s trust in you. So either way, she’s used up all her life lines. Really if you don’t have your word, what do you have??

  • Jaded

    I actually believe her this time. Indrani and Markus are not only vindictive but major fame whores. Look at what Markus did when his girlfriend broke up with him. He had her deported. Both are evil and I totally believe they would set someone up by giving then the wrong call time to make that person look bad, and themselves look good.

  • Panius

    Stephanie & Jaded sound like the same person…

  • lily

    she’s such a liar!

  • http://justjared anymouse

    the girl has messed up, getting back on track, i believe her. nobody grows up saying they want to be hooked on drugs and alcohol. she had the money, couldn’t control the pull and down fall of drugs and alcohol. she isn’t the first, nor will she be the last. everyone should be given as many chances, as they are willing to give the effort. look at tobacco, the hold it has on people. alcohol and drugs are a lot worse than tobacco. and by the way….the paps (perps,) go around taking pictures, knowing they will sell. it’s up to the magazines to print the story. they know what to write, to get you hooked and reading and buying their magazines. if you don’t want to know anything, about any famous person. DON’T CLICK OR READ ANY OF THEIR STORY’S, DUH!

  • really

    Gee, who to believe? She’s got to be the most unbelievable person on the planet. I mean really if it was Reese Witherspoon or Sandra Bullock, ok we would believe them. BUT Lindsay Lohan, I’m sorry but between the other lies, drug use, alcohol abuse, partying, fights, trouble, and other reckless behavior does she really think she stands a chance of even one person believing she was set up? Is she that delusionial……if she is then she REALLY needs help. She’s just not worth the trouble of even hiring for anything any more. She might as well give it up and move on to the next phase in her life and get her mess together and then try again at some other point later on and prove she can be counted on, other she’s just a liability to anyone who attempts to hire her for any project.

  • rita


  • Nicole

    The actual truth and Lindsey’s truth usually have virtually nothing in common.

  • http://jipsieyes jipsieyes

    LIES, Lindsey, LIES… I watched the show, and the photog staff were REPEATEDLY called by Lindsey/her manager, saying “We’re on our way”, at least three or four times up until the SEVENTH hour… If she hadn’t been informed of the ‘correct’ time to be there, then there would have only been ONE “I’m on my way” call to the photogs, albeit a late one: the one she would have made when she was REALLY on her way.

  • http://jipsieyes jipsieyes


    Jen, she NEVER SHOWED UP: after several “I’m on my way” calls over the course of eight hours, she then had her manager call and CANCEL.
    The photogs, their staff, all told, over two dozen+ highly-paid, highly-skilled professionals, were made to sit and spin for almost ELEVEN HOURS, waiting on her… and then for nothing.
    Other peoples’ lives and schedules were totally put on hold and then trashed, for her.
    I hope they sent her the bill for their time…
    Most of us get SLAMMED with a ‘no show’ bill, so why shouldn’t SHE…

  • Lucy

    Don’t know her as I don’t live in the US but I must say that this woman is full of shite. What does she do besides tweeting idiotic things and trying to look busy and successful while at the same time all she usually does is go to clubs, get drunk or blown out of her stupid mind by taking drugs. Does she make films?

  • Cora

    I have a feeling this judge is not going to have the stones to put this girl in jail. It’s too bad, because it could have saved her life.

  • ck

    It really looked like she was bending over to snort a line right before her dumbass comments about hairdressers not having fingerprints because they’re burned off. She’s gross