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Miles Austin: Kim Kardashian's New Boyfriend?

Miles Austin: Kim Kardashian's New Boyfriend?

Kim Kardashian can’t get enough of that football action!

The 29-year-old reality star is reportedly cuddling up to 26-year-old Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin.

The twosome reportedly cozied up at Casa Vega in L.A.’s Sherman Oaks on June 6. “They sat in the back drinking margaritas,” sources tell Us Weekly. “They are dating but she doesn’t want to rush anything. Kim wants to date someone who gets her busy lifestyle.”

Kim and New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush called it quits about two months ago.

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  • those pics lmao…


  • well

    they just went on 1 date and haven’t seen each other since.

  • Tori

    Oh who the f-uck cares..Shes slowly but surely fading away

  • Hmm…

    Has Kim ever dated a white guy EVER???

  • lol

    @Hmm…: why do you care?

  • Alaia

    Let me guess, this skank probably started the rumour herself just to keep herself in the limelight. GO AWAY.

  • yo sista

    who cares about this s_l_u_t?

  • Kaz

    She’s hate guyz she just love bad sex with him -she hooker


    Love the Kardashians’ show, hilarious LOL.

  • Josh

    what a cheap slut.
    That hard hooker makeup omg!

    her voice I hear & I want to throw a shoe at my pc.
    (this is by accident when I channel surf)
    Baby Huey with a voice like a whiney Valley Mouse.

  • http://Justjared Bom

    Omg she hooker every one and dont stop and she like cockroach

  • jerzeegirl

    Noo!! Run Miles run. Hit Reggie & Ray J up on twitter and get the low-down on this chick…




    I am kind of feeling like Kim should date an older guy. These younger guys she finds don’t seem ready to commit. Kim if you are reading this – stop finding these young players and get a real man that is ready.

  • CC

    run mlies run! and dont look back
    we just got rid of jessica simpson, we dont need this hooker being at cowboys games

  • CC

    i mean miles lol

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s so beautiful! Who cares if she ever dated a white guy??

  • boston61

    She is just a facade. There is nothing there.

  • CanadaGirl

    Is she turning into a football bicycle? Maybe she should date Lance Armstrong and cut out the middle man.

  • Aleena

    Kim will always date Black men because she know they are easy. They are a sucker for any white chic with long hair. It’s. just. that .simple.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Aleena – maybe she likes big d!cks and that’s why she dates black guys!!!

  • m

    he looks like a monkey :|

  • Stephanie

    Christiano Ronaldo suddenly seems smarter than I thought…

  • Ben Qucak Quack

    But she would never be seen with a PuertoRican man now would she?

  • shut up


    Have YOU dated a black girl/guy. EVER?

  • Marlena

    Have YOU dated a PuertoRican girl/guy.EVER?

  • bette

    He has pretty eyes.

  • Realistic

    Kim or whoever is leaking this irrelevant information need to sit down somewhere. Miles looks like he is crazy as h*ll in that picture.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Please half the people who come to this board are members of the KKK who post in between clan meetings. There are plenty of racist comments on this board!!

  • Sean

    Loos like the Cowboys will be winning the Super Bowl now

  • Marcus

    White males have no rhythm so what would a woman want with a man with no rhythm. What is a white man going to do with Kim, could a white man even handle her body type.

  • RailroadThunder88

    Whores go to the highest bidders, folks!! No surprise there, she’ll just find another NFL guy to bang and keep her name in the tabloids….

  • offtheproperty

    bc Kim is not white. why would anyone think Kim is white? white is like Avril Lavigne, Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan. that’s what pretty really is.

  • ++Logan++

    okay, firstly kim doesn’t drink, she actually hates the taste of alcohol. Reggie was a hotty and a sweety that slipped away.

  • really

    kimmey says chocolate (reggie bush) hurts too much, soooooo now she is going to stay in NFL but go with a little bit more cream in her coffee (miley austin).

    she cracks me up, at least she does not give up on coffee (black men), she likes what she likes. She is an armenian woman: which means butt, curves and got their own mind whether peopel like it or not!

    I miss her with that goregous chocolate (reggie bush), but oh well: life goes on.

  • In The Know

    Who in there right mind would think this girl is good looking?

    She is about 5 feet tall and wide. All the photos you see are “shopped” and approved. She is always professionally made up….even on the beach …which is and always is a posed situation.

    If you saw her and didn’t know her… would not even thing she was remotely cute.

    She is very average




  • karan muthaya
  • apellla

    why can’t see date someone older than herself, she keeps going for the young ones. They aren’t going to settle down anytime soon.

  • J. Grace

    It isn’t the black guys who are easy, it’s the THIRSTY chicks like herself that are easy….and ALL of them aren’t SUCKERS for white chicks contrary to belief. But anyway, She’s looking for stability, that’s why she (and her sister), flock to professional atheletes (@ RailroadThunder88…you were RIGHT on the money)….Chicks like her come a dime a dozen to those dudes, so just like with Reggie (with his SEXY ass), she may here today and gone tomorrow!

    @Lexy Hates Bilson….do you think “off the property” are one of those KK members? IJS….

  • J. Grace

    Forgot an additional “K”….

  • J. Grace

    OOPS…..add an additional “K” to that….

  • J. Grace

    OOOPS….Forgot the additional “K”

  • J. Grace

    LOL…..Damn computer….

  • Ya know!!!

    @J. Grace: “It isn’t the black guys who are easy, it’s the THIRSTY chicks like herself that are easy….and ALL of them aren’t SUCKERS for white chicks contrary to belief”

    Great observation!!! Fanned ……TWICE

  • Go Ask Alice

    Listen up people,please!!

    Miles Austin is not PuertoRican
    His mother is White Amer. and his dad is BlackAmer.
    He looks like his mom. He is tannish in complexion, but he has her looks in his face.

    Skin color does not dictate if one looks the same or not.
    Micheal Jackson kids look nothing like him because they are not biologically his. They look nothing like Debbie Rowe either. They are White like her,but that is it.

    Kim Kardashian is WHITE American.

    Her mother is White and her dad was an American of Armeian descent. That is White American.
    Is Chera White Amer.? Yes.

  • MM

    @Stephanie: Ronaldo croses over from metro sexual to playing for the other team..I think Kim like her men a little less feminine than Ronaldo..she is young Beautiful and if she can get laid as often as possible..GOOD FOR HER!!

  • Alea and J´alone

    Kim always dates black men because they r easier to satisfy lookwise that is…….Cristiano dumpd her quicker then u can say Alienface……(prob he realised that shes chunky and looks like a w……e so he though nah I can do much much better)

  • jenny

    get this whore away from my favorite player to look at during football season , hope its not true because it looks like a jessica simpson situation . he career will be over!!!!!!!!!!

  • kidd

    its not the big dick…its the small brain she’s after.